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Regali By Jaymin Eve Regali A young adult paranormal romance series An epic journey If the Seventine are released will anyone survive Three of the Seventine are free and Abigail is running out of time to gather the half Walkers
  • Title: Regali
  • Author: Jaymin Eve
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  • Page: 115
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Regali By Jaymin Eve
    Regali By Jaymin Eve A young adult paranormal romance series An epic journey If the Seventine are released, will anyone survive Three of the Seventine are free and Abigail is running out of time to gather the half Walkers for the final battle And on top of that Lucy reveals her latest vision Abigail must break the melding bond with Brace if she doesn t, everyone will die But is there onA young adult paranormal romance series An epic journey If the Seventine are released, will anyone survive Three of the Seventine are free and Abigail is running out of time to gather the half Walkers for the final battle And on top of that Lucy reveals her latest vision Abigail must break the melding bond with Brace if she doesn t, everyone will die But is there one hope for them New information from the Walker gathering reveals that there may be a ritual to return the Seventine to their prison But they need four half Walkers And with the Regali half Walker crowned the Queen of the beasts, she might be the hardest to convince Abigail has her best chance to save the worlds and her bond with Brace But will she make it in time
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      115 Jaymin Eve
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    • Jaymin Eve

      Jaymin Eve is the USA Today Bestselling author of the Walker Saga, a young adult fantasy series, Hive Trilogy, a young adult urban fantasy, as well as the Supernatural Prison series She loves surrounding herself with the best things in life her two girls, a good book and chocolate.Living in the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia, the family loves spending lots of time on the beach And travelling as frequently as possible.When Jaymin isn t trying to wrangle two daughters, a puppy, and her husband, you will find her hiding in a corner trying desperately to write her stories without little fingers pressing random keys She asks forgiveness if you notice the occasional sskkkkssjs appearing in her book, her children are proud of their contribution.She d love it if you contacted her, giving feedback or just to have a chat.Stay updated jayminevefacebook JayminEve.Au

    667 thoughts on “Regali

    • This read was actually a 3.5 because I was upset about something Abby decided to do that affected Brace in a way that made me want to cry, but I still enjoyed the story.

    • Great series I love this series I m binge reading my way through cause I really want to know what s going on Once again, the first chapter is from the point of view of the half walker that Abby has to find on a different planet before it switches back to Abby s POV And at the end I was pretty happy to find a chapter from Brace s POV BUT what is going to happen with Abby and Brace I know it s going to work outbut poor Abby

    • I cannot praise this series enough A fantastic twist on a dystopian novel that gently eases into some hefty fantasy I read First World on a whim and before I knew it just had to buy the whole series which I read in a little less than 10 days They simply cannot be put down I highly recommend for anyone to give them a try, even if its not your favourite genres I promise you there is something for everyone Extremely well written and I will certainly be looking out for of the author s work.

    • This book has been the hardest to read, not because it is bad but because it is so heart breaking I couldn t put the book down but at the same time I couldn t bring myself to read on It was really good but so hard to read I needed to book to be over because small spoiler the bad does come to an end But getting there was an emotional journey, and the repercussions of the bad stayed for a long while, breaking my heart even further But you have to read it, because reading the bad makes the good all [...]

    • This is possibly my favourite book of the saga so far I loved the world building on Regali, it was so vivid and I loved that it interacted with the characters rather than them merely existing on it Ria is my new favourite character too She is so chilled yet intense Makes for a great combination The horror room and Quarn had me in floods of tears I could barely make out the words on the page my eyes were so blurry Still adoring Brace, Abby, Lucy and Colt and even Fury is growing on me and So at [...]

    • I definitely enjoyed this one than the prior ones The books and the writing are getting better with each one The first chapter was moving and thrilling I actually even teared up for a minute there I absolutely fell in love with Ria immediately and was so enthralled by her powers I just really wish there was of her in the book since chapter two immediately switched back to Abby I enjoyed the plot in this one and understood the actions behind each one There was a bit of a slow section toward the [...]

