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Koan By Carole Cummings Koan Book of Wolf s ownAfter saving his people killing the man he once loved and losing his little sister Fen Jacin rei has made his way to Tambalon with his surviving brothers and Kamen Malick But sh
  • Title: Koan
  • Author: Carole Cummings
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  • Page: 215
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Koan By Carole Cummings
    Koan By Carole Cummings Book 3 of Wolf s ownAfter saving his people, killing the man he once loved, and losing his little sister, Fen Jacin rei has made his way to Tambalon with his surviving brothers and Kamen Malick But shortly after arriving, old ghosts resurface, new dangers arise, and Malick tells Fen the gods aren t done with him yet.Fen now knows he s a catalyst for Fate and a magnet forBook 3 of Wolf s ownAfter saving his people, killing the man he once loved, and losing his little sister, Fen Jacin rei has made his way to Tambalon with his surviving brothers and Kamen Malick But shortly after arriving, old ghosts resurface, new dangers arise, and Malick tells Fen the gods aren t done with him yet.Fen now knows he s a catalyst for Fate and a magnet for Fate s players, and he s dangerously close to falling over the edge into insanity But tracking down the vicious creatures that have been abducting and murdering citizens of Tambalon is just as critical as dealing with past lives and legendary beings.With a threat all too close and a secret he needs to explain, Malick is at odds with those who should be his allies, and no matter how much he wants to protect Fen, it may be than he can manage when he s trying to keep them alive.
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      Carole Cummings Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Koan book, this is one of the most wanted Carole Cummings author readers around the world.

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    • Fen is done with Fate and the gods, but they are not done with Fen Everybody wants something from Fen Everybody thinks they know what s best for him And while they argue, Fen s grip on reality is slipping away And that is how we start a new story arc in the Wolf s Own series You could have stopped after 2, but I think you ll be glad you didn t This one starts a few weeks after the end of book 2, when Malick, Fen and their friends and family are settling into their new city of residence Things ar [...]

    • Review posted at The Armchair Reader.This review contains spoilers for those who haven t yet read Ghost and Weregild.4.5 starsIt is a bit difficult to review this book As one half of the second part of the series, it really is like a beginning, but without all the needed character and world building required in the very beginning I think if I had reviewed the first book, Ghost, on it s own then it may have gotten this same rating I certainly really like them, but it s hard to get the whole pictu [...]

    • So fantastic There s tons I want to say about this book but I m afraid I ll write something that might give something away so I ll just say this I hope Jacin keeps getting stronger, I hope Joori gets his shit together, I hope Morin gets his own book cause he cracks me up with his caustic brilliance, I hope Shig finds someone who gets her and Samin I love Samin most of all OK most of all Flawless once again, Carole Thanks

    • This is the sort of book where you read a chapter or a paragraph and then need to read it again, just to fully absorb it and make sure you take everything in, because you don t want to miss a thing and know that every single word Carole put in is there for a reason I love the Wolf s Own series and I m looking forward to the next and last installment I did however, miss Malick, who is absent for a large part of the book, although I loved how Samin came to the forefront and took on a fatherly fig [...]

    • 4 1 2 HeartsFirst published at MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpressOh Fen, poor, poor Fen Your creator has it in for you But, god damn, she does it in such a way that we all love you and want you to have a perfect life Fen thought it was over, the voices of the Ancients are gone, the Jin are on their way to freedom and he has his brother s back, but the gods haven t finished with him yet far from it.Carole Cummings, I don t know whether to love you or hate you, because freaking hell, [...]

    • Going into this book was difficult for me After the first two in the series, the characters were in a good place and the plot had wrapped itself up pretty nicely Yeah, it wasn t HEA, but as a reader, I was left the impression that things were going to be alright So I knew that any continuation of the story was going to be hard to get into right away, and thus subconsciously I delayed purchasing my copy But eventually, I decided it was time to return to this series, suck it up, and give it a chan [...]

