The Meat Racket: The Secret Takeover of America’s Food Business #2020

The Meat Racket: The Secret Takeover of America’s Food Business By Christopher Leonard The Meat Racket The Secret Takeover of America s Food Business An investigative journalist takes you inside the corporate meat industry a shocking in depth report every American should read The biggest takeover in American business that you ve n ever heard of Th
  • Title: The Meat Racket: The Secret Takeover of America’s Food Business
  • Author: Christopher Leonard
  • ISBN: 9781451645811
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Meat Racket: The Secret Takeover of America’s Food Business By Christopher Leonard
    The Meat Racket: The Secret Takeover of America’s Food Business By Christopher Leonard An investigative journalist takes you inside the corporate meat industry a shocking, in depth report every American should read.The biggest takeover in American business that you ve n ever heard of The American supermarket seems to represent the best in America abundance, freedom, choice But that turns out to be an illusion The rotisserie chicken, the pepperoni, the corAn investigative journalist takes you inside the corporate meat industry a shocking, in depth report every American should read.The biggest takeover in American business that you ve n ever heard of The American supermarket seems to represent the best in America abundance, freedom, choice But that turns out to be an illusion The rotisserie chicken, the pepperoni, the cordon bleu, the frozen pot pie, and the bacon virtually all come from four companies.In The Meat Racket, investigative reporter Christopher Leonard delivers the first ever account of how a handful of companies have seized the nation s meat supply He shows how they built a system that puts farmers on the edge of bankruptcy, charges high prices to consumers, and returns the industry to the shape it had in the 1900s before the meat monopolists were broken up At the dawn of the twenty first century, the greatest capitalist country in the world has an oligarchy controlling much of the food we eat and a high tech sharecropping system to make that possible.Forty years ago, than thirty six companies produced half of all the chicken Americans ate Now there are only three that make that amount, and they control every aspect of the process, from the egg to the chicken to the chicken nugget These companies are even able to raise meat prices for consumers while pushing down the price they pay to farmers And tragically, big business and politics have derailed efforts to change the system.We know that it takes big companies to bring meat to the American table What The Meat Racket shows is that this industrial system is rigged against all of us In that sense, Leonard has exposed our heartland s biggest scandal.
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    • Consumers pay , farmers make less, and corporations in the middle grab a windfall the bank extended the mortgages and car loans to the lower income workers at Tyson s plant It provided farm loans to the company s chicken farmers The plant workers never really jumped an income bracket The farmers never really left their cycle of indebtedness People might complain, but there really wasn t an alternative That pretty much sums up the story of The Meat Racket, a remarkably well written, skillfully wo [...]

    • Fast Food Nation made many people aware of the dangers of our current food system to consumers The Meat Racket uncovers and explains the development of monopoly in the American meat industry that has largely destroyed the independent family farm level control of meat production Through careful and thorough research, Leonard is able to explain how a few large companies, led by Tyson in the poultry industry and followed by Smithland and a few others in the pork and beef industries, have entrapped [...]

    • Christopher Leonard certainly did his homework This book is also extremely well written It is obvious that Leonard is intelligent I learned a lot while reading this book and went over a lot that I already know.I know that Tyson owned chickens, but I guess I never really thought about pigs and cows in that area I mean I did, but I didn t think there were Tyson owned, but I really wasn t surprised at all Tyson is this huge soulless company, who just destroy everything that it touches people, compa [...]

    • 5 stars for fine business journalism.Every person who lives in America and buys foods and pays taxes should read this excellent piece of investigative business journalism It introduces you to members and former members of the disappearing breed known as independent farmers that became producers and the tycoons that took over hatchery and meatpacking operations and transformed the competitive open market system for selling farmed animals into an anti competitive, super high production contract sy [...]

    • We all like meat but don t want to think about where it comes from And I m kind of fine with that Presumably regulation well enforced protects animals from undue cruelty So we remain complicitly sheltered For the alternative, expensive and rare meat, study dietary habits of the Middle Ages I have.But The Meat Racket blows apart our happy myths in its chronicling of the human cost of cheap, plentiful meat It records the dominance integrated corporations hold over farmers and national food supplie [...]

