On Hallowed Ground: The Story of Arlington National Cemetery #2020

On Hallowed Ground: The Story of Arlington National Cemetery By Robert M. Poole On Hallowed Ground The Story of Arlington National Cemetery An intimate behind the scenes chronicle of America s most sacred ground Along Eisenhower Drive as far as the eye could see the grave markers formed into bone white brigades climbed from the flats
  • Title: On Hallowed Ground: The Story of Arlington National Cemetery
  • Author: Robert M. Poole
  • ISBN: 9780802715487
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Hardcover
  • On Hallowed Ground: The Story of Arlington National Cemetery By Robert M. Poole
    On Hallowed Ground: The Story of Arlington National Cemetery By Robert M. Poole An intimate, behind the scenes chronicle of America s most sacred ground Along Eisenhower Drive, as far as the eye could see, the grave markers formed into bone white brigades, climbed from the flats of the Potomac River, and scattered over the green Virginia hills in perfect order They reached Arlington s highest point, where they encircled an old cream colored maAn intimate, behind the scenes chronicle of America s most sacred ground Along Eisenhower Drive, as far as the eye could see, the grave markers formed into bone white brigades, climbed from the flats of the Potomac River, and scattered over the green Virginia hills in perfect order They reached Arlington s highest point, where they encircled an old cream colored mansion with thick columns and a commanding view of the cemetery, the river, and the city beyond The mansion s flag, just lowered to half staff, signaled that it was time to start another day of funerals, which would add than twenty new conscripts to Arlington s army of the dead So does Robert Poole describe a day like so many others in the long and storied history of Arlington National Cemetery Created towards the end of our greatest national crucible, the Civil War, its story as revealed in On Hallowed Ground reflects much of America s own over the past century and a half The mansion at its heart, and the rolling land on which it sits, had been the family plantation of Robert E Lee before he joined the Confederacy strategic to the defense of Washington, it became a Union headquarters, a haven for freedmen, and a burial ground for indigent soldiers before Secretary of War Edwin Stanton made it the latest in the newly established national cemetery system It would become our nation s most honored resting place.No other country makes the effort the United States does to recover and pay tribute to its war dead an effort Poole reveals in poignant details from the aftermaths of the Civil War, Spanish American War, World Wars I and II, Korea, Vietnam, and the conflicts in the Gulf and Afghanistan today Every tombstone at Arlington tells a story from Private William Christman, the first soldier buried at Arlington on May 13, 1864, to Union General Montgomery Meigs, whose idea Arlington was from Lieutenant Thomas Selfridge, the first casualty of powered flight, to Audie Murphy, America s most decorated soldier from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, so lovingly tended today, to John F Kennedy s eternal flame from scientists and slaves to jurists and generals and tens of thousands of ordinary citizen warriors, among the than 300,000 interred on Arlington s 624 acres Their sagas, and the rites and rituals that have evolved at Arlington the horse drawn caissons, marble headstones, playing of taps, and rifle salutes speak to us all.
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    • I think this book will be placed on my all time favorite list.It is a very well researched book So many facts that I didn t know about and many that I did.The stories about the process about choosing the unknowns to the funeral of JFK.If your interested in American history you should read this book.You will not be disappointed.

    • I just loved this book Arlington has always been a place of honor and respect for our military, and I was just thrilled to read this riveting account of such an amazing piece of America s history The author made sure to include such fascinating nuggets of information about some of the people buried there, how the land was acquired, the story behind all the ceremony that goes into a military funeral, and so much He spent a lot of time in the second half of the book on President Kennedy s funeral [...]

    • This is really an excellent read I thought it was a liitle slow at first but then I couldn t stop reading once I got into it More than anything I can t believe how much I don t know about American History THe stories are so fascinating and interesting I haven t vistited Arlington but now can t wait to.

    • On Monday, November 25, 1963, I stood among the thousands in front of Arlington House watching the burial of John F Kennedy His family, nation and world leaders paid their respects to our murdered leader Then as now Arlington National Cemetery represented our nation s way of honoring it s fallen soldiers, whether President or private If that image appeals to you, don t read this book.Arlington National Cemetery, as exhaustively documented by Mr Poole, started as the vengeful scheme of a glory se [...]

