Extreme Measures #2020

Extreme Measures By Michele Ashman Bell Extreme Measures Following the trauma of her estranged husband s untimely death Emma Lowell is happy with the life she has rebuilt for herself She s engaged to a wonderful man and anticipates a fresh start free from
  • Title: Extreme Measures
  • Author: Michele Ashman Bell
  • ISBN: 1680471651
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Paperback
  • Extreme Measures By Michele Ashman Bell
    Extreme Measures By Michele Ashman Bell Following the trauma of her estranged husband s untimely death, Emma Lowell is happy with the life she has rebuilt for herself She s engaged to a wonderful man and anticipates a fresh start, free from her troubled past Only one persistent obstacle remains Margaret Lowell, her former mother in law Margaret continues to be a demanding presence in Emma s life, and her reqFollowing the trauma of her estranged husband s untimely death, Emma Lowell is happy with the life she has rebuilt for herself She s engaged to a wonderful man and anticipates a fresh start, free from her troubled past Only one persistent obstacle remains Margaret Lowell, her former mother in law Margaret continues to be a demanding presence in Emma s life, and her requests have become increasingly disconcerting When Margaret asks Emma to accompany her on a sentimental journey to the family s mountain cabin, the young woman reluctantly agrees After all, her fianc is out of town No one will miss her Emma could never have suspected the horror that awaits in the snow bound cabin, for beneath Margaret Lowell s elderly fa ade lies a sinister and terrifying nature and a plot born of insanity Alarmed by the dark plan that unfolds, Emma struggles to escape the isolated cabin in a chilling game of cat and mouse As the danger escalates, and with little hope of rescue, Emma must engage in a battle of wills if she is to avoid becoming the final piece in Margaret s twisted puzzle .
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    • Michele Ashman Bell

      I grew up in St George, Utah, where a lot of my family still lives, but now reside with my husband and family in the Salt Lake City area My favorite thing to do is support my kids in their many interests Between basketball, ballet and piano lessons we squeeze a lot into a week, but I wouldn t have it any other way.

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    • This new quick read under 200 pages by Michele Ashman Bell will keep your anxiety high, and find you yelling a lot at the main character Emma I wanted her to think through things better before she did them Always listen to your first thoughts, because they re usually right As Emma is too easily manipulated by her crazy ex mother in law, Margaret, you can hardly believe what is unfolding on the pages Each little thing that happens you want to scream out warnings to Emma The suspense is elevated c [...]

    • Ahhhh What happens when an old lady goes psycho Very bad things Oh man, this was a good book with one very creepy woman Seriously, crazy stuff But I liked it ha.This is a very plot driven book That isn t to say that the characters weren t developed or anything because they were great, but I was definitely connected to the plot I was desperate to find out what was coming next What was going to happen What was Emma going to do And that Margaret wow CREEPY PSYCHO I tore through this book couldn t [...]

    • BR 1 Emma Wadsworth No I won t Emma tried to voice her opposition but her weakened condition combined with the sheer madness of what Margaret was suggesting proved too much for her More words formed, but she had no strength She was losing there was no fight left in her The book Extreme Measures by Michele Ashman Bell,is a very good book The book is 220 pages, but goes by quickly due to the characterization, plot twists, and descriptiveness In the book, Emma s former mother in law Margaret Lowell [...]

    • This book was SOOOOOO unrealistic The suspense was ok but it felt kind of like a rough draft that needed meat to it I was also really disappointed that Landon s character wasn t really developed very much and that he was as out of the picture as he was, because HELLO he is her fiance I feel most of the time Emma s friends were concerned about her than he was Also after they saved Emma her freak out level was way too dramatic I understand that she was held hostage and drugged and she would have [...]

    • I sat down Sunday morning before church expecting to read a few chapters before I got out of bed and ready for my day Good thing it was Fast Sunday and I have 1 00 church, because I read the entire book in one sitting Extreme Measures is extremely fast paced and one crazy ride and I mean that literally The whole time I was anxiously turning pages to see what else Margaret would do to poor Emma What I really loved was Emma s determination to survive and fight She was helpless at first, but as she [...]

