In the Company of Vampires #2020

In the Company of Vampires By Katie MacAlister In the Company of Vampires Fran was a young witch of when she became Ben s Beloved bound to him by fate to save his immortal soul as if puberty isn t hard enough Over the next five years she fights hard for space and time
  • Title: In the Company of Vampires
  • Author: Katie MacAlister
  • ISBN: 9780451231604
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • In the Company of Vampires By Katie MacAlister
    In the Company of Vampires By Katie MacAlister Fran was a young witch of 16 when she became Ben s Beloved, bound to him by fate to save his immortal soul as if puberty isn t hard enough Over the next five years, she fights hard for space, and time, to grow into her own person, pushing Ben away But when her mother goes missing, she returns to GothFaire to find her, only to find Ben in another woman s arms Having notFran was a young witch of 16 when she became Ben s Beloved, bound to him by fate to save his immortal soul as if puberty isn t hard enough Over the next five years, she fights hard for space, and time, to grow into her own person, pushing Ben away But when her mother goes missing, she returns to GothFaire to find her, only to find Ben in another woman s arms Having not only to face Ben s secrets, but also a vengeful Norse god, will Fran be able to find out what has really happened to her mother, and to her own heart, in time
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      For as long as she can remember, Katie MacAlister has loved reading Growing up in a family where a weekly visit to the library was a given, Katie spent much of her time with her nose buried in a book Despite her love for novels, she didn t think of writing them until she was contracted to write a non fiction book about software Since her editor refused to allow her to include either witty dialogue or love scenes in the software book, Katie swiftly resolved to switch to fiction, where she could indulge in world building, tormenting characters, and falling madly in love with all her heroes.Two years after she started writing novels, Katie sold her first romance, Noble Intentions More than thirty books followed during the years after Noble s publication Her novels have been translated into numerous languages, been recorded as audiobooks, received several awards, and placed on the New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly bestseller lists She also writes for the young adult audience as Katie Maxwell, and for the mystery world as Kate Marsh.Katie lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and dogs, and can often be found lurking around online.

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    • In The Company of Vampires is a romantic tale told by Katie MacAlister.I love Katie MacAlister she s not your typical romance novelist She writes about vampires, some of them from other times with very silly interesting points of views, and her books are always hot and steamy One summer, years ago, I binged as much of her and Gena Showalter as I could get my hands on it helped that I didn t have a part time job at the time, so literally all of my time was allocated to Katie, Gena, Rachel Vincent [...]

    • This is the third in the Ben and Fran books The first two, Got Fangs And Circus of the Darned, were young adult novels This one is not It takes place five years after the previous two and Fran has broken off with Ben, graduated from college and finds herself still miserable The action starts off with the kidnapping of Fran s roommate During the rescue by Fran of course it becomes apparent that Loki is at the root of the kidnapping Norse gods have long memories When Fran calls her mother, only to [...]

    • Review for BloddeueddBefore I start this review I must tell you that Katie MacAlister is among my all time favorite authors Her books perfected my English and introduced me to Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy There is really hard not to like any of the books Katie MacAlister writes In the Company of Vampires is the very very long awaited continuation of Ben and Fran cesca s story that started over five years ago in the Goth Faire series Can you say SQUEE That is why I asked B for this review [...]

    • Man, I missed Fran and Ben, so it was great that there was another book after the teen series, Ben and Fran Especially, since that series didn t have a great ending, it pretty much didn t even have an ending.This book was funny just like rest in the Ben and Fran series My favorite part of this book was the Vikings They have returned from their heaven and are SO MUCH FUN My favorite is Eirik, of course I would have thought of bedding Finnvid if he didn t have facial hair Anyways, the Vikings are [...]

    • Awesome Another hit from Missy MacAlister I love it, she always has a new amazing read In The Company of Vampires is the eighth novel in the Dark Ones series by the awesome Katie MacAlister.This novel is all about lost love, and redemption, but with a supernatural twist From the start, I enjoyed this book The plot was good, the characters were fun, especially the three out of touch, hot Vikings.Francesca is destined to be with Ben, she loves him but refuses to accept this destiny and with her ow [...]

    • Weasel Gold I will never again think about Visa in the same way I m still giggling Fran s day goes from bad to worse when her female roommate Jeff is kidnapped because she looks like Fran used to Clearly, because it must be clear to someone, Loki is behind this The Goddess Freya sends the three Viking ghosts to help Fran banish Fran Freya made sure they would get along in contemporary society by providing them with Weasel Gold But it isn t that simple because all roads lead back to the GothFaire [...]