    • Show me the manner in which a nation or a community cares for its dead and I will measure with mathematical exactness the tender sympathies of its people, their respect for the laws of the land, and their loyalty to high ideals William Gladstone as quoted by Robert M Poole, On Hallowed Ground Meticulously researched and masterfully written in unpretentious language, marrying vast sums of information with a reverential pen On Hallowed Ground a comprehensive study of Arlington National Cemetery th [...]

    • 3.5 5 starsI had to read this book for school and let me tell you It is not a story it is a textbook So be warned it will take you some time to read because it is very dense But all in all it wasn t as bad as it could be

    • I first became aware of Arlington National Cemetery after President Kennedy was assassinated Like so much of the country during those dark days, I watched the funeral on television Growing up during the sixties, Arlington was ever present, as many of the young soldiers who died in Viet Nam were buried there Yet it wasn t until a few years ago that I became aware that the site had originally been the plantation belonging to Robert E Lee, the general who led the Confederate forces during the Civil [...]

    • This is a well researched, very thorough and interesting book about the history of Arlington National Cemetery, which was created at the end of the Civil War It tells about how the cemetery came to be, and about the many time honored traditions, including Memorial Day and the rituals for military funerals, that originated from Arlington The author also talks about many of the personal stories of those buried there, from the Unknown Soldiers to famous generals, to the thousands of enlisted men fr [...]

    • This was a Kindle book my mother loaned me under the new features COOL, but that means I only had two weeks before the loan ended on the book , and she had spoken to me for a few weeks about it.This book is a history of how Arlington came to be America s National Cemetery What I found particularly interesting was that it had belong the the family of Robert E Lee his wife s property and has an amazing history The mansion was originally intended to be living memorial to George Washington, was owne [...]

    • I m not going to say this was the best book I ever read, but it s certainly top three non fiction I can think of only two others that are even close This was just that good I bought this in 2014 and I actually don t recall the circumstances that drew me to it as it was long enough after my trip to Arlington that I don t think it was spurred by seeing it in the Arlington gift shops, although that certainly endorsed it in my view It is compulsively readable almost like a novel in that I grew attac [...]

    • In On Hollowed Ground, Robert M Poole tells the spell binding history of the Arlington National Cemetery with detail and sobriety that is fitting for the final resting place of many heroes of our nation He begins at the outset of the Civil War, chronicling how Arlington was taken from the family of Robert E Lee this error was later righted and made into a burial ground for soldiers Poole takes us on a journey through each successive war of the United States, telling how Arlington evolved with ea [...]

    • I ve been to Arlington twice However, I learned , and in a interesting way from this book The book shares small personal stories about men whom eventually were buried at Arlington It starts with the Civil War and the difficult decision General Lee made joining the Rebel forces It back tracks to include a few Revolutionary war vets and continues to today It includes rituals in the burials and how they started It includes the story of the Taps and how it came to be It also shares the story of how [...]

    • This is a fascinating history on a lot of levels, much so than I expected the use of the Arlington estate as a cemetery began during America s devastating Civil War, and has remained an evolving presence right through to the present day, acting as a layered stratum of historic significance Poole s book, accordingly, is a guide to US military history, US political history, the geography and architecture of the state, and Washington DC, as well as being a moving tribute to the soldiers who rest i [...]

    • This interesting, well researched book tells the story of how Arlington National Cemetery came to be, beginning with the fascinating story of Robert E Lee and his wife Mary Custiss Lee who was a grand daughter of Martha Washington When Lee left the Union to stay loyal to Virginia, his home and grounds and slaves were taken over by the Union Army Later, in a move to keep the Lees from ever returning, Union soldiers were buried very close to the house Eventually the Lees lost the home because taxe [...]

    • Great history ends here In war after war, the stories of valiant American soldiers are ultimately buried with their bodies at Arlington National Cemetery And some of their stories, along with the tale of how Arlington came to be a burial ground, is captured here in Robert M Poole s terrific work of non fiction, On Hallowed Ground.I have to admit, I knew very little about Arlington, except that it is a place where our war dead are buried and where it is located The story of how this land was stol [...]

