The Prey of Gods #2020

The Prey of Gods By Nicky Drayden The Prey of Gods In South Africa the future looks promising Personal robots are making life easier for the working class The government is harnessing renewable energy to provide infrastructure for the poor And in the
  • Title: The Prey of Gods
  • Author: Nicky Drayden
  • ISBN: 9780062493033
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Prey of Gods By Nicky Drayden
    The Prey of Gods By Nicky Drayden In South Africa, the future looks promising Personal robots are making life easier for the working class The government is harnessing renewable energy to provide infrastructure for the poor And in the bustling coastal town of Port Elizabeth, the economy is booming thanks to the genetic engineering industry which has found a welcome home there Yes the days to come are lIn South Africa, the future looks promising Personal robots are making life easier for the working class The government is harnessing renewable energy to provide infrastructure for the poor And in the bustling coastal town of Port Elizabeth, the economy is booming thanks to the genetic engineering industry which has found a welcome home there Yes the days to come are looking very good for South Africans That is, if they can survive the present challenges A new hallucinogenic drug sweeping the country .An emerging AI uprising .And an ancient demigoddess hellbent on regaining her former status by preying on the blood and sweat but mostly blood of every human she encounters.It s up to a young Zulu girl powerful enough to destroy her entire township, a queer teen plagued with the ability to control minds, a pop diva with serious daddy issues, and a politician with even serious mommy issues to band together to ensure there s a future left to worry about.
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      Nicky Drayden is a Systems Analyst who dabbles in prose when she s not buried in code She resides in Austin, Texas where being weird is highly encouraged, if not required.

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    • Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel, From Beginning to Bookend.Set in South Africa in the year 2064, The Prey of Gods unveils the otherworldly circumstances that draw five unusual characters together Muzi is a teenager who just got his hands on a hallucinogenic drug that causes unorthodox side effects Nomvula is a little girl with golden eyes and an epic secret Stoker is a councilman by day and something entirely different by night Riya is a world famous pop singer with [...]

    • UPDATE 27 November 2017Hey Guys Even the LA Times agrees with me about this book I am not going to pretend this is a review I read this book at least three times in different incarnations before it was accepted by Harper Voyager because Nicky s my bud I was knocked on my fat spreadin butt by her warm, deluded thanks addressed to me in the Acknowledgments But I can tell you the simple, god s honest truth If I didn t like this book, I d send her a nice email thanking her as prettily as possible an [...]

    • Nicky Drayden s debut novel The Prey of Gods is an exciting and adventurous book with a highly original setting, and a very singular hybrid of urban fantasy and sci fi tropes The novel is set in a future South Africa where advanced technology and economic opportunity are improving the lives of its citizens across racial and class lines But ancient gods and demigods walk among the population in secret, and one in particular feels the need to assert her will on the population A virus ostensibly en [...]

    • A glorious mash up of great characters and bizarre science fictional and mythic plotting leads to a wild and unpredictable book with a wicked sense of humor The character on the amazing cover is meant to be Nomvula, a young Zulu demigoddess that s a POV character in the book, but I think the expression on her face is that of the author when presenting this book to us sheer evil delight in what she has wrought.This is a multi POV character book with various fascinating characters from around Port [...]

    • In future South Africa, there s a demigoddess Not a powerful demigoddess, but a washed up demigoddess Sydney has lost all her magic and now works in a salon doing nails, but she has a plan to regain her original status kill lots of people for their blood That always works for me Hoping to keep Sydney from achieving her goal is a pop diva, a queer teen with powers, a politician, and a young Zulu girl who has also recently discovered she has a little magic in her Now add robots, genetic engineerin [...]

    • I received this via Giveaways in exchange for an honest review All my opinions are my own Wow one of those highly anticipated of mine reads that lived up to what I was hoping it would be.This is a crazy, weird, bizarre ride that drew me in from the first page overused expression shrugs To some maybe but for me, this was a journey I didn t want to leave for real life Dang human body needing sleep too, how dare it.We get POVs from a few different characters Nomvula, Sydney, Stoker, Muzi, Clever, R [...]

