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Swimming Home By Mary-Rose MacColl Swimming Home The lone swimmer turning over now to switch to a perfectly executed back crawl wasn t Oxford or Cambridge wasn t a man It was a woman a girl It was Catherine Of course it was Catherine It s a
  • Title: Swimming Home
  • Author: Mary-Rose MacColl
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  • Swimming Home By Mary-Rose MacColl
    Swimming Home By Mary-Rose MacColl The lone swimmer, turning over now to switch to a perfectly executed back crawl, wasn t Oxford or Cambridge, wasn t a man It was a woman, a girl It was Catherine Of course it was Catherine.It s 1925 and fifteen year old Catherine Quick longs to feel once the warm waters of her home, to strike out into the ocean off the Torres Strait Islands and swim, as she s doneThe lone swimmer, turning over now to switch to a perfectly executed back crawl, wasn t Oxford or Cambridge, wasn t a man It was a woman, a girl It was Catherine Of course it was Catherine.It s 1925 and fifteen year old Catherine Quick longs to feel once the warm waters of her home, to strike out into the ocean off the Torres Strait Islands and swim, as she s done since she was a tiny child But with her recent move to London where she lives with her aunt Louisa, Catherine feels that everything she values has been stripped away.Louisa, a busy, confident London surgeon who fought boldly for equality for women, holds definite views on the behaviour of her young niece She wants Catherine to pursue an education, just as she did, to ensure her future freedom Since Catherine arrived, however, Louisa s every step seems to be wrong and she is finding it harder and harder to block painful memories from her past.It takes the influence of enigmatic American banker Manfred Lear Black to convince Louisa to come to New York where Catherine can test her mettle against the first women in the world to swim the English Channel And where, unexpectedly, Louisa can finally listen to what her own heart tells her.Like Mary Rose MacColl s bestselling novel, In Falling Snow, Swimming Home tells a story of ordinary women who became extraordinary.
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      Mary Rose MacColl is an Australian writer whose first novel, No Safe Place, was runner up in the 1995 Australian Vogel literary award Her first non fiction book, The Birth Wars, was a finalist in the 2009 Walkley Awards In Falling Snow October 2012 , Mary Rose s fourth novel, tells the largely unknown story of a small group of Scottish women who ran a field hospital for France in World War I in an old abbey MacColl holds degrees in journalism and creative writing and lives between Brisbane, Australia and Banff, Canada with her husband and son.

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    • Great heartfelt historical novel This is my first novel by Mary Rose MacColl, but will not be my last Her mastery of allowing you to see, hear, smell and feel the words on the page is a rare gift Her characters spring off the page and are those who you wish were your neighbors.This novel is about two very strong determined female characters They are brought together by the death of a father brother Aunt and niece have lived very different lives one prim and proper, sans children the other unkemp [...]

    • Swimming Home is the sixth novel by Mary Rose MacColl, her previous book In Falling Snow was a favourite read of mine in 2012.Exploring the themes of family, belonging, regret, and redemption, Swimming Home is a gracious and engaging novel.When fifteen year old Catherine is orphaned, her aunt, Dr Louisa Quick, insists she abandons her idyllic island home in the Torres Strait and move with her to London An independent and busy surgeon, Louisa is determined to provide her niece with the opportunit [...]

    • Four and a half stars.Louisa is an independent career woman and busy surgeon in London As such she suffers the inability to deal with some of the diseases that back in 1925 were life threatening Conditions for those who are poor only add to the difficulties of those suffering diseases such as scarlet fever How times have changed These days scarlet fever can be dealt with by a course of antibiotics.On the other side of the world Catherine is enjoying life in her island home, cared for by a loving [...]

    • I received this book from The Reading Room and Allen Unwin to review It s with many thanks that I do so I really enjoyed this book and I give it a solid 4 stars It took me a long time to come to like Louisa a surgeon in London who devotes her entire life to helping the poor, but didn t have much compassion for her young niece, although that did develop along the way Catherine, the young niece looses her family and is taken from the only island home she has known and loved Sadly, what Louisa want [...]

    • Mary Rose MacColl is one of my favourite writers, and has recently taken a turn towards historical fiction In Falling Snow Swimming Home is a novel of beautiful sensory delights We feel full colour Queensland humidity and grey London cold, we feel wet and dry, we smell coconut and chlorine Reading it was luxuriating in the sensual, even though at no point was I looking at anything other than black marks on a white page It was a kind of magic spell.And within this world, the characters came aliv [...]

