Wanted Hearts #2020

Wanted Hearts By C.J. Bishop Wanted Hearts How do you fight a demon from the pasthell bent on destroying all that you love Shattered by Clint s final cold declaration I don t miss you I don t want you I don t love you Axel struggles to make it
  • Title: Wanted Hearts
  • Author: C.J. Bishop
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Wanted Hearts By C.J. Bishop
    Wanted Hearts By C.J. Bishop How do you fight a demon from the pasthell bent on destroying all that you love Shattered by Clint s final cold declaration I don t miss you I don t want you I don t love you Axel struggles to make it from one day to the next beneath the crushing weight of his broken heart, knowing he must move on and let the cowboy go When an attempt to love another fails, heHow do you fight a demon from the pasthell bent on destroying all that you love Shattered by Clint s final cold declaration I don t miss you I don t want you I don t love you Axel struggles to make it from one day to the next beneath the crushing weight of his broken heart, knowing he must move on and let the cowboy go When an attempt to love another fails, he is forced to face the reality that he will love his cowboy to his dying day unaware that that day may be looming much closer than he knows Battling his own feelings and emotions, Clint determines to do what is best, and safest for Axel stay as far away from him as possible With the threat of his faceless enemy pressing down on him and his family , coming at them hard and stealing away lives, the cowboy is certain he has made the right decision where Axel is concerned Until the fateful night that has Axel staring down the barrel of a gun gripped in the fist of the one man intent on bringing down hell on Clint s life and his heart NOTES The Cowboy Gangster is a gay romance series Not for readers below 18.
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    About “C.J. Bishop

    • C.J. Bishop

      Born and raised in scenic Coos County, Oregon, CJ enjoys the small town atmosphere and down to earth country folk who populate the area She is a single mother and lives with her 18 year old daughter, 1 horse, 4 dogs and 6 cats deep in the country woodlands which gives her plenty of time to write.She is a Christian and a strong supporter of the LGBT community and favors gay erotic romance when it comes to writing She hopes that her stories of love and acceptance will help further compassion and understanding for LGBT people who she feels is greatly misunderstood and persecuted in a large party by the Christian community.Most of all, she is hopeful that her stories will bring comfort to those who have been told that God hates them because they are different It is her strong belief that God loves everyone and His love covers all.

    154 thoughts on “Wanted Hearts

    • 4 2 16I don t know why I read themYet I ve read every damm one of them They are really not written well There are florid speeches and dialogue, mixed with philosophical religious overtones There is an element of bi erasure, and the sex scenes are almost laughable I really don t understand why people try to spell sex noises There are occasionally condoms, but always, always spit, even when lube is available Then there are the brutally graphic scenes of blood, mayhem and rape But they re like crac [...]

    • Oh my god what an intense, torture filled book I was so deeply hooked in this episode that I lost serious sleep The pain continues between relationships but love prevails in most cases There is so much deception and anger, but through it all the truth begins to come out Now for the final book I want that motherfucker Vincent to pay

    • 3.5 stars only A big disappointment for me Such a shame that this, the 4th book in the series was once again riddled with typos, missing words, basic errors in grammar and punctuationI had thought that things were improving, but the publisher of the story can t be bothered to get it edited so she must take the consequences, AND this story was also the first one in the series that I ve skimmed, and I mean really skimmed It was way too long, probably a couple of hundred pages too long, far too man [...]

    • You set the devil on your ass when you killed Shay You hurt that boy as welld all hell will come down on you.This book was a nail biter to say the least So many stories going on with one background theme of evil.I really love Clint AND Cochise Watching them both fall in love against their will is great reading.I hope the next book comes out soon because I need to know what happens to all my men This book would have been 5 stars except there were so many grammatical errors that really started get [...]

    • GrippingOMG This book was heartbreaking, violent, sad, and upsetting It had me in Tears on than one occasion I couldn t WAIT for this book to come out so I could read into Axle and Clint and, despite the heartbreak and violence, it did NOT disappoint If you are squeamish in Anyway, err on the side of Extreme Caution because the Violence is Graphic but once you start reading you Won t be able to put it down Hopefully the Next book comes out SOON

    • Welcome to hell.I need the conclusion NOW I wish I could have given it 5 stars, but the typos drove me bat sh t crazy Bishop needs a better editor.

    • OMFG No amount of words can describe the tsunami of emotions I went through when reading this story Even though each book in this and the tie in series s have been full of angst, this book had even than all those books put together Had it been a film, I d have been on the edge of my seat the entire time For my own sanity, several times I had to put the book down to regroup my emotions I was pulling my hair so often I m surprised I m not bald now I found myself several times wanting to throw my [...]

    • WOW this book had a little of everything it was LONG, a little draggy, but ALL in a SO GOOD WAY.Axel and Clint have gone through hell but thankfully came out in the end still in love The enemy that has been after them since book one has FINALLY been captured Even though the hell they went through seems to be making Clint rethink his decision to try and have a normal life with Axel, I think this hell will make Axel stronger I think it ll make him strong enough to fight for Clint and have that hap [...]