    • Wer die B cher von Katie MacAlister leist, der wird das Schema kennen Dunkler Vampir ist auf der Suche nach seiner Auserw hlten um seine Seele zur ck zu bekommen Besagte Auserw hlte ist zumeist nicht sonderlich begeistert und die Geschichte nimmt ihren Lauf Mittlerweile bin ich also bei Band acht angekommen und ich st re mich an diesem Schema ganz und gar nicht, im Gegenteil mag ich solcherlei B cher sogar ziemlich gerne, vor allem, wenn sie, wie hier, genau meinen Humor treffen Die B cher der A [...]

    • Five years have passed since Fran left GothFaire for the US She s went to College, started a job is trying to get past her break up with Ben She just couldn t deal with the whole Beloved thing, among other things But when Fran s mother stops answering her phone the Vikings are sent back from Valhalla, Fran has to go back to where it all began, GothFaire.But little does Fran know, Ben has a girlfriend things are about to get hella ugly She needs to remember, things aren t always what they seem.Fr [...]

    • Ich mag die Reihe ja sehr, weil mir der Humor der Autorin unglaublich gut liegt Dieser Teil machte da keine Ausnahme Eigentlich war er sogar mein zweitliebster Teil der Reihe.Fran ist wirklich genial und ihre Geister Wikinger ebenfalls Man bekommt so unglaublich viele lustige Szenen mit ihnen bei denen ich mich stellenweise auf den Boden h tte schmei en k nnen Diese ungehobelten Klotze sagen einfach frei heraus was sie denken und das ist einfach zum Schie en Ich mag MacAlisters selbstbewusste Fr [...]

    • Hot, macho vampire plus three insane, but entertaining ghost Vikings equals one annoyed, but determined witch Five years ago, Francesca left Benedikt, her vampire soul mate for some space as she tries to grow up and find herself Now she s back, resolved that her mother has been kidnapped by Loki, the evil trickster god that at one time promised Fran he would make her life hell Things have definitely changed Ben has a new girlfriend, Noami, and he s hiding something Fran s mother, Miranda has som [...]

    • I just grabbed a book at Albertsons since I was on my way to Urgent Care I had no idea this was in a series I need to read the ones before it to really have a grip on what is going on I finished and I think that if I had read the two previous ones I would have rated it higher It is action packed which I liked Fran, the main character, doesn t like to swear so she uses absurd words and expressions which I liked.Her Viking escorts were only talking about sex and violence which I guess might be tru [...]

    • I ve read the other books in the Ben and Fran series, I found them very cute and I liked Ben Fran so I was eager to read this book.But it didn t work for me I found Fran to be hopelessly and annoyingly neurotic The story overall bored me to tears and I just couldn t get into it Finishing the book was very much akin to having teeth pulled.The main characters and the secondary characters were all rather useless and just going through the motions without any purpose, emotion or thought behind it.

    • I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN From start to finish I was laughing my ass off at the antics of the side characters and main characters alike I often tell my friends to read this strictly for the vikings I enjoy the norse mythologies and found it fascinating that vampires and vikings mixed as well as they did Love love love.

    • Als die Hexe Fran nach Europa reist, um nach ihrer verschwundenen Mutter zu suchen, trifft sie dort ihren Exfreund, den attraktiven Vampir Ben, wieder Obwohl sie ihn vor einigen Jahren verlassen hat, sind Frans Gef hle f r ihn immer noch stark Inzwischen gibt es jedoch eine andere Frau in Bens Leben Verfolgt von dem rachs chtigen Gott Loki versucht Fran, ihre Mutter wiederzufinden und Ben zur ckzugewinnen Doch es sind dunklere M chte am Werk, als sie geahnt hatte Klappentext Dies ist ja nun der [...]

    • One thing I can say about Katie MacAlister is that she has one wicked sense of humor that makes reading her books an amazing experience I ve read all of her Dark One novels and was giddy with excitement when I found out IN THE COMPANY OF VAMPIRES was set to be released She writes great storylines filled with wonderful characters so I knew I was guaranteed a great read What I forgot however, was just how much fun I d have as I delved into the story.This story reunited Fran and Ben again, giving t [...]

    • Ms MacAllister s books are my guilty pleasure read Fun stories like a romantic comedy with paranormal elements I loved Fran and Ben in this book.And I have to comment that the Viking ghosts in this book were frigging hilarious I loved them.

    • At last After a rocky start Fran and Ben are finally a joined couple The 3 naked, sexy Viking ghosts are just extra Great story

    • I am enjoying the whole series, but I think I enjoyed this the best so far simply because of the imperfect, happy sex

    • Originally posted at smexybooks 2010 11 revFavorite Quote Virgin goddess Isleif is getting our ale and Eirik is using the privy, but he will return soon, unless his guts are bound up again If that is the case, then he may need to purge his arse You will have ale with us Francesca Ghetti told Benedikt that she could not be his Beloved until she knew she loved him on her own and not because of the bond So Fran stayed in the US and tried to get on with her life But fate never makes life easy When F [...]

