Merry Blissmas (Biker Bitches, #3) #2020

Merry Blissmas (Biker Bitches, #3) By Jamie Begley Merry Blissmas Biker Bitches Naughty What can I say I m not a nice person When I walk by people call me a slut and I m okay with that I believe in calling a spade a spade I am a slut With the holidays approaching I miss belong
  • Title: Merry Blissmas (Biker Bitches, #3)
  • Author: Jamie Begley
  • ISBN: 0196811767232230981648022708322801292128012921314488573052801292120028012921311201528012921280129211448857305280129212801292132801292188271395320505104642801292132801292188271385534048982509740853280129212801292128012921028012921328012921015253545553032500528012921600028012921280129212801292130009215300092151111480429912916808997000311114830009215069260572139780692605721820164300092158827130424253207013000921543000921588271379536443000921530009215300092150300092154300092150152535455530325005300092156000300092153000921530009215480227083
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Merry Blissmas (Biker Bitches, #3) By Jamie Begley
    Merry Blissmas (Biker Bitches, #3) By Jamie Begley Naughty What can I say I m not a nice person When I walk by, people call me a slut, and I m okay with that I believe in calling a spade a spade I am a slut With the holidays approaching, I miss belonging to The Last Riders Drake s keeping me warm, but he wants than I can give He wants me to trust him, to believe he can protect me Doesn t he know Santa put me o Naughty What can I say I m not a nice person When I walk by, people call me a slut, and I m okay with that I believe in calling a spade a spade I am a slut With the holidays approaching, I miss belonging to The Last Riders Drake s keeping me warm, but he wants than I can give He wants me to trust him, to believe he can protect me Doesn t he know Santa put me on the Naughty List long ago Nice What can I say I m a nice guy and have always done the responsible thing Bliss is everything I shouldn t want, but it s hard to resist a woman who stopped believing in miracles She wants to be back with The Last Riders, whom she considers her true family Doesn t she know it s Christmas, and miracles do happen WARNING This work of fiction is intended for mature audiences only All sexually active characters portrayed in this ebook are eighteen years of age or older Please do not buy if strong sexual situations, rape, violence, drugs, and explicit language offends you NOTE TO READERS This book is a stand alone story However, to receive the full experience these books are recommended before Merry Blissmas in the following order Razer s Ride The Last Riders, 1 Viper s Run The Last Riders, 2 Knox s Stand The Last Riders, 3 Sex Piston Biker Bitches, 1 Teased The VIP Room, 1 Tainted The VIP Room, 2 Shade s Fall The Last Riders, 4 King The VIP Room, 3 Cash The Last Riders, 5 Fat Louise Biker Bitches, 2 Shade The Last Riders, 6 Lucky s Choice The Last Riders, 7 Keeping What s His Tate Porter Brothers Trilogy
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    • A Tasty Read Book Review wrote Until You Have Walked In Someone s ShoesDon t Judge SHE ISN T AS BAD AS SOME OF THE HATERS PORTRAY So, you re judging people for judging and Calling people HATERS in shouty capitals, I might add for expressing their opinion LMFAO

    • 1 FUCKED UP REDEMPTION STAR Redemption Salvation earned through acts of atonement Merriam Websters Dictionary HOW EXACTLY DID BLISS EARN REDEMPTION FOR TREATING THE LAST RIDER WOMEN LIKE SHIT DRAKE gave the Last Riders his land AndDRAKE fought Viper So, Basically DRAKE PAID THE LAST RIDERS TO TAKE BLISS BACK SoooooooooooooooooooooWHAT EXACTLY DID BLISS DO TO ATONE FOR HER SINS Bliss did what Bliss does best. SHE MANIPULATED MEN TO G [...]

    • Sorry but I didn t like Bliss before and I don t like Bliss after reading her book I can t wait for PenniJackal

    • ewww really freaking bitchy bliss gets a book No way in hell would i read this first off i really dont care if she slept with so many guys and its a total ho but she really was a malicious character especially towards all the other heroines in the series and specially to my fave heroine Lilyd i really dont care to read about her getting her own HEA she is one of my most hated characters on a series and seriously Authour Not everyone deserves there own book In lucky choice the only part i ewww re [...]

