To Enthrall the Demon Lord #2020

To Enthrall the Demon Lord By Nadine Mutas To Enthrall the Demon Lord Warning Contains a hero who s Tall Dark and Possessive and may melt your heart as well as your reading device Handle with care and a bucket of ice water nearby And maybe some tissues His hunger for
  • Title: To Enthrall the Demon Lord
  • Author: Nadine Mutas
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • To Enthrall the Demon Lord By Nadine Mutas
    To Enthrall the Demon Lord By Nadine Mutas Warning Contains a hero who s Tall, Dark, and Possessive, and may melt your heart as well as your reading device Handle with care and a bucket of ice water nearby And maybe some tissues His hunger for power knows no bounds until she binds his heart To keep an ill fated bargain, witch Maeve MacKenna surrenders herself to the scheming Demon Lord Arawn He s dangerous, aWarning Contains a hero who s Tall, Dark, and Possessive, and may melt your heart as well as your reading device Handle with care and a bucket of ice water nearby And maybe some tissues His hunger for power knows no bounds until she binds his heart To keep an ill fated bargain, witch Maeve MacKenna surrenders herself to the scheming Demon Lord Arawn He s dangerous, arrogant, ruthless, and dominant everything she should despise in a male, especially after the torture by another demon left scars on her body and soul She should tremble with terror in Arawn s presence So why does he make her shiver for entirely different reasons And awaken parts of her body she believed numb after her assault Arawn gets what Arawn wants But when the witch he s been coveting for the ancient magic bound inside her walks into his lair, what should have been simple and straightforward becomes uncomfortably complicated as his interest in her shifts A dance of power and attraction begins amid a looming outside threat because Maeve is not the only one with an age old force stirring inside her, and the Demon Lord s rivals are all too eager to seize that kind of power
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      175 Nadine Mutas
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    • Nadine Mutas

      Polyglot Nadine Mutas has always loved tangling with words, whether in her native tongue German or in any of the other languages she s acquired over the years The exotic, the better, she thought, and thus she studied the cultures and languages of South Asia and Japan, leaving university with a degree in intercultural communication and a head full of rich, Asian mythology She worked at a translation agency for a short while, putting to use her knowledge of English, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Hindi Before long, though, her lifelong passion for books and words eventually drove her to give voice to those story ideas floating around in her brain which have kept her up at night and absent minded at inopportune times She now writes paranormal romances with wickedly sensual heroes and the fiery heroines who tame them Her debut novel, Blood, Pain, and Pleasure, has won several awards for excellence in unpublished romance, and she s furiously working on the next installments in the Tales of Blood and Magic series She currently resides in Oregon with her college sweetheart, beloved little demon spawn, and two black cats hellbent on cuddling her to death Clarification Both her husband and kid prefer her alive The cats, she s not so sure about.

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    • 5 Can t get enough starsI voluntarily reviewed an early copy of this book provided by the author It feels like I ve been waiting for this book forever expectations met and surpassed Arawn is patient, intense and arrogant Maeve is reserved, kind and strong Their journey together was playful, romantic, sweet and perceptive It was also a journey of self discovery.The author changes the setting with each book which keeps each story fresh and unpredictable In her earlier books we have seen how modern [...]

    • He did not, Arawn snarled, his expression murderous She glanced up at him, cowered back a little He did not take the best parts of you He glowered down at her, the rain quieting all around, as if the sky itself held its breath No one can You are not some bloody treasure chest that can be looted He spat those words, dark power flaring out from him, making her breath hitch During this book there are multiple forms of mental illnesses as well as dark situations shown Anxiety, PTSD, rape, abuse, and [...]

    • Received this book as an ARC Gods this book was beyond my expectations Meave and Arawn seemed like a very unlikely couple at first due to Meaves horrific past and Arawn owning her due to a bargain made with her sister yet the further along the story went the it made sense Nadine Mutas has written yet another perfect instalment in the Love Magic series and I can t wait to read I recommend you read the other books in this series before reading To Enthral The Demon Lord Thank you Nadine for writi [...]

    • I voluntarily reviewed an early copy of this book provided by the author, and I have to say I absolutely loved it Nadine Mutas hits out out of the park again with this soul searching, rising above and finding love, novel As with all her books in this series she weaves such an amazing story you won t be able to put it down I dare you to try The characters are so believable and you can t help but to cheer them on And just when you think you have it figured out, Nadine throws you for a loop and you [...]