    • This started out as a nice little story and quickly turned very suspenseful I love a good suspense and I really couldn t read this one fast enough Emma was married to a jerk and after he passed away, his mother suddenly became very attentive to Emma, demanding a lot of her time and attention Emma is set to remarry and doesn t think it ll hurt to honor one last request of Margaret s But that could be the worst mistake of her life.I couldn t help but feel Emma s panic and was desperately hoping fo [...]

    • This book brings bad mother in law to a whole new level Seriously When Emma s mother in law Margaret falls off the deep end, Emma ends up in a battle for her life Margaret has decided that Emma will never have happiness until she is done with her She drugs Emma, tortures her, and keeps her hostage.Emma, struggles to find a way to escape Margaret, while her friends and fiance are out looking for her as well I was interested enough to see what happened, but I wasn t a fan of how it was written It [...]

    • Wow, this book was super suspenseful I loved the way the plot of this book was I really liked Emma, but she really needed to learn to tell her ex mother in law no sometimes I think she did learn that by the end of the book I also liked her fiance Landon, it was obvious how much he cared for her and how concerned he was when she was missing I really thought that Emma s friends, Jess and Cassie, were amazing They went above and beyond in trying to figure out just what had happened to Emma And Marg [...]

    • This isn t a typical book for me to read I like suspense novels, but I like a dash of romance on the side This was just the suspense part, and I missed having something to look forward to I will say that I was surprised when I realized who the author was I ve read a number of her other novels and I have to admit that this novel felt like a first novel, not something from someone who has written multiple ones The best written character was Margret, the crazy mother in law She had depth and dimens [...]

    • LDS fictionWhile in the middle of a heavy book, picked this up for something light to take my mind off the subject matter of the other book After the first 10 pages the story was quickly set up and became very predictable There were several editing errors, and I just about didn t finish the book, I just wasn t engaged When it ended I wished I had followed my first instinct to stop and return it to the library.

    • What a perfectly simple intro to horror I m not a big scary novel reader and this one was just the perfect mix of creepy and cute It s a fast read and I felt like I had to keep reading to find out how the main character got out of her mess Though it s not a romance per se, I love a good happy ending and this one didn t disappoint If you are a little scared of horror, take the plunge on this one You won t be sorry.

    • The book blurb for Extreme Measures grabbed my attention Sadly, I never did get fully pulled into the story The idea was interesting, but I didn t feel a connection with any of the characters I was curious about how everything would end up, so I kept picking the story back up, but I did a lot of skimming Margret s scheming was way over the top for me, and it kept coming in waves The dialogue didn t really grab me either.

    • I have read many books by this author and I really liked them but this book felt like it wasn t even by the same person The book was so predictable no surprises NONE The character development was shallow and I didn t even like any of them the main character was whiny and annoying and she never stepped up and became strong or even developed into a likable person I felt like this could have been a first book written by a new author because it was so choppy.

    • It was an okay book Not my favorite by this author There was so much left without knowing why and that bugged me a lot Also a lot of the book seemed way far fetched and parts just kept dragging on Suspenseful yes but in the end there was no conclusion or answers to things that it s left me bothered I feel I wasted my time reading this book.

    • Who would think an elderly woman could be so crazy Definitely not the grandmother type Emma is a very strong woman You would have to be to put up with a cheating husband and a mother in law who feels her son can do no wrong When I started this book, I didn t think it would turn out the way it did It had a lot of twists and turns I enjoyed the story

    • I love MAB s novel s, so I was super excited to get this new one It was good, but it just didn t resonate with me It was a suspenseful novel, but it was missing the little extra something to make it great Margaret was a truly messed up a lady which I liked A good villain.

    • This book didn t disappoint It started fast right off and kept me turning pages to the end Although I like the girls to be strong it was good to show that it is a strength to have people you can lean on.

    • Wow This wast good Very one dimensional characters, predictable plot, cheesy dialogue Only plus was that I read it in under an hour.

    • Very goodI loved this book and I couldn t put it down.I love this author It was a fast read because I couldn t wait to turn the pages

    • Wow The protagonist was really unrealistic As were a lot of other things But I guess for a CLEAN suspense book it was pretty good I read this book for the Extreme Book Nerd library challenge to fill the category of a book with a metal illness It fit that category perfectly.

    • The plot was massively unbelievable and the drama was incredibly over the top I love this author but was laughing through the entire book at how ridiculous it all was.

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