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W is for Wasted By Sue Grafton W is for Wasted from Of the New York Times bestselling Kinsey Millhone series NPR said Makes me wish there were than letters Two dead bodies changed the course of my life that fall One of them I knew and the o
  • Title: W is for Wasted
  • Author: Sue Grafton
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  • Page: 411
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • W is for Wasted By Sue Grafton
    W is for Wasted By Sue Grafton from Of the 1 New York Times bestselling Kinsey Millhone series, NPR said, Makes me wish there were than 26 letters Two dead bodies changed the course of my life that fall One of them I knew and the other I d never laid eyes on until I saw him in the morgue.The first was a local PI of suspect reputation He d been gunned down near the beach at Santa Ter from Of the 1 New York Times bestselling Kinsey Millhone series, NPR said, Makes me wish there were than 26 letters Two dead bodies changed the course of my life that fall One of them I knew and the other I d never laid eyes on until I saw him in the morgue.The first was a local PI of suspect reputation He d been gunned down near the beach at Santa Teresa It looked like a robbery gone bad The other was on the beach six weeks later He d been sleeping rough Probably homeless No identification A slip of paper with Millhone s name and number was in his pants pocket The coroner asked her to come to the morgue to see if she could ID him.Two seemingly unrelated deaths, one a murder, the other apparently of natural causes.But as Kinsey digs deeper into the mystery of the John Doe, some very strange linkages begin to emerge And before long at least one aspect is solved as Kinsey literally finds the key to his identity And just like that, she says, the lid to Pandora s box flew open It would take me another day before I understood how many imps had been freed, but for the moment, I was inordinately pleased with myself In this multilayered tale, the surfaces seem clear, but the underpinnings are full of betrayals, misunderstandings, and outright murderous fraud And Kinsey, through no fault of her own, is thoroughly compromised.W is for wanderer worthless wronged .W is for wasted.
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      411 Sue Grafton
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    • Sue Grafton

      Sue Grafton was a 1 New York Times bestselling author She is best known for her alphabet series featuring private investigator Kinsey Millhone in the fictional city of Santa Teresa, California Prior to success with this series, she wrote screenplays for television movies Her earlier novels include Keziah Dane 1967 and The Lolly Madonna War 1969 , both out of print In the book Kinsey and Me she gave us stories that revealed Kinsey s origins and Sue s past.Grafton never wanted her novels to be turned into movies or TV shows According to her family she would never allow a ghost writer to write in her name Because of these things, and out of respect for Sue s wishes, the family announced the alphabet now ends at Y Grafton was named a Grand Master by the Mystery Writers of America and received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Private Eye Writers of America, the Ross Macdonald Literary Award, three Shamus Awards, and many other honors and awards.Grafton had three children from previous marriages and several grandchildren, including a granddaughter named Kinsey She and her husband lived in Montecito, California, and Louisville, Kentucky.

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    • Kinsey Millhone is a 38 year old private investigator from Santa Teresa The year is 1988, way before cell phones and computers Yikes Kinsey is called into the coroner s office in an attempt to identify the body of a homeless man found with her phone number in his pocket This was about to be a life changer This book delves into Kinsey s background and family Slow at times, even considered putting it away for a while but kept pushing on Once you are that far into a series it s personal And skippin [...]

    • If Grafton keeps on switching out of Kinsey s voice in the first person which is why I read the books to her third rate third person narration, I m not going to buy these new any yeah yeah, some threat, what are there, three to go at this point because her non Kinsey writing is so bad This sucks, because I ve been reading this series since about 1988 It s just really limping toward the finish line.

    • W is for waste of time I ve read all of Sue Grafton s books and generally really enjoy them However, this book was too long, tedious and didn t have enough plot or character to hold my interest.Kinsey Millhone is generally witty, smart and bold Here she seems a shadow of her former self It s as though she had a personality transplant.The plot isn t engaging enough to carry the story and seems trite and forced When the lawyer stripped out of her wet running clothes I nearly put the book down for [...]

    • What could be better than curling up with another installment of the award winning Kinsey Millhone series Long live Kinsey.

    • W is for Wonderful, Wise, and Winning, and also for Weeping as it makes me sad to realize Grafton will writing only three of these I have been a huge fan since she started with A is for Alibi and have loved following Kinsey s development I was surprised at the length of this book almost 500 pages but I couldn t put it down and the pages just flew by Grafton is doing a superb job of starting to tie up the loose and unknown ends of Kinsey s life in preparation for the final Z book Z is for Zero a [...]

