Brie's Montana Dreams #2020

Brie's Montana Dreams By Red Phoenix Brie s Montana Dreams Submissive in Love The Brie series continues Hot scenes call to Brie Bennett as she sets out to film The Sanctuary a secret BDSM commune nestled in the mountains of Montana All kinds of kinky fun a
  • Title: Brie's Montana Dreams
  • Author: Red Phoenix
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  • Page: 136
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Brie's Montana Dreams By Red Phoenix
    Brie's Montana Dreams By Red Phoenix Submissive in Love 4 The Brie series continues Hot scenes call to Brie Bennett as she sets out to film The Sanctuary, a secret BDSM commune nestled in the mountains of Montana All kinds of kinky fun awaits, including the provocative Initiation Ceremony Brie discovers many secrets during her stay, including the shocking truth Faelan hides from her friend Mary, but youSubmissive in Love 4 The Brie series continues Hot scenes call to Brie Bennett as she sets out to film The Sanctuary, a secret BDSM commune nestled in the mountains of Montana All kinds of kinky fun awaits, including the provocative Initiation Ceremony Brie discovers many secrets during her stay, including the shocking truth Faelan hides from her friend Mary, but young Brie is in for a delicious shock of her own when the King returns to claim his prize This fourth novella of the Submissive in Love series will leave you quivering for as you join in the naughty fun that is The Sanctuary Adult Material 18
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      USA Today Bestselling AuthorRed Phoenix is an award winning romance author who gained popularity with her BDSM series, Brie s Submission.To join in the Brie experience begin with the 1st Boxed Set Books 1 3 and start your journey into a sensual world Join my Newsletter redphoenix69 newsletter signup Red s Books redphoenix69 reds books br Group group show Twitter twitter redphoenix69

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    • I love feeling like Brie s traveling companion because each location she visits is an erotic delight It seems like I say this in every review, but this is definitely one of my very favorites In this novella, Brie s budding film career takes her to Montana to film scenes at The Sanctuary, a very upscale, progressive commune for people seeking a sexually free life style Although Brie is sad to leave Sir behind on this trip, but she is excited to be reacquainted with her friends Mary and Faelan who [...]

    • I m calling my review Wow and Yikes because that is pretty much how I felt the whole time I read Brie s Montana Dreams.Love how Brie s adventures continue as we get to experience old characters and new ones Nothing like a visit with past characters to see if they have changed and maturedor not I do ADORE the new FaelanWow But Mary, not so muchYikes Not sure what I expected when it can to The Sanctuary having never read anything involving commune living I think I had a preconceived notion of camp [...]

    • I loved this book I love all of Red Phoenix s books but this one is among the best We get another adventure when Brie travels to the Sanctuary commune in Montana to film some footage for her documentary and visit past friends from the Training Center Mary shows Brie around the community and the writing is so good I could picture it perfectly As unconventional as Brie s relationship is with Mary, you realize she actually has missed Brie Faelan seems to be in a much better place as well I like ho [...]

    • In this installment of Brie s adventures She s invited to a commune to film footage for her latest documentary and perhaps get to experience what it s like to have sexual freedom At the commune she is reunite with her Blonde Nemesis, Mary and the unforgettable Faelan If I had to pick a favorite of all of Brie s adventures, I d say this one would be up there in my top five The scenes in this read were explosive I think I held my breath during a couple of them and I definitely used my imagination [...]

    • Huge SIGHS from me after reading this book Red Phoenix definitely did it again You are caught in from the beginning You are surprised with the things that happen, people appearing and acting the way they do, and what all this means for Sir and Brie.In this newest adventure, Brie is invited to a commune where Mary and Falean live and enjoy their kinkster life For Brie it s a strange concept at first Although the commune life holds some very sensual and interesting aspects, she realises a lot abou [...]

    • What a dream Wowok, now that I ve picked my chin off the floor, I ll try to write a reviewPretty sure that Red has outdone herself with a certain scene in this installment Wowdid I already say that I didn t think it was even POSSIBLE Really Geezd now I m curiouswait, what It s Brie s turn to visit Mary and Faelan on a commune in Montana and film a few things for her film But this commune isn t what she expects and neither is Mary and Faelan Boy how they ve changed We get to see a different side [...]

