Sleeping Beauty WAKES UP! #2020

Sleeping Beauty WAKES UP! By Elle Lothlorien Sleeping Beauty WAKES UP Alternate cover edition for B SX ESleeping Beauty WAKES UP IN A NUTSHELL While You Were Sleeping meets Memento BOOK DESCRIPTION Sure Claire Beau thought about sleeping with her doctor With his mo
  • Title: Sleeping Beauty WAKES UP!
  • Author: Elle Lothlorien
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sleeping Beauty WAKES UP! By Elle Lothlorien
    Sleeping Beauty WAKES UP! By Elle Lothlorien Alternate cover edition for B007SX896ESleeping Beauty WAKES UP IN A NUTSHELL While You Were Sleeping meets Memento BOOK DESCRIPTION Sure, Claire Beau thought about sleeping with her doctor With his moss green eyes and sexy petulance, neurologist Brendan Charmant is definitely worth fantasizing about But she didn t actually do it did she Claire should be able to aAlternate cover edition for B007SX896ESleeping Beauty WAKES UP IN A NUTSHELL While You Were Sleeping meets Memento BOOK DESCRIPTION Sure, Claire Beau thought about sleeping with her doctor With his moss green eyes and sexy petulance, neurologist Brendan Charmant is definitely worth fantasizing about But she didn t actually do it did she Claire should be able to answer this simple question, but she has no idea What she s sure of She met Dr Charmant for an appointment one day, and woke up at home six weeks later to find that they are in the middle of a whirlwind love affair, a claim bolstered by her brother, their friends, and the weeks of steamy emails and text messages they ve exchanged Claire is afflicted with Sleeping Beauty Syndrome, a mysterious disorder that causes her to sleep for days at a time, and black out for entire weeks Despite having no memory of their romance, Claire s than willing to fall for the seemingly perfect Brendan Charmant again After all, doesn t every girl deserve a Prince Charming Sure, she knows that her best friend, the hot, blonde, tanned surfer, Davin Wibbens, thinks she deserves better Still she s crushed when he abandons their friendship over her decision to continue dating Brendan She soon finds that getting to know Brendan who already knows everything about her feels less like falling in love, and like a Prince Charming job interview With her relationship with Brendan fizzling, Claire longs for Davin s familiar, flirty company.But when Brendan s arrested for a heinous crime against her that she can t recall, and Davin disappears and is feared dead all in a matter of days Claire realizes that sometimes the best way to make your dreams come true might be to just stay asleep So why is she risking everything to save them all from this hellish, waking nightmare NOTE TO READERS Sleeping Beauty WAKES UP was written in response to readers who were dissatisfied with the ending of my bestseller, Sleeping Beauty published September 2011.Sleeping Beauty WAKES UP is a standalone novel, which means that if you ve never read Sleeping Beauty, you are not at a disadvantage The good news is that if you get to the end of this novel and are dissatisfied with the outcome, Sleeping Beauty is available with a drastically different outcome well, for the romance genre at least.
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      493 Elle Lothlorien
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      A military brat, Elle Lothlorien was born in Germany and spent her childhood in such far flung places as Puerto Rico, Charleston, S.C Italy, and Washington D.C Sadly, the only language she ever became semi fluent in is English She writes romantic comedies that are loose riffs on the popular fairy tales she read as a child stories she still loves as an adult Elle s first self published romantic comedy, The Frog Prince, became an bestseller in 2010 a distinction it kept through the summer of 2012 when it peaked at 1 on s Top 100 List for Humor Her female characters are known for their snarky attitude, intelligence, quick wit, and a near universal lack of interest in designer shoes and haute couture.Before writing rom com full time, Elle worked as an administrator overseeing clinical research studies at the University of Colorado Her scattershot work history also includes everything from running fire and rescue calls as an EMT to managing movie theaters to locating underground utilities to stay at home mom, although she readily admits that getting paid to sit around in her PJs all day dreaming up hot, amazing men who are good enough for her novel s heroines is, hands down, the most rewarding job she s ever had Elle lives in the Rocky Mountain Foothills, mostly because she s deathly afraid of man eating sharks and understands that, while they ve successfully infiltrated every ocean on the globe, they ve never quite managed to adapt to mountain living She keeps a teenage boy and a miniature dachshund named Bacon Bourgeois of Legend around the house to provide comic relief.If you d like to know when my next book is on the way, you can sign up HERE I ll send you an email when a new book is released.

    950 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauty WAKES UP!

    • I m actually tempted to give this one star without reading it for the slight chance that the author will read it and address me.Due to this Utter BullshitYou can read a real author s opinion on this travesty here Utter EnlightenmentThe single review on this book actually illustrates the fact that Elle Lothlorien uses paying readers as beta readers And I find it nothing short of karmic that this book is on 3 tbr shelves and then authors behaving badly , will never read , will never read because o [...]

    • SPOILER FOR THIS SENTENCE SENTENCES It s funny really After reading a section of the beginning, I immidietly wanted Brendan to end up with Claire I was reading the remade version But I hadn t read the first one So I didn t know what exactly to expect with this one I had a feeling those who reviewed the first version badly hadn t liked Brendan but I honestly wasn t sure of why at first I never thought of Davin at first really because I mean, yeah gorgous best friend, but he was gay or so we thoug [...]

    • I had read the first version of this book and found it hard to get through, but when I saw she had done a rewrite I started reading it right away I found this book to be so much better and I read it so much faster as I liked the new direction the book was taking I m so glad Elle listened to her readers and made the changes that she did Totally loved this book.

