Rhyming Dust Bunnies #2020

Rhyming Dust Bunnies By Jan Thomas Rhyming Dust Bunnies Bug Rug Mug Hug These dust bunnies love to rhyme Well except for Bob Much to the other bunnies frustration Bob can never get the rhythm right Then he saves everyone from a big scary monster wieldin
  • Title: Rhyming Dust Bunnies
  • Author: Jan Thomas
  • ISBN: 9781416979760
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Rhyming Dust Bunnies By Jan Thomas
    Rhyming Dust Bunnies By Jan Thomas Bug Rug Mug Hug These dust bunnies love to rhyme Well, except for Bob Much to the other bunnies frustration, Bob can never get the rhythm right Then he saves everyone from a big, scary monster wielding gasp a broom, and they all breathe a sigh of relief But can Bob save them from the big, scary monster s next attack Vrrrrrroooommm .
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      165 Jan Thomas
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    • All right That s it I can t take it any Could we please please PLEASE just get it over with and declare Jan Thomas some kind of national treasure picture book genius No, seriously people I am not even kidding about this I m tired of the excuses She killed with her debut What Will Fat Cat Sit On, slayed with A Birthday for Cow, and caused general carnage and delight with The Doghouse I thought myself the expert of all things Thomas Thomasian and then a fellow children s librarian had the audacity [...]

    • Four bright colored, hairy dust bunnies introduce themselves as Ed, Ned, Ted, and Bob They rhyme together all the time What rhymes with car The first three bunnies join in merrily rhyming together, but Bob has other things on his mind Ed, Ned and Ted are oblivious to what Bob is trying to tell them, chiding him for not rhyming Their continued rhyming and Bob s refusal to play mixed with his growing desperation for them to understand will have everyone laughing Classic vaudeville humor in a pictu [...]

    • I love this I love the bright colors, the humor, the rhymes, and that there is a dust bunny named Bob Julie read this to us when the new books came in and I smiled with every page Definitely a great lap read, and could probably work well in a storytime perhaps a school age one, maybe also preschool.And now I wish I had a few stuffed dust bunnies sitting around Can I really be pathetic and silly Don t answer that I know the answer already 3 27 13 3 28 13 Used this to begin my preschool Bunnies t [...]

    • What kind of person thinks to make dust bunnies the heroes of a picture book The kind I wanna hang out with, I m thinkin Jan Thomas is rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors of books for children, and I d never heard of her before this year What Will Fat Cat Sit On kills me one of my favorite super fast read alouds, The Doghouse is a crowd pleaser when read with the right intonations, and now we have rhyming dust bunnies Seriously Yep Well, except for Bob, who is much interested in persona [...]

    • HILARIOUS Very cute Read it to your kids or give yourself a three minute break to enjoy it on your own Good call, Bob.Used for TT silly storytime on 1 24 18.

    • My younger boys 6 and 4 think this book is the best book ever At least for now I ve read it many a time to them Good thing it s a quick read The illustrations are cute and the dialogue is funny My boys especially love Bob, the poor dust bunny that can t seem to rhyme with the others, but does sense when danger is near It s a good book for teaching rhyme And it makes kids laugh.I crack up every time I read it because my dad s name is Bob and for some reason I think it s hilarious when there s a B [...]

    • I think this is my 7 year old s favorite book of the year And with good reason it s pretty darned clever We renewed our copy until the library threatened to revoke our book checking out licenses, and now I expect I ll have to just go buy a copy because there is nothing quite like listening to my kids read it together and then dissolve into giggles that is when they are not arguing about who is going to read which part.

    • Rhyming Dust Bunnies by Jan Thomas is a sweet book The illustrations are bright and colorful which draws the reader in It is about dust bunnies who always find words that rhyme The book is quite simple, with sight words I believe it would be a great choice for younger students to read, but also fun for the older children It is a Monarch Award winner.

    • Read this as an ARC at ALA how s that for acronym dropping and it was hilarious I can t wait to use this in storytime A great book to support phonological awareness, obviously, as there is a lot of rhyming and not rhyming in the story Fred, Ed, Ted, and Bob are the most endearing anthropomorphized dust bunnies in print Or are they the only dust bunnies in print

    • Hysterical Recommended for the preschool third grade crowd but any age will get a kick out of it , this small picture book is simply the best Best 3 word title Best depiction of dust bunnies Best thing to read to bring on uncontrolled guffaws Only thing that might be even better would be puppets playing all the parts Gotta go find the rest of Jan Thomas books.

    • I am joining the group of people who love this book I laughed outloud made Lloyd read it he laughed out loud and I have been giggling about it in my brain all day long I love these dust bunnies and want some of my own ok I have some but they are not nearly as colorful Ages 2

    • My three and a half year old loves this book He laughs hysterically at the end and then insists Read it again It s a fun, silly story with lots of bright colors and a chance for my son to practice his rhyming skills Lots of fun.

    • This book made me laugh out loud It is brilliant and hilarious It loses the element of surprise after the first read, but not the charm Also, every time one of the characters asks for a rhyme, I let me children give their own rhymes first, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

    • Car far jar tar look The rhyming dust bunnies Ed, Ned, Ted, and Bob, are good at rhyming, well almost all of them Bob is not very good at keeping the rhyme going However, Bob does save the dust bunnies from a broom They go back to rhyming again, but another monster is coming now Read the book to find out how the dust bunnies deal with their next trial.A theme in the book is it is ok to be different In the story, the different dust bunny Bob saved them from the broom because he didn t follow the [...]

    • You have to like the rhyming dust bunnies, especially Bob A funny misunderstanding between Bob and the other three dust bunnies resolves itself in perfect plot twist fashion These Sesame Street lookalikes, a cross between poof balls and personified bunnies dogs mice, are wonderful characterizations of inanimate objects All my kids could predict the first plot twist, but not the second one Also, young readers will have no problem reading along with the basic rhymes in this teaching, laugh out lou [...]

    • This book has some humor to it which makes this a fun read I would use this to be,p students find words that rhyme together I also like how it shows how people need to listen to each other as well so they don t get into trouble like the dust bunnies did Each page gave three words that rhyme with the word that was given, which is pretty neat.

    • The dust bunny who s out of step with his rhyming friends Bob is the only one who s aware of his surroundings while they re preoccupied with rhyming words, he notices the broom and then the vacuum cleaner coming for them Funny and very colorful A School Library Journal Top 100 picture book.

    • Four dust bunnies Ed, Ned, Ted, and Bob always rhyme Well, they mostly rhyme Bob doesn t always rhyme, which frustrates the other dust bunnies Bob has his reasons though Very good reasons.A fun and colorful rhyming picture book Great for storytime.

    • Very cute book for beginning rhyming sounds My preschoolers love it because it also has silly side to A group of dust bunnies try to rhyme words but are threatened by the broom and then the vacuum Funny end.

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