Don't Shoot The Dog!: The New Art Of Teaching And Training #2020

Don't Shoot The Dog!: The New Art Of Teaching And Training By Karen Pryor Don t Shoot The Dog The New Art Of Teaching And Training A Better Way to Better BehaviorKaren Pryor s clear and entertaining explanation of behavioral training methods made Don t Shoot the Dog a bestselling classic Now this revised edition presents of her i
  • Title: Don't Shoot The Dog!: The New Art Of Teaching And Training
  • Author: Karen Pryor
  • ISBN: 9780553253887
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback
  • Don't Shoot The Dog!: The New Art Of Teaching And Training By Karen Pryor
    Don't Shoot The Dog!: The New Art Of Teaching And Training By Karen Pryor A Better Way to Better BehaviorKaren Pryor s clear and entertaining explanation of behavioral training methods made Don t Shoot the Dog a bestselling classic Now this revised edition presents of her insights into animal and human behavior.A groundbreaking behavioral scientist and dynamic animal trainer, Karen Pryor is a powerful proponent of the principles and practA Better Way to Better BehaviorKaren Pryor s clear and entertaining explanation of behavioral training methods made Don t Shoot the Dog a bestselling classic Now this revised edition presents of her insights into animal and human behavior.A groundbreaking behavioral scientist and dynamic animal trainer, Karen Pryor is a powerful proponent of the principles and practical uses of positive reinforcement in teaching new behaviors Here are the secrets of changing behavior in pets, kids even yourself without yelling, threats, force, punishment, guilt tripsor shooting the dog The principles of the revolutionary clicker training method, which owes its phenomenal success to its immediacy of response so there is no question what action you are rewarding 8 methods of ending undesirable habits from furniture clawing cats to sloppy roommates The 10 laws of shaping behavior for results without strain or pain through affection training Tips for house training the dog, improving your tennis game, or dealing with an impossible teen Explorations of exciting new uses for reinforcement trainingLearn why pet owners rave, This book changed our lives and how these pioneering techniques can work for you too.
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      Karen Pryor is the CEO of Karen Pryor Clicker Training and Karen Pryor Academy.Karen is an active, leading spokesperson and teacher for effective force free training across the globe Her work with dolphins in the 1960s revolutionized animal training by pioneering and popularizing force free training methods based on operant conditioning and the conditioned reinforcer.Karen s 40 year career working with and educating scientists, professional trainers, and pet owners has changed the lives of countless animals and their caretakers in zoos, oceanariums, and pet owning households.She is the author of six books, including Don t Shoot the Dog , the bible of training with positive reinforcement Her most recent book, Reaching the Animal Mind, describes how to bring out the undiscovered creativity, intelligence, and personality of the animals in our lives Karen lives outside Boston, Massachusetts.

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    • A fabulous and easy to understand book about how to best use behaviorism What is behaviorism Essentially, the study of human and animal behavior so this book sheds light on the most effective principles to use if you want to better the way you act You can apply these concepts to so many areas, ranging from bolstering your health to training your dog One of the most important takeaways use positive reinforcement, not punishment While our society prefers punishment in many ways e.g the mass incarc [...]

    • On my recent, wonderful trip to Sacramento, I was fortunate in learning many new things and meeting many fabulous new people One of those folks was a dear friend of Kyrana s, named Laurel, who is an educator, currently working on a graduate degree in counseling She is a delightful woman I am now proud to know, and I enjoyed many a thought provoking conversation with her throughout the week, on a number of different subjects.One of the books she was reading it turned out it was Kyrana s copy of t [...]

    • A good book if you are training animals I would recommend it if you want to teach your dog or cat new tricks However, she attempts to relate all of her training techniques to human relationships how to train your kids, how to train your lovers, how to train your friends I cannot say that I agree with this method at all, since we, as humans, have much better means of communicating and understanding, and when we start to train friends and family,I don t see how that is any different than manipulat [...]