    • Nicky Drayden answered a few questions about her debut novel in this awesome Q and AThere are time when all the pieces come together Sometimes that is because the pieces are made to be together a dark lord chasing the orphaned farm boy and the like But to make all the pieces come together when said pieces are a virtual grab bag of randomness takes a bit skill Robot uprising, pissed off demi god, young girl with the power to naturally nuke a town, hallucinations that are real and not real and re [...]

    • Bonkers, and jam packed with so much demigoddesses, one young and the other embracing her full evil side, a new hallucinogenic drug hitting the streets, a temperamental pop star with a big secret, a high school aged boy and his best friend, little robots and their sentience journey, a major gene mod corporation, a Councilman with a secret life, pesty creatures infesting the area They all come together in a multi Pov ed, crazy, action packed, horror tinged, kooky, violent story with imagination a [...]

    • This book was a mess but it was an entertaining and imaginative mess First you need to forget about the cover The cover could have been a picture of flying demons in sequined dresses and secret robot armies However the current cover makes you think that the book is about a revolt of big robots led by a small girl Instead it s about small robots that are like laptops with legs, demigods and goddesses, an hallucinogenic drug, a DNA altering virus, mind control, terrorist acts, a transgender politi [...]

    • Absolutely fantastic A SFF novel effortless mix of magic and machinery set in a near future South Africa where new tech and old gods collide The story has multiple protagonists including a just emerging gay couple and a politican with a secret life as a drag singer coming to realise she s a transwoman, also a service robot, and a girl god coming into her powers It s gleefully inventive, supremely diverse, rich, incredibly atmospheric with a terrifically well realised setting, and totally compell [...]

    • 3.5 starsI loved the energy of this story Drayden does a wonderful job with her characters, who all have their demons but also irreverent moments Can you get a better horrific image than the furious demigoddess living her mundane life at the nail salon and stuck in traffic, then coming home to the captive man she s slowly torturing to death.This is also a very good attempt at a mosaic novel, building the stories of individuals, which then coalesce into a unifying story for the book as a whole Th [...]

    • This was wonderfully bizarre.The Prey of Gods is a sci fantasy novel set in South Africa and possibly the weirdest books I ve ever read, so weird it s difficult to review it properly.If you think I m exaggerating, this book contains weird hybrids, including whippet iguana and rhionhawks rhino lion hawk combinations a demigoddes running on bot belief implied crab porpoise drug induced sex an invasion of dik diks and a lot of dik dik jokes also, circumcision AI uprising, but in a religious way mas [...]

    • Absolutely fantastic, most imaginative and refreshing sci fi I ve read in years The beginning was a little rocky, but don t let the circumcision scare you away Things are just getting started and I can t wait to find out about these Demi gods hidden in plain sight and the drug that brings out all of our secret powers Awesome blend of scifi and fantasy Also sweet m m romance D

    • I ve never read any of the authors short stories but I ve heard thats what she initially got known for I felt like act 1 was just multiple collection of short stories without a main story arc It kicked in a bit too late for me The novel deals with a tonne of themes, friendship, love, sexuality, AI and its conflicting use etc too many to list Ultimately its about being yourself However, I do think thats what it suffers from Too many ideas not enough cohesion I still enjoyed act 3 and that made up [...]

    • I knew the moment I saw this beautiful book that I would be buying a physical copy just so that I could occasionally look at it It has to be one of my favorite cover arts ever But this gem of a book is not just a pretty face, The Prey of Gods exceeded every expectation that I had going in It is a wonderfully unique, strange, and yet familiar story Drayden managed to take a well used plot and created a story that is so different and impressive that I am still thinking about these characters days [...]

    • The first couple of things that pop in my mind when thinking of The Prey of Gods an angry demigoddess, a hallucinogenic concert, circumcision, a winged girl, eating fruit in the afterlife, riding hybrid species, and dik diks youtube watch v 9t0yLFunny, lighthearted, and sincere The Prey of Gods is a book that suspends your disbelief and it stays with you well after you ve finished it.

    • The cover of this book is outstanding The synopsis sounds kickass, butIf I had read this book before publication I would have suggested these things 1 Cut down on the amount of characters Stoker and Riya are unnecessary and add unnecessary complications to the plot.2 Focus on your two young characters and market this as a YA.3 If one of your main characters is going to kill 37,00 people it s going to be hard to like her, so you probably need to spend time and plot on her development as a demigo [...]

