Worst Enemies/Best Friends #2020

Worst Enemies/Best Friends By Annie Bryant Worst Enemies Best Friends Yikes As if being the new girl isn t bad enough Charlotte just made the biggest cafeteria blunder in the history of Abigail Adams Junior High There s no way that Katani Avery and Maeve will want an
  • Title: Worst Enemies/Best Friends
  • Author: Annie Bryant
  • ISBN: 9781439159576
  • Page: 483
  • Format: ebook
  • Worst Enemies/Best Friends By Annie Bryant
    Worst Enemies/Best Friends By Annie Bryant Yikes As if being the new girl isn t bad enough, Charlotte just made the biggest cafeteria blunder in the history of Abigail Adams Junior High There s no way that Katani, Avery, and Maeve will want anything to do with her now Can a mysterious landlady, a romantic evening gone wrong, and a cryptic key to nowhere help four very different girls become the best of friends Yikes As if being the new girl isn t bad enough, Charlotte just made the biggest cafeteria blunder in the history of Abigail Adams Junior High There s no way that Katani, Avery, and Maeve will want anything to do with her now Can a mysterious landlady, a romantic evening gone wrong, and a cryptic key to nowhere help four very different girls become the best of friends Or will they remain worst enemies forever
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      The Beacon Street Girls books are inspired by all the preteen girls I ve ever known I wanted to create a world where girls can go to have fun and learn about who they are, while modeling real life experiences The first book, Worst Enemies Best Friends, explores creating and testing friendships, skewed first impressions, and being the new kid at school In the end, true friendship conquers all Welcome to the world of the BSG

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    • My daughter finished the various American Girls series and picked up a Beacon Street Girls book at the library So I picked one up, too, to make sure the content and style meet parental requirements They do Being an adult male, this would have been a complete waste of my time if I hadn t read it for that purpose If I were a pubescent girl, I would surely have rated it higher.It s tough to move to a new city It s tough to start junior high Charlotte does both at once and despairs of ever making fr [...]

    • So far i think that this book is really good the author makes this book seem like you are there when you are reading it This is a great series for girls I would suggest reading books that are about girls growing up in middle school November 14,2010I am on page 80 of Worst Enemies Best Friends and i love this book I predict that Charlette, Avery, Katani and Maeve are all going to become friends because they are all having a sleep over so that their teacher will let them not have assigned seats at [...]

    • the title of this book is worst enemies best friends by Annie bryant this book was mostly about this girl named charlotte going to a new school and having a hard time finding friends she had mostly spend the whole year by herself till she met a girl she was best friends with her and other girls they had a sleepover but they didn t know that was her house instead it was rented and had to move out in a few month.I would recommend this book to people who like long books I give this book four stars [...]

    • ATTENTION EVERYONE Worst Enemies Best Friends is an realistic book I like this book because it shows how the person you ll least think can help you out of your problems can have an affect on you.This book talks about how four totally different girls meet eachother and become friends but they all have diffrent vies about almost everything they do They have their ups and downs ,back and fourths So this mysterious land lady experienced the four friends bickering and having the worst altrcation so s [...]

    • This was an amazing book and it was very realistic So, it is about four girls Charlotte Ramsey, Avery Madden, Katani Summers, and Maeve Kaplan Taylor They are all very different and the way they start to be friends is very funny and weird So, Charlotte has lived all over the world Paris, Africa, and Port Douglas But now she is back in where she started Brookline Massachusetts, USA So Charlotte has a BIG embarassing moment, but surprisingly it brings the girls together This book has love, comedy, [...]

    • Beacon Street Girls by Anne Bryant is a series of books aimed toward tween teenage girls The first book in the series is Worst Enemies Best Friends The premise of the story is that Charlotte, who is a tween, has moved a lot due to her father being a writer When they move again, he asks Charlotte where she wants to go and she says that she wants to go to Brookline, Massachusetts where she was born and lived for the first four years of her life Charlotte s mother died when she was four.Being a new [...]

    • Worst Enemies Best Friends by Annie Bryant is a interesting book about new friendships and adventure This book teaches you that you can t judge people by their first impressions Charlotte Ramsey knows what it feels like to make a fool of yourself in the first day of school On the first day she got table cloth stuck to her zipper and when she stood up and walked away she took the table cloth and the food along with her The food got all over the girls sitting there Since that day they didn t like [...]

    • The most enjoyable part of reading this book was matching each character to their corresponding character in the Baby Sitters Club books Fairly generic, it was obviously the first book in a series Unfortunately, the fact that it read like so many other books for upper primary lower secondary meant that I wasn t really left with an interest in reading the other books in the series.OH Note to all authors if you want to have one of your characters be someone who has lived in multiple places around [...]

    • I recommend this book to girls that like friendship and that maybe think bad things about other girls and they don t even know them.I liked this book because at first everything was going wrong bad and then everything turned around and it was going great for the girls.The girls became best friends had sleepovers,shared a dog and Charlotte lied about the tower and then the lady gave the tower to her and her family.