    • This book is Incredible I voluntarily Read an advanced copy of the book provided to me by the author I have read all books in the series, and this one for me has yet again out done all that came before Nadine has such a way with words, that you cannot help but get sucked into the story and feel as though you are an active part of this world The back and forth in perspectives transitions so seamlessly The witty back and forth banter and humor of these books is absolutely charming, a book has neve [...]

    • Benevolent demons,broken witches,ancient beasts and old gods elevate the journey these characters undergo to beyond that of just an author simply imbuing sheets of paper with spellbounding fantasy.Be warned though this tale echoes with the thoughts of multi players of books past in the series and of future potential storylines,so if that would not annoy you then you probably going to enjoy this fantasy as much as I have or maybe just bite the bullet and read the three that came before.

    • I volunteered to read an advanced copy of this book provided by the author I discovered this author last year while on vacation and she has become one of my favorites I have enjoyed all of the books in this series but she has surpassed herself with this one Loved, loved, loved this book To Enthrall the Demon Lord is well written with strong characters, that you wish were your friends There s love, heartache and humor This book is a thoroughly enjoyable read.

    • This story gobsmacked me straight in the heart Nadine portrays Maeve s struggles honestly, with respect, and realism And Arawn is that present you didn t expect but get to slowly unwrap with glee.

    • Marie s Tempting Reads ARC Review TEADL was BEYOND AMAZING Arawn wasn t at all what I expected Instead of cruel and twisted with a sadistic streak, he wasring, sexy, protective Yes, with him being the Demon Lord he was.idating but he was far from cruel or a jerk The way he seemed so drawn to Maeve had me giddy and excited and I couldn t help but to swoon with the way he was so charming and surprisingly playful The moment I opened this book I was taken on an AMAZING ride To finally see how Maeve [...]

    • Another sexy, intelligent, witty, and thoroughly entertaining read.I FLOVE Arawn He s powerful, sexy as hell, and absolutely devoted to Maeve He is the best hero I ve read in a long while.Maeve is a strong, beautifully written, heartbreaking character Powerful in her own right, it is amazing to watch her develop, finding her own inner fire literally Well done.Arawn and Maeve together are combustable and hilarious like when Arawn sees into Maeve s mind and finds all the naughty things Maeve is th [...]

    • I voluntarily reviewed an early copy of this book provided by the author.I am proud to have been chosen for this ARC group by my very farouriteauthor.Nadine writes awesome fictional romance novels and they never disappoint.Her whit is just awesome and she always manages to make me laugh out loud.Arawn and Maeve are such an awesome couple and the way he treats herwith compassion and understanding just makes you fall for this Demon Lord.It was fun to read and try to find out what each one of them [...]

    • I voluntarily reviewed an early copy if this wonderful book by the Author, this book was phenomenal when Maeve leave s to surrender her self to the Demon Lord Arawn she never thought she would have a strong connection with him and he as well They make a bond so he can have ties too her and she has to cut ties with her sister that was a sad part this book will keep you on your toes wondering what s going to happen next loved seeing Lily, Alek, Merle, Rhun, Basil, Hazel, Rose and even Tallak and B [...]

    • I volunteered to review an early copy of this book The fourth book in the Love and Magic series is a solid entry giving us our most intriguing characters yet Arawn has been quite the mystery finally we re getting some insight into this roiling curl of darkness Together this couple is about to set the stage for epic trouble on the horizon I can t do spoilers so it limits what I want to say, so I ll just say, hold on to your butts.

    • I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.What a lovely story It had been a while since I last read a book by Nadine Mutas and had almost forgotten how captivating her writing and characters are.This is Maeve s and Arawn s story and I have to say I knew I was going to love this from the few glimpses I got of the h and H from the previous books We know Maeve as the sister Merle saved from the clutches of an evil demon in book 1 of the series In order to find out where the [...]

    • This is an enthralling paranormal novel portraying witches, demons, faes, dragons, shifters and other worldly creatures It s a good rendition of equality in a diverse world.Arawn is an enigmatic demon lord He is confident, powerful and charming He thrives on power and strives for Maeve is a witch whose power has been suppressed Her sister, Merle is very protective of her and has made a bargain on her behalf When Maeve learns that her sister s situation is putting her in danger by acting on her [...]

