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Aman: The Story of a Somali Girl By Virginia Lee Barnes Aman The Story of a Somali Girl This is the extraordinary first person account of a young woman s coming of age in Somalia and her struggles against the obligations and strictures of family and society By the time she is nine Aman
  • Title: Aman: The Story of a Somali Girl
  • Author: Virginia Lee Barnes
  • ISBN: 9780679762096
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Paperback
  • Aman: The Story of a Somali Girl By Virginia Lee Barnes
    Aman: The Story of a Somali Girl By Virginia Lee Barnes This is the extraordinary first person account of a young woman s coming of age in Somalia and her struggles against the obligations and strictures of family and society By the time she is nine, Aman has undergone a ritual circumcision ceremony at eleven, her innocent romance with a white boy leads to a murder at thirteen she is given away in an arranged marriage to a sThis is the extraordinary first person account of a young woman s coming of age in Somalia and her struggles against the obligations and strictures of family and society By the time she is nine, Aman has undergone a ritual circumcision ceremony at eleven, her innocent romance with a white boy leads to a murder at thirteen she is given away in an arranged marriage to a stranger Aman eventually runs away to Mogadishu, where her beauty and rebellious spirit leads her to the decadent demimonde of white colonialists Hers is a world in which women are both chattel and freewheeling entrepreneurs, subject to the caprices of male relatives, yet keenly aware of the loopholes that lead to freedom Aman is an astonishing history, opening a window onto traditional Somali life and the universal quest for female self awareness.
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      Aman s story was originally compiled by Virginia Lee Barnes, an anthropologist Ph.D University of Hawaii , and upon her death in 1989, the manuscript was completed by Janice Boddy, distinguished professor of anthropology at the University of Toronto, who added an introduction placing Aman s story in its proper historical and social context

    134 thoughts on “Aman: The Story of a Somali Girl

    • The real life heroine of this book is not perfect, and she admits her mistakes and comes across as human because of this Though she grew up in war torn Somalia, the reader is not expected to pity her, but invited to understand her life The tone is conversational, but the writing and editing superbly create a comprehensive storyline.

    • A good, easy read This book was most interesting to me when Aman described daily life in Somalia I enjoyed her descriptions of Mango Village, where she grew up, and the way the people lived there She clearly loved her mother, but her father, who was village chief, was somehow absent much of her life growing up The first half of the book is pretty much a nice coming of age in Somalia story Some problems that I had reading this book were 1 getting frustrated with Aman s dishonesty, cheating, and p [...]

    • I really wanted to like this first person account of life in Somalia and while it gives good insight I just couldn t wait for it to end I found Aman s attitude frustratingly entitled and she seemed only interested in using people for the money it would earn her she arranged her own first marriage to an old man because of the money and then ran away she had affairs for money and the life it would allow her while not giving a care about anyone else all in all a disappointing read for me.

    • What I wanted from this book was hardships, heroic struggles, cultural, racial, religous and gender clashes, something that wasn t like my own, something that made me feel for the person and the life they had lived that was so different from my own.What I got was a poorly written account of a rebellious teenage girl in a different country Apart from the brief touch on female circumcision and arranged marriages, this story could be from any country around the world After so much back and forth, s [...]

    • Aman makes rebellious choices and ones that influenced by her strict culture She tries to balance being an independent woman with not disgracing her family s name She willingly becomes circumsized, marries young but also divorces and goes from man to man, for money and lives on the street All before her 15th birthday Living in a time of social change and war in Somalia, she struggles to find happiness Her view on sex and FGM is important You can see that she is missing out on sexual pleasure and [...]

    • At first, I couldn t put the book down But the story ended up dragging on quite a bit It s a fascinating story, but much like Frank McCourt s books, I didn t always like the narration, the character of or the actions of the main character I was hoping to see a redemption but the story abruptly stopped Still, I learned from reading this book about another culture and FGM, which is much barbaric than I had realized.

    • For those of you who read Infidel and were upset by her obvious catering to right wing America I highly suggest Aman This book does not portray a helpless women bound and gagged in her stifling male centric Islamic society, but rather is an extraordinary look into the efficacy of women and how they operate behind the lines of public culture I loved it.

    • wht th fuack historiyadiina maxaa loo arki la ayahay kuwa kaleba waa la arakayaa iman la an udhin ta ee maxa ka gadaysaan waxaa uuf somali banba adunka unacay

    • Mielenkiintoinen kurkistus somalialaiskulttuuriin nuoren tyt n silmin n htyn , hyvin aidon oloisesti kuvattua el m , vaikka luku ja kirjoitustaidottoman Amanin tarina onkin antropologien kirjalliseen muotoon saattama Erityisesti tyt n ymp rileikkaukseen liittyv t yksityiskohdat ja tyt n ajatukset siit kuvautuivat paljon omakohtaisempina kuin yleens kirjoissa Miinusta kirjan paksuudesta, puolen v lin j lkeen koin v symyst lukiessani Amanin lukuisista miessuhteista, ja olisihan t ss ollut tiiviste [...]

    • I have to be honest and say that I would only rate the story, itself, as 3 stars I found Aman s story interesting, but I also found her telling of it to not be terribly self reflecting Also, as a Muslim reader, I was quite caught off guard by the sheer promiscuity that was allowed in Somali culture in previous generations decades obviously barely tolerated, but still possible with subterfuge In addition, I was shocked at the large scale practice of multiple divorces whereas, theologically in Isl [...]

