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Cocky Senator By Faleena Hopkins Cocky Senator The Cocker Brothers series just keep getting better and better in my opinion I inhaled this story in one sittings it was that damn good FindMyBlissJUSTINI m about to run for Senator the youngest Geo
  • Title: Cocky Senator
  • Author: Faleena Hopkins
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cocky Senator By Faleena Hopkins
    Cocky Senator By Faleena Hopkins The Cocker Brothers series just keep getting better and better in my opinion I inhaled this story in one sittings, it was that damn good FindMyBlissJUSTINI m about to run for Senator, the youngest Georgia s seen in 200 years For my whole life, this has been my obsession It s why I went to Yale Why I work twelve hour days I don t want kids I don t want a wi The Cocker Brothers series just keep getting better and better in my opinion I inhaled this story in one sittings, it was that damn good FindMyBlissJUSTINI m about to run for Senator, the youngest Georgia s seen in 200 years For my whole life, this has been my obsession It s why I went to Yale Why I work twelve hour days I don t want kids I don t want a wife I don t believe in marriage, for a very good reason that I will never share with anyone.Going to Washington is all I ever think about, until a smoky eyed beauty orders, Jameson whiskey, rocks, and accepts my invitation to what turns out to be the hottest sex of my life.When she leaves me standing there staring after her and zipping up my pants, wondering who the hell she is, I try like hell to ignore the fact that my obsession just switched her.JAIMIEMy father needs me So here I am at the airport leaving everything I ve built in Boston and everyone I know, in order to move to Atlanta Hence the booze before noon on a Tuesday.When Justin Cocker appears at my side, offering himself up as a stress reliever, I know he doesn t recognize me Why would he I only went to his high school for one year, and I was hideous back then Late bloomer that s me.He s gorgeous and dirty minded Best of all is the look in his eyes Desire Lust Need.He leans in and smirks, I know a janitor s closet that locks You think a lady would turn down such an offer, wouldn t you Not today she wouldn t.
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    • Cocky Senator Cocker Brothers of Atlanta 5 By Faleena Hopkins Wow Another fabulous Cocker Brothers book This story definitely captures your attention from the beginning, does not let up Imagine finding yourself in a airport bar the stranger next to you is flirting with you And you actually take them up their flirtation Public sex not once, but twice on a trip from Boston to AtlantaNow that I have your curiosity Peak Let me wake up your sensesYou think ok that you ll never see this person again r [...]

    • It feels like I ve read nothing but misses lately This is another book that I had to push myself to finish Justin is your typical manwhore He meets Jaime, they have a hot one night stand but he is 100% not looking for a relationship or any meaningful connection It s just sex for him He admits that Jaime is hot and he liked their smexy encounter but he doesn t plan to pursuer her or even get her name He is a one and done kind of guy.Also he is running for senator It just so happens that his oppon [...]

    • One night of passion for Justin Cocker and Jaimie Rothdale will end up something Jaimie is on her way to see her Dad in Atlanta when she is spotted in the bar by a Cocker Brother Jaimie recognizes Justin from school but seems he doesn t recognize her and they have wild passionate sex When they arrive in Atlanta, they go their separate ways thinking that they won t see each other ever again, but fate has a different plan up her sleeve Justin is running for the Senate seat and wants Senator Rothd [...]

    • This is a silly, popcorn book and a 2 star read Except, it provided moving insight into the way people develop romantic relationships based on their parental relationships and the way their parents conducted themselves in romantic relationships This was personally resonant, gratifying, and educational It made me reflective and helped me to see myself Thus, two stars becomes three.

    • When there s a sex scene in a janitor s closet in the first few chapters, you re getting a full five stars from me This book was well written and sexy with a fun, sweet surprise Hot dad alert Highly recommend, particularly if you like the political romance trope.

    • I m loved it butI loved it but I really didn t enjoy how long it took Justin to pull his head out of his rear Started off really,really HOT Then a twist I didn t see coming took the story in a slightly different direction and made it easier for Justin to bring Jamie into his life,while I loved the twist,I came to resent Justin s stubbornness that bordered on stupidity,watching a man be stupid is never fun unless it s the kinda thing you d see my n I he those crazy video shows Loved Jamie she was [...]

    • I don t usually take this long to read a book But a have a two month grand baby that I take care of everyday He s my entire world I wanted to bring to your attention the bonus read after you conclude each Crocker Brothers book They are absolutely adorable Reading about how the children are older The knowledge of these two Justin and Jaimie had twins was freaking awesome I already knew they had one Justin found out he had a 5 year old after her mom passes What a great read I hope you all look in [...]

