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Truly By Ruthie Knox Truly RITA finalist and USA Today bestselling author Ruthie Knox kicks off a steamy new series set in the city that never sleeps alone at least May Fredericks hates New York Which is fair enough since New
  • Title: Truly
  • Author: Ruthie Knox
  • ISBN: 9780345545268
  • Page: 497
  • Format: ebook
  • Truly By Ruthie Knox
    Truly By Ruthie Knox RITA finalist and USA Today bestselling author Ruthie Knox kicks off a steamy new series set in the city that never sleeps alone, at least.May Fredericks hates New York Which is fair enough, since New York seems to hate her back After relocating to Manhattan from the Midwest to be with her long distance boyfriend, NFL quarterback Thor Einarsson, May receives the world sRITA finalist and USA Today bestselling author Ruthie Knox kicks off a steamy new series set in the city that never sleeps alone, at least.May Fredericks hates New York Which is fair enough, since New York seems to hate her back After relocating to Manhattan from the Midwest to be with her long distance boyfriend, NFL quarterback Thor Einarsson, May receives the world s worst marriage proposal, stabs the jerk with a shrimp fork, and storms off alone only to get mugged Now she s got no phone, no cash, and no friends How s a nice girl supposed to get back to safe, sensible Wisconsin Frankly, Ben Hausman couldn t care less Sure, it s not every day he meets a genuine, down to earth woman like May especially in a dive in the Village but he s recovering from an ugly divorce that cost him his restaurant He wants to be left alone to start over and become a better man Then again, playing the white knight to May s sexy damsel in distress would be an excellent place to start if only he can give her one very good reason to love New York.
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      USA Today bestselling author Ruthie Knox writes contemporary romance that s sexy, witty, and angsty sometimes all three at once Her debut novel, Ride with Me, is probably the only existing cross country bicycling love story She followed it up with About Last Night, a London set romance whose hero has the unlikely name of Neville, and then Room at the Inn, a Christmas novella both of which were finalists for the Romance Writers of America s RITA Award Her four book series about the Clark family of Camelot, Ohio, has won accolades for its fresh, funny portrayal of small town Midwestern life Ruthie also writes New Adult romance as RobinYork She moonlights as a mother, Tweets incessantly, and bakes a mean focaccia She d love to hear from you, so feel free to drop her a line.

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    • 3.5 stars Review at Of Pens and Pages.It wasn t simple or pretty Possibly that was his point that the whole city was dense with history, layered and pulsing with life Alive Real.I promised myself that I will read books by new to me authors I m grateful for my acquaintance s recommendation to read this novel by Ms Knox because I enjoyed this very much I love the banter between the two characters and both of the main characters journey to rediscovery and growth.Wisconsin native May Fredericks day [...]

    • Fan freakin tastic Honestly, I was bound to love this This book reads like a love letter It s a love letter to New York City my home turf , a love letter to the food obsessed ME , and love letter to our imperfections It is about being who you are and not who you think you should be It was touching and light all at the same time It made me so happy today.When I want awesome contemporary romance, I know who to turn to and Ruthie Knox is on my short list For some reason, I seem to have the most tro [...]

    • 4 STARSIt was easy to love your idea of someone to fall hard for their very best self The question was whether, once you had to spend some time living with their worst self, you could bear to be with them any.Every time I pick up an adult or new adult contemporary romance books, with how often these kinds of books left me frustrated, I brace myself for a certain degree of disappointment That snarling grinch, jaded reader in me preemptively bares its claws at a ready for some shredding.This, howe [...]

    • Ruthie Knox nails it with this quirky, fun, sexy story May is a fantastic heroine, and one I can easily relate to She s a giantess, and all her parts match her size Being a tall girl myself, I can easily relate to May s insecurities It s not often tall translates into willowy , as so many romance books will have you believe More often than not, we tall girls feel large and clumsy It s great to be with a guy who s tallt necessarily because we only find tall guys attractive, but because they make [...]

    • 4 You re Going To Make Me Love New York Stars ARC provided by Netgalley BR with Patty May Fredericks is a 26 yr old ordinary girl from Manitowoc, Wisconsin After working in merchandising for the Green Bay Packer s she meets there 2nd string quarterback, and they begin dating long distance He is gorgeous and every girls dream guy.After years of dating May decides to move in with her boyfriend Dan in New Jersey May cares about Dan, and he s good to her, but she starts to realize something is missi [...]

    • Title TrulySeries Yes Each stand alone Author Ruthie KnoxRelease Date 5th August, 2014Rating 4 Be my Guide StarsCliffhanger No HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler If this book were a movie, it d be a wonderful off beat Indie Romance May Fredericks is having the ultimate bad day Not only has she dumped her NFL star boyfriend live on TV after a botched proposal, she s just been mugged in her least favourite place New York City Armed with her metro card and her last 5 she decides to get a drink at a [...]

    • Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer

      ARC Provided by Random House Publishing Group via Netgalley BR with Mel May Fredericks is a gal from Manitowoc, Wisconsin, who is currently homeless in NYC, with only a MetroCard and five bucks to her name, after having been mugged outside her ex s apartment She s just broken up with her boyfriend, who is the NY Jets Quarterback, after his botched attempt at proposing to her at a fundraising luncheon He literally called her plain and stated that football was the one thing that mattered most to h [...]

    • Third het romance in a row after a two year hiatus and another positive experience.Lovely, actually.This is just such an adorable, inspiring, simply nice story And maybe, just maybe, it could ve gotten five stars if it hadn t been for that pesky interlude of unnecessary drama of the I m too ruined for you sort And for a sense of place that wasn t quite up there, but eh Can t have it all And there really is a lot of good stuff in here.It s about two people With families attached.It s about two we [...]

    • For once I d like to read about a self confident, independent heroine who doesn t depend on external affirmation, and a hero who isn t a man child douche.

    • 4.5 stars This is the first book in Ruthie Knox s The New York Series , and I absolutely adored it The writing, characters, and story were amazing I loved May s character She is so unhappy, and is desperately trying to figure out who she really is I loved the situations, experiences, and people Ben who helped her get to where she had to bealizing that life is disgusting and amazing read the book and you ll see what I mean.It was wonderful when she had her epiphany May finally accepts who she rea [...]

    • In Truly, Ruthie Knox delivers a psychologically rich romance with characters so round they bounce The hero and heroine take their own amazing individual journeys toward change and manage the pitter patter for their blooming love as well they are on together It is so lovely, so charming, so real The book starts with a Madcap Romance Off Stage Scene but the heroine is always smart, always reasonable even when she finds herself in circumstances that test the limits of those traits The hero s motiv [...]

    • Originally reviewed here AngievilleIf you d asked me last year if I was a fan of novel serializations, I would have issued a flat no But then there was Truly And it took me exactly no time at all to become a very big fan of this particular serial It helped that I basically spent last year blowing through Ruthie Knox s backlist Truly represented a somewhat different venture, as a handful of new chapters were posted each Monday morning over a period of several weeks I began to look forward to Mond [...]

    • Almost 6 foot tall and with some meat on her bones, May found it a huge relief to start dating football player Dan Here was a guy who had three inches and sixty pounds on her, with biceps that bulged even beneath a sports coat He was huge, and his friends were all giants who made her feel downright small In many books, that would be the romance right there, and it s not a bad one I have always been big myself, and it is very pleasant to be with someone who lets me feel a bit dainty But this roma [...]

    • Ruthie Knox has magical words I mean, who else could make me flail and swoon over a cranky, irritable beekeeper no one That s the answer to that question Truly is the first in a three part series that Knox is writing As readers, we got a special treat in that it was posted weekly on Wattpad It quickly became the best part of my Monday morning Knox has an incredible way of writing regular people and making them seem extraordinary Ben, a former chef has spent a lot of his time pushing people away [...]

    • 5 Disgusting Amazing StarsMay is literally running away from a marriage proposal It took the world s worst drunk marriage proposal to clue me in What does that say about my judgement She runs into some bad luck and is left with no money and nowhere to go So she sees a Midwest bar, and goes in, hoping to meet some nice Midwestern person who might help her Instead, she meets Ben a snarky, antisocial, surly, divorced ex chef beekeeper who is not nice.Somehow she ends up capturing his latent white k [...]

    • 2.5 stars 4 stars for Ben 1 star for May This is my fourth book by the author I really liked How to Misbehave and About Last Night My rating for this book is in the minority, but I do love Ben Throughout the novel, I could feel the loss of his pride, the anger over his failed marriage, and the impact of his childhood experiences on his relationship with others The passion and intensity of Ben character are truly well written.Despite how much I loved Ben, May totally ruined this novel for me She [...]

    • 3.5 First the Forking, then the Cleavering Who will she emasculate next Stars.I am a massive fan of Ruthie Knox s books, and because of that I hate that I didn t love Truly as much as the previous books of hers that I have read Weirdly, my reasons for disliking it aren t massively due to the storyline, characters etc, but the style s of writing.It isn t written badly, but the writing style is in parts very different from the style I have grown accustomed to with Ruthie s previous work, it altern [...]

