God Save The Child #2020

God Save The Child By Robert B. Parker God Save The Child Appie Knoll is the kind of suburb where kids grow up right But something is wrong Fourteen year old Kevin Bartlett disappears Everyone thinks he s run away until the comic strip ransom note arrives It
  • Title: God Save The Child
  • Author: Robert B. Parker
  • ISBN: 9780440128991
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • God Save The Child By Robert B. Parker
    God Save The Child By Robert B. Parker Appie Knoll is the kind of suburb where kids grow up right But something is wrong Fourteen year old Kevin Bartlett disappears Everyone thinks he s run away until the comic strip ransom note arrives It doesn t take Spenser long to get the picture an affluent family seething with rage, a desperate boy making strange friends.nds like Vic Harroway, body buildeAppie Knoll is the kind of suburb where kids grow up right But something is wrong Fourteen year old Kevin Bartlett disappears Everyone thinks he s run away until the comic strip ransom note arrives It doesn t take Spenser long to get the picture an affluent family seething with rage, a desperate boy making strange friends.nds like Vic Harroway, body builder Mr Muscle is Spenser s only lead and he isn t talkingexcept with his fists But when push comes to shove, when a boy s life is on the line, Spenser can speak that language too.
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      Librarian Note There is than one author in the database named Robert B Parker.Robert Brown Parker was an American crime writer His most famous works were the novels about the private detective Spenser ABC television network developed the television series Spenser For Hire based on the character in the late 1980s a series of TV movies based on the character were also produced His works incorporate encyclopedic knowledge of the Boston metropolitan area Parker was 77 when he died of a heart attack at his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts discovered at his desk by his wife Joan, he had been working on a novel The Spenser novels have been cited by critics and bestselling authors such as Robert Crais, Harlan Coben and Dennis Lehane as not only influencing their own work but reviving and changing the detective genre.Robert B Parker was one of contemporary fiction s most popular and respected detective writers Best known for his portrayal of the tough but erudite investigator Spenser, Parker wrote over twenty five novels over the course of his career, which began in 1973 Parker s acclaim and his thorough background in classic detective literature helped earn him the somewhat unusual commission of completing a Philip Marlowe novel that the great Raymond Chandler had left unfinished Promised Land and the other Spenser novels spawned the movie Spenser For Hire and a string of made for TV movies.

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    • This second entry in the Spenser series is a good one, featuring an interesting plot, vivid characters and scenes, and the introduction of school psychologist Susan Silverman, Spenser s perennial lover and friend.Spenser is hired by the Bartletts to find their missing son Kevin At first, Spenser figures Kevin may be just a runaway after all, the Barletts are parents any self respecting high school sopho would want to escape from but then, the ransom note for 50,000 arrives Still Spenser has doub [...]

    • Spenser goes to a gay bar circa 1974 Wacky hijinks ensue.God Save the Child is the second book of the Spenser series, and it s probably most notable for the introduction of Susan Silverman, the woman who will become Spenser s long time girlfriend and eventually the center of his world Since the Spenser and Susan angle would become the focus of the later books at the expense of the overall quality of the series, it s easy to Susan bash, but re reading her introduction and the start of their roman [...]

    • PROTAGONIST Spenser, PISETTING BostonSERIES 2RATING 3.5WHY Roger and Margery Bartlett hire PI Spenser when their 13 year old son, Kevin, goes missing After seeing how dysfunctional the family relationships are, Spenser wonders whether the boy ran away or was kidnapped Kevin was infatuated with an older man, Vic Harroway, who appeared to be a sexual predator Parker excels at descriptive writing the characters and settings are very visual This book introduces his romantic interest, Susan Silverman [...]

    • The mystery aspect was meh But Spenser is just so snarky he makes the story entertaining Favorite quote If at first you don t succeed, to hell with it.

    • Kevin Bartlett has been kidnapped and it s up to Spenser to find him But was he really kidnapped in the first place The second Spenser book picks weeks after the first left off and does a good job fleshing out Spenser s character a bit Susan Silverman is added to the supporting cast and will provide Spenser with a steady girlfriend for a long time to come from what I hear The case itself was a little on the predictable side, although the drugs and pimping made it a little complex Spenser rose [...]