    • This book is perfection I read the complete story in one sitting because I couldn t take the book out of my hands It is a story about a survivor A strong female, who has to reclaim her own body and soul Watching Maeve fight her inner demons was fascinating and brave Her battle was written very thoughtful and authentic You could literally feel her struggle Such a good work Arawn was a fascinating character as well He reminded me a lot of Rhysand A court of thorns and roses , because his reputatio [...]

    • I voluntarily reviewed an early copy of this book provided by the author I purchased and read the first two books on my own I have yet to read the 3rd book but after reading this book, I will Though book one focused on Maeve s sister, I was fascinated with and most interested in Maeve s character and story In addition, I was super curious about Arawn Well Baby, Maeve and Arawn were worth the wait The author does a deep dive into Maeve s experience during the first book And we also learn so much [...]

    • Beautiful and mesmerizing 4th bookMaeve was an underlining main character in book one, where she was kidnapped for her locked powers I first heard about this series when book 2 came out I read book two, Lily s story, then went and read book one I loved this series then and just now noticed there was a third and forth book I can not express how beautifully creative and well put together this series is There are many story lines all linked together and the world building is phenomenal Arawn our ma [...]

    • Enthralled from the first The long awaited book focusing on the mysterious yet smoulderingly hot Arawn has arrived I will not say much other than it definitely adds on another wonderful layer into the world this series has created From the end of the first book To Seduce a Witch s Heart to the last book To Stir A Fae s Passion there s been this feeling of trepidation for when Arawn finally claims Maeve This trepidation is the feelings of her family But, in this book, we the readers get to delve [...]

    • I have not read any of the other books by this author, but I will remedy that very quickly I knew going in that this was part of a series, but figured I would chance reading it out of order It reads fine as a standalone, and the author did a very good job of explaining important plot points that had happened in other books But I think to probably get the full feel of the story, they are best read in order The writing was smooth, characters well developed, and the pacing was very well done There [...]

    • I ve been waiting two read these two characters stories since book one of this series as I was immediately intrigued by Arawan from the first time I met him Sometimes when you re really excited about a book it doesn t always live up to your expectations Let me tell you though, To Enthrall the Demon Lord than exceeded my expectations of what I was expecting from this story and the characters Never mind enthralling a Demon Lord, I was enthralled and enchanted by this story Yet again the author ha [...]

    • Oh my GodOh my Arawn This has been one of the BEST reads of my entire YEAR And to think I started this with NO expectations, NO knowledge of prior books in the series, nothing And i am completely BLOWN AWAY Call me bonkers, but this book touched my soul, y all I have only ever had this feeling once before in my life Years ago, when Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh got published At exactly 12 01 AM that day my reading life changed forever and I never expected to be able to feel thisquivering, br [...]

    • It s always nice to be pleasantly surprised by a book I read this as a judge for a reader s choice contest I expected cheesy, but it was not I do not read many fantasy books, but I found the world building here to be engaging as well as the main storyline also a lesser story thread that did not interest me as much The romance here was well done as the heroine had had a horrific kidnapping torture experience to work throughe hero surprisingly sensitive as well as enthralled This was 4th in series [...]

    • Fantastic book I have loved every book in this series, but I ve been very impatiently awaiting Maeve and Arawn s story It was everything I expected, and a bit I went through the emotional wringer with Maeve, felt fear with Merle, and was so pleased with the changes in Arawn The surprise at the ending was fantastic Honestly, I will read this book over and over again And now I m impatient for again.

    • Wow I was lucky enough to receive a ARC of this amazing book and it was just a rollercoaster of emotions The characters are perfect The storyline had a couple of twists that are brilliantly written I have already started to read it again Completely in love with Maeve and Arawn but still gotta love Rhun and Merle

    • Beautiful An amazing job of correctly portraying the healing after a traumatic event I loved the way it wasn t hurried and belittled, instead portraying how much work and suffering it really takes to heal Amazing job Cover 4.5Plot 5Heroine 5Hero 5Romance 5Avoiding cliche 5Fluency 4.5Ending 5 Overall 4 875

    • Great addition to the series Loved the emotional entanglement between Maeve and Arawn and their growing love for one another The characters will draw you in and tug on your heart strings Very well written with great descriptions and vivid action scenes A must read for anyone who loves a good paranormal romance.

    • This is one of my favorite series This book was everything I expect from Nadine captivating, sexy, and totally draws you in, but this one dealt with the strength of ones heart, mind and will If you love beauty and the beast as a kid you will love this sexy adult twist on the story.

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