    • If you enjoy history, and appreciate what are armed forces do to protect us, you will enjoy this book The reading was slow going in the beginning Lot s of tedious detailsbut if you can get through the beginning chapters, there are so many interesting facts to learn about the creation of Arlington Once the book got into recent history, it was hard to put down On Sept 11, 2001, when a plane flew into the Pentagon, the workers at Arlington were eyewitnesses Plenty of stories about things I remembe [...]

    • My copy of the book had 352 pages with the index starting at page 287 This was one of the most interesting books I have ever read I was blown away by the fact that Arlington was originally owned by General Robert E Lee, and how the cemetery came to be The Union Army Quartermaster needed somewhere to bury soldiers, after running out of room with in Washington DC, and also he basically wanted to stick it to General Lee by burying Union dead in Lee s backyard The chapter on why JFK was buried here, [...]

    • This is the book by nonfiction book club read for November I read about half of the book It was interesting to learn how Arlington came to be the national cemetery I had no idea that it began as Robert E Lee s wife s family plantation Once I trudged through enough of the book to understand how the cemetery developed and burial traditions developed from the Civil War to WWI, I found it tedious I am not sorry I read the first half, but I am also not sorry I decided to on to something enjoyable A [...]

    • A very well written history of the Arlington National Cemetery It starts with the Lee family living there and goes all the way to September 11th There s enough detail to paint a beautiful picture without being so bogged down in history as to become the type of documentary I fall asleep during It was especially poignant to read around Memorial Day I want to visit again and view some of the places graves that I can now see differently in the context of history.

    • I liked the book, but I would not recommend it unless you are particularly interested in the history of Arlington National Cemetery Not exactly a page turner I happen to be interested since I have been there several times, and a couple of my uncles and my parents are buried there.

    • A fabulous piece of history relating to the Civil War, the development of Arlington National Cemetery and the stories surrounding this time period Some keys dates and pieces of information May 24, 1861 Some 14,000 Federal troops cross the river to Virginia, taking control of Alexandria, bridge crossings, and the Lees Arlington estate.July 17, 1862 War deaths mount at an unexpected rate, leaving the government poorly prepared to bury its fighting men Congress crates a national cemetery system to [...]

    • Arlington National Cemetery is America s own Flanders Field its Valhalla of valor rooted in lush, green vegetation In ON HALLOWED GROUND, Robert M Poole tells clearly and emotionally Arlington s history of the lane where, to paraphrase Lincoln, the last full measure of devotion is taken and revered In prose chronological and colorful yet meandering , the reader learns of the cemetery s origins First, it was the Arlington house, home of Gen Robert E Lee and family As a consequence for Lee s rebel [...]

    • Intriguing book of how the United States received the Lee mansion and how General Meigs first started placing the Civil War dead More importantly, this book highlights the creation of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier from WWI, WWII, Korea, and the mistaken identity of the Vietnam soldier Great book that chronicles not only the creation of Arlington Natuonal Cemetary but also of Washington, D.C itself.

    • If I could give than 5 stars I would The first part kind of had me wondering how it relates to the cemetery, but it comes together eventually and is one of the most amazing stories I ve ever heard read I listened to the audiobook and would recommend that over the book, only because of the different voices And the taps.

    • This book was well researched and the stories were very interesting of how Arlington Cemetery came into being along with stories of many of those buried there presented chronologically Anyone planning a trip to Arlington Cemetery will get much out of the visit by reading this book first and making notes.

    • Wonderful first person accounts of the history and creation of Arlington All the info about the Custis Lee family and how their home became Arlington Also description of Kennedy s funeral and burial were interesting.

    • This book was tremendous This book ought to be read by all who enjoy American and military history Poole does an excellent job of tracing the history of Arlington while sprinkling in the stories of those who rest there.

    • After visiting Arlington we are always left with question This book answers those questions and then some This is the definitive history of the cemetary Well written if a bit wordy, it told the story compellingly.

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