    • Non fiction book all about how Tyson s Food chicken conglomerate took over the chicken business in America Tyson s was one of the main players perhaps THE main player that made factory farming A Thing.Make no mistake this is a non fiction book about chicken factory farming, but I found it completely fascinating Unlike other writings on this topic, it did not focus on the ethics and or cruelty of the practice it focused on the finance and economics aspects.Before factory farming existed in the U. [...]

    • If you ve ever thought about becoming a vegetarian, this book will give you the push you need I ve long known about the cruel and inhumane treatment given many of the animals that are our food What I didn t realize was why that was, and how it came to be Most of it can be laid at the feet of one family the Tysons.It begins with John Tyson, a man so scarred by the Depression that he decided he needed all the money in the world One step at a time, he took over the chicken industry, at the same tim [...]

    • Extremely torn I think that this an important subject I like the author s writing style I admire the compassion that he has for all of the parties involved whether farmer or meat conglomerate exec and I respect the amount of research undertaken to write this book but I wish there were meat here This would have made a compelling magazine expose but because there s not enough here to support an entire book, it s quite redundant And the title is misleading If you are going to call a book The Meat [...]

    • what was most valuable for me was this book s focus on rural America when we hear of the big meat companies in the news, it seems they are mostly being attacked from a public health perspective, e.g their mismanagement of animal waste, overuse of antibiotics, etc but it s equally important to get a sense of what industry consolidation has done to the rural economy and its negative outcomes for low income rural populations the contract farming system, the tournament method for farmer pay, and the [...]

    • I was already the choir for The Meat Racket in regards to the general overblown nature of the meat industry, but this book goes far beyond that.This is a well researched tale with elegant, simple prose that brings to life just how severely the uber consolidation of an industry has affected every player in it The historical perspective is so important here to realize just why companies like Tyson do what they do why their mottos must be expand or expire Yes, greed is involved, but it s also a sur [...]

    • It s sad for the chicken farmer in Arkansas, indentured to a life of low wages and a real fear of the company that pays him, Tyson Foods, which makes a profit regardless of how the farmer is doing But this book is not only about chicken, it s about pork and beef and reading it will tend to make you want to be a vegetarian Tyson Foods has chickenized the production of meat in this country, where meat farmers are serfs to the company But we consumers are able to get our cheap chicken in all kinds [...]

    • The title definitely oversells the excitement and reach of this book In the end, it is a high level history of the development of Tyson foods and it s rise to a dominant position in the oligopolistic chicken and pork industries The book s primary focus along the way is the pressure Tyson and its brethren put on its powerless rural farmers.Well written, pretty informative, and as uplifting as you would expect

    • Many books have tackled the issue of eating meat, especially in terms of humane issues But none have gone as deep in looking at the impact of the current meat industry on the farmers who produce it The picture is not pretty Leonard does a terrific job of pulling back the screen and showing how the system works It s a gripping story, well told.

    • Very well researched The scary truth about the huge corporations who control the worlds meat supply and so much It s disgusting to realize what we believe and what is really the truth is so widely separated A real eye opener that was easy to read and understand.

    • Amazing reporting Good writing, though heavy handed with the old school newspaper style at times It s always on the ragged edge of bankruptcy A minor miracle in learning about a highly secretive company.

    • The Meat Racket explores the modern, industrial meat industry through the lens of one of the major companies Tyson Foods Christopher Leonard explores the rise of the industrial chicken industry that John and Don Tyson created and how that business model shaped all other industrial meat industries I ve read a lot about this topic and was very familiar with CAFOs Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations , but had no idea that Tyson basically created the first CAFOs for chickens and the other meat in [...]

    • As private concentration of power becomes discussed in public, this book is an excellent case study.A history of Tyson Foods from the Depression to present day Clear picture of how poultry growing essentially chicken babysitting looks on the ground to farmers Traces generations of poultry growers in Arkansas who are steadily squeezed into bankruptcy before another generation takes their place Vertical integration and disappearing markets Open markets replaced with secret, skewed contracts Alleg [...]

