Gilding the Lily-pad #2020

Gilding the Lily-pad By Elle Lothlorien Gilding the Lily pad Alternate cover edition for B F AO S NOTE TO READERS Gilding the Lily pad is NOT a sequel to The Frog Prince rather it is a companion novel What does that mean It means that Gilding the Lily pad fo
  • Title: Gilding the Lily-pad
  • Author: Elle Lothlorien
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Gilding the Lily-pad By Elle Lothlorien
    Gilding the Lily-pad By Elle Lothlorien Alternate cover edition for B00F9AO81S NOTE TO READERS Gilding the Lily pad is NOT a sequel to The Frog Prince rather, it is a companion novel What does that mean It means that Gilding the Lily pad follows the same story as The Frog Prince but it is told from Roman Habsburg von Lorraine s point of view rather than Leigh Fromm s Although Gilding the Lily pad isAlternate cover edition for B00F9AO81S NOTE TO READERS Gilding the Lily pad is NOT a sequel to The Frog Prince rather, it is a companion novel What does that mean It means that Gilding the Lily pad follows the same story as The Frog Prince but it is told from Roman Habsburg von Lorraine s point of view rather than Leigh Fromm s Although Gilding the Lily pad is a standalone novel, it is highly recommended that you read The Frog Prince first BOOK DESCRIPTION It was her quirkiness that did it Five minutes after being assaulted with her shoe at the wake of a total stranger, Roman Habsburg von Lorraine decides it s worth crashing the funeral the next day to pursue the beautiful but odd Leigh Fromm.But when his passing interest very quickly turns into infatuation, Roman isn t sure how to court her or if he even should Despite the fact that his great grandfather was Emperor Karl I of Austria and his grandfather and father Crown Princes, the family was forced into exile after Karl I abdicated in 1918 leaving his family in royal limbo Born and raised in the U.S his almost royal status makes him an oddity in the States, an object of media hysteria in Austria, and than eligible to marry into any royal family in Europe who will have him.Despite knowing the difficulties that a relationship with a commoner would present, there s something about Leigh that makes Roman resolved to have her the opinions of the public, his mother, and his ex girlfriend, Princess Isabella of Denmark, be damned But when a parliamentary motion in Austria throws him head first into a role he never anticipated or asked for, he finds that his relationship with Leigh has suddenly become a matter of state Worse, his desire to protect Leigh and his uncertainty about his new position leaves him turning and to Princess Isabella, who has taken up residence with them along with his mother Will Leigh and Roman s relationship survive what s quickly becoming a royal mess A beautiful commoner, gut busting laughs, love, cereal fetishes, fun funerals, oddities in the treetops, random hilarity and scarcely a lily pad anywhere Because your princess is out there Or not.
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      422 Elle Lothlorien
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      A military brat, Elle Lothlorien was born in Germany and spent her childhood in such far flung places as Puerto Rico, Charleston, S.C Italy, and Washington D.C Sadly, the only language she ever became semi fluent in is English She writes romantic comedies that are loose riffs on the popular fairy tales she read as a child stories she still loves as an adult Elle s first self published romantic comedy, The Frog Prince, became an bestseller in 2010 a distinction it kept through the summer of 2012 when it peaked at 1 on s Top 100 List for Humor Her female characters are known for their snarky attitude, intelligence, quick wit, and a near universal lack of interest in designer shoes and haute couture.Before writing rom com full time, Elle worked as an administrator overseeing clinical research studies at the University of Colorado Her scattershot work history also includes everything from running fire and rescue calls as an EMT to managing movie theaters to locating underground utilities to stay at home mom, although she readily admits that getting paid to sit around in her PJs all day dreaming up hot, amazing men who are good enough for her novel s heroines is, hands down, the most rewarding job she s ever had Elle lives in the Rocky Mountain Foothills, mostly because she s deathly afraid of man eating sharks and understands that, while they ve successfully infiltrated every ocean on the globe, they ve never quite managed to adapt to mountain living She keeps a teenage boy and a miniature dachshund named Bacon Bourgeois of Legend around the house to provide comic relief.If you d like to know when my next book is on the way, you can sign up HERE I ll send you an email when a new book is released.