    • Blew my mind away, left me breathless and in awe of Red Phoenix s writing talent She is definitely a person born to be a writer It s a series of story so you have to read the previous books before you read this one I was captured from the first moment in the story and when the sexy bare chest cowboys came in the picture, I was melting and melting and melting word by word, sentence by sentence, page by page, the whole GORGEOUS book No words, really there are no words to express this BREATHTAKING [...]

    • I didn t think it was possible, but Red Phoenix s books keep getting better and better Every time I think she can t top that , she does Brie s Montana Dreams is no exception Be sure to keep a couple of towels on hand while reading in case you make the seat moist lol Love ya Red

    • Red has done it again Another hot and steamy adventure for our beloved sub, Brie Bennett This time she travels to Montana to connect with two people from her Submissive Training Center past, and to film segments for the documentary she is working on.Two people from Brie s past, Mary and Faelan are living in an exclusive BDSM Commune and let me tell you, the way Red describes this place makes me want to be a fly on the wall The scenery is beautiful, and the activities are off the charts steamy It [...]

    • Brie s documentary is sending her off to the mountains of Montana where Faelan and Mary have been living The trip to the secret BDSM commune, The Sanctuary, Brie finds herself traveling alone She also has to obtain perfect footage in two weeks for Me Holloway s review The Santuary is nothing what Brie imagined, even though they lived off the land a self sufficient colon They lived a simi life of luxury no ruffing it in the woods and tents Once there Brie was reunited with Faelan and Mary Brie wa [...]

    • check out this reveiw and others atTwinsietalkfacebook twisnietalktsu twinsietalk twinsietalkI received a copy of this from the author for an honest review.I am fanning myself OMG Red has out done herself with this book It is HAWT DUH But it is filled with so many new twists and things to look forward to in the next installments Ok So Brie goes to hang with a happy Mary and Faelan Now, I am not a huge fan of The Wolf after everything that went down with him and Brie but I was sooo back in love w [...]

    • Oh my Now we are talking This fourth novella in the Submissive in Love series Brie s 3rd series , Red Phoenix has pulled off the gloves This book is why I love everything Brie This book may be a novella, but it is packed to the rafters with everything sexy I adore Red s writing style, and this book is true Brie everything It is also so full of the sexiest commune on the planet.In this book, Brie has been working on her documentary She didn t want to get going down a path that would hurt her chan [...]

    • Again, Red is amazing Her stories are always emotional and there is always an element of shock, or two, in her books However, as much as I loved what happened in this episode for Brie, I found myself disappointed for Mary and Faelan Finding it hard to write this review without spoilers bare with me I wanted to see the positive in commune living, especially for those like Mary and Faelan, but I couldn t Then, by the end I wasn t so sure it was a safe environment with the best process of selecting [...]

    • 3.5 StarsI honestly was expecting from this serial that I got Still really good but not my favorite book in the Submissive in Love series I really enjoyed getting a further glimpse into Mary and Faelan s relationship and was quite proud of him for standing up for how he feels Mary really just pissed me off and I liked her less in this story than in this entire Brie collection together I did find it interesting to get a sneak peak at The Sanctuary but would ve enjoyed variety in the types of ac [...]

    • I absolutely love this series It just keeps on getting better and better We were with Brie when she went through training, we were with her when Sir collared her We saw Brie after graduation and saw her mistakes, getting a BDSM documentary together and getting engaged to Sir.Now we are seeing Brie as a Submissive in love and watching her grew as a film maker and a Submissive and how she is handling the challenges that come with Sir regarding his mother The whole Brie saga is amazing.This books i [...]

    • Brie and the second filmThis story was basically about Brie s second film and the destruction Mary does to herself again Brie gets invited to The Commune to film some scenes which is where her old friend Mary and Faelan are staying While Mary is explaining about what goes on at the commune it s short lived This story is fast paced, quick and to the point It leaves you with wishing their was Like who was cowboy And also will you see Razor again Without giving away the end I was shocked but glad [...]

    • Brie is on her way to Montana to interview Mary and Todd for her documentary Mary is her frenemy from back in their submissive training days and Todd is a dom who fell hard for Brie, but accepted the collar of Mary at the collaring ceremony Mary and Todd live in a commune and Brie is permitted to join them for a week and get a new perspective for part 2 of her documentary series There is some really major hot sex and of course Master shows up to surprise Brie with a recently documented fantasy o [...]

    • Amazing step in Brie s journey with Sir So many great moments Brie continues to work on her next documentary which takes her to a commune in Montana where Mary and Todd Faelen reside This is a blessing and a struggle for Brie, to be around so much open sexuality without Sir challenges her but at the same time her love and loyalty to Sir are only enhanced As she obtains footage for the documentary, she also does some special filming for Mary of a very intense and incredible session WOW Mary and F [...]