    • The second Spenser book possesses a lot of what I liked about the early series Spenser working on his own before Hawk , tremendous descriptions of the world in which he works as in the section on his first drive to Smithfield , sharp social commentary all the better because it is not overt , a real relationship it s the first book with Susan, who is a real character in it, not the caricature she becomes , and some hard edged physicality as in the fight with Vic Harroway Spenser is, of course, fu [...]

    • Weak 3 stars Just ok My mind wandered at times Other books in the series are better.The plot was not well developed I wanted a better understanding of the son s motivations and why certain bad guys were working together Someone is killed in the end I wanted details about that And I was annoyed with the ending It was incomplete.This is book 2 in the series Here Spenser meets Susan who is a high school guidance counselor Susan continues as Spenser s love interest in future books.The narrator Mich [...]

    • It was okay.I like the character of Spenser and I like the writing style I just wish it wasn t quite so inevitable Nothing much happens, and what does happen is marred by the fact that we already know who has the boy and whether or not he s in any danger So it s all about Spenser, instead As I say, I like the character, but I d rather see him in adversity, than just doing the daily routine Ho hum, another day, another nothing much happening.I m sure I ll eventually get around to the next in the [...]

    • Oh the joys of Robert Parker, Spenser and Seventies fashion.She was probably older than she looked and not as heavy Her legs were very slim, the kind women admire and men don t They made her plumpish upper body look heavier Her face had a bland, spoiled, pretty look, carefully made up with eye shadow and pancake makeup and false eyelashes She looked as though if she cried she d erode Her hair, freshly blond, was cut close around her face Gaminelike, I bet her hairdresser said Mia Farrow, I bet h [...]

    • More vintage Parker as we see inside a very dysfunctional family whose teenage son is missing Now that enough time has elapsed since it was published in 1974, Spenser s detailed observations also serve as a time capsule of clothing, food, attitudes, and problems Not that the problems have changed that much, which is also worthy of reflection.This is the book where Susan Silverman, the love of Spenser s life, is introduced I d forgotten that she showed up this early in the series.I was never craz [...]

    • We re slowly knocking off the original 39 book Spenser set, about a third of the way through and concentrating recently on the early entries, of which Child is just the second outing It is possibly notable for the introduction and budding romance between our hero and Susan Silverman, their relationship a staple, indeed often a dominating factor, in later novels No Hawk yet In the plot, Spenser is hired to assist the family after the kidnapping of teenager Kevin Bartlett, but suspects not all is [...]

    • I use to read a ton of detective mystery novels in my younger days Today there are a lot of modern authors writing in this genre but many of them are just a little too graphic in the violence department Parker was writing in the early 70 s and the violence is handled with a gentle hand I enjoyed the first book and this one was pretty good also Spenser is the quintessential smart ass PI and he makes a nice addition to my available book picks.

    • As often happens, the character is becoming stable as of the second novel and becoming natural The mystery is a good one and I m finding a like Spenser a lot I m not yet sure he ll be another Travis McGee, but he s on his way.

    • I m having trouble getting into this series, and I just can t connect with it I would much rather read Parker s Jesse Stone series.A teenage boy has been missing for a few days and his parents believe he is kidnapped Spenser believes the boy has run away, but a ransom note shows up and demands 50,000.I may stick out this series for a few books, but so far it just isn t for me.

    • This second entry in Robert B Parker s Spenser series is quite different from the first The novel is still written in the early 1970 s about a group of people living in that same time frame However, this time the story centers on a crime involving a child.The 15 year old son of an affluent building contractor has disappeared and Spenser is hired by the parents to locate him The father is a hard working soul that is saddled with an angry, promiscuous and narcissistic wife and Spenser s early find [...]

    • Solid case Not the best but still entertaining First I thought Spenser was too much of a narcissist but it turned out he has qualities It s definitely an improvement over the first novel, but I still don t think Parker hit his stride with this one.

    • My only complaint when I started reading Robert Parker s Spenser series came in the first book, The Godwulf Manuscript when Spenser, crossing a college quad, described in great detail the clothing of several students he passed For nearly two pages Parker shared the early seventies fashion to be found on a college campus, displayed by characters without names or purpose or bearing in any way on the story at all, and when I started the second book in the series, God Save the Child , it seemed I wa [...]