    • Gah I think this series is wonderful yet it s so damned heartbreaking at times When I read Ghost, I thought that I had never come across a character like Jacin, who so plainly suffered at the hands of gods and mortals alike, yet who was always so determined to do the right thing, especially for those he loved.Jacin, in this novel, finds himself deeper than ever in his personal pit of despair, as he finally learns why he is who he is Haunted by the ghosts of his past till he can no longer determi [...]

    • Too much inner babble Almost didn t make it through Hope it ends on a better note in the next last book.

    • There was not enough Malick and Jacin was breaking my heart while Joori and Imara kept pissing me off to no end At least there was Morin and Shig.

    • I made a mistake in reading this book I got to about 40% and then took a HUGE break from reading it even though I loved it and was hooked Stupid mistake, because when I picked it back up, I had forgotten a LOT of what happened That being said, I jumped right back into the EMOTION of it all Fen Jacin is still one of my favorite characters ever He is so tragically complicated and angsty and I just love it I hope, for his sake, that he gets a happy ending I won t go into details Read the dang book [...]

    • So, my rating was all over the place as I read this That s probably why I posted so many progress updates I wanted to keep track of how the story affected me And this one rates about 2.5 I just don t have the heart to give it 3 stars I would be doing other books a disfavour Books I liked than this.I got pretty fed of all the poetry and musing and interpreting imagining various scenarios and trying to decipher whatever metaphor the author was using to portray a feeling, a reaction, a gesture The [...]

    • Synopsis Still recovering from the events in Ada, Fen and Malick have apparently gotten all the reprieve they re going to get on their voyage to Tambalon Shortly after stepping ashore, old ghosts resurface and new dangers arise.Dealing with past lives and legendary beings is somehow just as critical as tracking down the vicious creatures that have been abducting and murdering citizens of Tambalon With the threat of banpair all too close, Malick is put at odds with those who should be his allies, [...]

    • 4.25 stars This is temporary rating until the final book is published I ll try to write something coherent later, but for nowThere is something rotten in the city of Tambalon In ways than one Not only the banpair of old magic are killing and kidnapping the city s magical beings, but Fen has withdrawn into himself again and it seems he is getting worse Eaten away by guilt, he is tortured by the ghosts of his past and only Malick can anchor him to the reality I read author s books for pleasure a [...]

    • Since I consider Wolf s Own Koan and Wolf s Own Incendiary to be one book, this review applies to both Again, as always, Carole s prose is delicious The woman can turn a phrase and paint a picture with words And she can also create extremely complex, deep, and tortured characters This continues the story of Jacin, the tragic and tortured hero, and Malick, the demi god who loves him, and the family that has formed around both of them And these two books drag us even deeper into the tortured soul [...]

    • Simply astounding, if simply can be used to describe Carole Cummings delightfully complex prose Never high handed, she manages to string together ordinary words in such a way as to make them extraordinary A lot of time is spent in various charactar s heads in this, the third installment of the Wolf s Own series Rather than action driven or character driven, Wolf s own Koan is thought driven Dang How well she put me inside Fen s confused mind, teasing out little hints until I believed I understoo [...]

    • Need I say This book just wow ed meAll the revelations about Malick s previous life at last we got to know him , Jacin s deteriorating mental condition, the gripping plot, unexpected twists view spoiler Malick, how could you get yourself killed hide spoiler There is no trade any, you re not nothing, you didn t kill Caidi, you re going to be the most beautiful dangerous Incendiary the gods have ever seen, and I fucking love you Deal with it melts into a puddle I love this series No, I LOVE this [...]

    • LOVED THIS I ate this book up in a couple of days Fen Jacin Rei, once an Untouchable and channel for the voices of the ancestors has had a shocking time of it Used as a tool and manipulated by all he trusted, he survived the unsurvivable Now in a new city with Malick, Samin, Shig, Morin and Joori, he is trying to peice his fragile mind in to some semblance of order,Ghosts natter and remind him, he is unloveed, unlovable But Fen is loved, wether he bloody well likes it or not, by Kamen Malick Mal [...]

