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The Diviners By Margaret Laurence Timothy Findley The Diviners The culmination and completion of Margaret Laurence s celebrated Manawaka cycle The Diviners is an epic novel This is the powerful story of an independent woman who refuses to abandon her search for
  • Title: The Diviners
  • Author: Margaret Laurence Timothy Findley
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  • The Diviners By Margaret Laurence Timothy Findley
    The Diviners By Margaret Laurence Timothy Findley The culmination and completion of Margaret Laurence s celebrated Manawaka cycle, The Diviners is an epic novel.This is the powerful story of an independent woman who refuses to abandon her search for love For Morag Gunn, growing up in a small Canadian prairie town is a toughening process putting distance between herself and a world that wanted no part of her But in timThe culmination and completion of Margaret Laurence s celebrated Manawaka cycle, The Diviners is an epic novel.This is the powerful story of an independent woman who refuses to abandon her search for love For Morag Gunn, growing up in a small Canadian prairie town is a toughening process putting distance between herself and a world that wanted no part of her But in time, the aloneness that had once been forced upon her becomes a precious right relinquished only in her overwhelming need for love Again and again, Morag is forced to test her strength against the world and finally achieves the life she had determined would be hers.The Diviners has been acclaimed by many critics as the outstanding achievement of Margaret Laurence s writing career In Morag Gunn, Laurence has created a figure whose experience emerges as that of all dispossessed people in search of their birthright, and one who survives as an inspirational symbol of courage and endurance.The Diviners received the Governor General s Award for Fiction for 1974.
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    • Margaret Laurence Timothy Findley

      Margaret Laurence was born Jean Margaret Wemyss on July 18, 1926 in the prairie town of Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada Both of her parents passed away in her childhood, and Laurence was raised by her aunt and maternal grandfather.Laurence decided in childhood that she wanted to be a writer, and began writing stories in elementary school Her professional writing career began in 1943 with a job at the town newspaper, and continued in 1944 when she entered the Honours English program at Winnipeg s United College now the University of Winnipeg After graduating in 1947, she was hired as a reporter for The Winnipeg Citizen That same year, she married Jack Laurence, a civil engineer.Jack Laurence s profession took the couple to England, Somalia, and eventually Ghana, where Laurence gained an appreciation for Africa and the storytelling traditions of its peoples It was during the couple s time in Africa that their two children, Jocelyn and David, were born, and when Laurence began to work seriously on her writing Her book of essays about and translations of Somali poetry and prose was published in 1954 as A Tree for Poverty A collection of short stories, The Tomorrow Tamer, as well as a novel, This Side Jordan both focusing on African subjects were published after Laurence returned home to Canada Laurence s fiction was thereafter concerned with Canadian subjects, but she maintained her interest in African literature and in 1968 published a critical analysis of Nigerian literature, Long Drums and Cannons Nigerian Dramatists and Novelists 1952 1966 Present in her African works is a concern with the ethical dilemma of being a white colonialist living in colonial Africa.Laurence and her family returned to Canada in 1957 They moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, where they stayed for five years In 1962 Laurence and her husband separated, and she moved to London, England for a year, followed by a move to a cottage in Buckinghamshire for ten years, although she visited Canada often.During this period, Laurence wrote her first works with Canadian subject matter The Stone Angel was published in 1964, and was the first of Laurence s group of Manawaka novels , so called because they each take place in the fictional prairie town of Manawaka, a community modelled after Laurence s hometown of Neepawa, Manitoba The Stone Angel was followed by A Jest of God in 1966 for which she won her first Governor General s Award, The Fire Dwellers in 1969, and A Bird in the House in 1970 Laurence received a great deal of critical and commercial acclaim in Canada, and in 1971 was honoured by being named a Companion to the Order of Canada.In the early 1970s, Laurence returned to Canada and settled in Lakefield, Ontario During this time she continued to write and held positions as writer in residence at the University of Toronto, the University of Western Ontario, and Trent University In 1974, Laurence completed her final novel, The Diviners, for which she received the Governor General s Award and the Molson Prize The Diviners was followed by a book of essays, Heart of a Stranger, published in 1976, and several children s books Jason s Quest, The Olden Days Coat, Six Darn Cows, and The Christmas Birthday Story Her memoir, Dance on the Earth was published posthumously in 1987.Margaret Laurence committed suicide on January 5, 1987 at her home in Lakefield after learning that her recently diagnosed lung cancer was terminal She is buried in Neepawa Cemetery, a few metres away from the stone angel which inspired her novel of the same name.

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    • Feminist Very strong female character in the person of Morag Gunn Orphan at the age of four, she was taken into custody by the couple Christie and Prin Logan Christie is the town s scavenger garbage collector and divining is scavenging But don t get the notion that the female characters here are scavengers or loser Morag rose from that sorry early years and made own life altering decisions in her life so strong that she seems to have the biggest ball among the characters including her good for n [...]

    • I haven t been much of a fan of Margaret Laurence s work in the past, mainly because I found many of her characters a little on the whiny side And if there s one thing I refuse to do is spend substantial amounts of time with a whiner But the fact is, Morag Gunn, heroine of The Diviners, grabbed me Barring the brief period she spent spineless and married to the good professor, Morag s got balls A lot of self doubt inner talk who doesn t and balls And, importantly, in a way that doesn t deprive an [...]