    • I think this is a great, cute story about friendship I personally found it a little boring and immature, but I guess it s because it s meant for kids in the later elementary school grades and early 6th graders I would ve given it 4 stars if I took into consideration how 6th graders would think about itbut I didn t So I would recommend this to anyone in 3rd grade through 6th grade I find it weird that I found this book in TeenSpace at the library though

    • I enjoyed the Beacon Street Girls series when I was eleven Now, not really I realize that this series is written for children, and I ll try to keep that in mind as I write this review But this book just isn t good It s pleasant, but not well written in any way Everything is just too unrealistic If you re going to read this book, don t expect to get anything out of it.

    • My 10 year old self This is an amazing book that you will not want to put down It is about 4 girls, and them getting along, just like real life It is like BFF, but better I think this is because it doesn t have any swears and the author is just different More me Anyways, this is a great book Borrow Buy Skip Absolutely borrow this book, and if you buy books, then buy it.

    • i did not enjoy this book at all my friend recommended it to me, but i had to push myself to keep reading it it was way below my level, and not my style at all.

    • This book was about a girl called Charlotte who moved to US and is trying to make new friends in her school But things don t really go as planned

    • I m often on the lookout for books to gift to my nieces This caught my eye when I was at the library It s cute It does have a neat and happy ending like most tween reads My criticism of it is I had a hard time keeping up with which character was speaking Each chapter is a different POV Each of the four girls voices is not distinct, so remembering who is narrating was a challenge for me It might have worked better to have the entire book from one character s POV, like the Cupcake Diaries series b [...]

    • Loved, loved, loved it I read this just because my 12 year old sister made me, and at first I thought it was going to be one of those cliche tween books I was so wrong It was actually a very great book about friendships

    • Charlotte is a kind of a girl who is not very good at making new friends This year, she and her father decides to move to U.S.A her home country the Beacon street With her decision since she had to travel all around the world because her father was a adventurous author Every time she moves to a new school, she always makes some kind of a huge mistake and always looses her friends This year she committed that she won t make a mistake again and left her best friend Sofia in Paris and went to Abigi [...]

    • This is a series of books based on the adventures of some girls in junior high The viewpoint also depends on which girl is talking during the chapter, the first two chapters being from Charlotte s point of view The first girl we are introduced to is Charlotte who has lived in Africa, Australia, Paris and who is now living in America She s rather clumsy and quite nervous about starting at a new school Her father is a writer and teacher The house they are now living in has a tower she can t get in [...]

    • I love this book I have read it about 3 times It is right after Lucky Charm on my favorite BSG books THE CASTCharlotte Ramsey Charlotte has traveled the world She has lived in Australia, Tanzania, and Paris Her father is a very well known travel writer, and her father started moving around after her mother s death But now, they are back in Brookline, and Charlotte doesn t want to leave Maeve Kaplan Taylor Maeve dreams of being an actress Her parents own a movie theater, and her family lives abov [...]

    • The Beacon Street Girls series is a refreshing and simple series consisting of 15 novels aimed at tween teen girls It follows the countlesss adventures of 5 girls, Isabella, Mauve, Katani, Charlotte and Avery otherwise known as the Club BSG Each novel is relativly short, ranging from about 100 115 pages and has a very interesting plot This will sound completly cliche, but the girls are just like real life teenagers I am wondering if Annie Bryant, the author, is young herself She perfectly captur [...]

    • Ok, well this book is okay It s about a girl named Charlotte who moves back to her hometown in Massachusetts after living all over the world for most of her life On her first day of school, she makes the biggest blunder in school history and it seems like the three other girls, Katani, Maeve, and Avery don t seem to like her much But somehow, they make friends They go to Charlotte s house a lot, so I was not surprised when they found a key in the forbidden tower of her house Unfortunately, Charl [...]

    • This was a good and fun read about a few totally different girls that cross paths in the most usual way, but will their differences bring them closer together or father apart What I liked was that this series was nothing like other teen books, instead it puts real stuff in that s both realistic and entertaining Not only was it a surprisingly fun read but also a very good one in a writer s point of view because the writing was great and overall with good description I felt as if I were in their s [...]

    • In Annie Bryant s Worst Enemies Best Friends talks about how this one girl, Charlotte Ramsey, is the new kid in school Charlotte Ramsey was a girl who moved from Paris to Brookline One day, Charlotte was in the cafeteria for lunch and she accidentally got her zipper stuck in the tablecloth When she yanked on it, all the trays of food splattered everywhere causing everyone at Abigail Adams Junior High to stare at her and laugh As Charlotte was so embarrassed, Mrs Fields came over to Charlotte and [...]

    • This book is about Charlotte Ramsey, who is a new girl at Abigail Adams Junior High Charlotte has a history of first day at school blunders and this one has got to be her worst At lunchtime the tablecloth gets stuck in Charlotte s zipper causing trays and food to go flying all over the people at her table Even though she has a difficult start in her new school, Charlotte eventually becomes friends with the least likely people This book deals with everything from everyday to unusual situations th [...]

    • Charlotte has moved often and is used to being the new girl in school, but that never makes it any easier, especially in 7th grade To make matters worse, on the first day at her new school she accidentally dumps the contents of the lunch table onto her assigned lunch partners after zipping the tablecloth into her pants Being a klutz does not do much for one s social life Charlotte and her classmates, Katani, Avery, and Maeve are all so different from one another that they are destined to become [...]

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