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The Snow By Adam Roberts The Snow And this is how the world will end The snow started falling on the sixth of September soft noiseless flakes filling the sky like a swarm of white moths or like static interference on your TV screen
  • Title: The Snow
  • Author: Adam Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780575076518
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Snow By Adam Roberts
    The Snow By Adam Roberts And this is how the world will end The snow started falling on the sixth of September, soft noiseless flakes filling the sky like a swarm of white moths, or like static interference on your TV screen whichever metaphor, nature of technology, you find the evocative Snow everywhere, all through the air, with that distinctive sense of hurrying that a vigorous snowAnd this is how the world will end The snow started falling on the sixth of September, soft noiseless flakes filling the sky like a swarm of white moths, or like static interference on your TV screen whichever metaphor, nature of technology, you find the evocative Snow everywhere, all through the air, with that distinctive sense of hurrying that a vigorous snowfall brings with it Everything in a rush, busy busy snowflakes And, simultaneously, paradoxically, everything is hushed, calm, as quiet as cancer, as white as death.And at the beginning people were happy But the snow doesn t stop It falls and falls and falls Until it lies three miles thick across the whole of the earth Six billion people have died Perhaps 150,000 survive.But those 150,000 need help, they need support, they need organising, governing And so the lies begin Lies about how the snow started Lies about who is to blame Lies about who is left Lies about what really lies beneath.
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      Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.Adam Roberts born 1965 is an academic, critic and novelist He also writes parodies under the pseudonyms of A.R.R.R Roberts, A3R Roberts and Don Brine He also blogs at The Valve, a group blog devoted to literature and cultural studies.He has a degree in English from the University of Aberdeen and a PhD from Cambridge University on Robert Browning and the Classics He teaches English literature and creative writing at Royal Holloway, University of London Adam Roberts has been nominated twice for the Arthur C Clarke Award in 2001, for his debut novel, Salt, and in 2007, for Gradisil.

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    • It started off as a very promising novel and idea what would happen if it simply never stopped snowing and most of the world died out, leaving something like 100,000 remaining survivors worldwide to build society from scratch Still, as I read on, it became simply confusing I googled the book to see if I d missed anything, and it seemed that I was not alone in my stupor this was a common response amongst anyone who had read the book, complete and utter confusion The author tries to draw a cunning [...]

    • The Snow was loaned to me by a science fiction enthusiast, a friend of mine whose favourite author is Adam Roberts I began this book not knowing anything about it not even what my friend thought of it because she wouldn t tell me and so I revelled in reading a book where anything could happen.The Snow is set in a truly post apocalyptic world .e snow doesn t stop It falls and falls and falls Until it lies three miles thick across the whole of the earth Six billion people have died Perhaps 150,000 [...]

    • The snow started falling on September 6th, And at the beginning people were happy p.1 Imagine if it started snowing in September and didn t stop As the snow piled up deeper and deeper, how would the World governments react How long would it take before society collapsed Adam Roberts explores this scenario in his 2004 novel The Snow, a book which starts well but seems to lose its way around halfway through Roberts sets his story in present day London The main character is Tira, a Londoner who ini [...]

    • The premise of this book is great, and the beginning had me really hooked but then it seemed to lose it s way horribly The story fizzled out and was quite unsatisfactory in the end but I kept on going hoping it would improve , and also the characters were unsympathetic and one dimensional, and I didn t really care one way or the other what happened to them.Having said this, I really like Adam Roberts writing style, and will definitely pick up another of his to read sometime, and give him another [...]

    • I first read Snow in 2004 and it was like my first time skiing down a black run at Zermatt Terrifying, unexpected, and full of whiteness I won t give away the plot, but the scenario is that a young Indian woman survives a catastrophic snowfall only to be rescued by the remaining humans Her home becomes a pre fab barracks in a militarised society where there are seven men to one woman.Roberts has said that he originally wanted to write a book about two themes firstly, surviving a global catastrop [...]

    • I thought I would like this book, the whole snow apocalypse seemed like a promising story plot I was wrong First off, it wasn t very well written, a lot of repetitions and a monotonous style This book is mostly about how the snow came and how two survivors deal with their new lives, their stories are told through official documents But the author doesn t provide enough information and depth to make any of it feel believable, and I was left with too many basic questions about post snow society I [...]

    • Too much about the weak emotional relationship s between the main protagonist and the people she has, was having, or had sex with The majority of the book is written as a report, documenting the coming of the snow and the aftermath This style isn t consistent throughout and at one stage I thought this was going to turn out to be a series of short stories, which would probably have made for a better read For me, too little attention is given to how and why the snow came about Yes these are dealt [...]

    • SPOILERS Aliens did it Absolute fucking tosh I liked the theory of the super string thingys that pumped snow out by accident Fucking aliens, what a cop out The first bit, Tira making her way across London was interesting, and I like the wee touch of making each chapter an official document , but apart from that this book sucked ass.

    • This is, for me, Roberts first great book I ve enjoyed everything I ve read by him all his previous novels have been clever, well written stories that at the same time have deep themes and morals woven into their fabric but The Snow was a real WOW book.The basic premise although absolutely nothing is basic in an Adam Roberts book is that heavy snow begins to fall and does not stop The world is soon covered in a blanket many metres and eventually kilometres deep, and civilisation quickly collapse [...]

