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The Last of the Spirits By Chris Priestley The Last of the Spirits Sam and Lizzie are freezing and hungry on the streets of Victorian London When Sam asks a wealthy man for some coins he is rudely turned away Months of struggle suddenly find their focus and Sam res
  • Title: The Last of the Spirits
  • Author: Chris Priestley
  • ISBN: 9781408852002
  • Page: 228
  • Format: ebook
  • The Last of the Spirits By Chris Priestley
    The Last of the Spirits By Chris Priestley Sam and Lizzie are freezing and hungry on the streets of Victorian London When Sam asks a wealthy man for some coins, he is rudely turned away Months of struggle suddenly find their focus, and Sam resolves to kill the man Huddling in a graveyard for warmth, Sam and Lizzie are horrified to see the earth around one of the tombs begin to shift, shortly followed by the wraiSam and Lizzie are freezing and hungry on the streets of Victorian London When Sam asks a wealthy man for some coins, he is rudely turned away Months of struggle suddenly find their focus, and Sam resolves to kill the man Huddling in a graveyard for warmth, Sam and Lizzie are horrified to see the earth around one of the tombs begin to shift, shortly followed by the wraithlike figure of a ghostly man He warns Sam about the future which awaits such a bitter heart, and so begins Sam s journey led by terrifying spirits through the past, present and future, after which Sam must decide whether to take the man, Scrooge s, life or not.A perfectly layered, tense and supremely satisfying twist on one of Dickens most popular books, cleverly reinvented to entice a younger readership.
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      228 Chris Priestley
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      His father was in the army and so he moved around a lot as a child and lived in Wales He was an avid reader of American comics as a child, and when he was eight or nine, and living in Gibraltar, he won a prize in a newspaper story writing competition He decided then that my ambition was to write and illustrate my own book.He spent his teens in Newcastle upon Tyne, before moving to Manchester, London and then Norfolk He now lives in Cambridge with his wife and son where he writes, draws, paints, dreams and doodles not necessarily in that order Chris worked as an illustrator and cartoonist for twenty years, working mainly for magazines newspapers these include The Times, The Guardian, The Independent, The Economist and the Wall Street Journal before becoming a writer He currently has a weekly strip cartoon called Payne s Grey in the New Statesman.Chris has been a published author since 2000 He has written several books for children young adults, both fiction and non fiction, and has been nominated for many awards including the Edgar Awards, the UKLA Children s Book Award and the Carnegie Medal In recent years he has predominantly been writing horror.Ever since he was a teenager Chris has loved unsettling and creepy stories, with fond memories of buying comics like Strange Tales and House of Mystery , watching classic BBC TV adaptations of M R James ghost stories every Christmas and reading assorted weirdness by everyone from Edgar Allen Poe to Ray Bradbury He hopes Uncle Montague s Tales of Terror will haunt his readers in the way those writers have haunted him.

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    • Omanlaisensa versio Charles Dickensin kuuluisasta Joulutarinasta ja hyvin katkeransuloinen ja kaunis sellainen.En ole lukenut alkuper ist kertomusta, mutta olen n hnyt vuoden 2009 Saiturin joulu elokuvan, joten tarina oli sit kautta tuttu Chris Priestley lis maustetta tarinaan kertomalla sen kahden orvon katulapsen n k kulmasta ja kuinka Ebenezer Scroogen kylm n syd men sulaminen vaikuttaa heid n el miins.Tykk sin t st kovasti Kansi huokuu timburtonmaisuutta ja ensimm isen minulle siit tuli miel [...]

    • Book The Last of the Spirits Author Chris PriestleyGenre Classic Adaptation, Children s Book, Ghosts, Supernatural, Fantasy Publisher BloomsburyPages 180 REVIEW Introduction It s a great children s book, a reinvention of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens It revolves around two poor young children who face the odds of life and learn about humanity and importance of joy and merriness in one s life A hint of supernatural and memorable moral values are highlights Storyline Characters The book has [...]

    • When I received this book, The Last of the Spirits , from I was a complete newcomer to Chris Priestly, but no , this one has me hooked While based on Dickens A Christmas Carol , this has its own unique storyline beautifully linked to the traditional tale of Scrooge and the ghosts of Christmas.On a freezing winter s night in London Sam approaches a wealthy man begging for help When Scrooge, for this is indeed who the man was, roughly turns him away Sam vows revenge Sam takes his sister to find re [...]

