The Retreat: Hitler's First Defeat #2020

The Retreat: Hitler's First Defeat By Michael Jones The Retreat Hitler s First Defeat The gripping history of the ferocious turning point of World War Two when Hitler s armies were halted on the Eastern Front At the moment of crisis in late on the Eastern Front with the forces o
  • Title: The Retreat: Hitler's First Defeat
  • Author: Michael Jones
  • ISBN: 9780719569524
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Retreat: Hitler's First Defeat By Michael Jones
    The Retreat: Hitler's First Defeat By Michael Jones The gripping history of the ferocious turning point of World War Two, when Hitler s armies were halted on the Eastern Front At the moment of crisis in late 1941 on the Eastern Front, with the forces of Hitler massing on the outskirts of Moscow, the miraculous occurred Moscow was saved Yet this feat of endurance was a prelude to a long and arduous retreat in whichThe gripping history of the ferocious turning point of World War Two, when Hitler s armies were halted on the Eastern FrontAt the moment of crisis in late 1941 on the Eastern Front, with the forces of Hitler massing on the outskirts of Moscow, the miraculous occurred Moscow was saved Yet this feat of endurance was a prelude to a long and arduous retreat in which Soviet troops, inspired by deep beliefs in the sacred Motherland, pushed back German forces steeled by the vision of the Ubermensch the iron willed fighter Supported by tanks and ski battalions, Soviet troops engaged in this desperate struggle in the harshest Russian weather.Michael Jones draws upon a wealth of new eyewitness testimonies from both sides of the conflict to vividly chronicle this pivotal chapter in the Second World War as he takes us from the German invasion of the Soviet Union on the morning of June 22 through the counteroffensive that carried into the spring of 1942 From the German soldier finding his comrades frozen into blocks of ice to the Russian lieutenant crying with rage at the senseless destruction of his unit, the author shows us the faces of war when the Wehrmacht was repelled and the titanic and cruel struggle of two world powers forged the fate of Europe.
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      Michael Jones Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Retreat: Hitler's First Defeat book, this is one of the most wanted Michael Jones author readers around the world.

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    • This latest book from Michael Jones covers the German offensive in 1941 to take Moscow, Operation Typhoon, and the subsequent Soviet counter offensive, leading to Hitler s first retreat The author uses numerous first hand accounts throughout the book, taken from German and Russian soldiers and Russian civilians The book is easy to read and offers a nice overview of this period but nothing too technical or in depth, of a general or popular historical narrative There are a number of black white p [...]

    • I enjoy reading history which is infused with firsthand accounts Mr Jones book is a history of the first winter on the Eastern Front told by those that were there both Soviets and Germans Mr Jones focuses on how such a mighty calamity befell the German war machine and the consequences to the individual soldier The following is a quote by Mr Jones describing the Germans psychological attitude regarding their military prowess and what that attitude resulted in during the Winter of 41 42, When a be [...]

    • The fall of the Iron Curtain and the Soviet Union, and the subsequent release of archives and documents, has been a boon to military historians like Michael Jones Jones has written several books on the Eastern Front, including my most recent read The Retreat Hitler s First Defeat The Retreat does not break any new ground in describing the Red Army turning back Hitler s armies at the gates of Moscow during the critical months of December 1941 February 1942, but where it stands out is the narrativ [...]

    • I really don t know why I keep reading books about the war on the Eastern Front It is grim reading of atrocities, death and human suffering of an incomprehensible magnitude But still the topic is fascinating, and I read books like this with horrified fascination Maybe in the hope to get an answer to my question Why Why Mr Jones book is very well written and easy to read.

    • The reason I have spent much of my reading time these past several years reading about the Eastern Front, WWII, is to capture an understanding of the struggles, purposes, insights of the common soldier, both on the German side and on the Soviet side Michael Jones very effectively captures some very singular, poignant moments, most of them private thoughts of the individual soldier Yet, his telling of the story of a specific period of this war and the days and weeks of Hitler s first defeat, move [...]

    • I enjoyed reading this book I particularly like the comparison of the German attack compared to Napoleon s venture into Russia Napoleon got to Moscow by October while the Germans never made it.The fact that most amazed me is that the Germans were so successful against the Red Army until December 6 1941 and then for two months from that date were in total disarray and retreated often than not in full panic The German high command believed erroneously that the Red Army was one push away from tota [...]

    • Well written, full of diary entries and first hand accounts, and difficult to put down This book covers the hell that was the first winter on the Eastern Front, and how hubris and stubbornness outweighed common sense and the reality of conditions on the ground It draws all the expected parallels between Napoleon s 1812 invasion and Hitler s, and shows how both sides were quite aware of this apparent repetition of history It also attempts to expose the complicity of the Wehrmacht in the increasin [...]

