El camino de Horus #2020

El camino de Horus By Pauline Gedge El camino de Horus En La ci naga de los hipop tamos primer volumen de esta trilog a dedicada al per odo comprendido entre la XII y la XVIII dinast as el menos conocido de la historia egipcia el rey Seqenenra se rebel
  • Title: El camino de Horus
  • Author: Pauline Gedge
  • ISBN: 9788478885435
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Paperback
  • El camino de Horus By Pauline Gedge
    El camino de Horus By Pauline Gedge En La ci naga de los hipop tamos, primer volumen de esta trilog a dedicada al per odo comprendido entre la XII y la XVIII dinast as, el menos conocido de la historia egipcia, el rey Seqenenra se rebela contra el setiu Apepa, usurpador extranjero del trono y de las tierras del Delta, que est acabando con las costumbres ancestrales En El oasis, la segunda parte, su herederEn La ci naga de los hipop tamos, primer volumen de esta trilog a dedicada al per odo comprendido entre la XII y la XVIII dinast as, el menos conocido de la historia egipcia, el rey Seqenenra se rebela contra el setiu Apepa, usurpador extranjero del trono y de las tierras del Delta, que est acabando con las costumbres ancestrales En El oasis, la segunda parte, su heredero Kamose retoma la lucha de su padre y se convierte en un conquistador implacable con sus amigos y enemigos por igual, devastando el pa s a su paso Sin embargo, no logra expulsar a Apepa, que mantiene su posici n en la inexpugnable ciudad Het uart Este ltimo volumen se inicia con la coronaci n del nuevo Pr ncipe de Weset, Ahmose, como Rey del Alto y Bajo Egipto El hermano de Kamose se propone acabar la tarea iniciada por ste e instaurar un reinado donde impere la tolerancia Para ello hace jurar a los nobles fidelidad a l y a su esposa Aahmes Nefertari la cual se encargar de capitanear a los guardias de palacio mientras su marido parte a reconquistar las tierras del Delta y asediar Het uart Su sue o es derrocar a Apepa, liberar el Delta y dominar el Camino de Horus, para que nunca m s haya sangre en la arena ni en las paredes blancas de las ciudades a lo largo del Nilo Sin embargo, en las largas horas de vigilia que impiden el sue o, Ahmose se siente solo, presa de la obsesiva necesidad de reinstaurar la gloria del Egipto ancestral, una naci n maldita y bendita por los dioses As pues, en sus hombros ha reca do la nada desde able tarea de concluir la lucha que han librado tres generaciones de la estirpe Tao.
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      I was born in Auckland, New Zealand, on December 11, 1945, the first of three girls Six years later my family emigrated to England where my father, an ex policeman, wanted to study for the Anglican ministry We lived in an ancient and very dilapidated cottage in the heart of the English Buckinghamshire woodland, and later in a small village in Oxfordshire called Great Haseley I grew up surrounded by countryside that I observed, played in, and grew to know and love passionately, and I wrote lyrically of its many moods.My father had his first parish in Oxford, so in 1956, having passed the eleven plus exam, a torture now fortunately defunct, I attended what was then the Oxford Central School for Girls I was a very good student in everything but mathematics Any academic discipline that is expressed and interpreted through words I could conquer, but math was bewildering and foreign, a maze of numbers and ridiculous symbols with which I had nothing in common I liked chemistry, because I was allowed to play with pretty crystals and chemicals that behaved as if they had magic in them I studied the violin, an instrument I struggled over and gave up after two years, and the piano, which I enjoyed and continue to play, along with the recorders Music has always been important to me.Then in 1959 my father accepted a parish in Virden, Manitoba, and the family left for Canada After three months at the local high school, I was sent to a boarding school in Saskatchewan It was the most dehumanizing, miserable experience of my life In 1961 I began one inglorious year at the University of Manitoba s Brandon College I did not work very hard, and just before final exams I was told that my sister Anne was dying I lost all interest in passing.Anne wanted to die in the country where she was born, so we all returned to New Zealand She died a month after our arrival, and is buried in Auckland The rest of us moved down to the tip of the South Island where my father had taken the parish of Riverton For a year I worked as a substitute teacher in three rural schools In 64 I attended the Teachers Training College in Dunedin, South Island, where my writing output became prolific but again my studies suffered I did not particularly want to be a teacher All I wanted to do was stay home and read and write I was eighteen, bored and restless I met my first husband there In 1966 I married and returned to Canada, this time to Alberta, with my husband and my family I found work at a day care in Edmonton My husband and I returned to England the next year, and my first son, Simon, was born there in January 68 In 1969 we came back to Edmonton, and my second son was born there in December 1970.By 1972 I was divorced, and I moved east of Edmonton to the village of Edgerton I wrote my first novel and entered it in the Alberta Search for a New Novelist Competition It took fourth place out of ninety eight entries, and though it received no prize, the comments from the judges and my family encouraged me to try again The next year I entered my second attempt, a bad novel that sank out of sight Finally in 1975 I wrote and submitted Child of the Morning, the story of Hatshepsut, an 18th Dynasty Egyptian pharaoh, which won the competition With it came a publishing deal with Macmillan of Canada and the rest, as they say, is history.