    • I gotta say, I was unsure how I d feel about Justin s book He s definitely a manwhore, and I wasn t sure how that was going to go over for me Obviously, as you can see from my 5 star rating, I loved it There were quite a few things that came up in this one that were unexpected and I really loved them The thing with his mom, yeah I kinda saw that coming the closer it got and I feel a little relieved with how that played out Hannah was super cute and unexpected but I loved it I can t seem to get m [...]

    • I just don t know how to put into words how much I love this series and this Cocker family In my opinion each book keeps getting better and better From the previous books, I have to be honest I didn t love Justin as much as his brothers and I was wondering if he was going to be able to settle into a happily ever after like the other Cocker boys have so far That being said, I couldn t wait to devour this book and when it arrived in my in box, it absolutely made my weekend Justin has had his sight [...]

    • Wow Love This Book November 20, 2016By AngelaThis review is from Cocky Senator The Cocker Brothers of Georgia Volume 5 Paperback I voluntarily reviewed this book as an ARC This is the fifth cocker brother that I have read over the past few weeks This story is very endearing and wonderful how two people can meet and immediately recognize a connection like no other and then build from it Justin, who is the ultimate player has met his match with the beautiful and confident Jaimie Justin, a very int [...]

    • Oh man, I knew I was forgetting something I finished this yesterday morning, started reading a new book right after, then worked a full shift I ve been trying to make sure I review every book I read, but my poor feeble brain just plain forgot about this one Sorry Faleena This is my second Faleena Hopkins book, and I know I m reading them out of order, but hey respect my choices Also, fair warning, its 4 30 am, and I may be a tetch snarky Deal with it I loved Jaimie She was strong, outspoken, loy [...]

    • I won t bore you with a long synopsis of Justin s and Jaimie s story as I m pretty sure that you probably know it by now You wanna know if it s worth your time and money to invest in reading this book If you ll be entertained or be able to escape from it all for a time So here s my take on itAs I m sitting, writing this review, I m stunned by the fact that Ms Faleena Hopkins has done it to me again I just started and finished reading Cocky Senator in record time without breaks, knowing fully tha [...]

    • Justin is my favorite Cocker brother I have to say Justin s story was not what I expected It was better I love Justin s passion He always knows what he wants I also love Jaimie She knows who she is and she is not afraid to stand for what she believes She is not afraid to be sexy.I have always known that Justin was one you could rely on I learned this in the previous books from this series However, in this book he truly shines His passion for work, for family, and for love He gives whole heartedl [...]

    • Justin is announcing his run for Senator, the youngest Georgia s seen in 200 years It has been is obsession and only goal in life He wants to make great changes in politic he believes are absolutely necessary He has no thoughts for marriage, children, nor a family because of an experience when he was much younger Hot sex with random women is another thing and finding Jamie at the airport on makes him want her Jamie is traveling to help her father in his run for senator Running in to Justin at t [...]

    • Cocky Senator is book 5 in the Cocker Brothers Series by Faleena Hopkins and I loved it This book had everything I look for in a book It was funny, heartwarming and super sexy.Justin Cocker is the sexy dirty talking politician, who has his sights set only on the Senate Even though he comes from a large and very close family, Justin has always kept to himself As with most families, Justin is closest to his twin Jason Well at least he was until Jason got married and now has a kid on the way Becaus [...]

    • Another Cocker Brother wins my heart I voluntarily reviewed this book as an ARC and I am happy to be on team Faleena This is the best one yet of course, I say that about all of the Cocker brothers Justin and Jaimie love the alliteration story was very emotional I wasn t sure I could get into a political story considering all of the recent election season but Faleena knows how to build context without overkill There are surprises for Justin and for other members of the Cocker family in this story [...]

    • Justin Cocker, up and coming politician, self proclaimed ladies man with a love em and leave em attitude, gets the surprise of his life in than one way Will he learn to believe in love, marriage and himself in time to hold on to what fate is offering Even though this is a work of fiction, Ms Hopkins has restored my faith in men Two people hardened to the ideas of happiness through marriage, Justin witnessed betrayal and infidelity at a young age, Jaime has abandonment issues caused by her fathe [...]

    • I have read all the Cocker brother books so far, and this is the first one that I didn t think I would even like Justin Cocker He was than just cocky, he was never going to get attached to any woman although he slept with many, he even turned down his twin to be godfather to his twins child But his good qualities were amazing He had great plans for his state by being elected senator First he meets Jaimie and his world get turned on its side, but Justin is determined not to let that get in his w [...]