    • This is the third book that I ve read by Ruthie Knox She is definitely becoming one of my go to authors for contemporary romantic fiction Her books aren t life changers but if you re looking for a relatively simple, fun, sexy story, I think Ruthie Knox s books might be for you She reminds me of Jill Shalvis or Susan Elizabeth Phillips with some ramped up sex and dirty talk, and with less silliness Knox doesn t seem to be trying to overdo things with her writing She doesn t pummel us with plot tw [...]

    • Fantastic I loved this book May and Ben are each on a journey of self discovery, trying to figure out who they are and what to do with the rest of their lives May has always done what was expected of her instead of what she wanted for herself, including the way she chooses her clothes and career path She doesn t have the best self esteem but everything changes after an epically bad marriage proposal In the beginning, Ben comes across as a jerk He is rude and unfriendly but someone May sees past [...]

    • 5 starsThank you Ruthie for writing such a lovely and heartfelt story, Ben and May will always have a special place in my heart.Ruthie Knox has a wonderful way with her words, she paints such a clear picture in your head that you find yourself dreaming of visiting the New York sites and tasting all the wonderful and delicious food Ben introduced May and us readers to I m not going to say much other than Truly is a must read, I highly recommend it and I will be reading it again when it comes out [...]

    • 2.5 StarsUnfortunately, this books dragged on and on with not a whole lot going on I didn t feel a connection with either of the MCs and their entire relationship just seemed awkward There were some witty sentences here and there strewn though out the story but apart from that, I was really bored.

    • May Fredericks is convinced that New York City doesn t like her Six weeks after moving to New Jersey New York, she receives a poorly executed marriage proposal from her NFL Quarterback boyfriend on stage, in front of hundreds of people Her response, which was to stab his hand with a fork, had gone viral on YouTube and everyone wants to know why To makes matters worse, a man mugs her as she was fleeing her now ex s apartment She s left with nothing but five dollars in her pocket so she heads to a [...]

    • Truly was not the typical romance that I expected it to be The plot line and the character roles, on the surface, seem predictable but as I read they became a lot than that This is a book that I really enjoyed, with a storyline about two very different people finding each other in a unique way and helping each other to find their own strengths within themselves The two main characters are May and Ben May is a tall atypically pretty woman from a small Wisconsin town who breaks up with her footba [...]

    • This is my first book by Knox and all I ve ever heard was that her characters were so relatable and realistic Yes YES There were things about both Ben and May that cut so close to home for me This is a story about finding hope in messy, complicated love Not the picture perfect love that we see in movies and read about.It s also about finding yourself not in another person but maybe because of a bother person.Good stuff Oh and the food descriptions.zomgyum and a guy that cooks thud.I was just in [...]

    • Boy, did I love this book When it was over I missed May and Ben, as if they were good friends who d gone away I would happily read of their story Ben was dark, neurotic, and edgy, just the way I like my men, and May had plenty of spine that only needed a cocktail fork and a botched proposal to come roaring to the surface Speaking of which, for all that Thor s proposal was awful beyond description, it was also hilarious But then that s Ruthie Knox There s plenty of personal growth and discovery, [...]

    • An original contemporary romance that is intelligent, funny, and sexy like all of Ruthie Knox s novels Loved the grumpy and very sexy beekeeper hero Ben and May, the people pleasing heroine who rediscovers herself when stranded in New York City New York City was a delicious and non stereotypical third character in this book, which is fitting since this is the first book in a New York City trilogy I am looking forward to reading the next books, Madly and Completely

    • Once again Ruthie Knox has left me feeling warm and fuzzy with her characters and her beautiful stories May and Ben are so so gray Rich Deep And so much fun She painted them in NYC and made me fall in love with the city in a completely new way I loved every bit if this book I should actually say , but I won t Just read it and fall in love, too.

    • This was super uneven for me I nearly didn t get through it, but thanks to some prodding from Nakeesha, I finished and am glad I did, with caveats.Angry heroes are very difficult to pull off I mean, heroes with serious, definable anger issues which Ben definitely had Angry men are a turn off, they scream of latent danger, domestic violence, abuse Seeing through that outer shell to the heart of gold within, is a tall order and for me as a reader, I was always on the knife s edge of wanting to run [...]

    • AGAIN Ruthie Knox has done it again I find myself speechless, flustered, deeply in love and wanting so much This easily ranks at or close to the top of my favorites by Ruthie This was such a beautiful and unique love story May is a fascinating, intriguing, stunning heroine She is sweet, tough, lost, found, sexy, innocent, pured just breathtaking I think part of me fell in love with her Her journey throughout this book was nothing short of stellar I felt like I was taking each step with her, dis [...]

    • 5 STARS A culinary adventure set in New York City I LOVED IT I really liked that one, and was glad to grab it on Wattpadd A kindle edition is scheduled to release in August 2014, and it ll be part of a seriesI can t wait

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