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Irresistibly Yours By Lauren Layne Irresistibly Yours Fans of Julie James Carly Phillips and Chanel Cleeton meet the men of Oxford magazine In the first captivating spin off of Lauren Layne s bestselling Sex Love Stiletto series a not so friendly batt
  • Title: Irresistibly Yours
  • Author: Lauren Layne
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  • Page: 255
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Irresistibly Yours By Lauren Layne
    Irresistibly Yours By Lauren Layne Fans of Julie James, Carly Phillips and Chanel Cleeton meet the men of Oxford magazine In the first captivating spin off of Lauren Layne s bestselling Sex, Love Stiletto series, a not so friendly battle of the sexes turns into a scorching office romance.Hotshot sports editor Cole Sharpe has been freelancing for Oxford for years, so when he hears about a staff posiFans of Julie James, Carly Phillips and Chanel Cleeton meet the men of Oxford magazine In the first captivating spin off of Lauren Layne s bestselling Sex, Love Stiletto series, a not so friendly battle of the sexes turns into a scorching office romance.Hotshot sports editor Cole Sharpe has been freelancing for Oxford for years, so when he hears about a staff position opening up, he figures he s got the inside track Then his boss drops a bombshell Cole has competition Female competition, in the form of a fresh faced tomboy who can hang with the dudes and write circles around them, too Cole usually likes his women flirty and curvy, but he takes a special interest in his skinny, sassy rival, if only to keep an eye on her And soon, he can t take his eyes off her.Penelope Pope knows all too well that she comes off as just one of the guys Since she s learned that wanting usually leads to disappointment, Penelope s resigned to sitting on the sidelines when it comes to love So why does Cole make her want to get back in the game The man is as arrogant as he is handsome He probably sees her as nothing than a barrier to his dream job But when an unexpected kiss turns into a night of irresistible passion, Penelope has to figure out whether they re just fooling around or starting something real.
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      Lauren Layne is the New York Times bestselling author of over a dozen romantic comedies.A former e commerce and web marketing manager from Seattle, Lauren relocated to New York City in 2011 to pursue a full time writing career.She lives in midtown Manhattan with her high school sweetheart, where she writes smart romantic comedies with just enough sexy times to make your mother blush In LL s ideal world, every stiletto wearing, Kate Spade wielding woman would carry a Kindle stocked with Lauren Layne books Note from Lauren Layne Lauren is NOT active on GoodReads.She finds she does her best writing when she doesn t let herself get discouraged by negative reviews If you re looking for updated release dates and official book descriptions, please check out her website.Thanks so much for understanding

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    • 4 Tiny Brunette StarsIrresistibly Yours is the first book in Lauren Layne s new series entitled Oxford While this book can certainly be read as a stand alone novel, this Oxford series is a spin off series from this author s Sex, Love and Stiletto series What a fun and sweet sports themed, romantic comedy I have a confession to make This book also marks my first read by Ms LayneY WHAT I know I know I must have been living under some sort of rock or something How I have never read anything by this [...]

    • FOUR OXFORD STARS Weekdays, we re colleagues Weekends, we can be Fuck buddies Sports themed Romance Opposites attract Lauren Layne Where do I sign up Yes, readers I m officially in sweet, fluffy cloud heaven and there was hardly a moment of this book that didn t have me giddy girl crazy with excitement And this is just the beginning Irresistibly Yours is set to be just the tip of the iceberg as my favourite author has planned a whole new series and if the rest of the books are as good as this on [...]

    • 3.75 Stars You re freaking adorable Lauren Layne delivered a sports themed story, centering around two sports writers vying for the same position at Oxford Magazine Cole Sharpe believes he s a shoe in for the position until he meets Penelope Pope Penelope is a wonderful heroine She s so relatable and very cool However, she s understandably guarded against Cole s advances You re out of my league, Sharpe Cole works pretty hard to win over Penelope I truly enjoyed the sports talk, the Stiletto girl [...]

    • This book was utterly delightful from beginning to end We met Cole Sharpe in Lauren Layne s Stiletto series He s Oxford got to sports writer but he s freelance and he likes it that way But the rising cost of his brother s care led him to contemplate having a permanent gig Oxford magazine is expanding its sports section and they want a brilliant sports editor to handle it Cole, of course, has an in since he s friends with a lot of the Oxford guys He felt confident that he has the job, which wasn [...]

    • 3.75 StarsIrresistibly Yours is a cute, sports themed, romantic comedy Cole Sharpe has been freelancing at Oxford Magazine for years, so when a new sports editor position opens up, he knows the job is his Unfortunately for Cole, it looks like he has some competition Cole was the right man for the job The only man for the job.Penelope Pope is starting over, a new city, a new job, and a new attitude She has always been one of the guys, and has learned the hard way that wanting usually ends with a [...]

