Messi: The Inside Story of the Boy Who Became a Legend #2020

Messi: The Inside Story of the Boy Who Became a Legend By Luca Caioli Messi The Inside Story of the Boy Who Became a Legend Lionel Messi is widely regarded as the greatest soccer player in the world Sports journalist and best selling author Luca Caioli draws on the exceptional testimonies of Messi s parents his coaches fr
  • Title: Messi: The Inside Story of the Boy Who Became a Legend
  • Author: Luca Caioli
  • ISBN: 9781906850111
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • Messi: The Inside Story of the Boy Who Became a Legend By Luca Caioli
    Messi: The Inside Story of the Boy Who Became a Legend By Luca Caioli Lionel Messi is widely regarded as the greatest soccer player in the world Sports journalist and best selling author Luca Caioli draws on the exceptional testimonies of Messi s parents, his coaches from his boyhood and during his time as an international star in Argentina, leading figures from Barcelona and Leo Messi himself.
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      Luca Caioli Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Messi: The Inside Story of the Boy Who Became a Legend book, this is one of the most wanted Luca Caioli author readers around the world.

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    • And he hasn t changed No, to me he s the same as always, shy and quiet He s the same Leo I grew up with The only difference is that before when he used to come here he would grab his bike and come through town now he takes the car because people don t leave him in peace He can t believe the madness he generates The same people from his neighbourhood now take photos of him, the girls wait outside his front door to say hello to him The boys want to be like him It surprises and amazes me when I hea [...]

    • The book Messi, by Luca Caioli, is a biography of Argentina s star soccer player Lionel Messi I was very inspired by the way this book was written, because with all the interesting details and the creative way of writing, I got enough confidence to try out for my school s soccer team A few practices later, I was on the travelling team with all my buddies Thanks to this amazing craft of Luca Caioli s Godly hands, I am now able to travel to Turkey to play the sport I love and of course skip school [...]

    • He is too small, too little, too fragile, they said He can t go all the way, they said He won t be able to compete under all the pressure, they said He is a foreigner who won t fit in, they said How wrong they all were Messi the name is enough to send shivers down the spine of any defender who has ever graced the pitch This is the story of a boy, who diagnosed with a serious case of growth hormone deficiency, beat all odds and went on to become the greatest ever footballer to have played the bea [...]

    • Without Messi, Barcelona is the best team in the world When Leo plays they are from another galaxy Jos CruzPresumably the most gifted player since Diego Maradona However since I vaguely remember Maradona s actions on the pitch, and I ve been following Leo since 2005, no need for a genius to sum up to whom the vote would be.Leo is someone in his first game ever, when the ball came to his direction, he looked at it and did nothing hehe who attracts girls so much that once a girl dare to jump over [...]

    • I am a huge football fan, so as soon as I saw the book s cover, I was attracted immediately The first few pages of the book gave me an impression that it would be a boring biography on Lionel Messi, however after the first few pages, the author conducts a personal interview with the legend, Messi himself The things I found interesting were how the author meets with Messi s family personally to ask what sacrifices Messi had to make in his youth to carry on his passion I also find interesting how [...]

    • This book is a must read for any Messi or Barcelona fan An excellent piece of sporting literature A very comprehensive look at Messi s life The book describes Messi s time growing up in Argentina, the struggles he had to face during the family s emigration to Spain, and his explosion thereafter I liked how the match descriptions and reports are published without any opinions offered If I had to make a complaint, though, it would be with the poor quality of narrative when matches are described.

    • Loved this book Messi is an inside story of the boy who went at a young age to Barcelona to train and become one of the greatest players of all time I chose to read this book because Messi was the reason I got into futbol soccer Just watching him play is awe inspiring If you are a huge Messi fan like I am, go get yourself a copy of this biography

    • By reading Messi by Luca Cailoli, I was able to learn a lot about Lionel Messi The book goes all the way back to the beginning of his life It goes over both the struggles he faced and his success throughout his life to where he is now I liked that the book went all the way back to the beginning of his life That way I could learn about his struggles and success from the beginning, which is information I didn t know In the book Luca Cailoli uses interviews with people that have known Messi as well [...]