    • There are some things that enrich my life beyond all expectation or proportion baths, bike rides, sex, and let me say it now Margaret Laurence I ve long suspected she might be my favourite author despite my discomfort with A Jest of God, I loved the book The Stone Angel is near perfect in its characterization of Hagar , but on re reading The Diviners I m ready to settle the matter Margaret Laurence is my favourite.I don t mean to suggest she s the best author out there let s leave conversations [...]

    • I found this book in the back of a Salvation Army and flipped through it I bought it entirely because I was interested in the sheet music at the back, and I had no intention of actually reading the book But after reading the lyrics of the songs, I wanted to know who was Lazarus, King of Nothing Who was Piquette This book is raw The characters are flawed You can t help but absolutely inhale this story as you follow Morag s harsh and bitter and somehow innocent life The themes and hidden meanings [...]

    • I am giving this book a rare 5 star review, partially because I had not expected to like it, and I loved it If I was a writer, I think my style would be very similar to the writing in this book I loved the Memory Bank Movie passages It reminded me so much of several significant events in my own life, and I can vividly rember them I think the characters in the book were depicted very realistically and believable, flaws and all The book was written in the 1970 s and I hope our society has evolved [...]

    • I read this when I was about 16, and Christy s by their garbage shall ye know them speech was life changing Love this book I ve read it multiple times, but haven t re read it in about 15 years I should again.

    • As good as or better than The Stone Angel which is one of my favourite books of all time Well now this is too.

    • I just finished this 1 2 hour ago with tears streaming I have only a fragment of an idea of what I think, nor if 5 stars is right I read her The Stone Angel at least 40 years ago before I moved here, and was very disappointed not to find her shelved in my library When I picked this up at the library book sale I think it was , I felt as if it must be a treasure.This is told in such an interesting manner Each chapter starts in the present, then Laurence takes the reader back in time memorybank mov [...]

    • An intelligent, slow read for me I loved it I don t really know why, except maybe that I appreciated its honesty, and I think this level of honesty is rare I imagine that Laurence was a rational, two feet on the ground type of person, and I wish I could have known her I have people like this in my life, and I find them refreshing and easy My version of this book has a fantastic Afterword by Timothy Findley At only three or four pages long, it does a much better job than me obviously at articulat [...]

    • Margaret Laurence is one of Canada s most esteemed writers The Diviners is one of 5 books that are about strong women living in or from small town Manitoba Morag Gunn is the central figure in this book, an orphan that was brought up on the wrong side of the tracks in Manawaka by Prin and Christie who is the town scavenger She always felt out of place and awkward, didn t fit in and now, a successful writer in middle age, she is reflecting back on her life as she waits for and worries about her te [...]

    • Why do schools assign this book to teens Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that it was assigned to my teenage self by 30 and 40 something women If you ve read the novel you ll know what I mean.I had to explore this novel in extreme depth, I mean poring over every word of it for months I wound up disliking it because the characters didn t really speak to me at that time When a novel doesn t come alive for me, it s a real chore to listen to lectures about it day after day I should start [...]

    • I was sucked into this book than I expected to be I was incredibly fond of Morag, the main character, who I found to be very three dimensional I laugh now, but I was infuriated when she got married to a guy that I absolutely couldn t stand She seems to attract this sort of man The book was written a while ago, in the 70s, and its depiction of racism and sexism almost seemed too much at times But I have a sinking feeling that it wasn t as exaggerated as I was hoping it was, My one complaint abou [...]

    • The Diviners deserves to be a Canadian Classic I first read this book in the 1970 s and just finished re reading it for book club The strong female characters of Morag and Pique are believable and memorable as they each face the various challenges in their life Margaret Laurence s women characters are strong and make a statement about the role of women in society and the strength women need to break through the barriers that society has set for women Jules, Christie and Royland are the important [...]

    • This is really like 3.5 stars for me, but I suppose it does belong a notch above my other 3 star ratings, so it will have to be a 4 After reading and loving The Stone Angel, I decided to try and read all of the Manawaka series of books and, although The Diviners is the last in the series, it was the next I was able to get, so it was the next I read I think that it is mainly in comparison to The Stone Angel that this book left me a little cold.I ve been trying to figure out why I wasn t as impre [...]

    • Tohle nen kn ka, kterou p e tete na jeden z tah Je pomalej , ale o to intenzivn j Dlouho jsem se te nemohla do ni eho za st, a jsem s hla po t hle odepsan kn ce z knihovny, na kterou jsem n hodou p i v prodeji za 5 K narazila Stylov i obsahov rozhodn zaj mav.

    • A wonderful book with characters so richly rendered I easily became invested in them, and could readily identify with many of their doubts, wishes and fears I loved in particular Christie Logan and his wisdom, which Morag appreciates too late I, too, have had this heartbreaking experience of too late I also appreciated the complexity of Morag s thoughts, feelings, and decision making, and the unique device of the movie memories, which really is how memories function in my experience It helped th [...]