    • This story reunited Fran and Ben again, giving them another opportunity to come together now that Fran was older and had a better sense of what she wanted Having asked for space, Fran had spent a number of years away from Ben, who knew that he wanted her but was willing to give her whatever she needed in order for her to accept their relationship.Through a series of events, Fran finds herself back amongst her friends at the Goth Faire and in the presence of Ben, this time much aware of what she [...]

    • I started this book only to realize that is a continuation of a previous novelhence the search for the other one I had thought I read all of the Dark One novels but it seems this was originally under another name I m not sure but I did find it Confessions of a Vampire s Girlfriend and I recommend that you start with that one.Five years after meeting in the novella, GOT FANGS , Fran and Ben are back After fleeing Europe, Ben, and her date with destiny , Fran s grown up a bit, still believes in fr [...]

    • As a follow up to Ben Fran s YA story, Katie MacAlister gives us her latest Dark Ones novel.Francesca Ghetti left Europe and the Goth Faire five years ago in an attempt to be normal and go to school She is a fated Beloved, but has been fighting it because she wants to have a choice in who she loves, she doesn t want to be an obligation But things heat up when her roommate is captured by minions of the Norse God, Loki, in an attempt of retribution thinking it was her She doesn t want to go back t [...]

    • Five years after meeting in the novella, GOT FANGS , Fran and Ben are back After fleeing Europe, Ben, and her date with destiny , Fran s grown up a bit, still believes in free will, and the choice to love someone rather than being forced into a relationship because fate decrees it so But, despite all her protestations and avoidance, she really does love Ben, which isn t such a fabulous thing at the moment, considering the hot tattoo artist he hooked up with while she getting her act together in [...]

    • Ghosts, and Gods, and Vampires, oh my The story begins with Fran now back in the U.S with a college degree under her belt, and employed as a website admin for a veterinarian When her roommate is kidnapped and held captive, Fran is sure that Loki has invoked his revenge on her But when her mother suddenly disappears from the GothFaire, Fran is certain.Our ever entertaining Viking ghosts are back from Valhalla and seek Fran s help in banishing Loki from Asgard and seek her out in her apartment Aft [...]

    • Fran is all grown up and she has left the GothFaire behind along with her Dark One boyfriend Ben But being she hasn t given up on him she just wants a chance to grow and mature away from the pressure of being Ben s Beloved and her mother s scrutiny But when her roommate is kidnapped by what appears to be Loki s henchmen Fran heads back to Europe and GothFaire to take care of Loki once and for all But Fran is not the only one who has changed in the last 5 years Ben has a new girlfriend, her mothe [...]

    • Warning May Contain Some SpoilersFresh from reading Confessions of a Vampire s girlfriend I just HAD to immediately read on to find out what happens next in the story and I was not disappointed In fact I stayed up all night and had no desire to put it down First thing is to say DEFINITELY read Confessions first or much of the greatness in this book will fall by the wayside The history is key to this book really Where my only complaint of the last book was its lack of flirtation, sexual tension e [...]

    • Overall, I enjoyed this book immensely I was almost in tears because I was laughing so hard throughout this book, I m sure my roommate thought I was nuts The scenarios are hilarious and awkward I would also like to note that I typically don t read romances because the sex scenes are always stupid, hokey, and use awkward phrasing that make me question whether the author is secretly a 13 year old girl writing out her idea of what sex is I think the sex scenes in Ms MacAlister s books are quite the [...]

    • Es handelt sich hier um Band 8 der Dark Ones Reihe Man kann das Buch aber auch sehr gut ohne Vorwissen lesen, da die Geschichte nicht wirklich auf Vorg ngerb nden aufbaut.__________________Das Buch beginnt doch sehr verwirrend, scheint man doch mitten in eine Geschichte hineingeworfen worden zu sein Die beiden Protagonisten Fran und Ben sind anscheinend f reinander bestimmt, doch Fran wollte mehr vom Leben uns ist daher gefl chtet Nun ist sie zur ck und schockiert, dass Ben sich anscheinend ande [...]

    • Definitely read 2 short stories by Katie Maxwell Macalister s pen name in YA before reading this addition to the Dark Ones series The two short stories can be found in Confessions of a Vampire s Girlfriend or in standalone YA books Got Fangs and Circus of the Darned I didn t realize that before I dove into the new Dark One book, and had to back track just a bit Even though I was off kilter a little, MacAlister sets up Ben and Fran well in this book Ben and Fran have a great banter between them F [...]


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