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    • Well I find myself in a quandary again because the writing in this series is so consistently good, I have nothing new to say when I come to review the sequels I d either be reiterating the exact same praise, or telling you to go and read my review of the previous novel instead But as quandaries go, this is probably the book lover s best one to be in No one wants to read a series that starts out strong, dangles the promise of having found a great author you can read for years to come and then fiz [...]

    • Bullet Review What do I write at the end of this fantastic trilogy This was pure enjoyment, from page 1 of The Hippopotamus Marsh to page 562 of The Horus Road.Now that it s done, I m kinda sad to leave behind all these characters and not be a part of their world any.Full Review I won t go into much of a plot synopsis as that would easily blow most of the spoilers from The Oasis , but this is the conclusion of the conflict between Seqenenra, the rightful ruler of Egypt, and Apepa, the Setiu usur [...]

    • In the final installment to Gedge s Lords of the Two Lands trilogy, the story of the Tao s family attempt to reclaim Egypt from the Setiu invaders reaches a thrilling and riveting climax I can t say it s the best book of the trilogy deciding that would be something of a Sophie s Choice , but I can say it s a wonderfully written, compulsively readable finale.Ahmose Tao, Prince of Weset and self proclaimed pharaoh now that both his father, Seqenenra, and brother, Kamose, have both died at the hand [...]

    • Ahmose succeeds in defeating the Hyksos king Apeppa Ahmose was one of the most outstanding kings in the history of ancient Egypt.His son Ahmenhotep is born Hyksos were a foreign people who conquered Egypt about 1640 B.C and ruled for about 100 years, until they were driven out by Thutmose I The Hyksos let the Egyptians continue with many of their customs but left behind some important technological advances, including the chariot and the scimitar Ahmose was amrried to his sister Nefertiri.Ahmose [...]

    • I ve done little but sit and read The Horus Road since finishing my review of The Oasis earlier today I can and do read lengthy books incredibly quickly Gedge s books are a rare thing I find them incredibly readable, but with enough depth there to keep me interested and invested in the plot, but importantly, the characters I don t really know what else to say about The Horus Road The strengths of the first two books continue here The characterisations are still detailed and the stakes are still [...]

    • This review is for the whole trilogy This fine set of historical novels covers the reclamation of Egypt from the Hyskos in the 1500s BCE, culminating in the establishment of the 18th dynasty by Ahmose I I picked up these books because I didn t know much at all about ancient Egypt beyond the standard stuff I learned in high school The trilogy proved to be extremely interesting Gedge does a beautiful job of bringing ancient Egypt to life and creating extremely real and sympathetic characters from [...]

    • The final installment of the series, and I couldn t put it down Parts get a little slow, but they are necessary for the development of the story I will definitely look for Pauline Gedge after finishing these three.