    • I really really liked this book, I mean I Really Liked this book I was given this book by the author and volunteered to read for an honest review I have read all the Cocker brother books as well as a slew of other books written by Faleena She is one of my top favorite authors It would be hard to rate which brother I liked the most but surprisingly this Cocker brother came out on top Surprisingly because I didn t think I would like a politician Each story is a standalone but a member of one large [...]

    • Best cocker brother story to date I know I say that Everytime but they keep getting better What can I say about this book other than read me read me read me This story had tears forming in my eyes I know the stories always have a happy ending but you just never know and my heart was breaking for Jamie I wanted him to see what he was giving up by not wanting to settle down with her Then of course the surprise twist is but into the story,dont want to spoil it for anyone, and it gives him a chance [...]

    • Wow, another contemporary 5 star romance I ve loved every book in this series I love the way Ms HOPKINS SLOWLWow, another contemporary 5 star romance I ve loved every book in this series I love the way Ms Hopkins slowly draws the reader deeper and deeper into the story It is a stand alone with drama, intrigue, uncertainty and love Justin is running for the Senate seat He runs into Jamie at the airport and there s explosive sexual sparks between them There are some unexpected twists and turns whi [...]

    • I received this book as an ARC, in exchange for a fair review.I LOOOOVED this story Very exciting, with some amazing plot twists This book kept me interested and reading for pretty much the duration of the entire book I m a Faleena fan, and have been for a long time I ve read almost everything shes written, except some of her early stuff, which I still will.There is so much to read out there, and so little time, it takes a SPECIAL author to keep snagging me, let alone make me cry THREE times, wh [...]

    • Every time I read a new Cocker Brothers story I think I love it I have been waiting for this one in particular, and I wasn t disappointed From the first time they meet, Jaimie and Justin have amazing chemistry I really liked the development of Jaimie s character, and her relationship with her father, and how trust plays a pivotal role in this story There are lots of surprises I didn t see coming Each of the Cocker Brothers stories are entwined in this one, so I recommend reading the other ones [...]

    • I think Justin just became my favorite Cocker brother From the little rolls he played in the other stories I wasn t so sure how Faleena would make me like this guy but she pulled it off without a hitch He has so much depth the further in to the story you get and you can t help but fall in love with him just a little The story got a little rocky in a couple of places but it always ended up being for a good reason and ended up making the story better The story started off steamy and ended steamy [...]

    • I received an advanced reader copy of this book for review and absolutely loved it to the point I finished it in less then 8 hours Before I would say that Jake Cocky Roomie was my favorite brother, but after reading this story, Justin has stolen my heart as the favorite The story itself lends to some unpredictable events and the characters were complex and lovable I think it was a great read and by far one of the most memorable books I ve read recently.Note that while this story can be read on i [...]

    • I ve been waiting for a piece of Justin for a while now being as he s introduced earlier in the series I m happy to say I enjoyed his story even with some MAJOR twists and turns that happened Not what I expected, but only made me love him so much I m so glad Jaime turned out to be a beautiful woman who could stand by him It was great to get glimpses of the other Cocker brothers as well This author continues to keep my interest with subject matter of my liking, being well written and having cont [...]

    • I loved this book, once I started reading the book I couldn t put it down Everything seems to be going wrong for Justin For the first time he falls for a girl that he can t walk away from Then he drops out of the senate race which has been his dream Even though he everyone in the family knows Justin is in love with Jamie, until his mom talks to him about the family secret, he isn t willing to admit it to himself This book is a standalone story, but if you ve read the previous books you ll know w [...]

    • Oh my goodness I swear every time I read a new book by Faleena Hopkins that it is the best one yet Then I reread another one of her books and realize that it was fantastic too They are all amazing and Cocky Senator is every bit as good I can t say enou great things about this book It is a definite must read I will definitely be rereading this because it is so good I really sped through it because I had to see what happened next Now I will go back and read it at a leisurely pace LOL It really is [...]

    • I love the Cocky brothers The family is so close and yet each of the brothers is his own person In Cocky Senator, we get Justin s story This was another roller coaster of emotion, and I really loved the direction this story took It was unexpected, but somehow just worked really well The scenes felt real and the steamy scenes were hot I love Faleena s writing style and look forward to the next Cocky Brother story, where we will finally get to learn about Jeremy I was gifted an ARC from the author [...]

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