    • Great like the others in the Phoenix Club series I do have one not so small complaint though Why didn t it occur to anyone in this book or in the previous ones that Axel could be Bi Axel is confused about his sexuality and doesn t know what to think when he s suddenly attracted to Zoe But no one tells him about bisexuality, that it s OK to be attracted to than one gender No, instead we are told that there are only two options, gay or straight, when that s just not true It s up to the person the [...]

    • There s not much I would have a problem with in this book but what I didn t like happened to repeat excessively Like many I find the fact that I know I ll have to figure out some parts of a sentence in this book, before even reading it, quite troubling You KNOW you have poor editing when your readers don t get flustered by them any longer Also and I said this before, I find it highly irritating that you can t go 10 pages in any kind of book in this series without having someone s eyes tearing up [...]

    • I went back and re read books 1 3 before I started book 4 I m glad I did because her writing is so good that I tend to read faster just to get to the next page to see what will happen a couple events I missed the first time All I can is OMG what a fantastic book should be 10 Alex and Clint belong together and I like the way she shows that both men are hurting by being apart I was mad at Clint for hurting Alex but then I can see Clint reason for why he s telling Alex they are over because he s af [...]

    • WowThis book had me on the edge of me seat from the first page until the last My heart was broken and mended countless times As with the first 3 books in The Gangster Cowboy the men are hot and the sex is hotter If you like action, romance and hot m m sexwhat are you waiting for If you haven t read the first 3 books in this series.what are you waiting for If you are CJ Bishop and are reading thisSTOPput down, your reading device and go write the promised last book in this seriesAll in allWanted [...]

    • AMAZING Again Again, we may have waited a little while for this chapter to come out but OMG Over 400 pages More every chapter book that comes out and the writing was fantastic I read it from start to finish Andother book It just does not get any better If you have not read this series you are missing out but you are missing out on a lot if you have not read all of her other books Will be dying while I wait on the next one

    • OMGI m pretty sure my heart stopped at least 5 or 6 times reading this book I can t fucking deal I was on the edge of my seat the whole damn time, and I m legit ready for the next book now If you like sex, read this book.If you like vengeance, read this book.If you like heart stopping drama, READ THIS BOOK.I m pretty damn sure CJ Bishop is trying to kill me with this series Not a bad way to go.

    • Luv itOh my goodness sweet baby Jesus This was worth the wait CJ, but hot damn must you continue to torture me This book was fast paced, nail biting, suspenseful , exciting, and twisted It truly lived up to any and all expectations I may have had Now I must implore you to write quickly because I can hardly wait to see what happens between Clint and Axel, Cochise and Kane and what is in store my beautiful Corrigan Well Done

    • I don t think I have an addictive personality, but this series is like my own personal crack, slot machine, french fry, or buy button.Despite everything, I devoured it like a Slurpee on a hut summer day and just glossed over all the things that had me rolling my eyes and twitching for my red pen.All I can say is I don t know why I love you, but I do D Can t wait for the final book

    • Worth the wait Book 4 was so worth the wait Not only was it long as hell, it also wrapped up so many unanswered questions from all of the previous books, including things we caught a glimpse of in the Phoenix Club books While I m going to be sad for the end, I can t wait till we get book 5 for our hopefully happy ending for all, except Vincent Arnett

    • Hate to wait for the next book.I have been on this series of books since the first one started with Abel I loved everyone of these books and these guys I hate what Clint and Axel went through in this book and want them so desperately to get there happy ever after All these guys believe in helping anyone they can that truly needs it I am dying to get the next story.

    • Jesus, this was some twisted, cruel, sick crazy sh tis was heartbreaking to read I m hoping Clint and Axel and the rest of these guys can find some peace, calm, love is story was FANTASTIC this series is AMAZING

    • Really I waited for the release of the fourth book 82 chapters and still have to wait for another book for closure I just don t get why this book couldn t include an epilogueh

    • OMGI can not even believe I have to wait for the next book I have cried, laughed and hung on the edge of my seat and then it ends How my heart survive Please hurry with the next one.

    • That s how you do a follow up book Bam That s how you do a 500 pages follow up book Those pages were full of passion, action, prime, love, tears and blood Welcome to hell, motherfucker That people it s all I m gonna say about that Just get it and read it

    • Cowboy Clint and axel s story must be read I can t give spoilers.Wow this one was soul ripping, I think I needed to buy shares in a tissue company This series is a must read but caution it s heartbreaking graphic but so so right.Enjoy

    • Another Hit I loved this series To see everything play out and to hear clints story was beautiful Well done can t wait for the last installment

    • YesI loved this story I love all of the men in this series I don t want it to ever end But I hate cliffhangers Not really Next book please.

    • this entire series, starting from the Phoenix series, have been the best journey of my life let s hope there is a Kane and Cochise story as well

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