Alice in Wonderland #2020

Alice in Wonderland By Elle Lothlorien Alice in Wonderland Alternate cover edition for B A CU HGWhen high school math teacher Alice Faye Dahl attends a Texas Hold em home poker tournament she doesn t know a royal flush from a toilet flush Four months and do
  • Title: Alice in Wonderland
  • Author: Elle Lothlorien
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alice in Wonderland By Elle Lothlorien
    Alice in Wonderland By Elle Lothlorien Alternate cover edition for B00A1CU4HGWhen high school math teacher Alice Faye Dahl attends a Texas Hold em home poker tournament, she doesn t know a royal flush from a toilet flush Four months and dozens of wins later, she s one of the Final Nine the championship table at the International Poker Tour in Surfer s Paradise, Australia and way out of her depth.When a fluAlternate cover edition for B00A1CU4HGWhen high school math teacher Alice Faye Dahl attends a Texas Hold em home poker tournament, she doesn t know a royal flush from a toilet flush Four months and dozens of wins later, she s one of the Final Nine the championship table at the International Poker Tour in Surfer s Paradise, Australia and way out of her depth.When a fluke shark attack throws her and sports reporter Lapin Rabbit Montgomery together, it seems to challenge the saying lucky at cards, unlucky at love A veteran of the poker circuit and gorgeous besides , Rabbit offers to help her go all the way to win the multi million dollar prize, a deal she can t refuse.In this modern day twist on Carroll s Alice s Adventures in Wonderland, Alice discovers much too late that when it comes to poker and love , sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and sometimes it s both Australia, love, card sharks, belly aching laughs, real sharks, poker, Wonderland, and a touch of intrigue there s just no telling what you ll find down the rabbit hole
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      165 Elle Lothlorien
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    • Elle Lothlorien

      A military brat, Elle Lothlorien was born in Germany and spent her childhood in such far flung places as Puerto Rico, Charleston, S.C Italy, and Washington D.C Sadly, the only language she ever became semi fluent in is English She writes romantic comedies that are loose riffs on the popular fairy tales she read as a child stories she still loves as an adult Elle s first self published romantic comedy, The Frog Prince, became an bestseller in 2010 a distinction it kept through the summer of 2012 when it peaked at 1 on s Top 100 List for Humor Her female characters are known for their snarky attitude, intelligence, quick wit, and a near universal lack of interest in designer shoes and haute couture.Before writing rom com full time, Elle worked as an administrator overseeing clinical research studies at the University of Colorado Her scattershot work history also includes everything from running fire and rescue calls as an EMT to managing movie theaters to locating underground utilities to stay at home mom, although she readily admits that getting paid to sit around in her PJs all day dreaming up hot, amazing men who are good enough for her novel s heroines is, hands down, the most rewarding job she s ever had Elle lives in the Rocky Mountain Foothills, mostly because she s deathly afraid of man eating sharks and understands that, while they ve successfully infiltrated every ocean on the globe, they ve never quite managed to adapt to mountain living She keeps a teenage boy and a miniature dachshund named Bacon Bourgeois of Legend around the house to provide comic relief.If you d like to know when my next book is on the way, you can sign up HERE I ll send you an email when a new book is released.

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    • POSSIBLE SPOILERS THROUGHOUT9 1 Overall I m enjoying this, most of the humour seems to work for me, but I am feeling a little touchy about all the Australia bashing that s going on I am Australian and I ve been to Surfer s Paradise, I have no idea what she was talking about when she said that Australian men don t go to pubs and clubs to meet girls, that they go to meet up with their male friends That s rubbish Go to a club tonight and you won t see the guys hanging with each other chatting and i [...]

    • Overall didn t like it Moved extremely slowly But the main turn off was that I am Australian, and felt insulted in EVERY chapter A few funny bits but overall a big thumbs down

    • I was well prepared to love this book Alice is an amateur poker player who someone makes it to the final table of a world poker tournament I love poker The story starts with her being terrified of being in the ocean or any body of water because she saw Jaws as a kid Me, too Alas, while I liked some of the characters, the plot was too convoluted and there was way too much crying by the heroine And, an incredible amount of jumping to conclusions followed by a lot of lying and deflection when someo [...]