    • This is definitely my favourite book from Chris Priestley I ve read up until now Whether or not you ve read A Christmas Carol you will be familiar with the tale and this book is a captivating ghostly tale in its own right, with of course a nod to the original that inspired it.Sam and Lizzie are cold and hungry On Christmas Eve they ask a wealthy man for coins to buy food This man is Scrooge and you can imagine what he says Sam heart is hardened by his and Lizzie s life on the streets and now his [...]

    • This was such a great quick read This story is told from the perspective of two children who meet Scrooge on Christmas Eve They encounter the same spirits that Scrooge does and they see their own past and futures I really enjoyed this Priestley entwined Dicken s story really well with his own I really enjoy the story of a Christmas Carol and this was an interesting take on the story I thought it was done really well and I would liked to see from this author One thing to note is that it is class [...]

    • The library where I live really needs to sort out its books, I found this in its kids section There is no way I would give this book to a child, given some of the topics in it It is however beautifully written and an intriguing read It s a take on A Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens I must say it surprised me how well the author stuck to the original tale, even through the eyes of a little boy.

    • Follow Scrooge s conversion through the eyes of a hardened, troubled boy and his little sister Lizzie, who are starving in the streets of London When Sam is treated cruelly by Scrooge and continually realizes how much injustice there is he is starving, while Scrooge clings to the money he hoards but doesn t use , he plans to kill Scrooge Enter the ghost of Jacob Marley, who tells Sam that he will be visited by three ghosts Sam and Lizzie see their past and future selves, yet at the same time ent [...]

    • This was a nice Christmas Carol adaptation I like how Priestley has his characters, Sam and Lizzie, living their lives alongside Scrooge, it gave added dept to the story I did find this book a little difficult to read aloud, but that was because it s written in the fashion of Dickens and that kind of speech does not come naturally to us any longer It wasn t too terribly hard, but I had to pay closer attention to the sentence structure than I have in the last several books I ve read to the girls [...]

    • Very interesting twist on Dicken s Christmas Carol I enjoyed the story, I just wish it would have been spooky as I know Chris Priestley can write pretty spooky stories But in overall, it is a great read as an addition to the original story I reccomend you to read the original and then continue with this, it will give you some extra story lines and twists and plots you will love The ghost part here is very good, the hate and anger of the main character is well described, really, a great addition [...]

    • I gave this book an extra star simply because I know I m not the intended audience I didn t know when I took it out of the library that it was a children s book As such, the plot was fairly simple and boring But if you are an actual kid, this book would probably be great The author sis a wonderful job of writing descriptive text that was extremely evocative without being bogged down with too many words I think this author is a great writer, but the content didn t thrill me, simply because I m ol [...]

    • I really enjoyed this little story It was a fantastic companion piece to Dicken s classic, festive ghost story.

    • What is it to you if they re sad Maybe they deserve to be sad, eh Maybe they were horrible people when they were alive But I think that s why they re sad I think they want to help people now and they can t See Reviews first on my blogSam and Lizzie are two street children who have very little and will most likely pass away very soon, if they don t get help from someone Because of this Sam is a very angry young man who is trying his best to protect support Lizzie, but it isn t going well So Sam d [...]

    • Quello che mi piace di Priestley come ripetutamente rompa lo stereotipo del protagonista bambino o ragazzino innocente e dai buoni sentimenti scrivendo di bambini o ragazzini assassini o con istinti omicida, che detto cos suona brutto, mi rendo conto XD per da un punto di vista narrativo interessante Tra l altro, Priestley trasforma i bambini in assassini, o mette in rilievo i loro istinti omicida, con un processo molto realistico, perch sfrutta come a quell et i sentimenti siano assoluti e senz [...]

    • A clever take on A Christmas Carol This re telling of the story is told from the point of view of Sam and Liz, two Victorian street kids who encounter Scrooge After Scrooge s cruel dismissal of himself and his sister, Sam decides to get his revenge on the old man Hiding in a graveyard by Scrooge s house, Sam meets the ghost of Jacob Marley, who tells him that the old miser will be visited by 3 spirits Marley also warns Sam, who has become hardened by life on the streets, that if he isn t careful [...]

    • I received this book for free through a giveaway I loved loved loved LOVED this book, did I mention how much I loved it I was supposed to keep it for either the week leading up to Halloween or December for Christmas I did neither, I couldn t help myself Firstly I love this cover it is amazing, I love the colours and the front of the title The chapters are also written in this font which I just found wonderful So this story is a different take on a Christmas carol, everyone knows a Christmas caro [...]