    • Until You Have Walked In Someone s ShoesDon t Judge All of you haters will be surprised at how much you will come to like Bliss She isn t a bad person, just looking for the concept of love in the wrong places I actually like Bliss, everyone can understand liking a guy and having him not return your feelings We have all had pain in our livesso don t judge until you get the whole story And might I mention that it was THE CLUB who decided that Razer would have his hands in Bliss pant Until You Have [...]

    • I started with 5 stars, because well Jamie is one of my fav s Even if it was about bliss I started reading Then my stars slowly dwindled.4 stars bliss your personality even if you don t exist still sucks And you need to get over shade.3 stars your selfish, rude and you seriously need to get over shade.2 stars you treat everyone who cares for you like shit Unless their a biker with a pecker 1 star because I m kind and Because you finally got over shade

    • Ok, so I read this even when I said I was not going to I read the reviews and everyone said she is redeemed and how we get to see why she is the way she is So, my take, I did not like this book, I don t like Bliss I did not see why she was they way she was I still think Shade should of taken her out The Last Riders still had her back even though she messed with their lives, marriages and she was just an awful person Did not like that either But then again I m an asshole so.I will say Ok, so I re [...]

    • SPOILERS Review in Portuguese and English O fato mais importante do livro que ficamos sabendo que os membros do clube tem pinto pequeno Bliss que conhecida como vagina ambulante ficou espantada com o tamanho do pinto do Drake A autora tentou angariar a simpatia do leitor para com a hero na Ela nos apresenta Bliss como uma pessoa sofredora e cheia de traumas Criada em um ambiente horr vel e estuprada a idade de 15 anos para servir de club whore em outro clube Ap s ser re SPOILERS Review in Portug [...]

    • I think the author is phoning these books in I m actually wondering if it s the same writer or someone just sharing her name It s not like the quality of the books was excellent to begin with, but they just keep getting dumber and dumber This one was better than Fat Louise and the author managed to make Bliss a sympathetic character but it s all full blown fantasy land I think I m getting off this train for a while I have no desire to read the other two spin off series that relate to I think the [...]

    • I hate hate hate when an author will make a character a bad person in a book and then turn around and give them their own story where we re supposed to like them I am usually so adamant about refusing to read them and never giving said character a chance So when Jamie Begley announced the Bliss was going to get a book I was really conflicted on whether or not to read it I hated her for what she did in the previous books and for always being so evil to the girl of the The Last Riders But also I h [...]

    • Jamie Begley Writing great as always Bliss, in my opinion didn t deserve redemption, I m sorry Jamie loves forgives all people in her books, it pisses me off sometimes Another thing that I hate in this book, Bliss sit with Killyama and start a conversation as if they were friends oh please Jamie Begley, I love your books, but there are things that I can t stand Until today I don t know how these women from your books can be so kind as to live with prostitutes from the club, as if no Jamie Begley [...]

    • I always had a soft spot for Bliss, even if sometimes I want to smack her across the head, but I always thought there were to her Like Evie, I knew there had to be a reason why she was a member and reacted the way she did to the fact that each male member getting hitched one by one, especially regarding Shade because she had always loved him.Truth to be told, I was always waiting for her book because I always knew Jamie Begley will give her her own story So when it was revealed earlier i I alway [...]

    • This book was as awful as I feared I m not sure why I tortured myself I knew this author got a screwed up sense of redemption How she believes the club whores who choose that position are above the wives Hell, the whore get respect than the ones actually wearing the rings Screwed up Right Right I don t care how Bliss because the hateful cold hearted B tch she is today I think she deserves every bad thing that happens to her because she does nothing to change Oh, and apparently This book was as a [...]

