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High Dive By Tammar Stein High Dive Arden has a plane ticket to Sardinia to say goodbye to her family s beloved vacation home after her father s sudden death and her mother s deployment to Iraq as an army nurse Lonely for her father and
  • Title: High Dive
  • Author: Tammar Stein
  • ISBN: 9780375830242
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Hardcover
  • High Dive By Tammar Stein
    High Dive By Tammar Stein Arden has a plane ticket to Sardinia to say goodbye to her family s beloved vacation home after her father s sudden death and her mother s deployment to Iraq as an army nurse Lonely for her father and petrified for her mother s safety, Arden dreads her trip to the house in Sardinia the only place that has truly felt like home to her So when she meets a group of fun, careArden has a plane ticket to Sardinia to say goodbye to her family s beloved vacation home after her father s sudden death and her mother s deployment to Iraq as an army nurse Lonely for her father and petrified for her mother s safety, Arden dreads her trip to the house in Sardinia the only place that has truly felt like home to her So when she meets a group of fun, carefree, and careless friends on their summer break, she decides to put off her trip and join them to sample the sights and culinary delights of Europe Soon they are climbing the Eiffel Tower, taking in the French countryside on a train chugging toward the Alps, and gazing at Michelangelo s David in Florence, all the while eating gelato and sipping cappuccino Arden tries to forget about the danger her mom faces every day, to pretend she s just like the rest of the girls, flirting with cute European guys and worried only about where to party next But the house in Sardinia beckons and she has to make a choice Is Arden ready to jump off the high dive
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    • Tammar Stein

      Tammar Stein is the award winning author of the YA novel, Light Years, a Virginia Reader s Choice book and an ALA Best Book for Young Adults, 2006 Her second novel, High Dive, was nominated for an ALA Best Book for Young Adults, 2009 Kindred, her third novel and the first in a series, was nominated for Teen Choice Best Book Award and received a starred review on Publishers Weekly Spoils, a companion to Kindred, will be released on December, 2013 Debts, free e novella will be released in the Fall, 2013.She recently moved to Virginia where she lives with her family and bilingual dog.

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    • I m kind of biased because I could really relate to Arden Not so much her personality but her situation I ve had a parent deploy to Iraq and I understood a lot of what she had to go through, but I didn t take it the same way she did Arden is already away at college when her mom is deployed and she has already lost her father, so she dealing with a lot of feelings that seem to be suffocating her though she doesn t know it With all that moving around military brats do it s hard to keep many friend [...]

    • This is hard for me to review because I liked the book, but I think it was mostly because I could relate to Arden s situation At times it was sad and in Arden s voice you can hear the weight of the world that she feels like she s carrying Then you see all the great things she does and sees while she traveling The book was pretty accurate when describing how travel is in Europe as in it kinda sucks It was funny to read the military jargon that I only hear when I m on post or talking to my family [...]

    • There are not many books that I ve read about military brats so this was different It was nice to see her knowledge of everthing in Europe but she wasn t snobish about it In the beginning I just felt so bad for Arden I d hate to be stuck in Paris and not have any fun However things do get better as things progress The three girls she meets on the plane and decides to join have very distinct personalities Each one brings something to the story The military life has seemed to take a great toll on [...]

    • When I started High Dive, we were at weird time, nationally speaking The Iraq War was going strong and military families experienced huge personal sacrifices But while the media did a superb job getting the story out about the soldiers experiences at war and the casualty rate was common knowledge, the pain and suffering of the spouses and children left behind was completely unacknowledged I had to change that I was that child whose father left to go to war I was that spouse left behind on a six [...]

    • This is an interesting, good book about a girl who has been moving around the world her whole life Its funny, exciting, sweet, and even sad at some partsa really good book.

    • Stein, Tammar High Dive, Pg 198 Alfred A Knopf Random House Language PG, Sexual Content PG, Violence G Arden is headed to Italy She and her mom have decided to sell the old summer house Since her mom has been deployed to Iraq she has to close up the house On the way to Italy, Arden meets some new friends and they persuade her to her to stay in Paris with them for a few days and a simple trip becomes a great adventure This is a good book but it just keeps on going The title doesn t match the book [...]

    • I can t even really pinpoint exactly why I liked this book so much but I really really did With how short the book was I was afraid I might feel unfulfilled at the end but I totally didn t at all This was a cute read that wasn t superficial and had some real stuff going on I m pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this book travel stories for the win

    • Stein, Tammar 2008 High Dive The phone rang at 6 a.m Even though I expected it, my heart leapt at the shrill sound I lunged for the receiver, picking it up before the ring ended, and looked over at my roommate She d burrowed deeper undercover I could see only a skein of hair on the pillow Good.I glanced at the clock to begin the countdown My mom and I had exactly fifteen minutes for the phone call.Technically, everyone was allowed two fifteen minute DSN, the military phone system, calls a week, [...]