    • Told from the perspective of two young children who encounter Scrooge on Christmas Eve yup, THAT Christmas Eve , The Last of the Spirits follows Sam and Lizzie on their own personal voyage of spirits As a story, it s extremely well told and affecting How Priestly winds his own story about the traditional Dickens story we know and love is clever for those of us who know what is happening and who the characters are I think if it is pitched at children, then I personally believe it has missed the m [...]

    • Hard to classify the age group for this one I see the library had trouble It s listed under junior fiction, but some of the themes are not junior One in particular which refers obliquely to Jack the Ripper and those he attacked I actually like the way this is dealt with, but junior readers might come up with some questions that surprise their parents The viewpoint of the boy was engaging, and successfully transmitted the anger and frustration of the protagonist I liked Priestley s comments about [...]

    • DISCLAIMER I received this book for free through GiveawaysIf anyone ever should have dared touch the classics I am glad Chris Priestley had the courage to do it Amazing read FAVOURITE QUOTES For nothing is deader than a body that once had life and has it no They were streetwalkers, women who sold themselves for money to men good, God fearing men who went to church with their wives the following Sunday without a care Is this her death I m looking at Or her life And which is worse Pah said Sam Wh [...]

    • I received this book for free though First Reads Whether or not you ve read the infamous book of A Christmas Carol, or watched one of the many film and TV adaptations, there is no doubt that you should be familiar with the tale In its own right The Last of the Spirits is a captivating ghostly tale, with of course references to the original that inspired Priestley The Last of the Spirits is told from the perspective of two young orphaned siblings Sam and Lizzie who encounter Scrooge on Christmas [...]

    • I liked this, three stars is a low rating for me, but it s an honest one Chris Priestley writes well and I think a lot of my reservations might be just because I am not the demographic Although the epilogue really wasn t anything like the rest of the book and the writing style.I wonder if this is readable, understandable, if you re not familiar with A Christmas Carol by Dickens But I m unable to tell, because I know it very well And maybe that is why I didn t enjoy this as much as I had hoped to [...]

    • This is a very clever premise, well executed Chris Priestley weaves the story of 2 orphans, homeless on the desperate streets of London, with the classic A Christmas Carol When Sam begs some change from Scrooge and is rebuffed, he and his little sister Lizzie find themselves entangled in Scrooge s journey with the Christmas Spirits I ve not read Chris Priestley before and was impressed his description of a cold, bleak London had my teeth chattering and although this is a short book, it is not sh [...]

    • Liked the authors writing style that paid homage to this timeless classic.The spirits in the graveyard scene were well done and added the right amount of creepiness to the tale.The character of Sam was well written and I could understand his desperation and his cynical stance on life And also that he had a caring heart underneath all that pain and anger that came to the fore once he was given the opportunity and the means to let it shine.Overall, I enjoyed revisiting this old classic from a diff [...]

    • Written in the beautiful text that we ve come to expect from Chris Priestley, this tells the story of Ignorance and Want, the two children presented to Scrooge by the Ghost of Christmas Present It ties in perfectly with the original Dickens story, isn t quite a retelling although remains true to that tale but adds another dimension to it, and my immediate response on finishing the book was to seek out the original on my library shelves.Steeped in the atmosphere of a cold winter on the streets of [...]

    • This was a cute, random book I picked up at the library It is a retelling of The Christmas Story from the perspective of a homeless boy who has been treated poorly by Scrooge and is set out for revenge He then encounters a ghost who shows him his fate if he exacts his revenge I really loved this book I though it was really original and had a great writing style There was a ton of character development for all of the character and a bunch of twists I couldn t find any flaws with the book but I on [...]

    • I WON THIS BOOK IN A GIVAWAY I have never read a Chris Priestly book but after reading The Last of the Spirits I will definitely be picking up a few I really enjoyed this retelling of a Christmas Carol which although I have never read I knew the story line and what happened Since receiving the book I didn t want to put it down, it was quick paced throughout and really engaged me from the beginning I especially like how at the end of the book Priestly goes forwards in time to you can see what th [...]

    • An interesting read for fans of the Dickens classic, and brave of the author to take on such a renound piece of literature and turn it into something of his own vision.A short read, and understandingly not very substantial in terms of plot.The descriptions were good, although I felt suspense could have been added, particularly where the ghosts were concerned I liked the characters, although felt that I didn t become as emotionally attached to them as I usually do when reading.Overall, a good re [...]

    • This was alright I expected something a little frightening because The Dead of Winter scared me quite a bit Although it is interesting to consider what else was going on while Scrooge was being visited by the spirits I also couldn t get Michael Caine out of my head while reading Scrooge Too many years of watching The Muppet Christmas Carol The cover is beautiful and is really what prompted me to buy it.

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