    • 4.5 Tiny STARSThis was a cute, feel good read and I just devoured it And I must confess, this was my first Lauren Layne book.I know I don t know why it s taken me so long Both main characters were adorable Penelope Pope is a sweet, feisty tomboy She has a fierce love of all sports and is so used to being just one of the guys that she doesn t believe she has a sexy bone in her body.Cole Sharpe is funny, sexy, sweet and just loved his adoration and loyalty to his brother Also loved his nickname fo [...]

    • 4 StarsI will treat you with the respect you deserve at work, and then I will use your sweet body for sex AFTER work, but Penelope Pope, I give you my solemn promise not to fall in love with you Lauren Layne is my go to author whenever I m in the mood for a light hearted, sexy and witty romance, and this book is exactly why There s one thing that s guaranteed when I read one of her books I ll read it with a happy smile on my face the entire time While I haven t yet had the pleasure of reading he [...]

    • 4 Tiny Stars Cole is a freelance journalist for Oxford Magazine, but although his position has been casual, now that the Magazine is hiring a sports editor for a new feature he knows that job belongs to him What he didn t expect was Penelope, a girl who loves sports as much as him and is applying for the same job When their attraction becomes too big to ignore they have to realize of they are things important than a job and if this is a game they re willing to play As always happens with a Laur [...]

    • I d first been introduced to these endearing characters in the Sex, Love and Stilleto series It had read much like the cast of Sex in the City acted So when I d seen that Lauren Layne had started a spin off series, The Oxford Series, I signed up I ll gladly take a Cole love story, though my heart is completely taken with Lincoln up next in Playing for Keeps.Irresistably Yours delivers such an all around cute love story Cole Sharpe has been a freelance sports writer for Oxford Press for quite som [...]

    • 4.5 Right on the Money Stars Spoiler FreeI think we all have those special friends the ones who when you get together have the best stories to tell They tell them with such charm and comedic timing that sometimes you almost wet yourself from laughing so hard They could be telling you about an incident which, knowing them you already have figured out exactly how it will endBut you don t care one little bit because it is in their telling which holds you captivewanting to experience it from their p [...]

    • 3 Stars Now LIVE US UKCole Sharpe is a freelance sports editor for Oxford Magazine, who is hoping to become a permanent member of the team when it is decided that the sports section will expand He thinks he has it in the bag, but soon gets a shock when he realises that he has to compete against another person, but not only that but she s a woman Penelope Pope is new in town, having moved to NYC form Chicago when she realised that she was in unrequited love She is a tomboy and loves sports and is [...]

    • 4 You are so out of my league Stars For me reading a book by Lauren Layne is like the sun coming out on a rainy day, because even when I am in my lowest of moods, her story lines and characters are pretty much are guaranteed to cheer me up Irresistibly Yours was certainly no slouch in that department, and I absolutely adored Penelope and Cole s coming together.This was an easy going read, about two people going after the same position at Oxford Magazine and ultimately realizing that after spent [...]

    • I m yours, Penelope If you want me Irresistibly yours This book was a fun and adorable read Light, full of humor, and definitely HOT This book will appeal to everyone who wants to read something entertaining and with a non heavy drama.Irresistibly Yours is very refreshing for me because it s all about two sports writers namely Cole Sharpe and Penelope Pope who are both aiming to get the title of Senior Sports Editor at Oxford men s magazine They started off as strangers who eventually stepped up [...]

    • 4 Irresistibly Adorable StarsFriends to lovers.when it s done right it s absolutely wonderful and Lauren Layne does it effortlessly This is my 3rd LL book and I am a definite fan This story is written in the cutest way Like I said, a friends to lovers story Friends who have so much in common, friends who have a great banter, friends who respect each other and finally friends who are not looking for that someone special The flow of the story and the attraction between the characters is one that s [...]

    • 5 Tiny Stars ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I still cannot believe this is my first Lauren Layne book I want to thank her, the publisher and Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to have and review this fantastic novel one of my first ARC S, yaaaaaaay.So, let s talk about the book Irresistibly Yours belongs to the Oxford series, which I discovered it s a spin off of another series of Layne s called Sex, Love Stiletto that, of course, I will read right freaking now [...]

    • 5 starsThis book was sooo cute Love LLs writing I found Penelope very relatable and her insecurities felt justified Cole was adorable and his loyalty towards his brother just made my heart melt I loved how their relationship progressed.It is exactly what I look for in a feel good book I was happy with everything that happened in the book except one tiny bit but I ll give Cole the benefit of the doubt otherwise view spoiler their relationship may not have moved forward hide spoiler Looking forwar [...]

    • 4 You know the game stars from me Well, that was a very good, funny and sexy storyIt was an easy going reading without too much drama and too many unuseful detailsIt was a sweet, loving story about love, friendship, a dream job and sports I had a great and carefree time while i was reading this book.Well, first of all, i have to admit that i have never read the Stilettos series and all of their protagonists parade from this book, but there wasn t any problem to get into the story Cole was friend [...]

    • 4.5 STARS Lauren Layne is the author that can have me cheering for any kind of romance trope ANY Really.It wasn t so long ago I was talking all about my love for friends to lovers tropes Well I guess I like the Just Friends Nothing More trope just as much Anything really, if it s Lauren Layne style Irresistibly Yours was such a funny and light romantic comedy, mixing and switching smoothly between different romance tropes All happily leading to the best kind of romance, the swooning kind We grad [...]

