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Winter Journey By Diane Armstrong Winter Journey Diane Armstrong s bestselling fictional debut A mother s silence a village with a terrible secret and an Australian woman who travels to Poland to uncover the truth When forensic dentist Halina Shor
  • Title: Winter Journey
  • Author: Diane Armstrong
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  • Page: 320
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Winter Journey By Diane Armstrong
    Winter Journey By Diane Armstrong Diane Armstrong s bestselling fictional debut A mother s silence, a village with a terrible secret, and an Australian woman who travels to Poland to uncover the truth When forensic dentist Halina Shore arrives in Nowa Kalwaria to take part in a war crimes investigation, she finds herself at the centre of a bitter struggle in a community that has been divided by a grimDiane Armstrong s bestselling fictional debut A mother s silence, a village with a terrible secret, and an Australian woman who travels to Poland to uncover the truth When forensic dentist Halina Shore arrives in Nowa Kalwaria to take part in a war crimes investigation, she finds herself at the centre of a bitter struggle in a community that has been divided by a grim legacy What she does not realise is that she has also embarked on a confronting personal journey Inspired by a true incident that took place in Poland in 1941, Diane Armstrong s powerful novel is part mystery, part forensic investigation, and a moving and confronting story of love, loss and sacrifice A deeply moving and inspiring novel GOOD READING A bold adventure of a novel Here is a consummate writer at the top of her form A fine fictional debut from a writer who s already made her mark CANBERRA TIMES Profoundly moving, compelling and superbly written AUSTRALIAN WOMEN S WEEKLY
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      Diane was born in Poland and arrived in Australia in 1948.At the age of seven she decided to become a writer Her first article, about teaching at a Blackboard Jungle school in London, was published in The Australian Women s Weekly in 1965 Diane subsequently became a freelance journalist, and over three thousand of her investigative articles, personal experience stories, profiles and travel stories have been published in newspapers and magazines such as Readers Digest, Vogue, The Bulletin, Harper s Bazaar, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, Good Weekend, and The Age Her articles have also appeared in major publications in the UK, Canada, Poland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Holland and South Africa.Over the years she has received numerous awards for journalism, including the Pluma de Plata awarded by the Government of Mexico for the best article written about that country, and the Gold Award given by the Pacific Asia Tourist Association In 1993 she received an award for an investigative article about Creutzfeld Jakob Disease In 1998, she received the George Munster Award for Independent Journalism.

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    • I really didn t enjoy this one even though the writing was decent, I just feel like there was a lot of extra stuff in the book that didn t need to be there Also there were like two or three places the point of view changes but only for like a few pages and it didn t seem necessary, it just made me annoyed honestly The main character is really self destructive and she s supposed to be a strong women but being successful shouldn t automatically mean youre strong, why are strong women always portra [...]

    • This book was brilliant on every level Gee I love historical fiction And this book is a classic example of why.Here we have a good dose of actual historical events seamlessly blended with a fictitious scenario that gives it such an authentic feel as to make it sound credibleeven the incredible becomes plausible At the same time edifying us to the shocking realities that are woven within.This is such an impressive construction of a story within a story Although much of it is quite confronting due [...]

    • Halina Shore is a forensic dentist, whose mother emigrated with her from Poland to Australia after WWII Apart from the fact that she was born in Poland in 1939, Halina knows little of her background as her mother refuses to talk about Halina s father or relatives Now living in Sydney around the late 1990s , Halina is invited to be part of a forensic team investigating the site of a Jewish massacre Although the Poles want to believe that the Germans killed the Jews after the Russians left Poland [...]

    • I read this as a book in 2006 and have now listened to it on audio, which I enjoyed .This is a powerful story about truth, justice and reconciliation, as well as coming to terms with an unpalatable past Partly a detective story, partly an historical novel and partly a story about an older woman s coming of age , it s the story of Polish born Halina Shore, a forensic dentist, who discontented with an unsatisfactory affair with a married man, and rootless since her mother s death takes off for Pol [...]

    • The end of a life was a disappointingly small moment that hung on the final exhalation of a breath Halina Shore and her mother emigrated to Australia from Poland in the late 1940s, after World War II Halina knows that she was born in 1939 but knows little else of her background Her mother, Zosia, has never spoken about Halina s father, about her family or life in Poland And when her mother dies, she leaves little behind Halina is a forensic dentist, living in Sydney with her cat Puccini, when sh [...]