    • Like most good series, this one had the best of the whole story in it This book had some wonderful surprises in it, it found me loving the developments the characters were making.

    • The third book was my favorite I finished it a 5 days and really enjoyed the finishing of the trilogy She s a great author who uses as many true facts about the time period as possible.

    • view spoiler I loved The Hippopotamus Marsh and The Oasis I couldn t put them down while I was reading them, so naturally I expected to love The Horus Road as well Instead, I am extremely disappointed and could not bring myself to finish the book finished at 80% I was close to giving the book 2 stars but I will still give it 3 stars simply because I adore Gedge s writing style she really brings Ancient Egypt to life.Overall, this book has a kind of meandering quality to it as the battle which al [...]

    • OMG, the best ending for this trilogy I have felt that the author did justice on the life of Kamose and Ahmose, but I know she dedicated the trilogy to Kamose.However, I would really like that Tani was punished severely or that she realized how stupid she was, and felt the weight of her shame, but it was not meant to be She held steadfastly to her blind love to Apepa Apepi.Lastly, where is the promised honor for Hor Aha It wasn t in the epilogue, he deserves it, because he worked hard for it.Ov [...]

    • Okay, we all know that Ahmose ends up liberating Egypt from the Hyksos The appealing part of The Horus Road is the journey to victory, not so much the victory itself Will Ahmose be able to continue on and finish what Seqenenra and Kamose died for Of course he will, but nothing will ever be the same again in the Tao family.Ahmose is a three dimensional character, but after reading The Oasis, which is in Kamose s perspective, he seems pale in comparison to his brother Yet, throughout the novel, Ah [...]

    • A difficult book to assess In terms of the overall plot the struggle by a noble Egyptian family to evict the Setiu from their country it s anti climactic The decisive struggles were won by the lords of Weset in the previous book So Ahmose is doing little besides marking time as he besieges Apepa in his last stronghold In some senses, this novel is a very long long denouement SPOILERS So the drama is built around the royal family of Weset and how their lives have been shaped by the conflict Ahmo [...]

    • I ve just finished this trilogy it came to a satisfying conclusion Aside from King Tut and Queen Cleopatra, I really don t know much about Egyptian history I do know the author, Pauline Gedge, is a celebrated and meticulous historical writer so I have little doubt that her re telling of Kamose, Ahmose et al is as close to reality as possible Fans of George R R Martin know that no one character is safe and in this Lords of Egypt trilogy this too is the case It follows an Egyptian royal family who [...]

    • Spoilers Final in the Lords of the Three Lands trilogy, and I m glad it s finally come to an end The last of the Taos, Ahmose, finally unifies Egypt and drives out the Hykos usurper Apepi Unfortunately he lost his sister in the process, she had become the wife of Apepi and fallen in love with him.The fall of the usurper is just that A fall Apepi falls, breaks his leg, the wound goes septic, and he dies The end A little bit of an ignoble end for a man who was such a power figure in the trilogy.Bu [...]

    • The Horus Road by Pauline Gedge was a joy to read Gedge knows the exact recipe for historical fact and imaginative embellishment and creativity The third of her Lords of the Two Lands Trilogy, this volume tells the story of second son, Ahmose, the third of the family to pick up the torch to secure Egypt s freedom from the Setui usurpers A great story full of human drama, thrilling war situations and heart wrenching tender moments, this is a great one Yea for Gedge.

    • This is a long book And ultimately a DNF for me It was well written and historically accurate, but I just wasn t in the mood for a saga In all fairness to the author, though, I did not read the first two books in the trilogy I hadn t realized that this was the last one, although that didn t prevent me from understanding what was going on.

    • I really don t like trilogies they force me to keep on reading to find out the ending I find that parts get a little slow, but they are probably necessary for the development of the story But this book was way too long.

    • I found this book to drag a little halfway through The ending was good and finished off the trilogy I have read ether books of around this time.

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