    • This book is the story of the boy who changed football in thee modern era, Lionel Messi has every won every individual and team award available on the planet from the UEFA Champions League to the Ballon D Or This book is now an outdated version, it ends at the 2013 14 season, the season after which FC Barcelona signed Neymar Da Silva Santos Junior and went on to win the treble next season under Luis Enrique This book provides an acute description of Messi s journey from a star at Newell s to one [...]

    • Don t write about him, don t try to describe him Just watch him Pep Guardiola Caioli 74 The informative book Messi the boy who became a Legend was written by Luca Caioli Lionel Andres Cuccittini Messi was born on the 24 June 1987 in Rosario, Argentina to parents Jorge Horacio Messi and Celia Maria Cuccittini.Messi has developed interest in soccer at the age of 5 and started to play with the team his father coached Later on, he joined Newell Old Boys a club in his native city which he won many tr [...]

    • Messi Lahir pada 24 Juni 1987 di Rumah Sakit Garibaldi, Argentina Ketika kecil Messi tipikal anak yang pemalu dan sedikit berbicara tapi terlihat sangat menonjol hanya saat dia bermain sepak bola Messi tidak menyukai pelajaran bahasa dan matematika Dan orang orang sering memanggilnya piqui karena badannya yang kecil.Pada awal tahun 1994, Messi tiba di Grandoli Seorang pemandu bakat mengenalinya dan merekomendasikan Messi ke Escuela de Futbol Malvinas Sekolah Sepakbola Malvinas dan pada 21 Maret [...]

    • Planet earth surrenders to messi newspaper headlinesWithout messi fc barcelona is the best team in the world when Leo plays they are from another galaxy Jose CruzMessi suspends in the air immobile,high,very high, leaning back.The ball, travelling on its arc, seems like its going over the bar.In front, Van der Sar, in yellow, watches it, open mouthed, with a look of terror, Rio fardinand, twenty centimetres taller the the Argentine, could do nothing to prevent that jump the messi header in champi [...]

    • Messi Luca Caioli Published in the UK Published by Icon Books Ltd, 2010.350 pages Messi The inside story of the boy who became a legend by Luca Caioli Luca draws on numerous exclusive testimonies to tell Messi s story, including his parents and extended family, his coaches, those who have played alongside him and even Messi himself This book will let you in on the steps that are taken to becoming a great football player, but most importantly, it will give you the inside story of the young icon k [...]

    • July 1565 minutes7 words summaryArgentina, little, disease, Spain, FC Barcelona, talentDisscussion questions1 What do you think who is the best soccer player in the world A I think it is Messi Because he got Balondoll which is the prize for the best soccerplayer Moreover, he got it 3 times It is the evidence that he is the best soccer player in the world.2 Is Messi necessary for FC Barcelona A Yes off course Now Messi is a core of FC Barcelona I mean he s a key player His teammate try to support [...]

    • This is a non fictional book, about how Messi became a legend This story tells his soccer life and dream from a young age until now Messi first started to really enjoy the game at age 5 when he played for his first team, Grandoli This is a very inspiration book, it tells about his struggles and how he accomplishes his goal, his best achievements include the winner of the FIFA Ballon d Or four times in a row or even some of his famous goals Some things also went down hill for him too When Messi w [...]

    • The book in one word would be, inspiring Other than Messi being a brilliant soccer player, the life that he grew up in is much different to what you think it would be, Messi grew up much like Ronaldo A poor kid who just loved to play football The book was highly interesting as it told a story about him being a very shy boy who lived in Argentina with his Grandmother, Mum, Dad, Brother and Sister There was also a lot of competitive stories in they book on how they were comparing Messi to his fell [...]

    • Messi is a biography about the amazing soccer player who became a legend It goes from his past to his successes and to his present It s literature is excellent and explains his story in a very easy to understand manner Some of the sentences are in Spanish but they way it s formatted is excellent One of the best books I ve read knowing the Messi is my favorite player.

