The Girl Who Wrote in Silk #2020

The Girl Who Wrote in Silk By Kelli Estes The Girl Who Wrote in Silk The smallest items can hold centuries of secretsInara Erickson is exploring her deceased aunt s island estate when she finds an elaborately stitched piece of fabric hidden in the house As she peels ba
  • Title: The Girl Who Wrote in Silk
  • Author: Kelli Estes
  • ISBN: 9781492608332
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Girl Who Wrote in Silk By Kelli Estes
    The Girl Who Wrote in Silk By Kelli Estes The smallest items can hold centuries of secretsInara Erickson is exploring her deceased aunt s island estate when she finds an elaborately stitched piece of fabric hidden in the house As she peels back layer upon layer of the secrets it holds, Inara s life becomes interwoven with that of Mei Lein, a young Chinese girl mysteriously driven from her home a century beforeThe smallest items can hold centuries of secretsInara Erickson is exploring her deceased aunt s island estate when she finds an elaborately stitched piece of fabric hidden in the house As she peels back layer upon layer of the secrets it holds, Inara s life becomes interwoven with that of Mei Lein, a young Chinese girl mysteriously driven from her home a century before Through the stories Mei Lein tells in silk, Inara uncovers a tragic truth that will shake her family to its core and force her to make an impossible choice.Inspired by true events, Kelli Estes s brilliant and atmospheric debut serves as a poignant tale of two women determined to do the right thing, and the power of our own stories.
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      Kelli Estes grew up in the apple country of Eastern Washington before attending Arizona State University where she learned she d be happiest living near the water, so she moved to Seattle after graduation Today she lives in a Seattle suburb with her husband and two sons When not writing, Kelli loves volunteering at her kids schools, reading of course , traveling or playing tourist in Seattle , dining out, exercising because of all the dining , and learning about health and nutrition Find her at kelliestes, or facebook KelliEstesAuthor.

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    • I liked this book, but I didn t love it I wanted to, but the plot was too predictable and the characters kind of annoying and unbelievable, in some ways It depicts a fascinating period in American history that isn t in history books racism toward Chinese Americans at the turn of the century, which went hand in hand with the Exclusion Act of 1882 I love the setting the San Juan Islands The plot itself makes the story fun, but I was really hoping for some curve balls, like when they found one pers [...]

    • What a fabulous debut novel This incorporated everything that I love about historical fiction A historical period event I knew nothing about, characters I could root for and a convincing story tying it all together Mei Lein is one of those superbly created characters that I will continue to think about and cry over for a long time A touching story that I highly recommend I am so excited to read by Estes.

    • I closed the book with a tightness in my throat and sorrow in my chest The main thought swirling in my head was People really never change Maybe I m feeling hypersensitive after all the horrible events that have happened lately in the cause of hatred a mass shooting, murder of a respected British MP, threats against mosques in a local city, and some of the day to day vitriol spewed in social media comments Increasingly I question where has compassion gone in our society It wasn t found in Pacifi [...]

    • This book is an easy read and the story is compelling and I found myself very drawn into it However, the writing itself is very cliche, bordering on cheesy at points I did very much enjoy learning about the Orcas Islands and horrified to learn of how the Chinese Americans were treated during this time period I became attached to Mei and her husband but couldn t warm up to Inara who s big problem in life was deciding if she should pursue a career in international relations that was offered to her [...]

    • Set in the Seattle area this a page turner that goes back and forth from the late 1800 s in Washington Territory to present Inara is lured back to Orcas Island where her mother passed away and to inspect a piece of family property What she finds is than a hidden passion to resurrect the old property, but family secrets surface when she discovers an ornately embroidered piece of silk from a robe hidden under the floorboards This is very good and prompted me to look into The Chinese Exclusion Ac [...]

    • I started listening to this book when the audiobook I was listening to The Deerslayer became too slow for me to be able to pay attention to while driving A co worker recommended this story to me a few months ago, and I am glad that I put it on my list It was an easy listen and it was able to get and keep my interest.Over the past couple of years I have developed a fondness for historical fiction which came at a bit of a surprise to me I never liked history in school, but I m starting to think th [...]

