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Opposites Attract By Merry Farmer Opposites Attract Haskell Wyoming has a rich and vibrant history dating back to the Old West But with the opening of Paradise Space Flight an aeronautics company and brain child of Howard Franklin Haskell IV the en
  • Title: Opposites Attract
  • Author: Merry Farmer
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  • Page: 102
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Opposites Attract By Merry Farmer
    Opposites Attract By Merry Farmer Haskell, Wyoming has a rich and vibrant history, dating back to the Old West But with the opening of Paradise Space Flight, an aeronautics company and brain child of Howard Franklin Haskell IV, the entire town is looking to the future All except cowgirl, Casey Flint Daughter of one of the original Paradise Ranch families, Casey is reeling from all of the change in her hHaskell, Wyoming has a rich and vibrant history, dating back to the Old West But with the opening of Paradise Space Flight, an aeronautics company and brain child of Howard Franklin Haskell IV, the entire town is looking to the future All except cowgirl, Casey Flint Daughter of one of the original Paradise Ranch families, Casey is reeling from all of the change in her hometown Even so when project manager Scott Martin moves into town and turns her world upside down Scott is than ready to embrace the quieter pace of life that Haskell represents while helping a new and exciting company to launch in ways than one His life gets even better when he meets and falls hard for local girl, Casey But Casey proves to be of a challenge than he anticipated when she seeks to block his efforts to buy land from her father Scott and Casey rub each other the wrong way, but the sparks they create are irresistible But just as the two rivals are tempted to give in to attraction, the infamous Bonneville family causes trouble for both Scott and Casey s family When they threaten to buy out Casey s family s ranch, everyone s futures are in jeopardy Hearts are on the line as the cowgirl and the engineer must work together to preserve the past and protect the future The Nerds of Paradise series take place in the modern day world of Haskell, Wyoming Want to read about the founding and history of the town Check out The Brides of Paradise Ranch historical western series PLEASE BE ADVISED Steam Level Very Hot
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      Merry Farmer is a bestselling, award winning novelist who lives in suburban Philadelphia with her two cats, Torpedo, her grumpy old man, and Justine, the new, feisty baby She has been writing since she was ten years old and realized one day that she didn t have to wait for the teacher to assign a creative writing project to write something It was the best day of her life She then went on to earn not one but two degrees in History so that she would always have something to write about Her books have topped the and iBooks charts, and been named as finalists in the prestigious RONE and Rom Com Reader s Crown awards Historical, ContemporaryMerry

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    • Ah, Casey You re a flat, one dimensional heroine If you do the financials on your ranch, you know that there s no money for improvements You re a lean operation There s no way you ll survive without an influx of cash Five acres of your heritage is better than losing the whole chalupa You feel me So stop stomping your feet and being a raging bitch to Scott He s a great dude.Scott, she s an abuser Seriously If she s in her 20 s and goes from Hi there to ignoring you once she learns your name, then [...]

    • For starters the cover is ghastly But the story unfolded nicely at first, before the heroine turned rather spiteful and unpleasant I honestly can t imagine any real man wanting to pursue a woman who treated him that way But this is fiction , so we had the predictable sex and then the even worse small town America shenanigans with the town council doing their own thing and making up laws as they go along Please, as a Brit, can someone tell me if that sort of thing really happens The story was oka [...]

    • I can t really make up my mind on this one It was cute and all, and there was a real issue that had nothing to do with the romance, but it was also kinda dragged on, and it eventually got a bit boring.Also, Casey was so self sabotaging, I just wanted to strangle her at times

    • 3.5 5.0 Opposites Attract is a solidly written story of two people fighting over a piece of land, but it represents than just land to both of them.Read full review in the 2017 May issue of InD tale Magazine.

    • She was a basket case and he was dumbScott was a barely researched piece of drivel He s building a green house A green house is than solar panels, a wind turbine, a septic tank and well There is passive heating and cooling that can be explained, grey water recycling, recycled insulation and building materials, insulated glass windows, green roofs, and all kinds of other things that can and should be part of a green house built by an aerospace engineer And the fact that the aerospace aspect of t [...]

    • Less than a year after her mother dies, Casey learns that her father and brother have agreed to sell 5 acres of their ranch to a man who wants to build a green house She s livid, but financially it will help to sustain the ranch longer.One of the small town s grand families has invested in a space flight company which has build its HQ in Haskell, flooding the town with new nerdy citizens At a mixer, Casey meets a new nerd and they re instantly attracted to each other until she finds out he s the [...]