    • This was the first book of the series where I began to have the feeling that the characters MAY one day become their own people, rather than someone else s pawns They still have a long way to go, but I continued to be fascinated enough to keep reading I still cannot get myself to like the books, but the epic fantasy feel is good and the tone and feel of the series is coming together well The language is sweeping, and things happen slightly quickly, but much of what goes on is still extremely co [...]

    • I got through the series and forgot to stop after each one and leave comments oops Now I have to remember where the each left off and such Okay, let s see unfortunately, in my memory, this book totally blends together with the next book in the series Incendiary I had to go back and quickly skim to the end to see where this one left off All I can say is Malick I like everything about these books except that the characters spend waaay too much time in their heads thinking thinking about everything [...]

    • I am loving this series All of the books, so far, have been fast paced with well realized characters I think the world building is well done I love Jacyn I love the way the author has given him such vulnerability and innocence even though he is a real killing machine when it s called for The books in this series are not stand alone novels They pretty much all end with some sort of cliffhanger and each one takes place pretty much where the last one leaves off I seldom read a series of books one r [...]

    • AAaaaaaaarrgh Just Aaaarrgh You re really going to leave me like this When is Incendiary being released Cos I m kinda danglingOf course this is a good thing, because if I didn t care about the plot, I d hardly be hanging right now, and if I didn t care about the characters I d hardly be worrying about what hideous things the plot had in store for them would I So what is that scary old man with the creepy lizards doing to my Fen Jacin I hope it s just old age and lack of people skills rather than [...]

    • The previous book could have been the end of the story, but you still wanted to know what will happen next In this third installment there is a new danger and a new identity that Fen Jacin has to deal with For the first half of the book Mal is being loving but secretive and Fen is depressed and seems unable to adapt to normality as he keeps hearing and seeing people that are supposed to be dead Then Mal manages to get himself killed and all hell breaks loose and by that I mean that Fen goes wild [...]

    • I just love the world that Ms Cummings has built I think I ve said that before but it bears repeating I love her characters, their strength and their vulnerability I love how devoted Malik is to Fen even when he doesn t want to be I love how Ms Cummings prose is poetry But I ended up having the same complaint that I ve had before with these series the first ones are all action and I m swept away The last ones are all introspection and I kind of get pulled under Still, a beautiful book that I wou [...]

    • This book is written in a lovely lyrical style, as was the first Like with the first in this series I was bored to tears I skipped the second book hoping to find excitement in the story here Unfortunately that was not the case, and we were left with yet another cliff hanger I will not be reading the fourth installment of this series because if I just wanted to read pretty words that don t mean anything to me I could just hangout in the greeting card aisle.

    • This review is for the entire series because, to me, it all wove together into one overarching storyline I loved the world Carole Cummings built and the characters who populated it Her writing was lush and descriptive The story was told through several points of view, which I thought rounded it out well I stayed up too late several nights to find out what happened next.

    • The first two of the series were OK, but the author made this third one a little too dramatic and a little too inside poor Fen s head I rated it with two stars because it is not really the worst, but it was not OK either I think the rating system should contain one stage, between the first and the second stars, saying without enthusiasm yeah, it was fine.

    • Koan was, as the first two books, an emotional read, but not as fast paced I give it 4.5 stars, because it was not as gripping as the first two books.The beginning of Koan is a bit slow and the pace only picks up 2 3 through it But at that time, I couldn t put it down any longer.

    • Too much mystic crap to dig through to find any sort of storyline buried inside This would have been better as a couple chapters for part if a book i ended up skimming large sections because they were incomprehensible.

    • I received this ebook in exchange for an honest reviewI didn t read the second book, so i had a hard time getting in to it When I rebuild the story my head though I liked where the story was going It s quick paced and well written

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