The Vampire King's Husband #2020

The Vampire King's Husband By Amber Kell The Vampire King s Husband When Bastion is down on his luck he takes the advice of a stranger and ends up in the arms of the Vampire King
  • Title: The Vampire King's Husband
  • Author: Amber Kell
  • ISBN: 9781934037683
  • Page: 188
  • Format: ebook
  • The Vampire King's Husband By Amber Kell
    The Vampire King's Husband By Amber Kell When Bastion is down on his luck he takes the advice of a stranger and ends up in the arms of the Vampire King.
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      Amber Kell

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      Amber Kell has made a career out of daydreaming It has been a lifelong habit she practices diligently as shown by her complete lack of focus on anything not related to her fantasy world building.When she told her husband what she wanted to do with her life he told her to go have fun.During those seconds she isn t writing she remembers she has children who humor her with games of what if and let her drag them to foreign lands to gather inspiration Her youngest confided in her that he wants to write because he longs for a website and an author name two things apparently necessary to be a proper writer.Despite her husband s insistence she doesn t drink enough to be a true literary genius she continues to spin stories of people falling happily in love and staying that way.She is thwarted during the day by a traffic jam of cats on the stairway and a puppy who insists on walks, but she bravely perseveresShe also writes under the name Mikela Q Chase

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    • Instead of releasing a second edition from a story that was released in 2011, this author should have written a sequel to tell us what happen with the Queen, the King s mother and the King s Brother after the Queen tried to kill Shay,the Vampire s husband Very inconclusive with a very underdeveloped plot, it fails to reach its full potential.

    • I had been looking forward to reading this and I knew it was short, but it felt like a yaoi manga and while this would probably work on a manga, not so much as a short story Everything happened too quickly and every piece was perfectly in place without no drama or conflict I also didn t like the nicknames, it just doesn t work when their only difference is one letter Vas vs Bas and it expresses a familiarity with the characters we as readers can t have with such a short story.

    • This was a short quick read that I enjoyed Shay was down on his luck his parents have been dead for less then two weeks and his uncles have taken over his parents estate, because he is only 21 and his uncles are robbing him and not treating him right Vasska has been looking for his mate for over a thousand years he has prayed to the Goddess to send him one Shay who is unable to get a job meets a man that tells him that the castle is always hiring and give him a paper Shay who is nervous about be [...]

    • I enjoyed the over all story s plot and I loved the set up The meeting was humorous and fun, but then things went quickly from meeting to mating I would have liked a getting to know you period and things drawn out, but then the conflict started and I got involved again So it was quick and moderately enjoyable, just wanted a bit depth.

    • At times I liked the story At others, not so much Hence the three stars It wasn t bad But it wasn t especially good either I liked the main story itself, even if it was rushed Non humans commonly know their mate immediately And Vas was no exception That was fine Bas is a human, also fine He s, for all intents and purposes, broke and homeless so he s desperate I get that But to find out you re the mate of a vampire king in just a couple hours and you don t freak out even a little bit At no point [...]

    • Plot and characters undeveloped, bland and lacked interest Even for a short story, it felt rushed Last 15% taken up with promotion of another book meh

    • Short readIt is a short read and to the point I would like story I mean there are unanswered plots that could be explored.

    • The Vampire King s Husband is a stand alone book by Amber Kell, an author that in the past used me to short stories inside a series Instead I believe this short story was planned as a one shot It has a fantasy setting, an apparently medieval town the young hero is searching work as apprentice from a blacksmith, there is a castle overlooking the town, the life inside the castle has a strict order level all hints that the way of life is somewhat historical Then, here and there, I found some pieces [...]

    • Inhalt Vampirk nig Vasska wartet schon sein ganzes Leben auf seinen Gef hrten seine Gef hrtin Langsam wird es Zeit, denn sein Bruder Derl wartet nur auf eine M glichkeit, um ihn vom Thron zu sto en Alle Hoffnung setzt er auf die G ttin Amethia.Shay hat vor kurzem seine Eltern verloren Seine Onkel k mmern sich pseudom ig um ihn, es geht ihnen letztendlich aber nur um sein Erbe Shay ist deshalb auf der Suche nach einem Job, doch das ist gar nicht so einfach.Auf einmal erscheint ihm jedoch ein klei [...]

    • There was so much that could be done to build this story It was well formed and charachters were likable but really not given a chance to know them I guess I should always start one of my stupid reviews with I DO NOT LIKE SHORT STORIES Why do I read them I don t know but I do like Amber Kell s style This story had us meeting two very different men It quickly introduces them and runs the course to thier mating A couple of little speed bumps along the way so it s great for a quick read.

    • I like reading this book it was okay but too short for meI really loved reading this book it was good I have read this book twice already I love the relationship between Vasska and Shay The problem I have with this book it is to short I like the little bit of twists and turns and the edge of the seat action I will recommend this book to everybody I know and to all friends too.

    • Choppy and a bit too shallow, even for a short yaoi esque book My impression is that someone goofed and published the roughest of the rough drafts of this story I could see potential, but between the awful grammar issues, the all over the place dialogue, and the feeling that I was just skimming along the surface with no depth to a plot or to characters, it was a hard story to enjoy I don t think I ll be attempting another book by this publisher The author, however, I may try again.

    • Vasska prays to the goddess to provide him with a mate She respond by sending the gray man to recruit Shay as a blood donor Shay goes to the castle where he is sent to serve the king When Vasska sees him, he wants to claim him in all ways They are married before the goddess despite their families interferences.

    • The prologue sounded promising, but past that everything sort of hopscotched past the finish line and you were left with your eyebrow raised in disbelief Had this book contained information about the characters, and interaction with the world, I believe it might have actually been a decent read As it was I can only give it two stars for trying.

    • Short, corny but fun gay fairy taleA rather short gay fairy tale of an orphaned lad being mystically led to and mated by the vampire king A sweet idea, but the dialog and rapid plot developments seem formulaic than intriguing for my tastes Still, it succeeds as a sweet, short gay fairy tale with a Vampire King in the role the Prince Charming.

    • I thought this book had the potential to be so much The relationship between Vas and Bastian was very rushed and really should have been fleshed out The dynamic between the King s brother, mother and the King was clouded and unclear.I did like the story, but it really needed to be expanded quite a bit and it seriously needed depth.

    • Sorry Didn t much care for this one Not one of her better stories The king finds his mate and then keeps getting sidetracked One minute he doesn t want to leave his mate alone, the next minute they re sleeping separately Characters were shallow and inconsistent I couldn t get into this one at all From the blurb I was hoping it would be a lot better.

    • Everyone knows that Amber Kell excels at short stories, this one was an ok read, because suddenly there where just too many elements and not all felt resolved in the end, still it was an enjoyable read.

    • I really liked this story I don t understand why people seem to have a problem with it Yes, I wish there was to it and it was longer but it s obviously meant to be a short story people not a book Get over it

    • This short story is so ridiculous I don t know if I should feel insulted or amused Insta love No proper conflict Dubious characters Poor world building I didn t even manage to like either Vas or Bastion.

    • The Vampire King s Husband For a short story it was great and I can t wait to read I hope it s real soon to hopefully.

    • Cute characters and interesting plot line However, the author should have developed the story further It was anticlimactic just like Breaking Dawn.

    • I so love stories like this with happy endings though the only real problem I have with this story is that its too short I could of like at least another ten pages and so And a sequal as well.

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