    • The overall book wasn t bad was weird Who marries their brother s ex boyfriend So dude wasn t gay Very confusinghe basically did the same thing the doctor did but it was okay because she loved him WEIRD Not sure if I will read the original version or not

    • It is a great premise for a story and I really enjoyed it, now I must read the other one just to see how they are different Yay kindle because I got them both for free

    • I definitely liked the original book especially who Claire ends up with The whole idea that Davin can all of a sudden not be in love with Claire s brother and very gay ia crazy I get he s been with girls in the past, but the whole once in a lifetime love thing with Claire is unbelievable to me Claire s feelings fot Davin are briefly ran over, but nothing from Davin point of view is, which makes this storyline hard for me to understand.

    • The Wakes UP Version Is the BestThe first version, Sleeping Beauty, is completely one of a kind and was a great read full of unique characters, suspense, mystery, romance and a bit of humor, but sadly I was definitely flummoxed and disappointed by the ending The story had so much momentum and promise in the beginning, but the ending just felt wrong Sooo I was ecstatic to find the author ended up writing an alternate ending version that changes from Chapter 11 onward, and was then republished as [...]

    • I SO Wanted to love this book.The author of this book is so witty and charming She s funny and sarcastic and snarky, all the things I love I thought I would love this story, but I just don t It s confusing, and ridiculous, and doesn t have half the humor that I know this author is capable of Here come the spoilers people The disease described in this book while necessary to the plotline is NOT FUNNY Should I say that again just for the cheap seats IT S JUST NOT FUNNY I didn t read the first edit [...]

    • The author rewrote the story because some people did not like the guy that won the girl I was not one of these people and this book was weird If you liked the original do not read this one.

    • Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up was an interesting book Claire is an actor with a sleep disorder, she sleeps for weeks and when she wakes up she remembers nothing that happened while she was sleeping When she wakes from her latest episode she discovers she has been involved with her doctor He is charged with assaulting her when she was incapacitated Claire is sure he did not do anything illegal and works to prove it There are several twist and turns but to discuss them would ruin the wonderful surprise [...]

    • contains spoilers What you ve got one pregnant woman and two men she DOESN T remember sleeping with Who s the father is no longer a funny question With one of them accused of rape, while the other one s gone missing and is believed to be dead, it s all gone pear shaped pretty quickly A thrill packed lawsuit, a wedding and a birth later, who does she end up with BOTH OF THEM Every reader should be happy with the ending, since there are two A great read

    • Need tissues, please I just got finish reading a wonderful book Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up alternative ending When I started reading the book it hard to put it down.Claire, young women who have a slight medical problem, life get turn upside down here You get a super great romance, with jealousy, someone going to jail try in court, a best friend assume dead, plus alot Do me a favor try reading Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up by Elle Lothlorien, you will not be disappointed.

    • Interesting alternate endingI enjoyed this alternate ending to Sleeping Beauty it reads as well as the original book I love these adult contemporary fairy tales don t let the title fool you, these are nothing at all like the children s fairy tales you will love them.I would highly recommend this book.

    • I read the original book Sleeping Beauty by this author and found it an entertaining take on the story I liked this even better.In the original book, I always liked Davin better than Doc, so I really enjoyed seeing the main character end up with the guy who s loved her forever and been her best friend.

    • I honestly don t think I liked this version as much as the first While I found myself rooting for Davin in the first one, actually seeing it pan out just wasn t as gratifying It didn t help that I d literally JUST finished version 1 so I wasn t sucked in this time around Plus I knew the twists so I wasn t as emotionally invested.

    • I admittedly skimmed rather than read this book as I had just finished the original I think it would be better with of a time gap between reading the two but I admire the way that the author was able to go back in and create an alternate universe with the same characters and only minor deviations in content throughout the story.

    • wonderfully written.How little do we know about problems around I loved the book The story The way relationships are dealt with And I was looking forward to a fairytale guess what I got a fairy, her tale and whole bunch of emotions too Thank you for the laughter and emotions in the book Already bought the other books and can t wait to begin.

    • I loved this book, just as I have loved all of Elle s books Her books transport me from my boring life She s definitely an up and coming author and I can t wait to see what she comes up with next If you need a little love in your life mixed with some tears Read this book You won t regret it

    • Initially I thought this was a sequel to Sleeping Beauty , but soon realized after reading the exact same first chapters Lothlorien rewrote the entire story with a different ending.I ended up liking both endings equally Elle did a great job of really changing the storyline to allow for the difference in endings.

    • Spoilers I really, really liked Sleeping Beauty And I did not understand why the author wrote in the back that she received the feedback that so many people thought that the main character should have ended up with Davin The ending with Davin didn t ring as true to me, but maybe that s because I read the first version to begin with.

    • I wish I could give this book 3.5 stars I started out really enjoying it and didn t want to put it down just to see where the story would lead Somewhere along the way, it fizzled out for me This is a quick, easy read and I like the authors quirky writing style A good read on a rainy day

    • Ok, can t finish it Terrible way to end it She should stay with Brendan Just seems weird how Davin dated her brother I mean, c mon, seriously Hate it It was good up until the arrest First one was better.

    • I loved this book I thought it was pretty neat that the author rewrote the second half of the book for the Davin fans out there I liked both endings I think both books were great To me it was a fun read

    • I read this book at the same time as the alternate ending version, Sleeping Beauty I actually prefer the other version This is a twist on a fairy tale and as such has some plot issues However, I thought it was a pleasant, light read.

    • SleepingI believe that this version was better than the original I enjoyed the ending of this version better I recommend this version to all who want to read this book.

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