    • The culmination and completion of Margaret Laurence s celebrated Manawaka cycle, The Diviners is an epic novel This is a powerful story of an independent woman who refuses to abandon her search for love For Morag Gunn, growing up in a small Canadian prairie town is a toughening process putting distance between herself and a world that wanted no part of her But in time, the aloneness that had once been forced upon her becomes a precious right relinquished only in her overwhelming need for love Ag [...]

    • This book captures the voices of its characters and their change through time better than almost anything I ve ever read, and what makes this even remarkable is that they are ordinary people, artistic but not particularly eloquent, marginalized by the rest of Canadian society, and living in a sort of rural Bohemia It was written in the 1970 s and focuses on the obstacles a woman or really any independent spirit faces in achieving their goals The theme is set against fine natural description of [...]

    • Felt like a feminist book rather than a postcolonial one currently studying it for a postcolonial unit at university Still, enjoyed it, little bit of a teary moment towards the end that I wasn t expecting and was a mixed emotion of joy sadness Certainly made me think about ancestry heritage and how we don t tend to know where we actually come from unless we hunt for it, like Pique wishes to do Is identity something borne from a past we know little of Is our ancestors past prior to our existence [...]

    • I did not enjoy this book As a rule, I m generally not a fan of books that focus on the cynical, crustier side of life, but quite often I can stomach them if they have redeeming qualities such as enjoyable relatable characters, beauty in the writing, clever dialogue, etc This book had none of those things, in my opinion I didn t care about the main character at all, and certainly didn t care about her sex life or her road to becoming an author that I would never read or the many and varied ways [...]

    • For the first 100 pages or so I was tempted to put this book down and move onto something that moved a little quicker My patience was greatly rewarded The Diviners is one of the most thought provoking books I have ever read.

    • This is the most perfect book ever written It was my mom s favourite and I bet still is, I m going to lend her my copy at Christmas and then she gave her copy to me when I was a teenager and it sent me down a ROAD Reading it again this week I m stunned by it Margaret Laurence is everything.

    • From start to finish I was pretty much captured by the book, it did have a slow moment here and there, but this book will likely be one of my favourite reads of the year.I think how Laurence brought both the past into the story and tied it all together was handled wonderfully Especially how the author brought the reader back to Morag s past The Memorybank Movie the author used to help bring the reader back to the past, to see Morag growing up as a child, to adult Showing the reader the individua [...]

    • I discovered Margaret Laurence through the first in the Manakwa series, The Stone Angel, a marvellous novel told in the voice of an angry 90 year old woman who doesn t want to be locked up in an old folks home I wanted to read , but Laurence s books are near impossible to find Or were, till I joined Bookmooch Now I have three of them in my TBR pile return return I picked this first, not realising it was the last, and read it over a couple of days while stuck at home with a cold What a marvellous [...]

    • This was not my favourite book In fact, about a quarter of the way in, I gave up on reading it, and went to read a synopsis instead so I would have an idea of what people were talking about at book club When I read the synopsis, I realized that I really wanted to get to the end organically Even though I d spoiled the ending, it seemed like a story worth living through Part of what I hated in the beginning was the disconnect between Morag and those around her She seemed so awkward, and it felt li [...]

    • Totally loved this book.Margaret Laurence is quickly becoming one of myfavourite authors The Diviners follows the life and times of Morag Gunn, who grew up anorphan in the small Canadian prairie town of Manawaka It explores herchildhood experiences growing up as the adopted daughter of Prin Christie,her embarrassment with Christie s occupation as the town garbage man , hersometimes painful adolescence, her university days in Winnipeg, her marriageto a man who seemed to just want to keep her as a [...]

    • I was compelled to rate Margaret Laurence s The Diviners after seeing a review for a new book bearing the same title, this one by Libba Bray I love Libba Bray s books for young adults and have read several, but I feel sad knowing that one of the finest pieces of Canadian fiction and by this point in time a true classic no longer ranks in the top ten Google search based on the title alone all the top ranking results go to Libba Bray s new book This really brings home to me how so much of my forma [...]

    • cercare di ricostruire il passato per esorcizzarlo e costruirsi un presente e un futuro felici questo accade nella vita di morag, scrittrice di fama e donna solitaria che si trova alle prese con una figlia inquieta che non riesce a lasciar andare il suo un racconto onesto e pieno di dolore in cui la protagonista si mette completamente a nudo, non tralasciando nemmeno i particolari pi spiacevoli e gli errori, usando le parole per evocare ricordi e renderli tangibili facendoli diventare la chiave [...]

    • This book starts slowly, and you think it s going to be another yawn of a Canadian prairie tale Although Laurence uses unconventional and not always wholly effective formal aspects or are they typos from the publisher , the book s content is imaginative and provocative Her style shifts as the character ages, and she uses narrative voices that, although not always concise, are realistic and engaging.

    • There is nothing wrong with Margaret Laurence s The Diviners But I can t quite enjoy myself While the story is interesting, and the characters sympathetic, I can never entirely embrace the novel And around page five hundred, when it has worn out its welcome, it comes to such a neat little closure, everything fitting together, that I can t help but feel bored.

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