    • Did Mei Lien stand on the edge of the boat s railing because she knew she had to or because she was forced to be there Did this act begin or end Mei Lien s life Did this act begin or end Inara s life Mei Lien lived 100 years ago Inara lives in the present Their lives are unknowingly connected until Inara finds a family story on a hidden embroidered sleeve in a house that belonged to Inara s ancestors and where Mei Lien and her family had livede connection and the secrets begin The embroidered sl [...]

    • This is the story of a Chinese woman living in Seattle in the late 1800 s Along with many other Chinese people, she and her family are forced to leave on a ship The Chinese passengers are then killed and dumped overboard The girl escapes by jumping overboard There is a modern story in which a young woman finds a piece of silk embroidery which she used to learn about the Chinese woman s story This book was poorly written and full of bad cliches Also, ridiculous coincidences and over the top love [...]

    • I have been thinking about this book all day It really is a compelling, feel good story I really do not like sappy romance novels although sometimes they can be a fun read This is NOT a sappy romance novel but there is romance involved There is love in two time lines and I really liked that part of it This book is written in a dual time line format, one in 1886 and one hundred years later, in present day What I liked about this one, is that I did not ever feel rushed to get back to or stay in on [...]

    • 3.5 stars Inara inherited her aunt s waterfront estate on Orcas Island in Washington state While examining a loose stair, she found a beautiful piece of fabric embroidered with Chinese symbols and designs She took it to a professor familiar with Chinese history, and their research led back to the 1880s when the Chinese were violently forced from their homes along the Pacific coast.The book alternates between the contemporary story and a touching historical story set in the late 19th Century abou [...]

    • I read this for my book club, otherwise, I imagine I probably would have dropped it the first time Inara does a google search, and the author dutifully records all of her search term variations No, okay, no The book is plagued with mediocre writing and research, and the plot suffers from clich , coincidence, and sappy romance I love the Pacific Northwest It s one of my favorite places to visit, but Estes punts on the setting, and honestly the book could have been set on any island I m thinking s [...]

    • The Girl Who Wrote in Silk is a stunning debut novel Kelli Estes has incorporated everything I love about historical fiction.It is an emotional tale told both in the present and the past The language is both descriptive and rich in flavour I could almost place myself in the Seattle area, the ferry and the island Estes is a master writer as she links together two women by a tragic event in history It is a highly captivating read from beginning to end Live happy and love deep better to be burning [...]

    • This is the best book I ve read this year And it s quite possibly the best historical fiction I ve ever read The story and the characters have stayed with me even though I finished the book last week I listed to the audio version and it is excellent, done by Emily Woo Zeller There are two protagonists, one present day, Inara Erickson, who has inherited her aunt s estate, a house on Orcas Island She spent many happy hours during her childhood, but she is planning on selling the estate and begin w [...]

    • I did not know about this disturbing period of history in the 1880 s when Chinese were cruelly deported and worse It s sad to see how often our history repeats itself Mei Lien is the only member of her family to survive a forced deportation by sea from Washington Territory in 1886 She is rescued by a kind man named Joseph McElroy Joseph promises to keep her safe in spite of the discrimination that prevails against Chinese in his community Mei Lien is afraid to trust this white man, but sees no o [...]

    • I am always shocked by America s long and ugly history of racism This book uses the violence against Chinese immigrants residing on the west coast during the end of the 19th century as its backdrop The usual range of arguments were employed First, there was the economic one of Chinese laborers taking jobs from Americans Then there were the blatant racist arguments about an existential threat to the superior white race In 1882 the Chinese Exclusion Act was passed and signed into law by President [...]

    • 2.5 Bio sam na iglama otkako je roman iza ao, ele i da ga pro itam i jedva sam do ekao trenutak da krenem sa itanjem Na alost, razo aran sam vi e nego to mogu da ka em Presko io sam dobar deo, pro itao sinopsis tog dela na Internetu, a objektivno ovo bi mo da bile dve zvezdice I uop te nije bilo dela sme tenog u Kini Predvidljivo, pomalo po etni ki na in pisanja, sve je previ e kli eizirano i sladunjavo ak i za mene, koji to mogu da istrpim ili eventualno pre em preko toga ao mi je, ali shvatam [...]

