Falcone Strike #2020

Falcone Strike By Christopher G. Nuttall Lauren Ezzo Falcone Strike Now a celebrated war hero Captain Kat Falcone is back at the helm of HMS Lightning and up against near impossible odds After an ill timed outburst almost ends her career Kat is handed command of a d
  • Title: Falcone Strike
  • Author: Christopher G. Nuttall Lauren Ezzo
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Audible Audio
  • Falcone Strike By Christopher G. Nuttall Lauren Ezzo
    Falcone Strike By Christopher G. Nuttall Lauren Ezzo Now a celebrated war hero, Captain Kat Falcone is back at the helm of HMS Lightning and up against near impossible odds After an ill timed outburst almost ends her career, Kat is handed command of a deep strike mission into enemy space The objective is to gather intelligence and distract the hostile Theocracy while the Commonwealth prepares its counteroffensive.The chancNow a celebrated war hero, Captain Kat Falcone is back at the helm of HMS Lightning and up against near impossible odds After an ill timed outburst almost ends her career, Kat is handed command of a deep strike mission into enemy space The objective is to gather intelligence and distract the hostile Theocracy while the Commonwealth prepares its counteroffensive.The chances for success are slim and for survival even slimmer.Armed with a ragtag fleet of outdated starships, a few loyal officers, and a skeleton crew of refugees, Kat knows the Royal Navy expects her to fail But failure almost certainly means death or worse, as the Theocracy does not treat prisoners kindly Pitted against the enemy defenses of her old nemesis Admiral Junayd, there is no room for error And with a spy hidden aboard her ship, Kat will need than her wits to survive Can Kat enter the lion s den, strike a blow for the Commonwealth, and escape with her life
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      208 Christopher G. Nuttall Lauren Ezzo
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      Christopher G. Nuttall Lauren Ezzo Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Falcone Strike book, this is one of the most wanted Christopher G. Nuttall Lauren Ezzo author readers around the world.

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    • Like the first instalment in this book series from Christopher Nuttall this book is my cup of tea The adventures of Captain Kat Falcone and the war against the religious fanatics in the Theocracy continues at a brisk pace Kat is already a war hero and it is safe to say that she adds to that reputation in this book.As the book blurb states Kat has somewhat of an outburst at a gathering with a lot of high brass, lords and political dimwits Well, outburst and outburst She tells a particular stupid, [...]

    • Giving the enemy a bloody nose again The second book in this series is flat It has very little plot line and the tension of any sort of interesting action just isn t in it I really liked the first book so I plunged into the second anticipating that it would be of the same But no matter how I ve tried to bravely go, it s just ho hum There are numerous places in which Mr Nutall could have created some excitement and anticipation, only to have the missions turn out pretty much as you knew it would [...]

    • This is book two in the Angel in the Whirlwind series about Kat Falcone Captain Kat Falcone is back in command of HMS Lighting The mission is a deep strike mission into enemy space to gather intelligence and distract the Theocracy while the Commonwealth prepares a counter offensive Kat has gained the confidence of King Hadrian, and has been given a brevet rank of Commodore Her ship HMS Lightening has been newly outfitted but the rest of the ships in her squadron are outdated and understaffed and [...]

    • While Falcone Strike follows a familiar pattern it tells a very good story in the process I met Kat Falcone in book one of the series and enjoyed how she handled a very bad situation Now she is back and has put herself at risk by tell a blowhard with powerful friends just what is and is not As a result she is sent behind enemy lines to make as much trouble as she can with a less than stellar fleet to do it with.The plot flowed smoothly and the action matched the problems that Kat faced The bad g [...]

    • a little to errr LIKED it im a huge honor Harrington fan in a way im unhappy with the series as it builds her EXO into a bigger and bigger character just not a person im into also the whole side thing with davis moments just i dunno ever thought of using a bob girl seriously build davis character and there time together so it makes a bit emotional sense other than that not a bad series id like to see side characters fleshed out a tiny bit besides the EXo

    • Yet another great readWe continue to follow the heroine of this series, Kat has been given a new task Go behind enemy lines and cause as much problems as she is able But before she returns to the safety of home space, she is able to rescue commonwealth POWs One which she are anyone else expected.

    • While there is fairly non stop action, I m finding this series to be formulaic and repetitive.What s really turning me off is the distasteful nature of the antagonist theocratic empire I think I m done with the series at this point I may gives the author another chance, however.

    • Summary Simple space opera with classic goodies and baddies, but likeable main character, interesting plot, the premise is quite interesting as well so in summary not very thought provoking but a good read Book 2 continues from where 1 left off, but this time behind enemy linesPlotline The plot is well thought out, a bit predictable, but interestingPremise Hyperspace is never really explained yet but it interacts with the plot in interesting ways, simple but effectiveWriting Very readable, light [...]

    • I liked this than the first book Kat did badass stuff and kicked all the misogynistic butt This book also focused on her appearance way less, which was an improvement in my opinion It might just be me but I didn t feel the need to know how pretty her hair is while she s saving the galaxy.