    131 thoughts on “Gilding the Lily-pad

    • I gave Frog Prince three stars and was hoping that GtLP would be similar, or better, filling in blanks about Roman, but I think it was worse I ended up disliking Roman so much He s clearly in love with her, but most of the time is lying or a jackass or jealous or all three.I still don t understand why Leigh is in love with this dude In both books there s a 2 1 2 month gap where they fell in love with each other, but he was lying the entire time to her This dude was definitely a frog and a whiny [...]

    • I loved this book I enjoyed the Frog Prince and Leigh was definitely one of my favorite female characters but reading the book from Roman s perspective answered some questions I had from the first book and really helped me to get a better feel for his character I really liked him in the first book but by the end of Gilding the Lily pad, he was at the top of my book boyfriend list As usual, while reading one of Elle Lothlorien s books, there were many snort laugh worthy moments but an engaging ro [...]

    • I was first introduced to Elle Lothlorien when I read Alice in Wonderland I had no idea what to expect but the moment I finished it, I immediately searched for books by her.My mom lent me The Frog Prince and within a few days I found out about Gilding the Lily pad I read the first few chapters before it came out and was glad be able to finish it when it did.I love reading books from 2 different perspectives and can only imagine the time it takes to be able to write them let alone just a single [...]

    • This is the same exact tale as The Frog Prince it s just told from Roman s point of view I felt like I had a lot better understanding of the events from his perspective I did get upset with him though He doesn t always think before he acts or speaks It is a cute Cinderella story and I liked it I wish I wouldn t have read this back to back with The Frog Prince since it is the same story it would have been a good review of the other book and I probably would have liked it even if I had a little d [...]

    • I loved this book A great companion book to The Frog Prince This is the first companion book I have ever read and was worried I wouldn t like it since I know how the story ends but it was great to see the other side of the story Now I have to locate the rest of the books by this author If they are half as good as these two then she is very very talented Plus I just found out now there is going to be a sequel to these two books Yay

    • Slow reading only because it is a companion to The Frog Prince, which I have already read Since it is the companion, I already know what happens and so I keep getting distracted I have a short attention span at times , for other things to read I am enjoying it though I think I am enjoying the story through Roman s eyes even better than Leigh s.

    • Just as fun as the originalThis isn t the sequel to The Frog Prince, but rather the same story told from Roman s point of view Such a fun, funny and adorable romance It makes me want to go back and read the original again and I can t wait for the sequel I m a huge Elle Lothlorien fan She never disappoints

    • PG13 Language including deity, and a few F bombsSex fade to black sex scenes I just barely finished Elle Lothlorien s The Frog Prince which I LOVED , and was pretty excited to read this companion book and get the H s POV I am so happy I did I m looking for Elle Lothlorien s books I have been so pleased with the two I have read

    • This was an AWESOME companion to The Frog Prince It truly gave you the story from Roman s point of view This added to my overall enjoyment of the story as a whole and made me want to go back and re read The Frog Prince It also made me want a tree house even than I did before A definite must read for the romance comedy lovers

    • Great book I read the Frog Prince and this book was like reading a new story It was fresh and totally different from Roman s perspective Like all Belle s novels, I couldn t put it down Can t wait for the Frog King.

    • Amazing book I was looking forward to reading this book and was not disappointed This author is one of the few that can make me laugh out loud while reading I love The Frog Prince and I love this book as well.

    • What an amazing book I LOVED The Frog Prince and this book was excellent I loved seeing or reading the other side of the story So many times I wondered what Roman was thinking and this takes you into his world Amazing

    • Fun fun fun I love every one of Elle s books They are fun and original Read this one but also the frog prince.

    • I enjoyed reading this story from the prince s point of view lots insight to what was going on politically while he was wooing Leigh

    • I love this book The Frog Prince was so funny I was excited to read about Leigh and Roman s love story for Roman s point of view And Elle Lothlorien did not disappoint Great read.

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