    • In the time between Russia retreating and Nazi Germany arriving, something happened in a small Polish community in 1941 that can only be described as collective madness How do you otherwise make sense of a community that turns on its citizens, rounding up all the Jewish people and burning them alive People that have been your neighbours since you were born now rape torture and burn you.The story pulled me because of the medical forensic angle and of course any story set during WW2 is difficult t [...]

    • I ve read quite a few books about the Holocaust and the depths of depravity to which human beings are capable of sinking, and I am amazed that there are still aspects to the Holocaust that I ve never heard of and that still have the power to gob smack me This is one of them.The author s note at the end of the book explains that Nowa Kalwaria in Poland is fictitious, however while I was reading, since I was fairly sure this was based on a true story, I went googling to see if there was informatio [...]

    • The premise of this novel of an Australian forensic dentist being invited to Poland to examine the remains of a massacre committed 60 years before The dentist was born in Poland and brought to Australia as a girl by her mother The timelines in the story were often unclear and the disadvantage of an audiobook is that the reader can t go back to recheck details The story of working to uncover the truth behind the death of the entire Jewish population of a Polish village in 1941 is compelling The v [...]

    • Powerful.Halina Shore is an Australian forensic dentist Her career takes her to mass graves to help identify the bodies based on the dental remains She has been requested to go to a village in Poland to help identify the remains of Jews who were massacred during WWII This is bittersweet for Halina because she was born in Poland but knows nothing of her family her only known relative, her mother, recently passed away The Jews were not killed by Nazis as some Poles want to hear, but were killed by [...]

    • I enjoyed reading about dental forensics DNA I found that to be fascinating.I liked some parts of the story line, yet found some to be lacking or repetitious The actual writing, itself, was excellent.I would give this 3.5 stars

    • A very well written but, sad story, about a horrific event in Poland where a community rounded up the Jewish people and burned them in a barn while blaming it on the Germans.Halina, a forensics scientist, uncovers an unknown piece of history while also learning about her family lineage.

    • This was a difficult read for me I picked this book up because it deals with World War II era, and I am very interested in this time period The story takes place in current times, but the main character is piecing together events that took place in a small village in Poland during WWII I am especially interested in WWII from a perspective other than Germany s It was slow to get moving and I actually abandoned it for a while, but eventually came back to it The story picked up about a third or so [...]

    • Winter Journey is a haunting bookcusing on atrocities against the Jews in Poland during WWII, the perpetrators, the victims, the bystanders who watched and did nothing, and the brave souls who risked their lives to save those that they could This also becomes a story of family secrets, as unexpected twists are revealed As is the case for many books written on this subject, there are parts that are painful to read But this is also the story of sacrifice, family, and faithd forgiveness This book i [...]

    • I was so intrigued with this story It is horrifying that this actually happened Diane Armstrong writes beautifully though this is a difficult story I found the forensic science fascinating and was totally drawn into the mystery of the story If you liked Lilac Girls and Mischling then this is a must read

    • Halina Shore is a forensic dentist who was born in Poland and moved to Australia when she was nine After the death of her aloof mother, she accepts an invitation to help exhume a mass grave in Poland One of her motivations is that her mother has died without revealing anything substantial of Halina s Polish history, and at this stage of her life, she wants to know In 1941, the Jews of the town were burned to death in a barn The town s residents believe the Nazis did it, but rumors persist that [...]

    • This is a moving and powerful book that will stay with you long after you ve finished reading In July 1941, the inhabitants of the rural village of Novacalvaria, Poland, murdered their own Jewish population Around 1000 of Novacalvaria s Jews were herded into a large barn by the village s non Jewish populace and burned alive Only two children escaped the brutal inferno brought upon them by their former friends, neighbours and villagers.Sixty years later, forensic odontologist dentist , Halina Sho [...]

    • WonderfulThis journey of discovery could easily serve as a lesson for our contemporary situation An illustration of how easily fear and hatred can cause humanity to do unspeakable things and also how others can open their hearts to great good This is a book I could not put down Layer upon layer peeled away to reveal the secret Makes you search your own motives.