    • Longer review probably later I read the first few chapters before release date, but then a giant excavator started tearing up our rental while we were still living in it Finally I could sit down and read the whole thing it demands undivided attention.This is the wackiest book I read all year and that s saying something It was amazing how it got wilder and wilder without ever breaking my suspension of disbelief I enjoyed the heck out of it I was a bit worried where the trans plotline would go or, [...]

    • The Prey of Gods is a book which explores a unique mixture of science fiction and fantasy ideas It is set in a future version of Africa, with genetic modification and personal assistant robots part of everyday life Yet this is also a version of Africa in which old gods from African mythology also tread In many respects this is a novel which explores the concept of the human genome It focuses on the interesting idea of humanity as gods, while also exploring a vision of the future that examines co [...]

    • Originally published on The Curious SFF Reader Set in a futuristic South Africa where everyone has their own personal robot making their life easier, a vengeful godess is slowly preparing the end of humanity as we know itand an AI uprising is upcoming And all of that because of a new hallucinogenic drug which gives humans superpowers.The Prey of Gods follows an old goddess, a young girl that has the power to overpower her, a teenage boy, a pop star and a politician who is Stoker during the day a [...]

    • YESSSS this book was awesome Robots and demigods and awesome diverse characters I devoured this and had so much fun reading it.

    • What a read At a high level the story revolves around gods in human form living on the margin amongst the population of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, largely forgotten The combination of a new recreational drug and a virus released into the population, reveals some humans to also have god like powers Old gods and new clash.In telling this tale Nicky Drayden goes all in delivering an everything plus the kitchen sink tour de force amalgam of fantasy and sci fi that will likely leave you questionin [...]

    • First I have to say I was given a copy of this book to read by Harper Voyager because I am a SuperReader Alright, let s get to it I went back and forth from not liking this book, to finding it funny, to liking it, to not really sure what I was reading The thing is I don t want to be too critical of this book because I think Nicky Drayden has a lot of potential as a writer She is witty and very creative I mean the entire idea of the book gods and robots set in futuristic South Africa is really co [...]

    • Once upon a time there was an author who, legend says, set out to see exactly how many disparate elements she could fit into one story.Along with male genitalia.Lots of male genitalia You wouldn t believe the sheer amount of male genitalia.From demi gods to robot uprisings, and a born male fighting for his identity as a woman against his mum, to the dikdiks and the rhionhawks, and the mass genocide, and the homosexuality, and the old perv who carved a harem outta wood and bestialityIts all withi [...]

    • HA omg This was explosive Awesome Yeah, I hate comparing this to Nnedi Okorafor because Drayden has a distinct voice, but this DID remind me a bit of Lagoon, except with robots ancient gods hallucinogens, and set in South Africa instead of Lagos.Longer review later, but I m not typically a Voyager fan, and this was truly amazing Been looking forward to this for a looooooooooong time and so happy it didn t disappoint.

    • Even if you are not a huge sci fi reader, I think The Prey of Gods is worth a try I don t read a lot of sci fi because I get kind of tired of the same tropes, but hardly anything in this book is something you ve read before It feels like a different kind of sci fi novel in that way that sometimes a new sci fi movie will make me feel invigorated There are probably a couple too many pieces here Overall it ended up for me at 3.5 stars due to a rather bogged down third act, but I round up for enthus [...]

    • The Prey of Gods by Nicky Drayden is an impressive debut novel that has a lot of ideas stuffed into it but the ideas are disconnected to each other in a way that makes you wonder if she was a bit too ambitious with her scope This is a many points of view, mosaic fantasy book with science fiction elements thrown in There are about 6 or so points of view in this book and she attempts to have all these characters crossover with each other throughout the story This is basically an old god goddess st [...]

    • This was a fun read It had a lot going for it, but there were also some big things I couldn t quite overlook.The part I had trouble with were a few anticlimactic moments view spoiler Councilman Stoker s relationship with his mother, for example all the sudden, she loves and accepts him Hmmm hide spoiler And another thing that bothered me was view spoiler the end of it I wasn t left with a picture of how Sydney fell hide spoiler All that said, this book had a great diversity of characters The mag [...]

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