    • Another good quality find at Php 100 16Oct2013High Dive is the story of Arden Her father died a few years back, and her mom s a military nurse deployed at Iraq she has to go back to Sardinia, their family s permanent vacation home, the only home she s known, to handle its selling En route to Sardinia, she meets girls on their way to a vacation in Europe, and she s persuaded to come with them Given that her schedule is not really tight in terms of going back to Sardinia to sell the house, she tak [...]

    • I never know how a randomly selected book will be, but I enjoyed this one quite a bit It might even be worthy of 4.5 stars Arden, a college student whose dad has and mom is now deployed with the Army, is heading to Italy to help sell her family s vacation home when she meets three other college students on the plane, planning to travel around Europe, and Arden takes them up on their invitation to join them Soon, she s exploring all sorts of tourist spots and not so touristy spots around the cont [...]

    • High Dive by Tammar Stein is a book about this girl who goes to pairs on a suprise trip She just got out of collage and her father died not so long ago, and her mom is always traveling because she is a docter in the army So she is used to traveling a lot so when her mom asks her to go to germany to sell there old home she goes on a plane ready to go to germany Although along the way she runs in to these collage girls who are going to paris and offer for her to come with them She soon finds her s [...]

    • In this book, the main character, Arden is on a flight to Sardinia On her plane, she meets three girls who drastically change her mind They invite her to stay in Paris with them Now that she was done with school, she figured it wouldn t hurt, so she accepted their offer For weeks, she struggled with getting hotel rooms, money, and food One day, the most aggressive girl, Lola, took things too far After the situation, Arden thought it would be best to go to Sardinia The trip had been fun, but she [...]

    • Few books have ever evoked the sense of nostalgia that this book gave me Reading of Arden s travels through Paris and then Italy made me think back fondly to the semester I spent abroad in Europe To be honest, I was not expecting much from this book However, this book surprised me immensely While a quick, light read, High Dive is truly a coming of age story that explores adulthood and independence I would definitely recommend this book.WHAT I LIKED Arden was a character that made it very easy to [...]

    • Arden is a character with wit, intelligence, and adventure driven Stein writes a fast paced but descriptive story of a girl who goes out of her way to take on an adventure in Europe with three strangers The book is well written and perfectly paced, and Stein does not dwell on details but inserts enough to make the story colorful and vivid The entire plot hinges on one character choosing adventure, and from there, the story unfolds to develop her character and her story past to present The charac [...]

    • Arden s family life is in turmoil Her father is dead, and her mother is stationed in Iraq, leaving Arden alone and afraid Now that her mother has decided to sell their vacation house in Sardinia Arden s source of treasured family memories it s up to Arden keep her emotions in check and help her mother with the practical matters of packing up the house On the flight overseas, Arden meets a trio of college students on a carefree summer vacation In a rare show of spontanaeity, Arden decides to join [...]

    • Arden is on her way to Italy to sell her family s much adored summer house in Sardinia She is traveling alone while her mother is fighting in Iraq, but traveling is not much of a problem, being used to moving almost every few years Also her father was killed in a car accident, making Arden even alone However, on the plane, Arden meets 3 girls a little older than her, that invite her to roam around Europe no pun intendedrry Surprisingly enough, Arden agrees, thinking a little adventure won t hur [...]

    • I thought this would be a foodie book for teensbut not quite It is much a book about traveling and dealing with a parent who has died or one in Iraq Stein also explores the dynamics of growing up in a military family.Not bad, but just not great There definitely isn t enough suspense or tension indeed, there isn t any at all to make it a plot driven story But one feels short changed on the character development end of the story.

    • This book is about a girl who is traveling to visit her mother and meets these other girls They invite her to go to Paris, france with her and she says yes They go on different adventures This book is about them.I can make a connection because if i were in this situation it would be hard I would not know what to or how i should let my parents know and also i wouldn t know if i should trust the people inviting me I most likely wouldn t go.

    • Arden, a college student, has lost her dad and her mother is a solder nurse in Iraq This story follows Arden as she makes an impulsive decision to vacation with three other college girls in Europe It does a good job highlighting the pain of not being with both parents In addition, a book that takes you through Europe with four girls, and the problems fun they encounter.

    • I thought this book was going to be different I couldn t connect or empathize with the main character I thought it would be about traveling and doing different things Europe but instead it kept informing me of how long the wait time was at museums and how expensive Paris was.

    • Why 5 stars DetailsRealistic contemporary military issues I teared up couple of timesMessage for every reader focus on what you can controlI connected I m a parent of swimmers I was a military wife I have close family suffering from deployments to Iraq.

    • I liked this book About a girl who s father recently passed away and her mother is in Iraq On a flight she meets 3 girls from Texas who talk her into joing them in Paris.

    • Good book to better understand the feelings of a child of a soldier during war Add to it the child has lost a parent and is trying to deal with this loss all alone Enjoyable and realistic.

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