    • 1 Plot Overview Don t give the ending away What did you like about the plot Did it move quickly or slowly What didn t you like Was it interesting or not Why Give details i like the plot how it went in order from his child hood to wear Messi is now at the plot was moving in a pretty good passe it wasn t to fast or to slow i like this book because the thing i didn t like about this book is was you bearly hear him talking its mostly his parent talking and family members this book was really interes [...]

    • Pada dasarnya, saya memang menyenangi salah satu klub sepakbola terbesar di dunia yaitu FC Barcelona Namun, saya tidak mengetahui bahwa kisah salah satu pemain bintangnya, Lionel Messi telah ditulis menjadi rangkaian biografi menarik berjudul anda bisa baca judul buku ini, hehe Dan fyi, saya mendapatkan buku ini dari kuis twitter di salah satu akun fans FC Barcelona karena berhasil menjadi yang tercepat dalam menjawab beberapa pertanyaan mengenai FCB Buku ini menceritakan football journey seoran [...]

    • I really liked this book which is surprising since biographies aren t usually my piece of cake I think the reason I liked this book is because I love Messi and I look up to him as a idle for soccer I think Luca Caioli has done really well capturing Messi s life in such detail I can tell while reading his book how many interviews he has done with Messi s parents,his family, his coaches and the people who knew him well Enjoy reading the ups and downs of Messi s career and life and the challenges h [...]

    • MESSI by Luca Cailoi is a enjoyable, delightful book I enjoyed reading this book because it was a inspriring book about a boy who became a legend I was into the book the moment I read the first page The book cought my attention because of the way it got into detail I gave this book four stars because I personally am a soccer fan of Messi That s why I decided to read this book from the start Later on It wasn t much because of that but because the book was an inspiring, amazing book to read It was [...]

    • i wasn t even going to read this but then something came over me and i HAD TO start reading and finish the book in one sitting which is maybe why the flaws of the book stood out to me it can be considered a good read for the uninitiated or those who know little about leo but if you already know too much about him then it reads like an abridged cliffnotes version of his life so far weirdly enough i felt like there weren t enough emphasis on his latter bar a years but instead you got too much mar [...]

    • I think that the book was awesome because the book shows the life of Messi and how he really wanted to become a soccer player and get famous It shows the steps he took to become a good legend soccer player He went from team to team until finally he stood there in one team and making progress and how good he really is and shows how he learns It shows how Messi learned to become a good teammate and that it s not all about him and taking everything up to him and showing off when he doesn t really m [...]

    • Nothing to say about this book, i very very very like it DEl Pulga is the football player i love the most so i always want to know and about him his childhood, his family, his friends, his career, especially the brightest and the darkest time in his lifeLuca Caioli has already written many books about famous football players in the world so seems like it was not hard too much for him to collect the information and write amazing books I like the way he wrote about El Pulga with detailed and li [...]

    • In this book it the author is telling the reader about how a soccer player named Messi grew up and became one of the greatest soccer players of all time The author interviews a some people about an event in Messi s life, like he interviews Messi s mom about his childhood This was a really good book especially in the beginning about Messi s childhood because I wanted to learn on what his childhood was like I would suggest this to my friends because it is a good biography about one of the greates [...]

    • I thought this book was one of the best i ve read This book gives good details to make the reader understand what the book is about I also think this is a book that all people who like soccer should read this because this book is about one of the best soccer players in the world Hes name is lionel messi he is the fastest in the world I think it would also be a good book for anyone that has started to like soccer because they could get started on knowing a little background of the best soccer pla [...]

    • I m not the right person to fully appreciate this book, really Even though I know Messi s a great player, I don t particularly like him and I definitely don t support the team he plays for I m not a huge fan of biographies either, so Frankly, I don t know why I ve read it Maybe because I was bored I enjoyed the first part of the book discovering his childhood and how his football career started Then came the bits about Barcelona and Argentina, the latter focusing on Maradona than Messi which an [...]

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