    • This was absolutely FASCINATING and I would highly, highly recommend it to anyone and everyone I know I picked it up based on the title, thinking it would be about dog training, but it s actually not about dogs at all it s a general interest book about how all living creatures humans AND animals learn, form habits, and assign meaning to different patterns of behavior If your job involves any kind of teaching, training, managing, or communication, I think you would find this book useful and thoug [...]

    • Life changing, quite possibly the ultimate self help book Karen Pryor was basically the inventor of clicker training Going deeper, she brought BF Skinner s experiments in operant conditioning of lab animals to popular culture, particularly with dogs but adaptable to any species, including humans Her method isn t pure Skinner, he was also into negative reinforcement which Pryor uses very gently and sparingly Pryor started in the 1970 s with the training of some freshly captured wild dolphins I kn [...]

    • Man, this book was AMAZING Everyone should read it.It s about using positive reinforcement and behavioral training, not just in the context of training a dog, but for use with everyone Roommates, co workers, husbands, dolphins, you name it.I want Chris to read this book because I want him to use it on me I think that I respond very well to positive reinforcement

    • I train dogs, completely positive reinforcement training I owe a lot of what I do to Karen Pryor and people who worked to make positive reinforcement training what it is today.The book is well written, easy to read despite Pryor s usage of scientific terms Which I enjoy, because I think it makes the reader stronger in knowledge by the end of the book The most well done aspect of the book is Chapter 5 It contains tables of various situations to represent each method of training This makes it easy [...]

    • Received a copy of this as a gift from a biologist friend to help me deal with my rabbit problems, but it s a great read She believes in using positive reinforcement in every area of life, whether with a pet or a difficult roommate.A year or two ago when surfing the net I found a conservative excoriation of an article in the New York Times in which the author used positive reinforcement to train her husband These bloggers seemed to be afraid their wives would learn something Really, it involves [...]

    • The book seems to mainly talk about training animals, but if you re willing to experiment, I believe it is a good guide on how you can use some of the principles listed to shape your relationship with others Now, you might think that s crazy We shouldn t be training people like we are training animals It s humiliating to the other party However, you need to keep in mind that what the author advocates is positive reinforcement By using this principle as your guide, and using the methods listed in [...]

    • This was the first book I read on clicker training and I read it in 2006, Bonnie then a pup now a Dog Scout watched intently as I read pages and then tried things out on her One day I left the book on the coffee table and returned from a phone call only to find Bonnie with paws planted firmly on the book proudly sharing that she had ripped it in half Needless to save I did not shoot the dog o we continued with Karen s program and my timing improved, my knowledge grew and we have had fun ever sin [...]

    • I had to read this book as homework for an intensive DBT training and am so glad that I did This is a wonderful book which clearly explains behavioral reinforcement I use the concepts as a therapist, a wife, and a dog owner The book is easy to understand and gives lots of relatable examples.

    • I first read this book as a young pre teen on the advice of one of my instructors, and I am forever indebted to him for he way this shaped my thinking and interactions with animals and people throughout my life This book has held up to several rereads over the years, it is a simple easy to understand introduction to the world of behavior modification Highly recommend this book.

    • So I picked this up after going to Clicker Expo, Karen Pryor s clicking training seminar thinking I really should read this I ve read other books about shaping and have been clicker training for a while I thought it might be a bit sciency and dry but the information would be well worth it I was so wrong The book was amazingly informative, interesting and it is filled with little anecdotes and practical applications that make it really fun to read This might be one of the fastest nonfiction books [...]

    • I love Karen s cool, observant mind, and her clear, clean, evocative writing What she did for me is show a new way to communicate with animals, taking out both the frustration and the mumbo jumbo Karen Pryor is the pioneer of clicker training, and with clicker training there are very few limits as to what you can teach a fellow being, up and down the food chain Basically, you watch for behavior you like, or the smallest beginnings of that behavior, give an acoustic signal, and then give a delici [...]