    • The continuation on Brie s journey never ceases to amaze me Again your swept in and blown away because of Red s delicious and hypnotic writing There is so many parts to the BDSM world and i feel like Red captures that through Brie s eyes This story was bittersweet for me in the fact there were old wounds that still needed healing,that tore at me, but in retrospect new adventures were taking its course,and so the saga continues Of course the scenes were so blazing hot and filled with yummy doms a [...]

    • Wow, Wow, Just Wow My mouth is still open I m still in shock This one took it to another level I was happy that Brie got to see Todd and Mary again I want Brie and Todd to bridge that gap of friendship once again It was good for Brie and Mary to have their girl time But the commune is something else and the initiation wow Always I love Sir Davis he is the man I love he makes Brie s fantasies come true But by the end I was sad wasn t sure how I felt Some good and bad news Wasn t expecting it but [...]

    • This book was hard to get through I have always felt a special connection between Brie and Faelan right from the beginning of the Brie series I loved their animalistic love, and was torn between Sir and Faelan This book started out slow and was a bit boring I stopped after 30% as I was bored But after 6 months I picked it up again from where I was and now I was so into the book In the first books where Brie learns to be a submissive I was shocked from time to time about how the school was teachi [...]

    • Review We begin on New Year s.Brie goes to Montana and visits Todd and Mary She has permission from the commune to film scenes for the movie She sees a lot of things she wasn t expecting She is introduced to a lot of new things What will she be taking from this experience How or will it change her She spends time with Mary and films a private scene for her She gets invite to participate in an event with Sir Permission Will it be everything she expects Before thy leave the commune Sir learns some [...]

    • I never really liked Mary, that girl is damaged I wasn t looking forward to a book with her in it Then when Sir told Brie to become a Toy I was like Hold up Not cool You can t just loan your sub out You re supposed to love this woman So when Sir turned up to fulfill her fantasy I was quite please, quite pleased indeed I think Mary is a massive fool and I hope we find out what is wrong with Todd Also, nice ending Sir has a sister, whaaa I really like the Russian Dom so I m looking forward to the [...]

    • Another successWith each new installment of the Submissive in love series we see a new side to Brie and Sir This installment has her traveling to meet with Mary at the commune she is living at While she is there she is exposed to the joys and pitfalls of the commune life She is separated from Sir and you can see what an influence he has on her When he returns her world is correct Mary has grown and changed in many ways, but in one she remains the same and it appears that it may destroy her.

    • i m infatuated with Brie And Sir, ahhhhh This was the most intense chapter yet There s a part i want to talk about, but i have to wait until all of you read this Then we can talk OMG i always think Brie is brave but in this one she is so adventurous There s that one part when i m not so happy so please read it so we can talk Ok OMG Did you see what s happening next Now this is a chapter i ll read again again Not that i don t already Ok so i m rambling i ll stop now.Enjoy

    • BrieShe is a very loyal Submissive She visits the Commune where she ll meet her other friend Mary and the Dom who loves her, but knows he can t have her, Faelan Her purpose there was to film another segment for her documentary The author made you want to be a part of this commune with the depiction of the freedom, the initiation ceremony, the entire place The dungeon was my absolute favorite There was a fantastic surprise and wow Oh wow Let s just say it was delicious Totally recommend.

    • Meeting with a Nemesis and a Sad Turn of EventsSexy, bdsm scenes at the Montana commune with Mary and Faelen A surprise visit, and a sad turn of events keeps this story fresh Of course, it ends with a new storyline waiting to be developed It is a serial novella that will later be released as a full novel You have the option of reading it as the author writes or waiting Either way, it is a different bdsm romance with intense and colorful characters.

    • Red Phoenix delivers again on this Novella Those that love Brie will love this book as well I have loved Brie ever since her Training days These novellas are quick easy HOT, HOT, HOT reads This time Brie is filming in Montana in a Submissive Dom Sanctuary Sir surprises Brie Of course I am not going to tell you how You need to read this book and I don t do spoilers Enjoy

    • WOW It just keeps getting better and better How long till the next part comes out So many questions need answering what s wrong with Faelan, will Mary cope without him, who s the mystery woman claiming to be a sister To name just a few And we are off to Russia next time You spoil us Red phoenix

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