    • I have to imagine that fans of Kinsey Millhone read these ever tedious books for their love of the character which I share , and their beautiful sense of place in the fictional North California town of St Theresa, and whatever additional burg here, Bakersfield , that Kinsey finds herself forced to visit Otherwise, the books are problematic The mysteries are always easily solved shame on you if you didn t figure this one out early on, but the primary problem is the appalling lack of editing to a [...]

    • Not my favorite by this author I felt like I was slogging through this It took me nearly a week to finish a rarity for me I didn t even like the title, nit picker that I am Characterization was uneven Anna was so unlikeable she was almost a caricature Yet Henry, a long time recurring person was a cardboard silhouette Kinsey herself was less dimensional than I would expect after having been the focus of 23 books Really, it feels like Ms Grafton is herself losing interest I didn t care for the two [...]

    • I m usually Grafton s biggest fan but this this was just a disappointment all around Kinsey was both too unpredictable since when has she liked CATS She s never had any affection for cats and too predictable how many pieces of rye toast can one detective eat in a novel The issue of homelessness felt preachily addressed in my opinion.I ve never been a fan of the swinging from POV to POV mainly because it feels as though we re getting info Kinsey isn t and yet BOOM she solves the mystery anyway I [...]

    • So here s the thing I enjoy the Kinsey Millhone books this is the longest I have ever stuck with a series but I don t remember the individual books at all I have the impression that L was my favourite, but I couldn t tell you why When I read one of the books I remember Henry, William, Dietz the rest of the crew, but a month later I won t be able to tell you any of the names I certainly don t remember the plots But these books have always been a good, quick escapist read.This is no longer the cas [...]

    • This is the author s 23rd installment in the Kinsey Milhone alphabet mystery series, and I sense Weariness setting in The previous several entries have focused on topics elder abuse, long missing persons and the underlying focus here is homelessness W is for Weak could have been the title, as the plot meanders along until the last 20% of the book, when a Wee bit of suspense is introduced The climactic action between Kinsey and the bad guy was ridiculous she carried on being attacked IN SILENCE e [...]

    • Private Detective Kinsey Millhone is between jobs when she becomes involved with the deaths of two men Pete Wolinksy, a disreputable P.I acquaintance is found shot to death in a Santa Teresa park, presumably by a mugger And R.T Dace, an alcoholic, ex convict vagrant who Kinsey never met has left her a small fortune and made her executor of his will Turns out R.T Dace is Kinsey s distant relative, and wanting to do the right thing Kinsey sets out to tell his disinherited children what happened Th [...]

    • Sue Grafton s books are always enjoyable But my expectations are high, and this one fell just a little short For instance, the book was written both from the point of view of Kinsey, and from the viewpoint of one of the victims So we know whodunnit and since that person has only one main interest in life, it becomes clear whyhedunnit So all that is left is to follow Kinsey as she works out for herself what the reader already knows I also didn t like the fact that the murdererer turns out to be i [...]

    • I read A is for Alibi as a young teenager, and I ve followed Kinsey steadily ever since This series is my equivalent of comfort food, taking me back to the days when I first discovered the joys of getting lost in a good mystery novel Kinsey Millhone, V.I Warshawski and Carlotta Carlyle were such exciting finds for a teenage girl like I was then.Now at letter W, Grafton spreads her wings a bit in crafting a complex plot than she usually does But the eventual resolution feels than a little force [...]

    • So I was sitting in the dentist s chair, my mouth full of cotton rolls and sucking tubes, and he started talking about a mystery series he follows with a well known male author He asked me if I read mysteries, and I mumbled the Grafton alphabet series, probably my favorite of several I read The alphabet books Eh Read a couple, and they re too formulaic for me, he says.It was too hard to finish that conversation which wasn t going anywhere while being drilled and filled, but I would strongly argu [...]

    • It s never a good sign when an author has her characters spend a lot of time reading menus I lost the thread of the story at Denny s and it took a while to pick it up again Also, perhaps because Grafton is getting older, there are several mentions of needing to pee or finding ladies rooms Cut to the chase, please I found the side story confusing and confusingly presented, and frankly most of the main story bored me Kinsey is developing too many family connections, none of them interesting or app [...]

    • This latest installment in the Kinsey Millhone series was not up to Grafton s usual standards As Kinsey slowly moves through the 1980 s, the anachronisms in the series become frequent, which bothers me I want to volunteer my services to read the galleys and identify these gaffs for removal before they go to press It s a small thing, I know, but anachronisms are a distraction and annoyance More troubling, however, was the social issue of homelessness, central to the theme because two of the vict [...]

