The Graves Family #2020

The Graves Family By Patricia Polacco The Graves Family The Graves family has just moved to Union City and they definitely don t fit in With giant spiders in the living room a voracious Venus flytrap named Phoebe in the kitchen and a secret laboratory i
  • Title: The Graves Family
  • Author: Patricia Polacco
  • ISBN: 9780142406359
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Graves Family By Patricia Polacco
    The Graves Family By Patricia Polacco The Graves family has just moved to Union City, and they definitely don t fit in With giant spiders in the living room, a voracious Venus flytrap named Phoebe in the kitchen, and a secret laboratory in the basement, the neighbors are afraid to visit Except for Seth and Sara Miller, the kids next door, who decide to help them make friends Maybe if Mr Graves gives all thThe Graves family has just moved to Union City, and they definitely don t fit in With giant spiders in the living room, a voracious Venus flytrap named Phoebe in the kitchen, and a secret laboratory in the basement, the neighbors are afraid to visit Except for Seth and Sara Miller, the kids next door, who decide to help them make friends Maybe if Mr Graves gives all the bald men in town his amazing hair growing tonic, which he developed from the follicles of house cats It seems like a great idea until the tonic dosed town council starts chasing birds and running up trees And then Phoebe nearly devours the Ladies Auxiliary Garden Club will the Graves family ever find a way to fit in
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      373 Patricia Polacco
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      Patricia Polacco Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Graves Family book, this is one of the most wanted Patricia Polacco author readers around the world.

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    • A new family has moved to Union City, and they re having a hard time fitting in what with their love of spiders, and their giant plant that eats almost anything and everything Can a home decorating contest be their ticket to acceptance Cute story about letting your freak flag fly, even if it s really, REALLY freaky.

    • I suppose this could be enjoyed for Halloween, even though it s not really a Halloween book There is a haunted house though.I m reading my way through batches of this Patricia Polacco s books There are a few I ve adored This is one I liked a lot I enjoyed its quirkiness, its humor, and its appreciation for people s differences I loved how the Graves family is so exotic and comfortable with themselves, yet they long to fit in, an experience that s unfamiliar to them Ever since the movie Little Sh [...]

    • When I asked the librarian to help me find the perfect book to read to 4th graders, she could not have found a perfect book in length, detail, and creativeness Polacco created a hilariously imaginative story with great illustrations to go along with it The Graves Family was just the right book for 8 10 year olds to either read or listen to Last week I got the awesome opportunity to read this book as a Mystery Reader for my daughter s 4th grade class and the kids had a great time laughing and ee [...]

    • This book is hysterical I loved the pictures and crazy story It is about a family that moves into town that is very different from the rest of the town and their house resembles a haunted house I love how Polacco presents morals in her story so subtly without just flat out stating them The theme of this story is to accept others regardless of whether or not they fit the social norm Kids will love the funny story and crazy pictures It would be a great story to read during a unit on accepting peop [...]

    • Patricia Polacco is a great children s author who has unique, and original ways of teaching important values to children In this book, she describes a family that is strange and different they do not fit into the new neighborhood in which they just moved in Brave enough, their neighbors Sara and Seth went over and asked the new neighbor s son to play, and on that day the town was introduced to the new Graves family The book is a creative tale about how the Graves family changed the way the town [...]

    • What happens when your house is colored blood red Will you fit in with the others Will you be ashamed Do you think that your neighbors will be afraid of you According to Patricia Polacco, the Graves family has to face all these things and much .The story begins when the Graves family moves into a creaky old blood red house on the hill at night Everyone in Union City is afraid of them because they are different and weird They keep endangered species in their house and they have a laboratory for M [...]

    • Doug and Shalleaux Graves are no ordinary parents In fact, no one in the Graves family is ordinary When the Graves family moves to town, they are very nervous about fitting in However, when their neighbors children makes friends with the oldest child, Ronnie, the Graves family begins to feel optimistic Mrs Graves is then invited to a gardening club where she brings her Venus Flytrap for show and tell However, her flytrap causes a catastrophe and it seems that no one likes her any To try to make [...]

