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The Keepers of Truth By Michael Collins The Keepers of Truth The last of a manufacturing dynasty in a dying industrial town Bill lives alone in the family mansion and works for the Truth the moribund local paper He yearns to write long philosophical pieces ab
  • Title: The Keepers of Truth
  • Author: Michael Collins
  • ISBN: 9780743218030
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Keepers of Truth By Michael Collins
    The Keepers of Truth By Michael Collins The last of a manufacturing dynasty in a dying industrial town, Bill lives alone in the family mansion and works for the Truth, the moribund local paper He yearns to write long philosophical pieces about the American dream gone sour, not the flaccid write ups of bake off contests demanded by the Truth Then, old man Lawton goes missing, and suspicion fixes on his son,The last of a manufacturing dynasty in a dying industrial town, Bill lives alone in the family mansion and works for the Truth, the moribund local paper He yearns to write long philosophical pieces about the American dream gone sour, not the flaccid write ups of bake off contests demanded by the Truth Then, old man Lawton goes missing, and suspicion fixes on his son, Ronny Paradoxically, the specter of violent death breathes new life into the town For Bill, a deeper and disturbing involvement with the Lawtons ensues The Lawton murder and the obsessions it awakes in the town come to symbolize the mood of a nation on the edge Compulsively readable, The Keepers of Truth startles both with its insights and with Collins s powerful, incisive writing.
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      Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information 1 Irish Novelist Michael Collins was born in 1964 He was educated in Belfast, Dublin and Chicago His short stories have been awarded the Hennessy Sunday Tribune Award in Ireland and the Pushcart Prize in America.

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    • If you ve read the synopsis, you ll remember rust belt post industrial, small town paper, murder mystery You can add warped father and son relationships, bitter self analysis and running social commentary on everything from media hysteria to body building and just plain body fattening to class consciousness And then some.The problem with this rich and ultimately ambitious stew is not with the mixing of the different elements or themes, but with the tone which veers from rough and earthy to ranti [...]

    • Sometimes the most American books are written by outsiders, in this case an Irish author who was shortlisted for the Booker Bill he specifies that is the name on his birth certificate, not William is the final limb on his family tree, living in the mansion his immigrant grandfather erected after parlaying his ice delivery business into refrigerator manufacture But by the late 70 s, the foundries are cold and dead, the town, moribund, and Bill is the lowest rung on the dying newspaper ladder at t [...]

    • T dliche Schlagzeilen , so der deutsche Titel, dem leider die Ironie des Originaltitels abgeht, ist der erste und mit etlichen Geburtswehen behaftete Teil der Rustbelt Tetralogie, der erst zum Schluss ins Deutsche bersetzt wurde Dieser von interessierter Seite zum Mord aufgeblasene Vermisstenfall vor dem Hintergrund des wirtschaftlichen Niedergangs einer Stadt ist alles andere als ein reines literarisches vergn gen, beim Lesen ensteht der Eindruck, der Autor entwickelt beim Schreiben sein Milieu [...]

    • I don t normally read murder stories but this was nominated for the Booker so I gave it a try.Set in rust belt USA it centres on a young reporter for a failing newspaper trying to get the one big story.The real focus of the novel the decaying town The reporter is of a philosophical bent and riffs on everything from swimming to beauty parlours.It kept me gripped.

    • Bill, a reporter for the Daily Truth, has returned home to the once thriving town in downstate Illinois where his grandfather, an immigrant who had escaped the crushing poverty of the Russian steppes, had singlehandedly built a now defunct refrigerator manufacturing empire Although Bill attempts to use his position to pontificate on the decline of the American Dream, he is expected to report exclusively on local bake offs and high school sports rivalries.Please read the rest of my review at Rust [...]

    • I have a soft spot for flawed main characters Bill, an ex academic, ex moneyed small town journalist who half intentionally gets involved in the doomed lives of those central to the biggest news story the town has ever seen, is fascinating His unhinged answering machine messages to his probably ex girlfriend, his crazy sleep patterns and toaster oven meals with whiskey, his inability to stifle his theorizing long enough to write a news article, his crazy powerful grandfather who was frozen at de [...]

    • I thought this book was very powerful, it definitely kept me reading It was not entirely realistic, and I think in many ways it was meant as a social commentary rather than a novel Which is one of my problems with the book it has a message in it, but it really bashes that message in with a sledgehammer rather than presenting it in a subtle way, which I prefer I found the narrator to be a very unlikable in the beginning, but he kind of grew on me I think that would have been very disappointed if [...]

    • Had I not read other impressive novels by Collins, I probably would have given up on this one The first half is slow and rather disjointed I was far interested in the characters in the narrator s life than in the narrator himself who seemed to be cobbled together from a collection of favorite quirks the author had collected from observations over the years That said, Collin s prose is such a treat, I never feel I have been robbed of the time spent reading him.

    • A Read to Relish and Remember This was a happy find, a real Kindle cutie So much merits a mention, not least the coruscating fizz of prose effects Collins deploys to such remarkable effect virtually everywhere Similes and metaphors wow the reader Two dark patches of sweat emanated from his armpits like phantom grey wings or this, of Linda Carter She was innuendo made flesh One I sat there in the flickering light of the candle and tasted the slow burn of irony and his bourbon in my throat Irony [...]