    • The meat industry gets away with a lot With legislators in their pockets and millions of consumers willing to look the other way, only a few other industries enjoy such a lack of scrutiny Perhaps you ve read books about the environmental destruction, animal cruelty, and slaughterhouse worker abuse perpetuated by Big Ag This book isn t about any of the above rather, it s about yet another little known victim the farmers who contract to work with Tyson and its very few peers With the rise of the f [...]

    • Christopher Leonard starts off the book with a clear agenda He sets out to show that the U.S meat business is a racket He does not, in my opinion, do this very persuasively For example, he states early on that There is so little competition in the meat industry today that companies like Tyson can virtually raise the price at will It s statements like this one, made without evidence, that serve to undermine the credibility of Leonard s message The type of evidence that Leonard does give is to sta [...]

    • Reading like a thriller, Leonard tells us the history behind the modern meat industry, and with thoroughness and fairness, comments on its effect on American farmers If this doesn t make you want to buy meat locally or not at all, I don t know what will.

    • Excellent historical examination of the modern meat industry.The story is as old as inequality The rich gain control of the means of production and the poor are slowly pushed out and exploited while the rich make bigger and bigger profits.

    • On the surface The Meat Racket is a book about Tyson Foods, an in depth look at the largest meat producer processor in the U.S There are only four mega corporations that control most of the U.S meat industry Tyson is the largest and most powerful You may think you know whose meat you are buying at the store, but you do not and further you will likely be eating a Tyson product at countless restaurants, and institutions day in and day out You may think chicken when you hear that name, but you may [...]

    • Guessing this is going to be a 2015 top 10 book for me An excellent, albeit infuriating, look at the economics behind America s meat system today What makes the book particularly stand out is that it isn t focused on most of the issues that get covered elsewhere concerns about animal health, use of antibiotics, the misapplication of the term organic Rather, it looks at the food system in terms of the disappearing competitive dynamics and what that means for farmers and in turn the market forces [...]

    • In The Meat Racket, Christopher Leonard details the rise of Tyson Foods and as a result of the influence of the business model they pioneered the rise of large scale industrialized meat production in the United States in the latter half of the twentieth century.Mr Leonard spent much of his journalistic career reporting on Tyson Foods and large scale industrialized agriculture He s exceptionally well informed on the topic of modern agribusiness and this book is as well researched and as well docu [...]

    • This was such a crazy eye openerI mean one already assumes that big corporations like Tyson are the bad guy but damne devil should take notes on the meat industry

    • Good story and good as an audible book This is a book primarily about Tyson and how they satisfied Americans desire for the cheapest possible food, becoming the largest player in the meat business I was expecting a hatchet job, but he was completely fair It really is an amazing story The company s figured out how to prosper from the changes in the market that wiped out so many others and dramatically lowered the costs of meat Of course, it also means that wages in that system are much lower and [...]

    • Where is our meat coming from Are the people involved compensated fairly for their labour How can I, as a consumer, make sure that I m getting meat of the highest quality at the most competitive price We tend to take all these for granted when we conveniently shop at the nearest supermarket or dine out There has been a movement to source locally and support dedicated meat businesses, but these are far and few between While The Meat Racket looks closely within the US, it is a rapidly expanding i [...]

    • Well, my desire to become a vegetarian has certainly grown after reading The Meat Racket Not all this information was terribly surprising, but it still made for a depressing and informative read I do feel the title is somewhat misleadinge majority of the book focuses on Tyson Foods and views the rise of industrial agriculture almost entirely from the angle of one company While the research done here was extensive and the compassion for his interview subjects obvious , I was expecting a broader r [...]

    • When did chicken become tasteless I can remember some years ago when it actually had a flavor Same with beef According to journalist Christopher Leonard, this is the result of a decades long chickenization of the meat industry.Most of The Meat Racket follows the history of Tyson Foods and its transformation of the chicken industry in America It isn t a simple story of either big bad corporation or of the genius of unfettered capitalism You can draw your own conclusions about the benefits versus [...]

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