    • The Graves Family is a Patricia Polacco book unlike many of her other texts This mystery text was a great read for my 5th graders around Halloween town I would definitely recommend this text for 3 5 teachers to read Though it is not a Halloween book, the haunted house element made it definitely spooky and fun to get in the Halloween mood It is a funny and quirky text about a family that is new to the neighborhood and very different than their neighbors, yet still desires to fit in I used this te [...]

    • Patricia Polacco writes this book as a way to provide a fictional background to the haunted house she created and stars in every year as her own character Mrs Graves When the graves family comes to Union City, none of the townspeople are willing to try to befriend them due to their strange ways until Seth and Sara visit Ronnie, the son of Mr and Mrs Graves As they get to know him and his family, they realize that although the family is very odd and at times a bit spooky, all they really are is a [...]

    • This is a fun story that introduces us to the Graves Family an odd bunch of characters reminiscent of Chas Addams Charles Addams and his famous odd family, The Addams Family Although it is the same length as the sequel, The Graves Family Goes Camping, it seems longer, and I know we liked the sequel a bit Overall, though, it is an interesting and fun story with some very strange and creepy characters Though not specifically about Halloween, it would be a great time to read this book.

    • What fun it was to read this creative and delightfully silly book The Graves family pack the spiders, venus fly trap and friends and head for Lake Bleakmere Having great fun collecting rare specimens, the Grave s family take a break to eat some of Mamma Grave s famous Jum Jills.When a huge dragon approaches and eats all the treats, demanding , fearful of their lives, the Graves family find that the dragon blocked all exits.Finding a steam boat, they head down the river to home Followed close beh [...]

    • This is a cute fiction picture book that shows that even the scariest or toughest people still want to fit in or have people to care about them This family moved into town, and were very strange Their house was filled with spiders, bats, and Venus fly traps The father was a scientist, and the mother made all plants die and wither, and cooked with extremely strange ingredients However, in the end, they just wanted to have friends like everyone else.

    • The Graves Family have many traits in common with the Addam s Family, they re creep, kooky and all the rest The only difference is the Graves family has yet again relocated to find a new town they can fit This quirky story was too long in picture book format, small chapter book would have worked much better Keep up weird Graves family People can love you or leave you but the message of staying true to who you are is forever.

    • This is a really great book to launch a Science or Writing lesson, the story introduces many different types of plants, animals, insects and the process of experimentation Also, for writing the students could try to make their own recipe and draw a picture of one of the mother s kooky dishes at dinner This is a great story about acceptance and learning that everyone has a their own unique qualities.

    • I have read many of Patricia Polacco s books and have never been disappointed In this book the Graves family moves to Union village They are different t from the other people in the village and they are outcasts of a sort until the children from across the street come to play Interesting story about appreciating the differences in people Definitely for Halloween.

    • We really enjoy Patricia Polacco s work, but did not love this one Other reviewers have said that 4th graders enjoy this book and perhaps that had something to do with it My first grader got somewhat bored with it and didn t find it very funny I felt it lacked the depth that Polacco s other works show So take my rating with a grain of salt, it might be much better for a different audience.

    • This book is funny and interesting and holds a lot of surprises that children would find funny The book can be a bit lengthy but it is worth it As a read aloud this would be a good book to inspire kids to write their own creepy story or tell about a time this made them think of The illustrations bring the text to life This is a very enjoyable book.

    • We didn t really care for this book was long and kind of boring My daughter didn t even want to finish it Maybe it would have been better as a read on your own book rather then a read out loud book There were good ideas in it.but it just didn t really interest me or my daughter.

    • Is it okay that I rated a Polacco book okay Somehow I feel that I am letting my old friend down Then again, she let me down on this fluffy, too juvenile even though it s a picture book book There, I said it Let the rotten tomatoes fly.

    • Patricia Polacco does a nice job of showing how all families and homes can have something to offer even if those things are different from what others may expect or value A funny picture book that would be especially appropriate around Halloween.

    • This book was hilarious A fun read for me and the children, with captivating pictures that fit the style of writing very nicely I like it especially because the underlying theme is one of acceptance even if someone seems strange to begin with, and I can sympathize with that message all day long

    • I just discovered this author I checked out a bunch of her books from the library They have great illustrations, and the words are not dumbed down for a picture book A great way to expand vocab as you read to your kids.

    • Patricia Polacco has wonderful books What imagination of a small town eccentric family I love it A creative family that thinks outside of the norm this is a cool book.

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