Tempted A Stepbrother Romance #2020

Tempted A Stepbrother Romance By J.L. Ostle Tempted A Stepbrother Romance Have you ever been tempted by something or someone you know you shouldn t have Craved something so much it overtakes every thought I have I ve recently moved in with my father and his new family My f
  • Title: Tempted A Stepbrother Romance
  • Author: J.L. Ostle
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  • Page: 271
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  • Tempted A Stepbrother Romance By J.L. Ostle
    Tempted A Stepbrother Romance By J.L. Ostle Have you ever been tempted by something or someone you know you shouldn t have Craved something so much, it overtakes every thought I have.I ve recently moved in with my father and his new family My father who I once saw as my hero, is now a stranger It s been seven years since I last saw him, if it wasn t for my mother getting her new promotion, and me finishing senioHave you ever been tempted by something or someone you know you shouldn t have Craved something so much, it overtakes every thought I have.I ve recently moved in with my father and his new family My father who I once saw as my hero, is now a stranger It s been seven years since I last saw him, if it wasn t for my mother getting her new promotion, and me finishing senior year, I wouldn t be here The worst part is his new wife, my stepmother She is warm and friendly and I hate that I like her, but it s her son, my stepbrother Aidan who I can t stand He s a cocky a hole who has found a new pleasure to get under my skin At school people treat him like he s some kind of God, women throw themselves at him, as the guys kiss his ass Yes he has a delicious body you just want to lick all over, live out every dirty fantasy, but his attitude stinks He pretends we don t live under the same roof, pretends I m a complete stranger around others.I hate him so much, hate how he teases me in front of his friends, throws himself into my personal space, yet my traitorous body reacts to him I want him to touch me, feel me, taste me Have him control my body, even though I know it s wrong, it makes me crave him to want me .I m here for six months, surely I can handle six months living with him Right New adult contemporary romance with mature content Recommended for 17 due to mature language and adult situations
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    • J.L. Ostle

      J.L Ostle was born in Antrim, Northern Ireland, now living in Carlisle, England J.L Ostle is a full time mother looking after her cute, active little boy When she she hasn t got her head stuck in a book or writing, she s watching movies, or doing activities with her friends and their children

    243 thoughts on “Tempted A Stepbrother Romance

    • Soooo many sex scenes with different ow that I lost count This guy was disgusting that he had so many ow even after meeting heroine and having feelings for her, the guy just couldn t keep it in his pants The worst though was just towards the end when he had descriptive sex with one women and heroine heard and then later just towards the end he had sex with another woman Yuck This was no hero but a sex crazed loser Will I read the sequel HELL NO

    • Kacey is in her senior year of High School with six months before she graduates Circumstances beyond her control, she is shipped off to her father s house to finish school there This in itself would be hard, exams in a new school and all, but she hasn t spoken to her dad in 6 years, let alone met his new wife and son She is literally speechless when she meets Aiden the step brother It s an instant attraction for both of them.The best way to counteract his attraction to his step sister is to be t [...]

    • OMGOmg Where do I start This book is amazing JL Ostle has done an amazing job on this book The writing style, how the characters are created, the story everything is perfect I do know that some people do shy away from taboo topics such as this Stepbrother and stepsister But this book its the far best book I have read with this topic I loved how the characters develop their feelings for one another, the chemistry between them, watching their relationship blossom is quite amazing I loved the twist [...]

    • I loved this book Tempted is a new direction in writing the start of a new series by J.L Ostle.This book will draw you in keep you captivated right till the end with its strong likeable characters solid storyline that flows.I have been a fan of J.L right from the start can t wait to see whats next for her Craved cannot come quick enough

    • Brilliant this book kept me gripped throughout loved the twist too keeps you guessing Another fantastic book D

    • Received a copy in exchange for an honest review She straddles my lap, grinding herself against me not caring that the driver can see everything that is happening in his back seat I feel even turned on I quickly pay the driver and he winks at me, but I don t acknowledge him I grab her hand and we stumble over each other in the dark trying to get to my room 5 super sexy stars This book was hot from the start Great story and great characters I know a lot of people think that the whole stepbrother [...]

    • 3.5 of 5 starsThis was the story of Kacey, who moves in with her estranged father and his new wife for 6 months when her mother has a job opportunity Kacey s step mother has a son Kacey s age named Aidan Aidan and Kacey have an instant attraction to each other and this story tells of how they try to fight it because they are stepsiblings Kacey initially came across as a sweet girl and I often felt sorry for her with the way Aidan and other characters in the book treat her But there were moments [...]

    • Kacey has to move in with her father and his new family Her mother is going away for work and since she is still in high school, this seems the best solution She has not seen her father in 6 years so it is a bit of an adjustment She likes her new step mother Her new step brother is another issue of its own.Aidan is a popular guy at school and does all sports and women Kacey and Aidan are attracted to one another right off the bat Only his friends are egging him on to tease her like a baby sister [...]