    • This started out pretty good, I was intrigued didn t know where he story was going went along for the ride For me the problem was the gaps of time One situation was Lapin Rabbit has Alice in a compromising kiss, and it seems tat there relationship is going to become intense, and then the paragraph ends and the next page says two days later Wait a minute, what That s it Yeah that kind of thing happened time and time again, Definitely a G rated book Otherwise if you take any romantic hope out of t [...]

    • I would rather give this a 2.5 because all the poker lingo got a bit confusing for me did the description of Lapin in his white swimming trunks, white hair and weird eyes couldn t quite picture him as gorgeous lol Anyway, EL is so inventive though My favorite part of the book was the beginning, because I can totally relate to the trauma the movie Jaws wreaked on my young mind After that I read on just to see what happened I am looking forward to Rapunzel and still HIGHLY recommend The Frog Princ [...]

    • I have read Elle Lothorien s other 2 books and loved them This book I give a 3.5 I felt so confused most of the time The story line was good, but I kept getting confused if Alice and Rabbit were together or fighting There were constantly fighting or Rabbit was constantly running away because of something This was a good enough book for me to finish reading and I m glad I read it once, but I loved her other two books Sleeping Beauty and the Frog Prince I am really looking forward to her next book [...]

    • Maybe 3.5 starsI definitely didn t like this one as well as The Frog Prince But I don t know if that s because of the crazy, Wonderland nature of this book The author did a wonderful job of putting into writing the randomness that is Wonderland I often felt disoriented and lost, but in an awe inspiring kind of way In my opinion, that s exactly how you should feel when you experience Wonderlandjust not sure I loved feeling that way Now having said all of that, Rabbit, the leading man, didn t make [...]

    • This book started strong It had some decent humor in the beginning along with a cute premise and delightful quirky characters, but the plot descended into tedious annoyance It s one thing to hold back a little information to keep people reading it s another to just have a main character blindly follow strangers around and fall in love with some guy without giving any real reason for it If the same care the author put into explaining the basics of poker were taken into explaining a little bit of [...]

    • Alice in wonderland Australia, love, card sharks, laughs, real sharks, poker, Wonderland, and a touch of intrigue there s just no telling what you ll find down the rabbit holeThis is a story that follows the fortunes of Alice Fay Dahl, a high school math teacher who has blown through her savings to travel to Australia to participate in a high stakes poker tournament It zigzags so energetically and unexpectedly, it feels a lot like the original Alice s chaotic journey through Wonderland.I m a hug [...]

    • This is an unsolicited review.I read The Frog Prince and loved it, and decided to read Alice in Wonderland next and I was not disappointed in the least I learned so much about one of my favorite places I would love to visit on the planet, Australia, and about poker, a game I have played before at parties but never to the degree Alice does in this book It blew me away I was immediately sucked in with the characters, the setting, the drama, the strategy, and the pace of the book In short, Ms Lothl [...]

    • This book is one of those you can t decide if you like it or not Because it isn t awful and it does have great moments and plenty of humor but then it gets all twisty and bogged down with different plot points and then just when you think okay it just an alright book it picks up again and you are actually excited to see how it ends.I did have a bit of a problem with the romance That was slow moving too It was of yes, there is an attraction and we will kind of sort of act on it but then we will [...]

    • A bit drifty.While I enjoy Elle Lothloriens quirky style of writing and vivid characters this book just didn t appeal to me It dragged in places and I skim read sections that seemed to make no sense and bored me because I have no understanding or interest in how the game of poker is played She tended to get carried away with the mechanics of the game and the terminology which for a light comedy was not what I was expecting.

    • Another great read from Elle Lotharian with this humorous romantic take on Alice in Wonderland This dairy tale twist went a bit further than her others but not so far as to be unknowable My only complaint was that some of the basic poker info was off and since it seemed like overall she d tried to research that info it was surprising that she missed the mark on explaining something so basic as an ante.