    • Cole frowned, his eyes moving around the room until they met Penelope s He lifted an eyebrow as though to ask Do you know what s going on here Julie leaned toward Penelope with a knowing look on her face Betcha Cole s kisses are better than nice, she said quietly I wouldn t know, Penelope responded Oh, but you will, Julie said confidently, as she sat back and sipped her wine You will What a fool I am A total moron A real Magoo It s no surprise to anyone, apparently only me, that I loved yet anot [...]

    • I did enjoy this one The writing flowed, the story was good I liked both characters and the background characters Set in NYC, a favourite place of mine Sports themed Hotshot sports editor Cole Sharpe has been freelancing for Oxford for years, so when he hears about a staff position opening up, he figures he s got the inside track Then his boss drops a bombshell Cole has competition Female competition, in the form of a fresh faced tomboy who can hang with the dudes and write circles around them, [...]

    • 3.5 stars This woman writes some majorly hilarious sassy books but of all, Stiletto series is my all time favorite Lauren books, what can I say they were one of the best chick flick books I ve read till date It was a complete package of entertainment with swoon worthy characters, snarky dialogues, loads of bickering and heart fluttering moments I was than happy when I heard she s going to write spin off for this series and with that, we get to see the stiletto oxford gang again Cole Sharpe the [...]

    • 4 A Girl Who Loves Sports StarsRequesting an ARC by LL is usually a safe bet and this time it once again paid off This first book in the Stiletto spin off series was just as good as its predecessor It was sweet and funny and fast paced and not at all original but still completely entertaining.You would think that after so many book of LL and generally contemporary romance that follow the same pattern, the whole only sex no feelings thing that really never works out would have gotten old But nope [...]

    • 4.5 Tiny StarsPersonally, I love all of Lauren Layne s books that I ve read Unfortunately for me I have not read the Stiletto series yet, but I will correct that soon With that being said, I don t feel that I was missing out on anything major while reading this book The story starts out with Cole Sharpe sitting at a baseball game He went to watch the game, but he s also there to spy too He was told that his competition for the new senior sports editor position at Oxford would also be at the game [...]

    • An unputdownable, irresistibly charming, sweet and sassylicious romance A heartfelt story I ate up while it gave me smile after smile.For years Cole Sharpe had been happy as a contractor for Oxford men s magazine But a stable position as sports editor would help a long way in taking care and supporting his brother He thought he had the job in the bag, but as it turns out he has stiff competition of the female variety He should be keeping his eye on the prize and usually a tomboyesk woman wouldn [...]

    • 4.5 stars Loved it Lauren Layne is a classy romance author who never disappoints Great dialogue and charactersn t wait for the next one.Thanks for the br, Ami arc provided by NG

    • OMG this book was a pure delight I loved every minute of it Lauren s writing is always easy to read I ve only read 3 books from her but I m always having a good time.Penelope and Cole story made me laugh, swoon and fall in love at the same time.Penelope Pope is what I could call an average kind of girl She is not beautiful but she has a girl next door look that made me connect with her right away She is a tomboy and in some ways she reminds me of mysef She doesn t like heels, she feels comforta [...]

    • It would seem that this book has everything that attracts me Very cool background story and an amazing group of friends, but well, that s all Those damn eyes of yours, he said roughly They undo me About the plot Cole Sharpe and Penelope Pope meet at baseball game She draws his attention, not because of her beauty, which is not unusual, but the fascination with which she watches the game and what writes in her notebook Then it turns out that they both compete for the same position sport editor in [...]

    • I absolutely loved Irresistibly Yours as I have been in love with Cole Sharpe since we met him in the Stiletto series, the cheeky office flirt and FINALLY his own story.Cole Sharpe has decided he wants to join the Oxford team on a permanent basis no longer as a freelancer but there is one person standing between him and his dream job enter Penelope Pope.Penelope Pope is a tomboy she loves sports, junk food and beer and she has moved to New York for a fresh start a new city, new job Penelope is a [...]

    • This review can also be found at Carole s Random LifeI enjoyed this sweet and sexy little romance story It wasn t my favorite Lauren Layne book but it was still a very good romance This book is the first in a brand new series so I was eager to jump in right at the beginning I understand that this series is a spin off from her Sex, Love, Stilettos series which I still haven t read I know, I know, I really need to get that series read as soon as humanly possible This book may share some characters [...]

    • Thank you NetGalley and Loveswept for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.This is my first Lauren Layne book and one thing is for sure I m gonna read of her novels Irresistibly Yours is a romantic, hilarious and a sexy read I really enjoy Cole Sharpe and Penelope Pope s banters and sweet moments and as well as their enthusiasm for sports gaah these two are just adorable.Cole Sharpe is a freelance editor at Oxford magazine His aim is to become a sports editor for the magazine Howev [...]

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