    • Poor Abby To have your love taken away from such a strong bond and to then TRY and act as though everything is ok is so hard for Abby This was one of the conditions to aid in saving all the worlds Poor Brace, he feels a connection to Abby but doesn t know why Everyone s mind was erased of them ever being together or of a bond of ancient times ever taking place of these two Abby convinced Ria of Regali to join them on re imprisoning the Seventine so now its off to Nephilius book 5 the world of fi [...]

    • Awe This one totally broke my heart It made me sob big ugly tears Brace and Abby have to end up together they just have too Loved reading Brace s pov at the end, just kept thinking, Go get her But, boy is he going to be one angry dude I truly love Jaymin Eve She has such a brilliance, a creative empathy that draws you in Not many authors can rip out your heart, and hand it back again and still retain your full devotion I ll read anything that Ms Eve pens Now onto the next book cause my mind and [...]

    • So much to love in this book I liked getting into Rias story and learning about Regali I can t help but feel so sad for Abby and I love Lucy but she honestly made me a little mad in this one I know she got her power and needs to tell was she sees but I was hurt for Abby that she made sure Brace and her couldn t be but she didn t stop pursuing Colton and wait until it was better timing I guess things wouldn t have worked out if she hadn t but I still got mad lol I love these characters and enjoy [...]

    • Maybe 3.5 stars Abby still seems to be making mistakes and I m not sure if I m annoyed or not I keep getting surprised at how easily she gets beaten up when she has such amazing powers I mean, she almost died in this book after being attacked by a being that should be nowhere even close to her power She seemed pretty useless at that point She did do other things too though The last chapter was good it was nice to get the hero s perspective.

    • I m starting Regali This dumb ass series is so inconsistent In the first book when the walker s open doors and travel to different worlds days and even week can pass by however in this book they have a few days downtime and in those few days, they open doors to walk into a different star system and back and still have time to go to a street fair wtfSo many Inconsistency I just ugh

    • Argh The heartbreak I shouldn t enjoy reading heartbreak like this so much, I m really not sure what this says about me I have a horrible feeling that Abby has made a huge mistake, I suspect she s being manipulated but I m not sure how I m so intrigued by how this might play out The world building in this series is so epic The different planets cultures are written so well Can t wait to read the next book.

    • The adventure continues trying to contain the Seventine and save the worlds Abbs best friend Lucy is a hoot and regularly breaks the ice and tension with her wit however This book introduces the Queen of the Jungle with an affinity for nature All warrior like and ready for battle Loved loved loved this book and it really grabbed me.

    • Super amazing book The plot wa s fast paced and awesome, the story line was intricately dtailed and exciting, and I couldnt get enough of the imagery I also ugly cried like 50 times in the book and every word between Brace and Abby ohhhhh I loved it I highly recommend this book

    • ExcellentThis story keeps getting better all of the time The race to find all of the half walkers continues Everything is getting and intense as they try to stop the seventine.

    • Great seriesThis series grips you at the beginning and never let s you go The love, the friendship, the action and intrigue mixed in with magic Nothing is left out and the women can kick butt Going on to the next

    • The Regal of RegaliI enjoyed the painted world in this book and the characters keep evolving and growing which I love in sci fi Keep writing Miss Eve I m quite taken with this series I m falling in love one planet at a time Thank you for that

    • Heartbreaking and awe inspiring at the same time I could go on and on about this series but you need to read it for yourself

    • Book 4 I love the different dynamic of each of the girls and their world I love this series so far and can t wait to read the rest.

    • Half Walkers OMG The books keep getting better and better Brace will win Aribella back again I can t wait to read Nephilius Starting right now They are must read folks

    • Love Love This SeriesI really like this series and with each book I read The characters grow on you and I love it.

    • I little gross out by the wearing dead people thing, but I will get over it.Well super clever again I love a heroine that still needs help and knows it.Well done Already sped read the next one.

    • Gripping readHeartbreaking, nail biting and exciting.I loved this book, the story just keeps getting better With lots of shocks and surprises along the way

    • Wonderful seriesCan t seem to put the book down once I ve started it Will fly thru the rest of the series in no time.

    • Love this series This is one of those rare series for me where I just go from book to book, do not pass go, do not start another series This world and the characters are owning me right now, and I m trying to not think about the end And I know, the storyline will break my heart again before the end, I just hope I can live thru it There better be enough happy to soften the sad.

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