    • I find myself drawn to books about water and swimming, and I had an abundance of both in this book.Catherine grew up in an idyllic location in the Torres Strait with her father her mother having died when she was an infant Following the death of her father, Catherine now 15 years moves to London to be with her aunt Through her young life Catherine had loved swimming, and this continued, with Catherine training and competing in the USA before attempting to swim the English Channel You ll have to [...]

    • My favourite aspect of Mary Rose MacColl s Swimming Home was its sensual imagery I could smell the tropical sea, hear the clang and clatter of early 20th century New York and feel the chill of a London spring.MacColl s love of swimming pervades every page, and descriptions of the activity are beautifully rendered Her extensive research adds authenticity, but never takes over the story.Female empowerment through education and employment opportunity is a central theme of the story It is a sobering [...]

    • It s 1925 and 15 year old Catherine s is sent to live in London with her Aunt Louisa after her father died She lived with her father on an island off the northeast shore of Australia Catherine misses swimming with her best friend Michael in the ocean off her island While in London, she takes up a dare and swims across the Thames She is noticed by a rich American banker who wants to take her to New York and train her to swim the English Channel Her aunt and guardian Louisa approves the move and C [...]

    • It s 1925 and after an idyllic childhood growing up in the Torres Strait Islands, learning to swim in the clear warm waters, Catherine finds herself an orphan and living with her aunt in England She s miserable, trapped in a school where she doesn t fit in, where she hasn t been raised the same way as the other girls She can t swim, something she has lived for as long as she can remember Her aunt Louisa is a busy doctor and she holds views on the way Catherine needs to behave now The time for ru [...]

    • This book was a surprisingly good read and a quick one too despite its length 400 pages I will admit though that when I first saw the title and read the summary, I wasn t sure if it would be my kind of book The main reason is because the story seemed to revolve around swimming, both for recreation and as a sport nothing wrong with that of course, but I tend to shy away from books about athletics and sports because, well, I m not outdoorsy and because I m not into sports of any kind, I m afraid I [...]

    • Brisbane based author Mary Rose MaColl first caught my attention when I read her 2012 release In Falling Snow Swimming Home is her latest release and a novel I whole heartedly endorse as a fantastic read from cover to cover.Swimming Home is the beautiful story of two fiercely strong and determined women in their own right In 1925, fifteen year old Catherine Quick s life is irrevocably changed when she must make the move from her idyllic island home in the Torres Strait, north of the mainland of [...]

    • Mary Rose Maccoll is a very versatile writer She is a regular contributor at the QWeekend Magazine, her non fiction book, Birth Wars was a finalist in the Walkley awards and she s also worked as a corporate writer and has now released her fifth novel, Swimming Home This book is a celebration of two women achieving remarkable things in 1925 and finds the right balance between drama, tension, love and life in a post war setting.The story is mostly about Catherine Quick, a talented 15 year old swim [...]

    • Brisbane author Mary Rose MacColl may be, in her own words, an ordinary swimmer, but her recent novel SWIMMING HOME shows a deep understanding of the water and all its dangers.The story is set in grey, mid 1920 s London but is offset by the blue sky, warm water and carefree idyll of colonial Torres Strait In London, Louisa is a busy surgeon running a clinic for the poor Her brother Harry is also a doctor in the Torres Strait, and his young daughter, Catherine, is living a dreamlike childhood, fr [...]

    • Some great themes here girl power, women s rights regarding their bodies, imperialism vs cultural identity, all handled with a light touch and an engaging story It is 1925 the scandalous beginning of true modernization of short hair and short skirts, jazz music and loosened strictures about men and women mixing Dr Louisa Quick is a competent surgeon, but a much less competent guardian of her niece Catherine who has newly moved to London from Australia after the death of her father, Harry, Louisa [...]

    • I received this book as part of a giveaway I had enjoyed MacColl s In Falling Snow so I was really looking forward to reading another of her historical fiction novels Unfortunately this one fell a bit flat for me The plot itself had the potential to be intriguing, following a young woman who has been uprooted from her sheltered upbringing on an Australian island to the busy city of London after her father s death She is being cared for by her aunt who has the distinction of being one of the few [...]

    • Louisa is a woman whose family supported her decision to become a doctor in the UK in the early 20th Century He relationship with her brothers has been cool but when he dies working as a doctor on a remote Australian Island, she ends up with his15 year old daughter Louisa doesn t have much experience with children but had a miscarriage as a young unmarried woman This causes her to want a child kind of, but also be wary of having one Catherine the girl, didn t receive much of an education, ruling [...]