    • As she moves through space and time our hero shows creativity and imagination inherited decisions A good moving add on to the first book A story full of fighting and heartbreak, much like any naval battle A lot to read that leaves the readers asking what comes next, given the ending circumstances, that have many branches from where the author can go A good read.

    • Falcone Strike was a good continuation of the series and yes you need to read the prior book before reading this one since the series follows the unfolding war between two star empires well, one s a Commonwealth with a King , and the other is a Theocracy with a First Speaker not actually sure if that s the head or not And, like in the previous book, I could make comparisons and differences between this book series and the Weber Honor Harrington series, but they are vaguely general similarities [...]

    • This series has a number of interesting things going for it It s very much in the style of Weber s Honor Harrington series, and here it picks up the same thing that Honor Harrington book 2 had a battle against a crazed theocracy The heroine is not quite the hard as nails heroine of the Honor Harrington series, which honestly I think I like better.What was good the bad guys are not overly simplistic The politics is interestingly murky The character is thrown into situations where her aristocratic [...]

    • Exciting taleSeems very realistic based on military political interactions of the last several hundred years Heroine is smart, determined and effective while not omniscient not omnipotent.I think you will like this story of you like military science fiction.

    • A fun and very light read Lots of tropes, good characters Some thinly veiled parallels to the current global political system Enjoyed it if you ignore all the obvious plot flaws Same review as number 1, as it is a direct follow on.

    • I m hooked.I haven t wanted to read the next book again like this since i began the Honor Harrington series Well done

    • A real page turnnerI found myself caught up in the twists and turns of the storyd was particularly interested in the societal differences between the two star worlds I am anxious to see where the story goes in the third book.

    • The spread of electronic books and self publishing has been a boon for fans of genre fiction, as it made bringing titles in their preferred lines a lot easier to bring to print or e reader With reduced production costs, authors could put their work out there with their own resources, or publishing companies would recoup expenses early enough to risk some titles.Of course, that sometimes means some real crud gets published, but it can also mean, in cases like Christopher Nuttall s Angel in the W [...]

    • Fast paced excellent sci fi thrillerI am currently overawed after finishing the latest book telling Kat Falcone s adventures A wonderful, quickly moving space opera, it tells how Kat leads a fleet of rag tag ships behind enemy lines, and somehow, against all odds manages to score several military victories It even makes the bad guy, Junayd, almost sympathetic I can t wait for another book to come out, set in this universe

    • Falcone Strike eBook was published in 2016 January and was written by Christopher Nuttall chrishanger Mr Nuttall has published than 20 novels and this is the second in his Angel in the Whirlwind Science Fiction series I received a galley of this novel for review through netgalley I categorize this novel as R as there are instances of Violence, Mature Language and Mature Situations This Science Fiction novel is set in the years following 2420 Humanity has spread to the stars, but there has been [...]

    • Hang on for the ride Captain Kat Falcone, reluctant war hero, has rubbed too many in power the wrong way Her truthful disparaging outburst plays into the hands of those who want to be rid of her Not everyone s favourite, she is charged with a do or die assignment well behind enemy lines She is to gain information and wreak havoc on the Theocracy at the same time ridding her foes of her troublesome self Ordered by King Hadrian himself to the task, Kat is faced with a sympathetic king who understa [...]

    • This is a pretty good if derivative military SF novel It s inspired by David Weber s Honor Harrington books etc , but the military setup is early in the WW2 Pacific War between Japan and the US The Commonwealth has suffered a catastrophic defeat at the hands of the militant Theocracy, which our heroine Kat Falcone partially redeems Book 1 Now they just need to get their far superior economy on a war footing, while holding the Theocrats at bay.The tale moves briskly along The characters are likea [...]

    • I cannot wait for Book 3 I am hooked on Mr Nuttall s Science Fiction Brilliance Not as fantastastical as Star Wars but also not as SCIENCE fiction heavy as Star Trek This series exists somewhere in the middle and its awesome While my personal tastes tend to lean toward fantastical Sci Fi, I felt right at home with this series Too many Military Science Fiction stories leave me feeling bland and dry due to authors feeling they need to over explain the science and not flesh out the fiction Truth b [...]

    • This book flowed better than the first book with better action, and fleet combat rather than political wrangling Some surprising twists in the book, but I wonder if because of the timing, the twists were added later perhaps after a developmental edit I am looking forward to the next book, which releases in March on Kindle.

    • I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review Thanks to the author, 47th North Publishing and Net galley for offering it.I really enjoyed book 1 of the series and Falcone Strike continued to keep me interested The story continues with the same characters and now a advanced state of war This time Lady Kat is promoted to commodore of a battered and out dated fleet of small warships and freighters and ordered behind enemy lines Her job is simply to inflict as much damage as possi [...]

    • I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Having not read book one of the Angel in the Whirlwind series, Captain Kat Falcone and her heroism was not known to me At first this did put me at somewhat at a disadvantage since the whole premise of this book is set up after Kat insults a high ranking desk riding Admiral with powerful friends Said Admiral was making disparaging comments against the CO of the major battle Kat had been in during the previous book After [...]

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