    • Opposites Attract is Book One of Merry Farmer s Nerds of Paradise series The back story is good and certainly one I would normally be drawn too However, I really didn t like Casey Very shallow Obviously has a lot of issues Despite the fact that her father and brother approved the sale of land, she s still doing everything she can to get Scott to change his mind and trying to put a guilt trip on him to I don t know what sell the land back to her family maybe Not sure what she thought the outcome [...]

    • Eventually a heartwarming bookI almost quit several times as the main female character is just too whiny, annoying, self involved and idiotic She s still so wrapped up in grieving the loss of her mother and yes, I get that that s the point that she refuses to live or face reality Her reaction to her father selling five acres of land from their ranch is completely over the top and ridiculous It s made even so when her father explains the cash infusion is necessary to save the ranch she purports [...]

    • I wanted to like itAs a nerd myself, I really wanted to love this book, but I was quickly disappointed The grief rationalized insanity of the h was such a turn off, though, I almost didn t get past the first scene when the H and h met I don t understand why either of them even got past that, but somehow they did I soldiered through the rest and it eventually mostly redeemed itself, hence my review not being lower stars.There s potential in the series, though, since the other ladies seem a bit wi [...]

    • I liked this book primarily because I could read it without much thinking It is an easy beach or poolside read Cassey doesn t want to like the new boy in town He has purchased part of her father s farm and plans to build a house She is still not recovered from her mother s death a year ago, and just can t find a way to be happy But, like most of this genre of book, good and love triumph in the end.

    • Opposites Attract by Merry Farmer is a totally fun read Ms Farmer has given us a book that is loaded with humor, drama, sizzle and suspense I loved the characters in Casey and Scott s story, they are a perfect fit in this book I enjoyed reading Opposites Attract and look forward to reading from Merry Farmer in the future Opposites Attract is book 1 of the Nerds Of Paradise Series but can be read as a standalone This is a complete book, not a cliff hanger.

    • Haskell Wyoming current day If youve ready any of Merry s Historicals you will be familiar with this town And you will also recognize some of the characters here well their descendants actually lol What do you get when you cross a broken hearted ex barrel racer with an aeronautical space flight project manager you get heated sparks of course Definitely read this for a spicy romance that will keep your attention to the end.

    • New seriesThis book, the first in a new series, introduces some interesting characters that I enjoyed However, the most interesting part of the book to me was the small town political portions, specifically historical protection versus the rights of the property owners.

    • Very interesting storyThis was a different plot than other books I ve read I was pulled in to the town of Haskell immediately Cheering for the townspeople and booing for the Bonneville s Loved reading bout the history of the town I ll definitely read of this series

    • I was looking forward to reading about a sexy nerd I like smart guys and it s refreshing to read about someone who isn t an athlete, billionaire, or bad boy etc I enjoyed the writing and the overall story was ok I just couldn t get on board with Casey I found her to be extremely irritating, immature and selfish I just didn t care of her childish personality and going out of her way to make it difficult for Scott and running around the town trying to get sympathy points from friends without even [...]

    • Ok book Very predictable Her mom died Move on amd quit whimming Very hard to finish as id lost interest halfway through Only finished this book because wild ride cowboy was not out yet.

    • BoringSkipped half the book Just so damn boring Disappointed because Casey was annoying and Scott was a pushover even though he didn t give up on his dream Just plain blah.

    • Great read Cute sweetrds.love this storyI had a great afternoon reading it.Loved itw gonna read rest in series Buy it

    • Opposites atractFantastic book I loved it Scott and Casey are brilliant main characters I can t wait to read the next in the series

    • Too funnyHorses, houses and Bonnevilles This is the start of a great series with love being the first prescription Delightful and delicious

    • Casey had to be the most irritating protagonist ever She made reading this book way less enjoyable and so much frustrating than it needed to be.

    • This was an okay read Casey was really frustrating at times Scott was very patient Why do nerds have to wear glasses lol

    • Female character was annoying and possibly borderline personality disorder Otherwise this book was entertaining enough.

    • Goodthe story that shows how a two groups of people ha e to learn to work to getter to safe a ranching community

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