    • 3.5 starsThis story was waaaaay better than the previous two Ms Begley has released I never could understand the hate some of the people have for Bliss I m in the minority that really liked her You get her background and you understand her better Glad she got her HEA He was perfect for her Purchased

    • DNFI tried I really tried but I just couldn t deal with Bliss and her attitude I did read the preview of Penney and Jackal and that was awesome.

    • First, I have to say that I was on the Hate Bliss Bandwagon However, I knew, KNEW , that if anyone could make me feel differently about her, it would be Jamie OMG, do I love Jamie Begley Her stories are so engrossing, so in depth, and you can t help feeling like you know all her characters personally She writes in a way in which you fall into her worlds, want to be a part of them, and feel the same emotions they feel Every one of her books makes me cry, laugh, sigh, and completely fall in l Firs [...]

    • If you read my prior reviews on this series, you know I don t like Bliss I wasn t looking forward to her book I just knew I couldn t relate to her after all the wrongs she had caused to the members of the MC After reading it, I found myself not hating her She s still not my favorite person So what did I like about the book First I really liked Drake He was determined to make Bliss believe she was worth it to him He helped her regain her confidence, provided a sense of security and try to If you [...]

    • I can t believe I m going to write this, but Ms Begley actually made me like Bliss Never in a million years would I think I d feel this way, but if anyone could make it possible, it would be her And DrakeOMG, he s a perfect BBF and great for Bliss I had a few teary eyes moments while reading, lots of laugh out loud moments the Porters and moments that melted my heart Darcy Of course this is JB, so there were some incredible sex scenes too Just for the record, Drake is on the sa I can t believe I [...]

    • I m somewhat torn on this book.On the one hand, I m really glad that Bliss got a happy ending after she was treated like crap in the last book I also liked that Drake only had eyes for her They worked well together.On the other hand, it bothered me that Bliss s backstory was so similar to Evie s The only two sexually experienced heroines have both been violently raped That s problematic and sexist Also sexist, dudes constantly making choices for Bliss in her best interests It s patronizi I m som [...]

    • I wasn t sure if I wanted to read this book but I did and I still have zero like for Bliss Totally not a redeeming quality about her, yes she has had it rough, but at no time did she have a holy cow I am a total bitch whore to the wives moment Did she feel remorse It seemed the author tried to make it seem that way but given the chance, I am sure she would slide right back into the clubhouse and start acting herself all over again Drake deserves better

    • Bliss may be a bitchy, backstabbing hoe bag, but she s got bigger balls way brains than all the Last Riders put together Not that that s saying much Since their combined ball count must equal less than 2 their combined IQ score must equal even less Why else would they let that unrepentant, unredeemed, backstabbing hoe bag back into the club without having to do a single damned thing to earn it or having to do anything to make up for the shitty things she did to their old ladi Bliss may be a bitc [...]

    • Bliss, Bliss I didn t love her and I didn t hate her but I can t say I loved this book I felt it was very rushed, the writing wasn t great and to me Bliss needed to grovel a bit to the women of the club I just didn t buy her redemption not that she was a bad person but the way she always talked about the Riders when she was with Drake I was kind of like most guys would be like can you shut the F up about them and focus on me for a minute I felt the author could have put into it

    • When it was reveals it will be hers story, I was so blindsided I wasn t expecting hers time to come so soon And I never was fan of Bliss Actually, I hated her Because every time in previous books, if something hurtful happened to one of the heroine, Bliss was in the middle of it She never properly apologized Or felt it And in the last book of The Last Riders series, she overstepped the line Again And that was enough for the club And me I was happy she was out of there Maybe she learn When it was [...]

    • I really didn t want to read this book, as I despise this woman to no ends However, it did give me a new perspective of the inner workings of this homewrecker among other things I won t say I have sympathy for her, but I do sort of now understand why she was a complete b She did have a hard childhood, which didn t get much better as she became an adult Fear is never a reason to be nasty and hurtful to other people, which is what she intentionally did Because of that, I can not like this I really [...]

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