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Oliver Twist By Marian Leighton Charles Dickens Oliver Twist None
  • Title: Oliver Twist
  • Author: Marian Leighton Charles Dickens
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Oliver Twist By Marian Leighton Charles Dickens
    Oliver Twist By Marian Leighton Charles Dickens None
    • [E-Book] ↠ Oliver Twist | By ☆ Marian Leighton Charles Dickens
      401 Marian Leighton Charles Dickens
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    • Marian Leighton Charles Dickens

      Marian Leighton Charles Dickens Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Oliver Twist book, this is one of the most wanted Marian Leighton Charles Dickens author readers around the world.

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    • This book was just lying around in one of our shelves since I was a child I didn t give notice to it since I was still very young to appreciate a novel I would only glance at the illustrations but even so, I still didn t understand the story by just looking at it s illustrations I really wanted to know the story, but every time I held the book in my hands I just couldn t get myself to read it.Then the time came that I finally learned to enjoy reading novels I saw this book once then I started r [...]

    • Oliver Twist was a very interesting book It had many things that interested me like action,sadness,and comedy It a book for someone who like to change their emotion during a book and not just stick to one genre This book was nice and calm It was about a young boy whose mother died while giving birth to him He lived in a workshop with many mean owners He got beatings most of the time, had no clothes, and was fed skim soup of only 1 4 of the bowl He was badly treated for asking for food to eat He [...]

    • Oliver s Wild Adventure The mother was so young and pretty Who was she asked the doctor I dont know, replied the nurse Someone found her lying on the street last night and brought her inside She must have walked a long way because her shoes are all worn out But no one knows were she came from Charles Dickens p 9 The book Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens is a spectacular book because of the mystery There is always a problem Also the conflicts are always interesting One of the problems is that they [...]

    • I remember when I got this book in my stocking at Christmas, along with other illustrated classics, that I wasn t very impressed with them at the time However I did read a few of them I remember reading this using the light from the floodlights that lit up the football pitch behind my house, I should have been in bed asleep Another trick of mine for reading after lights out was pretending I needed the toilet and taking my book in there and sitting on the floor to have a good read without my pare [...]

    • Oliver Twist is a very hard to put down book written by Charles Dickens It starts when a boy is born in a work house His mother brought him there and died shortly after In this work house they treat the children poorly The cook gives them so little food Then one day Oliver asks him for food the cook declines and Oliver is sent to work at a coffin makers shop In less detail I am describing this treatment The coffin makers son was horribly mean to Oliver His father also is Then one day Oliver lea [...]

    • This was one of my favorite books growing up It is about a boy, Oliver, who is an orphan He was mistreated in a public workhouse so he ran away to London While he was in London, he fell into the hands of a gang of pick pocketers When he befriended a man who was a victim of the gang, Oliver discovered his true identity This would be a good book to read in the classroom because it introduces morals at a young age.

    • I will not tell the story or give a regular review, since this book and movies made from it are so familiar, I will only say this I finished Oliver Twist today and liked it very much I really enjoyed it and was quite sucked in.However, I did not like the black and white view of people where good people were essentially perfect and bad people were all bad And I did not like what happened to the dog Or Nancy, but I guess that was essential to the story the other was not

    • I happened to find this book on my shelves so I decided to read it Finally It s a wonderful book, masterfully retold in language children can easily understand It was a great introduction to Oliver Twist.

    • Lydia The story was really good, but was not very well written because it was too simplified I like the Classic Starts version better.Mom I agree, the Classic Starts series is better than Great Illustrated Classics.

    • this is my absolute most favorite book ever ever ever i cried, laugh and got angry while reading this book if you haven t read it, i suggest you don, NOW Rafa xx

    • It describes the life of the children in the Victorian times How he get out from the orphanage and how he got lucky.

    • Although I miss the incredibly descriptive language of the actual Dickens story, this version was lovely to read.

    • This book is very good I have read it 4 or 5 times and it will catch you interest right when you first start reading it

    • It was a good story, but the sadness was an issue for me for there was not as much hope as I would have liked.

    • James Oliver is a book about an orphan who lives in a London workhouse Once he is 9 he is sent out of the workhouse to another one He somehow gets in trouble and the workhouse master puts out a sign offering 5 pounds to whoever will train Oliver for a trade He ends up with an undertaker He does not get along well with the undertaker s wife, and ends up wrestling the other assistant to the ground because he insulted Oliver s mother Eventually he runs away and ends up with a gang of thieves.Eventu [...]

    • The theme of this book is tragedy I think this story is too boing.However there are some places this book has done well.For example the story of this book is very complicated The story talks about a kid called oliver,who lived in a workhouse in a small town about seventy miles from London His mother died after his birth.I think this book can be improved by adding some picture to describe the situation that oliver had faced.

    • Read this version to my residents at work bc 600 something pages doesn t work for ten This book is decent for children, I suppose, but not for me I didn t appreciate this nearly as much as the original.

    • Olivers Wild Adventure The mother was so young and pretty who was she asked the doctor I dont know reaplide the nurse, someone found her lying on the street last night and brought her inside.She must have walked a long way because her shoes were all worn out but know one knows were she came from Charles Dickeens p.9 The book Oliver Twist By Chales Dickens is a spectacular book because of the mystery Theres always a problem Also the conflicts are always intresting One of the problems are that the [...]

    • I don t remember ever reading Oliver Twist, so I didn t know the story, but I met someone who reminded me of a stereotype I call Fagin I decided to read the novel and compare judgment Fagin, it seems, is a conniving criminal who exploits others that are vulnerable, acting as their leader teacher, manipulating thoughts, deeds and actions, while denying responsibility for doing so, and culling for material spoils I guess the story, at least in part, is about human character asking if inherent good [...]

    • Oliver Twist is about an orphan called Oliver and the main characters are Oliver,Mr.Bumble,Mrs Corney,Mr.Sowerberry,Noah Claypole,Fagin,Dodger,Charley Bates,Bill Sikes,Toby Crackit,Nancy,Mr.Brownlow,Mrs.Bedwin,Mr.Grimwig,Monks,Mrs.Mayle, and Rose Maylie Some are bad some are good His mother died in childbirth Oliver was raised in a workhouse which is not very fun place not fun at all He was also treated very badly by the workhouse people.He runs away and get mixed up with bad people at first he [...]

    • me pareci interesante este libro porque en londres los orfanatos son muy malos y explotadores a los ni os oliver twist es un ni o que quedo hu rfano al nacer y con un misterioso pasado lucha para sobrevivir en londres se ora mann es la encargada del orfanato no les da de comer a los ni os solos los explota trabajando, el se or beadle bumble es el que vigila a los hu rfanos y es muy malo,El primer hospicio en el que vivi era uno para bebes de su condici n Antes de su primer a o de vida lo llevaro [...]

    • I liked this book because it has a happy ending The poor orphan, Oliver suffers a hard time, even though he is a little kid I don t know about the historical background with this book, but I think this book is containing the historical background It shows how bad orphans treated and what they should do to live I felt very sad about it Whether orphans are treated bad or not, they can t get enough love from adults Therefore if they are treated badly, they will feel lonely and sad However, eventua [...]

    • I choose this book because my friend Melissa recommended it to me Oliver Twist is about a young boy who is a orphan and goes through bad situations with many things Later in the story Oliver gets adopted by a rich,loving family The eyes again The eyes He shouted, and fell backwards this is my favorite quote because it scares me in a way, of how oliver yelled it, when he saw the man I liked The author charles dikens writing style and point of view because he has a unique style I would recommend t [...]

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