    • High school senior Kasey is headed to spend the last 6 months of school at her fathers house, the father she really hasn t had much communication with since her parents divorce He s now remarried with a stepson Kasey s age.Upon meeting both are drawn to each other.Aiden at times I wanted to punch As seniors they are old enough to realize that rumors and teasing are just plain childish but he takes Nick s advice seeing this as the only way to keep his distance.That bugged me a bit, his need to em [...]

    • Holy Hotness I need More This is the first book i have read by J.L Ostle and freaking loved the hell out of it I was hooked from the beginning Kacey after not seeing her father for quite a few years has to move in with him since her mother got a promotion at work and will be doing a lot of traveling It is Kasey s senior year of high school so for 6 months shes living with her father and his new wife Aiden is Kacey s stepbrother and although I love him now I so wanted to smack him or punch him qu [...]

    • I received a ARC of this book for my honest review.This book is awesome I love Jenna s style of writing She can write about anything I would love it She s by far on of my favorite authors Kacey has to spend the rest of her senior year with her father She s skeptical about it because she hasn t really seen him since her parents split up When she arrives she meets her step mother step brother Aiden Quickly she realizes her step brother is HOT that she has a connection with him They both know it bu [...]

    • I received this Arc for an Honest Review.Kacey is hating going to live with her father in her senior year of High School, But what happens when Aiden walks in Everything Changes He is her stepbrother and holy Hot But he is that her step brother and he can be a bit of dick But you do fall in love with him Is this wrong or what They aren t blood How can she control her feelings for him Aiden is in the same position She is Gorgeous and his step sister What will These two do My favorite from both Ka [...]

    • OMG Where do I begin I loved this book It had me captivated from the first page right through till the end and already im on pins and needles for book 2 I loved Aidan even though I wanted to punch him a few times cause he could do some stupid stupid stuff and Kacey is a strong beautiful girl I loved this book it had all the emotions in like a few oh nooooo moments, there was your WTF Moments, there was some laughed out loud moments and most definitely a few sad moment were I had tears in my eyes [...]

    • I absolutely loved this book When Kacey s mom gets a new job, she goes to live with the father she hasn t seen in years She s suppose to be there for 6 months From the first moment that she lays eyes on her step brother, Adain, she feels things for him she shouldn t Adain feels them too but tries to distance himself from her and his growing desire for her.I can t wait for the next book in the series.

    • Another amazing book by J.l ostle she has once again captured my attention with this book and drew me in from the first page I will stick by what I have said this authour is destined for big things I am counting down days until I read yet another amazing book for her no 1 fan you rock J.l ostle keep up the amazing work u have a fan for life xx

    • I received this book in exchange for an honest review J.L Ostle did it again, another awesome book I loved this book, I had to lock myself in the bathroom in the middle of the night to read it uninterrupted but it was well worth it I can t wait for

    • Electrifyingly is that a word brilliant Love love love this sooo very much It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me mad And now I need the next book Like yesterday

    • 5 starsI am mad I wanted Oh my gawd How could you end it that way and me have to wait a whole year for the rest Great story A must read.

    • Wow what a book loved it Aiden and Kacey s story had me gripped from the beginning it had me laughing, crying and getting a little mad want to shout at certain characters Well done J.L Ostle

    • Love itLove this book it was so good I can t till part two comes out Aiden finally wised up and Kacey has lefted.

    • I was given a copy for an honest review I really liked it Some stepbrother romances are tedious and predictable, but I really liked it I can t wait to read from this author


    • Another cheater storylinespoilers bewareThe storyline was full of angst I couldn t stand Aiden At first he was a nice guy then he became a bully towards Kacey It was pretty brutal to a point that I hated him After that Iost interest on the book Some books can pull it off where the h bully the heroine but it was done in a way that it flowed worked The bullying was gross worst part Kacey was a pathetic person for letting it go Just when there was some sort of romance Aiden screw some girl in her o [...]

    • A Very Tempting Read This is a stepbrother romance, and there have been a flood of those coming along this year and while some are good, some great even, some are just well not So you have to wade through the good the bad and the ugly to get to the great This one is great I was completely hooked from the very beginning and flew through the pages I was right there along with the characters, blushing, and cringing, and laughing, sad, and shaking my head throughout the book There is no denying the [...]

    • Great story I loved the build up of these characters This isn t your typical Stepbrother book, it s so much better There story line is deeper and makes you feel like you re there watching the characters get to know each other, tear each other apart and watch them struggle I can t wait to read

    • IntenseKacey goes to stay with her estranged father, stepmother and soon to be step brother Aidan The attraction is instant between the two teens, as a way to get himself under control Aidan decides his best option is to begin tormenting his new step sister Only his plan backfires One of the best step brother romances I ve read

    • Man it s hard to write a review when you can t stand one of the main characters I liked it but it drove me nuts.

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