    • Con W de whisky W is for Wasted, 2013 , la escritora norteamericana Sue Grafton alcanza su novela n mero veintitr s de su Alfabeto del Crimen, protagonizado por la detective Kinsey Millhone Esta serie de novelas empez a publicarse en la d cada de los 80, en la que se desarrolla la acci n Kinsey es una investigadora privada que vive en Santa Teresa ciudad inventada que se corresponder a con Santa Barbara, California La presente novela comienza con la noticia de dos muertes, que en apariencia no t [...]

    • This series featuring PI Kinsey Millhone has been going for over thirty years now and dipping into this one immediately felt like slipping on a favourite soft and cosy sweater All our old friends are there in Santa Teresa, her landlord Henry, his brother William and wife Rosie and one time lovers Dietz and Cheney make cameo appearances The novel opens with two seemingly unrelated deaths, a shady PI and a homeless man Kinsey has ties to both and becomes involved in investigating their deaths Alon [...]

    • Not my favorite book in this series but then again, there is no such thing as a bad Sue Grafton alphabet series book This one shared some Kinsey early family background I found some of the plots outside the realm of believable even for a fiction novel That being said, I still enjoyed reading it and you will also if you are a Sue Grafton fan.

    • It was so wonderful to be in Kinsey s company once again, and Henry s, the only landlord I ve ever loved, let alone liked Henry is one of my very favorite people characters.My only 2 quibbles with this book, it s that I d have wanted even of Henry than was provided and the author s reflections on homelessness, particularly in the last few pages, when she writes a bit of here own philosophy, I think, and I believe misses the mark.William is a hoot I love him Best of all, there is a new character [...]

    • I read this after the death of Sue Grafton Bittersweet but she was an amazing storyteller We finally get to know something about her father s side of the family Homeless people, fraudulent medical research, murder, family relationships and so many twists and turns.

    • I m sure it s not what Sue Grafton had in mind when she picked wasted to represent the 23rd in the popular alphabet based series featuring private investigator Kinsey Milhone, but it sure seemed appropriate to me as I slogged my way through this book In fact, it wasn t until the 30th chapter or so 82% of the way through on my Kindle Fire that things really started to get interesting I m not exactly sure why, except much of what I read in those other chapters just seemed tedious Page after page w [...]

    • Two dead bodies change the course of somebody s life I won t tell you who You ll want to find out for yourself.

    • This is an uncorrected proof copy I won through in a First Reads giveaway I noticed very few errors, site for sight the only one that comes to mind.I admire Grafton for not cranking out the same basic novel over the last 30 years She took chances in many of the later ones, telling the stories in different formats to keep the series from getting stale She does that again here.W Is For Wasted has two main plots the death of a shady PI Kinsey knows only slightly and the death of a man she never met [...]

    • This installment was slower paced and less of a page turner than earlier books in the series, and seemed to have even description than usual We do get to know about Kinsey s family, though I like how Grafton has kept this series in the 1980s I enjoy how Kinsey has to do things the old fashioned way without a smart phone to do the leg work for her However, with all the detail we are given Kinsey looking for a parking space, finding a parking space, entering the building, talking to the libraria [...]

    • Unlike many of her contemporaries Elizabeth George and Janet Evanovich, I m looking at you Sue Grafton s writing seems to improve over time Instead of becoming repetitious, her stories and our understanding of Kinsey and her world have become nuanced and deeper I know it s stupid because she s a fictional character, but after 20 books written in the first person, I feel like I know Kinsey and I like her she s almost real to me.So, needless to say I could not wait to get my hands on this book I [...]

    • This was a tedious book to get through I feel obligated to finish all the Kinsey Millhone books, but this was so slow to get off the ground and when it finally did it was predictable and trite And enough already about her elderly neighbors and about her jogging, showering and eating icky sandwiches There was a ridiculous amount of filler detail Descriptions of everything you can imagine The descriptions, mind you, have nothing to do with the plot There is one totally gratuitous scene where Kinse [...]

    • There were still the digressions by another character, but it didn t seem like as many as in the prior book or else they were entertaining The incidental characters were very interesting, even the ones who weren t likeable.

    • This is, possibly, the best book in the Kinsey Millhone series Ms Grafton is at her very best in W is for Wasted She has crafted an intricate tale involving a dead homeless man, who turns out to be Kinsey s distant relative, a disreputable private investigator who is murdered by an unknown assailant, and a trio of homeless characters Ms Grafton gives little bits from her previous novel, just enough so that her fans can smile and remember what had happened, but not enough that any first time read [...]

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