    • This novel, based on a true historical incident, is a tough read at times, but it tells an important story I speak Polish so I may have found it easier than most to deal with the Polish names and dialogue They do add authenticity, as do the descriptions of the tragedy at the heart of the book Some scenes require a strong stomach, but I found the book as a whole gripping It asks a lot of moral questions without hitting one over the head with them A good book for book clubs.

    • Alina is an Australian specialist who specializes in forensic dentistry and whose life is falling apart in Sydney She accepts a job to travel to her native Poland, where there is ano investigation underway In 1941 the Jewish members if a small town were herded into a local barn and burnt alive Locals say that it was the Germans, who did it, killing local communists.Based on a true story the author spins a fictional start that puts a personal twist on what is truly an evil evil deed and it is pre [...]

    • Abandoned I abandoned this book because I couldn t cope with the sadness at the beginning I listened to it last thing at night and just knew it wasn t for me Man s inhumanity to man never ceases to appall me I couldn t read The Book Thief either, for the same reason My abandonment is not a reflection on the quality of the writing.

    • Probably worth three and a half There were some parts of this books that were excellent and fascinating, but other parts felt contrived and or romanticised I did enjoy the writing so am looking forward to reading of her work.

    • This had all the elements that should have made this a 5star but it just wasn t good for me WWII, Poland, smart professional woman uncovering injusticesbut the writing just didn t pull me in I feel cold hearted that this terrible chapter during the nazi occupation of Poland left me uncaring Disappointed.

    • A reading challenge addict that s ME These days I try to fit books from my insurmountable TBR into reading challenges but this time, I wanted to fit an Australian author into a non Australian setting That was a terrible exercise as it means I ve added at least a dozen books to my TBR However, it has also led to some amazing discovery which included this book, Winter Journey.It was slow to begin as the first 20% of the audiobook had to set up a lot of background for the main character, Halina Sho [...]

    • This book had potential a Polish village has to come to terms with its past when a mass grave containing the remains of Jewish villagers killed in 1941 is exhumed The main character, an Australian forensic dentist with Polish ancestry, finds herself drawn deeply and personally into the history The tensions raised in the village by the exhumation and the very disparate attitudes to Jewish people both during World War II and in the present are well conveyed But in the end, I remained unconvinced I [...]

    • This book certainly exceeded my expectations I didn t quite know what to expect, I just picked it up at the local library, having read something about Australia, Poland and WWII on the back cover.I found myself captivated by the story inspired by a true event almost immediately It starts off in Sydney but most of the story actually takes place in Poland, in a small village where there is to be an excavation of a mass grave Armstrong manages to weave modern forensic science beautifully into a his [...]

    • Halina Shore is a forsenic dentist living in Australia but she was born in Poland She remembers immigrating with her mother when she was a young girl Her mother, Zosia worked at menial jobs to ensure Halina attended a private school and got a good education Zosia never talked about their life in Poland nor spoke of any relatives.When Halina has the opportunity to go to Poland to be a part of an investigation involving uncovering a burial of Jewish people who were burned alive in a barn in 1941, [...]

    • This historical novel tells an important story about how the Christian citizens of a Polish town, after the Russians leave and as the Germans arrive early in WWII burn and bury their Jewish neighbors This is based on an event that actually occurred and the author did substantial research on the historical event and on forensic science used to identify the victims But, at least for this reader, the way the story was told was often offputting First, there is the strong woman narrator having a ridi [...]

    • The framework was fully predictable, but it was still enjoyable to see the details layered onto the frame It was too sappy in places, but that didn t stop me from reading on My biggest objection was that the protagonist went off the rails in later spots, which contradicted her established character It made me dislike her The protagonist was 2 years old in 1941 This story is set in the 21st century, but I don t recall if a specific year was given The setting is at least 50 years after the 1941 ev [...]

    • I listened to this book on audio and only made it through disc five because I was entirely confused as to what was going on Which was extremely disappointing, because I really wanted to like this book However, I could have done without the entire beginning story lines Disc 1 held my interest in the fact that it was about the Jewish community and the beginnings of WWII But Helena s story lost me It felt like endless chapters of her boring life It felt like the author only had certain things happe [...]

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