    • Spenser is hired to find 14 year old Kevin Bartlett who has disappeared from his affluent suburban home It is assumed he has run away given he has taken his pet guinea pig with him He also may very well be trying to flee his dysfunctional family Kevin s father is a never home workaholic perhaps in an attempt to avoid his wife and his mother is a narcissist who aspires to be an actress and is apparently sleeping around But then his parents receive an odd, cartoon ransom note, his mother s life is [...]

    • 1974, 2 Spenser, Boston and suburbs classic PI Solid PI story, only Parker s second Spenser novel, centering around a troubled suburban family and their teenaged son who has run away Covers what is now very familiar ground, but when I first read it in 1975 it was somewhat shocking on rereading it s still entertaining, but has aged badly Kevin Bartlett is 14, and has taken up with some odd, and possibly dangerous, folks, mainly a bodybuilder named Vic who has many disreputable sidelines His upper [...]

    • Spenser is hired to find a young boy named Kevin Bartlett His parents believe he ran away until a kidnapping ransome arrives But the whole ransome set up seems odd to Spenser and state cop, Healy It becomes even stranger when a man turns up dead inside the Bartlett home In his quest to find Kevin, Spenser meets Susan Silverman, a counselor at Kevin s school Sparks start to fly.I loved this novel Marge Bartlett, a self centered superficial woman, made such a fine target for Spenser s sarcastic wi [...]

    • 56 out of 100 for 2010.The Spenser and Susan Silverman make, I think, one of the great literary couples Over the 35 plus years and I don t know how many novels that their romance unfolds, both help the other become who they are.This novel, the second in the Spenser series, is the one where Spenser meets Susan Of course, it s secondary to the plot of the book, but it makes the book worth reading for that.Spenser is hired to find a young man named Kevin, who has run away from home No one has been [...]

    • Robert B Parker has a way with words Although I occasionally get tired of hearing what every character is wearing every single day hello 70 s fashion , I like how he describes the setting so richly and how he never fails to adroitly capture Spenser s very specific brand of wise assery.That said, the mystery in this one was not quite as satisfying as it could have been Some of the motivations behind what the characters were doing was interesting, but certain aspects of the resolution were incompl [...]

    • Only aware of Parker through the series with the late Robert Urich, The Child is hard to evaluate from today s perspective many of the tropes Parker uses the hard bitten, cooking obsessed, wise ass was done to death by those who followed, and the 70 s milieu is almost quaint.I bought the first two of these along time ago and now that I ve read them I can t say I d read This is not a knock on Parker, but on a genre that I ve explored rather completely and don t feel holds much new in the way of [...]

    • 2 in the Spenser humorous detective seriesAlthough the Spenser books are about serious subjects in this case kidnapping a young boy , Spenser s dry wit and clever sense of humor always add light hearted fun to this series I really get Parker s humor and am charmed and impressed by his knowledge of literature and correct grammar I like that they re set in Boston and the surrounding towns, so I can picture the locations he describes I love that Spenser is a creative cook, and I enjoy the descripti [...]

    • I have read all the Spencer books beforebut he is my favorite character and by my favorite author it was time for a revisit with old friends

    • In his second outing, Boston based P.I Spenser travels to a small town to work a kidnapping case, but soon finds out that things are complicated than they appear.The scene of the crime is your typical small town, populated by the big, messed up family of the missing fourteen year old boy Unlike the classic noir of old which Parker emulates here the story is set in the 70 s, providing a little background flavor to the proceedings My knowledge of the 70 s comes from classic rock and stock montage [...]

    • What would us compulsive readers do without a regular dose of a world class mystery book I mean these books are the staple of a reader diet and will make your hair grow long when interspersed with some good biographies and histories and bestsellers No Doubt About It.Parker is the guy who created one of the ultimate Private Eyes, Spenser These Spenser books are absolutely great and I rank them right there with the current crop of great mystery heroes, Jack Reacher, Elvis Cole, and Harry Bausch Mo [...]

    • As Brent sat down at his computer to write his review on the last Spenser novel he had read he hitched up his dark brown, nearly black, dress pants which were of a light summery material His light sky blue short sleeved shirt may not have matched in the eyes of some but it was comfortable so he went for it The pants at least matched his scuffed brown dress shoes Now whether or not they in turn matched his light, almost white dress socks was questionable.Parker was a very descriptive fella when c [...]

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