    • If had a broader points system to award, I would have given this easy read about 3.4 stars, maybe 3.5 I kind of hate giving it just 3 stars because it managed to keep me well entertained in the short time it took to read The history which is a focal point in The Girl Who Wrote in Silk centres on the late 1800s, when Chinese immigrants who had been brought to North America in the thousands to build railroads across the continent in both the USA and Canada were no longer needed The rail lines were [...]

    • Another book set on Orcas Island, I loved the familiar connections The story is told alternating between present day and the 1800s with an ugly past based on true events when Chinese immigrants were harassed and sometimes forcibly driven out You don t have to know Seattle or the San Juan Islands to enjoy this engrossing and well written tale But it sure upped my reading enjoyment 4 and a half PNW stars.

    • The Girl Who Wrote in Silk is a dual time narrative about Mei Lein, a Chinese woman living in Seattle during the 1880 s and Inara, a woman of the present day who discovers a mysterious sleeve of a Chinese robe in her deceased aunt s home The story told here is a tragic one it highlights the racism towards Chinese Americans during the late 1800 s, bringing the consequences of the Exclusion Act of 1882 into sharp focus.The San Juan Islands make a beautiful setting, and the character of Mei Lein ke [...]

    • Wow, when offered this book, I turned it down Then I got an ARC in the mail and said okay I would give it a try Thanks Sourcebooks for being so pushy Ha Without it, I would have missed a really, really great book Yet again in a fiction book, I learned that America was deporting, killing, whatever it took, to get the Chinese out of the country This actually took place from the late 1800 s to the early 1900 s I had never known about that It was mostly happening in the west as that s where the infl [...]

    • Sometimes, I m in the mood for historical fiction however, I like my historical fiction to be dramatic and less romance y This book had both elements, so I found myself sometimes engaged and sometimes not Alternating between the past and present, we follow the tale of a young Chinese woman who survived a terrible event only to suffer the devastating loss of her family in a time and place when Chinese were persona non grata in America and young woman of present day who happens upon an embroidere [...]

    • I read this for a book group and I did enjoy it a lot It wasn t perfect, but it did have a good story based in history I like books that weave two story lines together and this one did I was drawn to Mei Lein s story in the later decades of the 1800s than I was to Inara s story in the present Living on the east coast, I didn t realize how badly the Chinese immigrants were treated in the western part of the country The book grabbed my attention from the very beginning What a way to start a book [...]

    • I gave up I wasn t that interested in the first place, I was annoyed right off the bat by Inara, who s big problem is whether she should turn down her lucrative Starbucks corp offer right after college or should she renovate and restore an old mansion and turn it into a bed and breakfast I wish I had those problems I m sure the book probably improves but I have a sneaking suspicion there might be some romance involved I did like reading about them travelling to Port Townsend back in the 1800 s s [...]

    • I have always enjoyed history and historical fiction has a way of bringing history to life Even though the stories told about these particular families are fiction, the experiences of the Chinese in the history of America are all to real It is important that history be told so that we never repeat again some of the things that have occurred in our history The author brought this history to life with these two families.

    • 4.5 stars The Girl Who Wrote in Silk is a historical fiction dual narrative with one part told in the present and one in the past Both parts are set in the islands just off of Washington state, close to Seattle The past part is set in the late 1800s, a time when white residents of the Seattle area and many other parts of the country were trying to get rid of Chinese people in the area Although the Chinese people had done many things like worked on the railroads and done other labor that was diff [...]

    • This book is by far the best book I have read in a long time I am not sure if it is because I am on vacation and was able to read it all the way through in a short period of time or what I liked the way the author blended the past and the present The book flowed well and I was able to follow it without having to go back a reread sections to figure out what was going on I could relate to the characters, as I feel they were developed well I enjoy historical fiction and this covered an era I have n [...]

    • I really loved this for a debut novel Great historical fiction that taught me something my high school texts did not I docked it a star simply because it was rather predictable overall I will definitely check out any future books by the author.

    • The story is filled with tender moments that made my heart strings pull and tears run from my eyes I thoroughly enjoyed the characters, subtle symbols, and beautiful mystery Inara is complex and while the struggle against familial duty is well worn, it is so because the duty is so strong and in this case, culturally ingrained This book was obsessive and captivating This book proves that history is never dead It envelops and changes us, even as we witness the past from years in the future.Full Re [...]

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