    • I read it many years ago Can t remember in detail I liked the book despite some shock like the description of feminine circumcision mutilation In general I don t agree with pressing other peoples to end their traditions, but this is absolutely one necessary exception At least the brutal variety of the ritual practised in Somalia it seems it is not a full mutilation in Guinea Bissau but some sort of scratching Many Westerners wrongly think this is an imposition of Islam on women It just happens t [...]

    • I have to admit when I first started reading this that it seemed really unprofessionally written, but I suppose I was being a bit harsh as the author is in fact just an ordinary Somali woman, not some published, studious author It s actually a very interesting book about the day to day life of what it s like to live in the traditional bits of Somalia in the 60s 70s Many parts had me thinking, wow what a crazy life I wish I knew about how she ended up in the US, but I can guess that she gained [...]

    • This is an amazing read on many levels First, because it is the story of a remarkable woman who kept herself alive despite incredible odds Second, because it brings the reader into what life was like in both her village and also in Mogadishu, before and after the military dictatorship It s fascinating I found myself reading sections to whoever would listen to me Anybody who thinks that muslim women are passive needs to read this book.

    • Could not put this book downspired me to do a little research on Somalia history Loved aman s honesty Her choices are questionable, but interesting insight into becoming a woman in Somalia customs and her journey The end is abrupt and caught me by suprise as her journey I imagine would of continued

    • A true story of survival A definite eye opener for anyone, like myself, who has only witnessed the Somali culture through tv and internet articles It s incredibly engaging and interesting learning about Aman s life as a child, and how the tribe lifestyle works The book is an easy read, but I found that it dragged in the final chapters and ended rather abruptly However it is still a valuable read.

    • Aman is a Somali woman s first person account of growing up in the villages and cities of Somalia during the years before and just after the military coup It s a great insight into a tribe based society that contradicted a lot of my assumptions about Islamic culture and practices Aman which means truthful in Arabic , boldly speaks about her experiences with marriage, female circumcision, family relationships, sexual politics, and living as a runaway in Mogadishu I found myself impressed by how S [...]

    • Honesty Written, a Sad life I read all the other reviews before buying this book If you read the forward, you will get information about where A man is now I can t imagine the life this poor girl woman had to endure I heard about female circumcision but really had no idea the extent and how it affected these girls I ve always been against it but seems the Somalis feel it s still right for their society and religion Aman and her mother lived a very tough life Married so very young, always gettin [...]

    • The book is generally good, it gives the reader good and valuable information about the way of living in Somalia and it is very interesting I would probably recomend it The vocabulary is very simple, I am guessing it has to do with Aman s dominion of English but I would have liked for the author to include footnotes to enrich the experience The book can be kind of frustrating due to the decisions that Aman takes but it is important to remember that this is a 13 year old girl and even at its old [...]

    • This is a fascinating personal account of a Somali woman It also has an afterward that explains some sociology and history of Somalia I read this because I work with a lot of Somali people in my job and I wanted to learn about their culture I found it very engrossing and at times a bit hard to read Especially when Aman, the narrator, describes her experience with female circumcision However, I glad I read it because I feel much informed about Somalia, Islam and their gender politics My one com [...]

    • Amazing story of one girl in Somalia but the way the story was written, I felt it ended so abruptly after the strife she went through growing up I want to know how it all ended in detail I feel for her mother she was a very willful daughter Thoroughly interesting, but I will not be rushing back to read it again.

    • As I got into this, I realized that I had read it when it first came out It is amazing how strong these women are The female circumcision depicted graphically is not for the squeamish This is a very good cultural anthropology study of women and life in Somalia as well as a story of one woman s strength, endurance, determination to escape to a safer life.

    • This is an eye opening book about the true life account of a young girl in Somalia as well as the customs and trials that she and other women are faced with during times of political upheaval and variant cultural ideals That being said, I read this book so long ago, and it is difficult to give a completely accurate review but I do recommend it

    • Fascinating A terrific look at Somali culture from a rebellious girl s point of view As an anthropology nerd, I really loved the concluding chapter that illuminated some of the cultural stuff that comes up in Aman s story I have to wonder how different Aman s life would have been if she were growing up now.

    • Spell binding Jaw dropping Heart wrenching Mind opening This is just the point of view of one person who has been able to peek through a porthole into another life, another culture, another world.

    • This is a well written, easy to follow, true narrative of a girl growing up in mid 20th century Somalia The insights into the country and its people are profound Aman s perspective on the traditions and customs that she has grown up with are eye opening.

    • J rkytt v kuvaus Somalimaan yhteiskunnasta ja naisen asemasta Afrikassa Ymp rileikkaukset ja pakkoavioliitot ovat usein normi Kirja avarsi maailmaa kummasti vaikkei ollutkaan kovin iloista taikka onnellisen miellytt v luettavaa m r tyiss kohdissa.

    • I initially liked this book because it was written just as a person would talk, but by the end, that may be what made me lose interest I was a little disappointed by the ending also Stillting in its descriptive way.

    • This is another one I read while writing my thesis on female genital mutilation This story is very informative and continues to cross my mind as I live in a city that has a large Somalian community.

    • I enjoyed this story It was interesting and unexpected in parts I felt surprised by how courageous Aman was at times and also frustrated by some of her decisions but appreciated the fact that her story was told with such honesty Insightful and easy to read.

    • What can I say, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful had tears in my eyes reading most of this book the struggles and tribulations our narrator had to go through to survive a very strong, beautiful woman s life

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