    • This was a delightful little book It was thoughtful, with good themes and deep characters The multiple POVs worked well here, and the interactions between Louisa and Catherine were realistic and engaging.One aspect I really enjoyed was the feminism but not in the usual way of feminism Louisa was a true feminist, fighting for the rights of women, but Catherine provided a nice contrast because she didn t care all that much about feminism she just cared about the joy of the activity of swimming I a [...]

    • I won this in a Giveaway here on Okay, I hate having to DNF books I was gifted, but it s time I ve been reading this book for almost two months and I honestly probably haven t touched it in several weeks It s just time to put this book down and stop trying to force myself to finish it before moving on It s not that it s a bad book, it is very well written, but the main protagonist is just beyond frustrating She s a feminist in the 1920 s I think and she keeps pushing the idea that women can do a [...]

    • This book is set in 1920 s and 30 s Catherine Quick spent her life to early teenage hood on the Torres Strait islands in Australia It was a free life with a lot of her time swimming in the warm oceans Her mother Julia died when she was a baby in suspicious circumstances Her father then dies and she moves to London to live with her aunt Louisa a busy surgeon working with the poor Catherine finds it hard to settle into a totally different life She wants to please her aunt and get an education Thro [...]

    • Ms MacColl takes the reader on a trip from an island off the coast of Australia to London, Paris, New York City, Balti, and the English Channel, certainly no lack of settings and adventure We see all this primarily through the eyes of 15 year old Catherine, whose love of swimming sets off these travels The characters, Catherine and her Aunt Louisa in particular, are well established and able to sustain the story Even the lesser characters are well drawn I like how the author took pieces of the l [...]

    • I received an ARC of this book I offer this honest review in exchange.This was not one of my favorite historical fiction The story is based on the race to be the first woman to swim across the English Channel The book did stimulate me to dig into the interesting facts of the actual historic event, but I was frustrated by the characters Louisa fights gender prejudice to become a surgeon and run a women s clinic for the poor but she can t support her niece ward s dream to swim a most unfeminine ac [...]

    • An interesting piece of history about swimming and women s independence and a not uncommon premise about family secrets make Swimming Home by Mary Rose MacColl an interesting read The globe hopping story creates a seemingly quick pace, but the plot itself moves slowly Although the focus is on fifteen year old Catherine s swimming, this book is very much her aunt Louisa s story For this reason, this belongs in adult fiction even though Catherine s story has a young adult flair Either way, the boo [...]

    • This book has all of my favorite things it s historical fiction it takes place in the Twenties and it features strong female characters What s not to like Well, I will say it took me a bit of time to get into, but I read that observation in several other reviews The turning point for me, I think, was when they finally stopped going back and forth in time and just stayed in the present Sometimes I can appreciate flashbacks for the handy narrative tool they are, but these just seemed to jar me, an [...]

    • Set in the 1920 s and on three continents, this was a stunning read about women s rights, love, and who becomes family of the heart Catherine s pure love of swimming was beautifully portrayed She feels most at home in the water no matter where she is living This novel is full of strong and capable women who are able to overcome obstacles in a convincing way These are the kinds of characters I love I need to read MacColl s first novel, In Falling Snow, as well since she is a new author for me Tha [...]

    • This book had me hooked from the beginning The story is about Catherine, a newly orphaned child who was taken from her home in Australia to live with her Aunt in London She was truly a fish out of water and her Aunt struggles with how to raise her and also how to make her happy What I loved most about this book was that it was unpredictable There were twist and turns right until the very end I am so happy to have been a First Reads winner.

    • Urkkind of a drag Then we get to the part where stolid lady doctor performs an abortion on a patient without telling her, before taking the patient in as housemaid I know, I know, it s realistic given the time and place.but it wasn t that compelling to begin with, and I lost my stomach for it after.

    • Thank you to First to Read and the Publisher for a chance to read this book Although it was thoughtful, with good themes and well rounded characters , I struggled with this book The plot of this book developed to slowly for me and really had trouble finding interest enough to pick up the book and read it Personally it just wasn t my taste but will say that it was well written.

    • I won this book in a giveaway and am very thankful that I did I think this book is outstanding The author did a wonderful of meshing fact and fiction to produce a wonderful story about women swimming in the 1920 There are a few unexpected twists along the way Thank you for the book.

    • Great book partially set in far North Queensland, London and New York Post World War 1 look at the world for women athletes and how they are viewed Louisa is a Doctor in a time when female doctors are yet to be accepted, she becomes guardian for her niece Catherine who appears born to swim.

    • A lovely read 4 1 2 stars Such a great historical account and once again makes me eternally glad to be a child of the modern era and not bound by the restrictions that women faced in earlier generations Will definitely seek out of her books.

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