    • This is a wicked good book about positive reinforcement and shaping behavior And not just for animal training As I was reading it I thought how useful the book s methods would be in training manipulating people to do behave how I want them to How great is that I will become unstoppable Anyway, the organization of the book was nice and seemed to build on previous sections The book s not long, but it took me a while because I found my mind wandering as I was reading it It s not a super boring book [...]

    • QoD had a podcast that asked the question, what do you wish you knew before you had kids , that referenced this book about positive feedback and affirmation, saying it s the ONLY way to train a chicken, and it s a good place to start with kids.So I read the book even though my kids are now 22, 19, and 16 and I figured there s almost no hope of retraining them and really enjoyed it I do wish I had read it 23 years ago and would recommend it to anyone with children or pets It was an enjoyable read [...]

    • This is an intensely interesting read that was recommended to me by my daughter, who thought I might find practical, people application from an animal training book that was among her psychology curriculum I have Quite insightful and fascinating, and one that I will want to read again frequently, just to refresh myself.The animal training game is now a favorite in my family And the animal training wisdom Invaluable character shaping tools for personal growth as well as relationship strengthening [...]

    • Saying I read this book is misleading I learned my lesson from that awful Cesar Milan book and only Picked and chose the parts that seemed applicable to me and what I needed This is NOT a dog book This is a book on positive reinforcement that can help in any aspect of your life from friends who are perpetually late to a child who misbehaves tos, your annoying dog but really it s favorite animal to highlight is dolphins and how many of us have pet dolphins Seemed like a decent book but not at all [...]

    • Good overview of positive training I found the parts distinguishing positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, and shaping to be extremely useful I also appreciated the in depth discussion of shaping, and the discussion of various ways to associate cues with behavior makes sense to me to shape first and associate later, so that it s less likely that your cue just gets ignored I found the parts of the book talking about human interactions to be the least useful informative This is definitely [...]

    • The book that arguably started the entire clicker training movement A good book for understanding positive reinforcement based training of all people and animals I disagree with some of her starting points and conclusions, such as the evolutionary origin of behaviors, and the avoidance of all punishment with children, but overall it was an interesting and insightful book A good book for anyone involved in training animals who wants to understand why positive reinforcement and clicker training wo [...]

    • This book gripped me immediately and resonated in many seemingly unrelated fields team leading and management, parenting, being a teacher, being a student, game development and of course, training a dog I could not stop talking about it with anyone who would listen and will be buying it for anyone who is interested.

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    • I had heard this book was about training animals but could be extrapolated to training human behavior too, and I read it for the latter reason The book actually turned out to be about 80% animal specific Pryor had to do some stretching of content to apply it to humans, and even then it took some mental gymnastics on my part to imagine how the principles might apply in my own life Nevertheless I learned a few things about Skinner s style of behavioral training, and thought Pryor did a good if som [...]

    • Much general a book than I expected, but, as a result, much useful I expected a step by step dog training guide hoping for a way to discourage our dog Jack from barking so much but this takes on a wider subject How to use positive reinforcement to encourage train a behavior in almost any creature, including humans, and make the experience fun for both trainee and trainer Interesting as well as useful Book was recommended in an article about Western Michigan University s behavioral psychology p [...]

    • This book is concise and stuffed with information useful to anyone who interacts with people.I m a big fan of cross application of skills As a teacher, it was thrilling to read the advice of a dolphin trainer and learn how I can use the same principles in classrooms, and in my daily life.This is a preemptive review for a fiercely practical book I m slowly exploring the ideas within, and I m excited about where they ll lead.

    • While the principles are basic conditioning, I love how this book gave everyday examples of what different types of positive and negative conditioning responses could look like I read this book to understand how to train animals, but was surprised to learn how well these techniques could be applied to training myself and others around me as well Definitely work the read, even if the concepts aren t new to people.

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