    • HmmmNicely written book, with great characters and atmospheric descriptions of place My issue was that I had no empathy with the main character, and found some of his actions unbelievable almost to the point where I gave up But I persevered and glad I did Some passages I skimmed they just went on too long.

    • Un america malata, ed incapace di reagire al fallimento del sogno americano Anime perse mi era piaciuto, ma qui c troppa carne al fuoco, mal digerita Non sa disegnare le persone oltre lo schizzo E un canto di orrore sull America inizio anni 90 ma gli manca la vena artistica Il plot c , i personaggi anche Ma non basta saper scrivere Bisogna anche farlo bene.

    • Queer but compelling story that exposes the prejudices and hypocrisy of the Rust belt population long before the advent of the Trump regime.

    • Another beauty of a book by Michael Collins who has a knack of capturing he collapse of American small town life and the position of an outsider It works with some great humour and a very cinematic feel The rights have been brought up, and i for one would go and see it.The truth is a small town newspaper in decline, along with the town, as the manufacturing ceases and the only thing they have to report on are the high school sports and the legal notices.Bill works there and is an amateur philosp [...]

    • It s a strange book to be honest The story itself is quite intriguing, with a murder mystery set in a dying town, and a neurotic journalist trying to solve it The town itself is such a perfect crime scene, with its economic and moral decay, a secret sisterhood of clients of one of the few thriving businesses a local hairdresser, isolated from the civilisation, made me think a bit of Midsummer Murders If you re not one of them, you re an outsider, and you will never be let in Things are dealt wit [...]

    • Well I finished it, but it was definitely a struggle the main reason I finished was that I d moved this book with me twice, damn it, and I was determined not to give it away without reading it There s a lean and interesting story in here, but Bill was a character I wanted to slap upside the head constantly so the first person narration from him, full of pseudo philosophy, utterly overwrought metaphor, and long disquisitions on the Midwest s fall from grace were enough to turn me off of ever read [...]

    • The Keepers of Truth by Michael Collins is one of those books so full of the authors own opinions that it should have a brain washing warning sticker on it to warn people who s brains are easily washed Anyway, the story is interesting if not all that original It is a murder mystery, but the way it is written and presented to us is what made this a five star read for me Knowing the author helped make this even fun as well As I said, I can see this book angering some hard core Americans You know [...]

    • Presented as a crime novel, but much then that A murder is the main subject but what Collins gives us is a novel about failed lives, society going downhill While reading, the matter whodunit wasn t relevant any The book I read before this one was The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen, it had a lot in common and that s a big compliment Brilliant, will definitely read of Collins books.

    • A philosophical sort of murder mystery It s assumed by all that the son killed the father, but it s neither proved nor confessed, but well, it s still a mystery and still full of the angst of life in a dying industrial town from the inside flap , and I still liked it and it was still well written, but I just didn t love it Sorta recommended, not for a light summer read, but definitely NOT if you re already depressed.

    • A haunting book on the slow degradation of a small industrial town in the USA The narrator, a reporter for the crumbling local newspaper, gets sucked into the case of a local ruffians missing father presumed killed and the case becomes an analogy of the erosion of human values and the slow death of character in the town Collins writing style adds the necessary pathos to the narration and captivates.

    • A book about a newspaper reporter in a dying post industrial town Why did I think I should read this depressing story It started out strong, but I totally hated it by the end I gave it two stars because I liked some of the author s prose, but I couldn t stand the plot, which centers around a murder mystery The newspaper characters were not believable at all, and the protagonist seemed like he totally hated women, and irritated me throughout the entire story.

    • WOW There s 3 weeks of my life I ll never get back This book was so bad the author couldn t even bother to name some of the lame characters Not that anyone really cared about the pathetic losers that did have names I find it hard to believe this book was short listed for the Booker prize must have been slim picking that year Do yourself a favour and maybe watch paint dry instead of reading this book

    • Unfortunately, I chose not to finish this book The author is gifted and there were some crystalline turns of phrases but inevitably I came to care nothing about knowing what happened to the characters Perhaps it s indicative of the current climate, but it was just a downer to pick the book up For the record, I probably finished about 3 5s of the book.

    • Barely 3 stars for this one After reading The Resurrectionists I got a bit besotted with Michael Collins, but none since has had the same effect on me as that book did However this one did improve as it went along, with signs of his interest in American culture and in particular the culture of poor, uneducated people who were so well showcased in the later book.

    • This is what I m currently reading I will pretty much read anything so I won t stop but this is not a book I would recommend The story is a little boring and long winded not really getting to any point I m glad I got it on the discount rack.

    • Very ambitious, if a bit overwrought Eminently readable Crazed depiction of heartland going to hell Given the matrix plot premise of a thriller of sorts, refreshingly free from else predictable must have duking it out scenes Likely reflects on author s cis Atlantic roots.

    • Good writing, compelling plot depressing Not hilariously depressing, like Palahniuk, but just plain depressing, like DeLillo or Ellis only the plot s interesting I liked it in spite of myself because it s true.

    • This book was the kind of book that I kept saying to myself, why am I reading this , but couldn t quit The writing was very good It was just a little different for me to read Good buy at 50 cents.

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