    • In The Retreat, Jones brings his extensive research to light and tells the personal stories Operation Typhoon and Russian counter offensive that led to Russia s victory over Germany What makes this book different than other works on this battle is the intensely personal accounts by soldiers on both sides Regardless of your views on Russia the country has an amazing military history Probably the two best known victories are those over Napoleon and Hitler Jones begins by comparing and contrasting [...]

    • It is good to read books like this when you get too comfortable and bored with your easy life This book is mainly a collection of diary entries, excerpts from letters, etc from soldiers involved in the fighting in the eastern front during the winter of 1941 The first hand accounts bring home the horror and misery of both the soldiers and ordinary Russians caught up in this warfare It is mainly from the German perspective, but there are also many Russian accounts as well This is not the book if y [...]

    • While the book has some dramatic and moving passages, the constant stream of soldier reminiscences many of which are redundant , cause the narrative to lose steam The individual battles that make up the story are not framed effectively to create a connected story, and the strategies behind the actions are given limited attention The failure of the Nazi government to remedy the Werhmacht s shortage of winter gear is never adequately explained and then one day, poof The Germans have winter clothin [...]

    • Pretty dry book, long chapters filled with a lot of anecdotes from surviving soldiers and or their memoirs on both sides It could have used maps, I got lost with all the Russian place names and the back and forth movements of the armies.

    • I m always curious as to understand the Germans in WWII at what point did they realize the war was lost, and then what motivated to keep fighting until Germany was totally destroyed This book takes the history through the first major defeat of the Germans when they were at Moscow s door The beliefs of Hitler governed what the Germans did far than what the field commanders were experiencing This led to the disastrous defeat Of course then Stalin committed the same mistake and the Russian defeat [...]

    • Dram tica narraci n del fracaso del intento de la conquista de Mosc por los alemanes en en el invierno de 1941 El autor utiliza testimonios tanto de alemanes y rusos los cuales los va entremezclando conforme avanza la campa a dando la sensaci n de estar en las trincheras de un bando para luego estar en los tanques del contrario La mezcla de pensamientos y sentimientos de todos los combatientes nos hacen ver lo cruel que es la guerra Llama especialmente la atenci n los testimonios alemanes al ini [...]

    • A fascinating read, mainly from the German perspective, of the fighting in front of Moscow in the winter of 1941 42 Horrified of the idea that Napoleons disaster may be repeated, the Germans overconfidence set them up for a similar disaster That they were able to turn defeat around is a credit to their military organisation and commitment This book kept me interested throughout although at times, depressed, horrified and saddened by the many personal accounts of the struggle Good, interesting an [...]

    • Desde sempre gostei de ler obras relacionadas com a segunda guerra mundial Tanto por ser um tema que manter um destaque a n vel mundial, como devido import ncia dos acontecimentos ocorridos durante essa poca E sabendo que o in cio de tudo se deveu s a es de um nico homem, d muito que pensar Opini o completa em eternasaventuras 2

    • Buen libro, aunque un poco repetitivo en algunos cap tulos y a veces si llegaba a cansar.El libro trata del avance de Alemania en Rusia en 1941 42 y como la misma alegria y entusiasmo se fu reemplazando por la desesperaci n y tristeza al no poder triunfar en Rusia con la llegada del invierno de 1941 y la orden de Ni un paso atr s.Buen libro pero no de una lectura gil como su anterior libro del sitio de Leningrado.

    • A great read Though I ve read quite a few other titles on the subject I found myself drawn to it fascinated by all the personal accounts I kept reading page after page, often not able to put it down Though those personal accounts are at the expense of military analysis I got a feeling that I understood about this phase of the campaign than I did before.Highly recommended.

    • EXcellent for first hand accounts and gives you a real feel for what it was like t0 be out there in the russian campaign.The rain the snow the constant strainBit light on military details though of a series of personal experiencesI am reading another book to fill me in on thoseAlso maps a bit limitedStill a gripping read

    • The brings to light in detail the first winter of the Eastern front fighting There s a readable mix of historical and personal accounts It was a better history than I was expecting, worth the read.

    • Too zoomed in, not enough operational level visibility The human interest vignettes chosen were too brief and not interesting.

    • Quite good, great use of primary sources, accidently selected from History Book Club because I wasn t paying close enough attention, but glad to have done so, providential even SS

    • the soviet after action reports helped add a few missing pieces of the battles.oroughly quick and nasty read.enty of violence what else could you want

    • This book conveyed incredible detail around what it was really like fighting in the Eastern front of World War II.

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