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Snow Job By William Deverell Snow Job In bestselling Deverell s latest hilarious mystery Arthur Beauchamp moves to Ottawa and all hell breaks looseArthur Beauchamp has followed his wife the leader and first elected member of the Green
  • Title: Snow Job
  • Author: William Deverell
  • ISBN: 9780771027222
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Snow Job By William Deverell
    Snow Job By William Deverell In bestselling Deverell s latest hilarious mystery, Arthur Beauchamp moves to Ottawa, and all hell breaks looseArthur Beauchamp has followed his wife, the leader and first elected member of the Green Party, to Ottawa But he hates it there the cold, the politics, and his place in his wife s shadow So when a delegation of government officials from Bhashyistan is blown skyIn bestselling Deverell s latest hilarious mystery, Arthur Beauchamp moves to Ottawa, and all hell breaks looseArthur Beauchamp has followed his wife, the leader and first elected member of the Green Party, to Ottawa But he hates it there the cold, the politics, and his place in his wife s shadow So when a delegation of government officials from Bhashyistan is blown sky high on Bronson Avenue and the shares of a Calgary based oil company promptly drop like a stone, Arthur is only too happy to jump to the defence of the missing suspected assassin.Deverell s latest Arthur Beauchamp novel cranks the wily old lawyer s adventures up several notches, and then some It s wildly imaginative, utterly Canadian, and irresistibly funny.
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      William Deverell

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    • William Deverell

      William Deverell was born in 1937 in Regina, Saskatchewan He put himself through law school by working as a journalist for the Canadian Press, Vancouver Sun, and Saskatoon Star Phoenix Deverell served as counsel for over a thousand criminal cases and is a founding director and former president of the B.C Civil Liberties Association He created the television series, Street Legal, and has written screenplays and radio plays Deverell lives on Pender Island, British Columbia.Awards Arthur Ellis Award 1998 Trial of Passion Winner 2006 April Fool Winner

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    • Taking a different spin to this fourth novel in the series, William Deverell presents Arthur Beauchamp and the cast of other characters in a new light Still savouring her by election victory, Beauchamp s wife, Margaret Blake, is enjoying life in Ottawa as the sole Green Party Member of Parliament While basking in her success, Beauchamp, himself, is not as keen, pining for full retirement back on Garibaldi Island, where he can farm to his heart s delight In an effort to pave the way for an Albert [...]

    • I ve been a big fan of William Deverell s crime novels ever since I met him at a Vancouver Library event back in early 2008, and grabbed a copy of APRIL FOOL, which had won the Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel the Canadian crime writing award It took me a little while to settle into Deverell s style when I read that book it s different to most other crime fiction but once I did I really loved the adventures of Arthur Beauchamp, a Denny Crane esque trying to be retired legal legend Deverell meld [...]

    • This book is so Canadian It s got Canadian weather, Canadian politics, Canadian cities I know Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal well enough to recognize them all not just by name but by feel, in Deverell s descriptions Beyond being deeply Canadian, this book is very hard to categorize, being part humour, part satire, and part spy novel The tone is generally upbeat but sometimes ironically so, and the sad parts come off lightly which could be considered a bug or a feature Very readable and fun.

    • DUNNO I wanted to like this author and this book, I really did Praise for Deverell, here in Canada anyway, tends to be breathless And a spy mystery thriller set in Ottawa, in the depths of winter, what is there not to love The multi layered political intrigue plot is clever and sophisticated, I will grant that Although I could have done without the heavy handed humour of the Chateau Laurier affair I half liked the protagonist Arthur Beauchamp, but not to the point where I wasn t glad that he got [...]

    • Book 4, in the Arthur Beauchamp series Snow Job is the first book I read from this author, it has been on my TBR list for a long time and I finally got around to reading it Before writing my thoughts I needed to refresh why it ever made it on my list, digging deeper I discovered that Mr Deverell is a crime writer who has won several major crime writing awards and also the Stephen Leacock medal for Humour Since I am a fan of thrillers and mysteries, it must have been a recommendation at one point [...]

    • First sentence I am satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that that thing over there, that statue or whatever you want to call it, is what the Criminal Code calls a disgusting object Canadian lawyer Arthur Beauchamp is 60 years old, married to the country s only Green Party MP, who is twenty years his junior Arthur wants nothing than to retire on his farm on Garibaldi Island in Vancouver Instead, he ends up becoming the lawyer for the family of Abzal Ehrzan, a man accused of killing six Bashystan [...]

    • I m really not having much luck with the set in Ottawa mysteries these days Perhaps I just have higher expectations because of my familiarity with the city, like the detective thinking over the case while skating on the Rideau Canal, or raiding a grow op in Barrhaven, is supposed to make the story that much better It s like because I know the city so well, the book should simply radiate awesomeness I wonder if that s a problem with people who read mystery novels set in other cities, like Edinbur [...]

    • If you enjoy humour in your novels and find the odd crime novel appealing, you ll love William Deverell With a cast of characters rich in detail and fittingly unique, Deverell places the reader in the centre of the novel and you follow along as the novel moves from location to location.In one particular scene, Deverell places you in a richly appointed suite in the Chateau Laurier on the banks of the Ottawa River Here, Charley just call me Charley Thiessen, federal finance minister, met Garibaldi [...]

    • An Arthur Beauchamp novel A delegation of Bashystani cabinet ministers are being wined and dined in Ottawa in an attempt to grease the wheels for a Calgary based oil company who has designs on the Bashistan oil fields On their way to the airport on their way home, they are all killed in a terrorist attack The suspect, Abzal Ehrzan, has disappeared Beauchamp through the agency of a CSIS agent who may or may not be who he says he is, becomes the lawyer for Ehrzan s family and eventually travels to [...]

    • In Ottawa, where Arthur s newly elected Green Party wife is now a member of Parliament, a delegation of Bashystani cabinet ministers are killed in a terrorist attack The main suspect disappears and Arthur suspects the true story involves big oil interests and political shenanigans An intelligence agent, who may or may not be who and what he says inserts himself as Arthur s ally in solving the mystery This book was a mystery to me, Unlike Deverell s earlier book, April Fool, this story rambled on [...]

    • An easy fun read of a humorous international spy thriller featuring west coast greens and the realpolitik of Ottawa While Deverell has a somewhat exaggerated view of the capabilities of the Canadian military, it does provide for an entertaining story of a government in Ottawa trying to hold on to power using a war against one of the ans in central Asia The book features a cast of wildly fun characters the green converted CSIS spy, an Albanian kebab selling revolutionary, and of course the Ultima [...]

    • A Canadian satirical political mystery Lots of spies, politicians, lawyers, and funny prose I agree with one reviewer who compared Deverell s writing to Stephen Leacock he s got downpat the deadpan silliness of people taking things way to seriously.

    • The political intrigue in Ottawa was interesting but the espionage that occurs with the Bhashyistan murders became confusing especially when Arthur goes to Albania to find his client, Abzal I really wasn t impressed with any of the characters as well.

    • If you can accept the characters as broadly drawn stereotypes the politician, the spy, the goofy stoner it s an enjoyable mystery Wanders a bit but that s ok Just don t analyze it too much.

    • Disappointing The author has taken the barrister out of the courtroom and turned him into a political husband The story is hokey, has too many characters and is about 100 pages too long.

    • It took me a while to get into it, but then I got really into it Not my usual book, but rather enjoyable nonetheless.

    • I really enjoyed this fast paced, witty, droll book Here is a great send up of our Parliament as well as the Gulf Islands Brilliant

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