    • Even though I m really unfamiliar with poker jargon, I think I enjoyed this book even than the Frog Prince The only tank I disliked, which I disliked about the Frog Prince as well, I sometimes I don t seem to understand why the main character is freaking out Might just be me Regardless, I m a hug fairy tale lover and really love twists on the original storyline, especially modern day ones Def would like to read her other books

    • This had an interesting premise, but just didn t fully deliver Loved the twist on Alice and the characters were fun and quirky, but the story lacked depth and originality The ending was prosaic The writing had difficulties with portraying visual aspects of the story It was almost like visualizing a memory someone had rather than creating a world The novel just seemed a bit rushed and under developed But, I still enjoyed it.

    • This book was a wonderful light read Nothing too dramatic or heavy, yet kept you wanting It was a nice modern twist on the classic story of Alice in Wonderland complete with a white rabbit and the Queen of Hearts Though this book did center around poker not my fav topic it was mixed in well as not to get too deep into it or to bore the reader.

    • A sexy skillfully wrought romantic comedy coming out of the screwball tradition of It Happened One Night and Bringing up Baby but set against the backdrop of the World Poker Tournament It s funny, it s sexy, it s cute And it doesn t talk down to the reader Elle Lothlorien s work is smart and revolutionary.

    • Read the Frog Prince and LOVED it Just feel eh about this book Don t get me wrong, it was cute, and funny at times However, it seemed to drag on with all the Poker Jargon I was ready to start beating my head trying to keep up with the phrasing Good book and story otherwise, and a cute twist on Alice in Wonderland.

    • This was such a hysterical contemporary romance, and a brilliant play off the classic.I was laughing throughout the entire book loving the banter between Rabbit and Mouse, Rabbit and Faye, and the dolls Lothlorien is such a talented, witty, and creative writer author I ve really enjoyed reading her work.

    • This is another book I picked up after hearing about it from the Bookbub email I had previously read The Frog Prince by the author While I enjoyed that book, it took me a bit to get into it This one sucked me in from the start There are lots of twists that keep you guessing on who is good or bad It s a fun read if you are looking for something light but constantly moving.

    • This was a quick lighthearted read I chose it from the list as an Prime member because the leading lady is a math teacher There is some mystery intrigue, though the leading man is too good to be true I thought the author did a good job of explaining poker enough for me to followat is one card game I don t know how to play.

    • I love to read an altered classic This one has a girl named Alice who goes to Australia to play in the final nine of a World Poker Championship She received an exploratory bite by a shark while swimming and is rescued by a man called Rabbit As she gets to know him better she finds he has ties with the Japanese mafia so it gets curiouser and curiouser It was an enjoyable read.

    • I thoroughly enjoyed the romp through Wonderland Down Under The only reason why I didn t give it a five star is that the plot got so convoluted that I got lost on who was who and on whose side from time to time That aside, I had a smile on my face every time I picked it up to read Well done Ms Lothlorien

    • Clever, clever Sometimes tongue in cheek, sometimes sneaky, and at times blatantly making fun, Elle Lothlorien wove a highly entertaining story playing on the old classic I liked the personalities of the characters and the twists and turns of the story I suspect I could read the book again and pick up on things I missed the first time and enjoy the story just as much.

    • Perhaps I picked the wrong book to start reading Elle Lothlorien The original Alice is just weird, so I guess it shouldn t surprise me that this contemporary version is just that weird I m not sure what to think That beginning was entertaining, but then it got a extremely unbelievable.

    • This was an page turner for me From Alice Faye and the White Rabbit s first meeting, to the defeat of the Queen of Hearts The Alice in Wonderland reference pulled me in, the gentle love story kept me hooked.

    • Alice and Wonderland and all of this was never really one of my favorites It could be different for many people but to me, I didn t personally care for it I know there are so many different versions of it but I still didn t care for any of them.

    • enjoyed this book but i found i couldn t read it late at night because i d miss some bit of information as i was drifting off to sleep which was pertinent to how the story progressed when i picked up the book the next day.

    • I enjoyed her Sleeping Beauty book so I was looking forward to her other books, this one just didn t do anything for me I gave it a strong attempt but even half way through I couldn t be bothered to see what happened.

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