    • Just when i would think that I had a handle on what was going on in this science fiction novel, all of a sudden it would change and become a different kind of apocalypse It begins with Londoner Tira experiencing the vast snow fall that blots out all of her normal life and then making her way to an office building where she lives with a man who has similarly become a refugee from the snow Then, when it seems as though this is a pretty standard end of the world narrative, Tira is rescued from belo [...]

    • The beginning of this book reminded me of The Day of the Triffids, by John Wyndham, both in writing style and general plot After the first chapter, though, it gets way scifi ey It s a bit difficult to get into, I found, but once you get used to the writing style, it gets easier Some parts can be a bit confusing, but if you don t think too deeply about it, it can be an enjoyable story I liked how each chapter was an official document, it made it seem real The idea, too, is original There have b [...]

    • A post apocalyptic story with a good premise The snow just does not stop falling first it disrupts traffic, then it makes daily life difficult, then it buries houses, and finally it covers the entire world The few survivors mostly military personnel live in prefabs on the surface, and they keep mining for food and valuables buried in the old cities.All this, however, is dealt with in less than 50 pages The rest of the book is about petty politics and disagreements in the survivor colony, intersp [...]

    • WTF 60 pages from the end, all of a sudden aliens Pffft.This was actually reasonable up until then, particularly the parts narrated by Tira and the official documents The random Player lite Hollywood coke binge story in the Fred narration was a bit unnecessary But ALIEN handwave At the last minute Grr.

    • This type of disaster apocalyptic novel can be very uneven, the best having a compelling scenario carried through to a plausible conclusion The plot here is captivating, a young English woman being one of the few survivors of a snowfall that blankets the Earth to a depth of several miles, and the eeriness of the new environment and the struggle for explanations are fascinatingly drawn However, despite some vivid writing, to an extent the back story of one of the main characters and the eventual [...]

    • A entertaining story all in all, but quite prolonged and boring at times I often found myself struggling to force myself to read, and I don t think this should happen while reading a really great sf.

    • High concept, low execution The first few chapters are great The rest is written in a pseudo historical document style that annoys than it informs.

    • I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Adam Roberts books The premises are fascinating, the stories are compelling and I do very much enjoy Roberts writing style Unfortunately, none of the works I ve read so far contain a single likeable character, major or minor.His characters are all either seriously emotionally damaged in some way or just selfish or mean or self important or Well, you get the idea.Yet I eat Roberts stuff up This is, what, the sixth book of his I ve read so far His idea [...]

    • This starts off as a Wyndham like apocalypse scenario It starts snowing, and doesn t stop For years This opening is really good, following an Asian woman as she survives in under snow London.Later, we are shifted to a colony of survivors on the surface of the snow, where we are fell some government documents that are allegedly banned, including some science mumbojumbo trying to explain the snow The book kind of drifts through these, until we get back to Tira s story as she adapted to live above, [...]

    • I came across this book in my local Library, after reading one of Roberts other books, By Light Alone Once again, Roberts has created a world so similar to our own, yet spun on its axis by one fantastical but not entirely unbelievable trait As in the best of sci fi tradition, it s not the snow, or where it comes from, that make the story it s the interactions between his largely dysfunctional characters in extreme environments And in The Snow, as well as in By Light Alone, Robert s great triumph [...]

    • Imagine that the snow starts and never quite stops falling Like Noah s flood but the world is buried in snow A few survive What would life be like What would change How can humanity survive This idea roughly outlines Snow It is nearly a great story but ultimately it doesn t quite get there I think perhaps it is not quite dark and disturbing enough However it is an excellent story with a great central character I have also read Salt by Adam Roberts and he certainly does big ideas and difficult si [...]

    • A very enjoyable book The beginning with its description of a bucolic snowfall that turns into a nightmare is wonderfully conceived and then it all gets weird I suspect the author was indulging in plenty of his own snow as there are many references to cocaine abuse and the snow itself seems like a metaphor for the way modern day London is seemingly awash with that nasty drug But maybe I m reading too much into it.

    • Even though I know from his past novels that Adam Roberts often takes an unusual tack on classic science fiction tropes, I was still surprised and impressed with The Snow To say very much about the plot beyond it begins to snow one day and doesn t stop for years horrible catastrophe ensues would risk spoilers, but I will say that The Snow was a well written and compelling story and the last quarter of the novel went somewhere I didn t expect at all, in a good way Good stuff.

    • The Snow is a brilliantly engaging survivor post apocalyptic drama about the elusive nature of truth when expressed through the filter of human judgment.The way it s written through first hand accounts of witnesses gives a similar effect to that of Philip K Dick s Flow My Tears It s cleverly arranged so that you re not sure what the truth really is, and may change your mind several times throughout the story.

    • What happens when it starts snowing How about when it doesn t stop What would happen to our civilization if that happened for years Another approachable and yet captivating sci fi yarn from Adam Roberts An easy read reminiscent of Children of Men or a Handmaiden s tale with racial and class examinations mixed in A great and yet different kind of apocalypse novel.

    • Not a brilliant book, but as always, Roberts creates an interesting mixture of ideas with a few surprises It starts off as a standard, end of the world type book, with characters trying to survive the accumulating snow of a perpetual blizzard Throw in some Orwellian dystopia and a few things that just don t seem to add up and off you go.

    • I bought this book expecting a post apocalyptic novel set in a winter world and therefore I was initially disappointed that the actual disaster was only described in the first few pages and the rest of the book described rebuilding society afterwards However, I kept reading and the ending was actually very readable and thought provoking.

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