Canines, Crosshairs And Corpses #2020

Canines, Crosshairs And Corpses By AngelMartinez Canines Crosshairs And Corpses What s a Lord of the Dead to do Hades bride of several thousand years has served him with divorce papers and she doesn t just want him out of her life she wants the palace and the dog too Hades neph
  • Title: Canines, Crosshairs And Corpses
  • Author: AngelMartinez
  • ISBN: 9781611244274
  • Page: 454
  • Format: ebook
  • Canines, Crosshairs And Corpses By AngelMartinez
    Canines, Crosshairs And Corpses By AngelMartinez What s a Lord of the Dead to do Hades bride of several thousand years has served him with divorce papers and she doesn t just want him out of her life, she wants the palace and the dog, too Hades nephews and his faithful ferryman, Charon, are determined to find their uncle something to distract him before he expires of brooding misery Tiberius Snyder had a good futureWhat s a Lord of the Dead to do Hades bride of several thousand years has served him with divorce papers and she doesn t just want him out of her life, she wants the palace and the dog, too Hades nephews and his faithful ferryman, Charon, are determined to find their uncle something to distract him before he expires of brooding misery Tiberius Snyder had a good future, until his mother dies and his employer shuts down When he finds himself alone with nowhere to live, he turns to panhandling and to drink, depression slowly killing him He just wants a place to sleep out of the cold wind, but Death finds him in a dirty alley Odd Ti never thought Death would be so hotGenres Gay Contemporary Fantasy Action Adventure Mystery Detective Length Extended Novella 40k words
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      Angel Martinez currently lives part time in the hectic sprawl of northern Delaware and full time inside her head She has one husband, one son, two cats, a love of all things beautiful and a terrible addiction to the consumption of both knowledge and chocolate Angel s alter ego writes the all ages science fiction Sandra Stixrude.

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    • What an unusual take on mythology Hades was quite a surprise and Ti had a lot to work through and a few things to get over like dying to get the future that he had always wanted The universe was strange and wonderful Which pretty much sums up this story I found the story well written and the characters entertaining I am curious to see where this series will go from here

    • Awesome characters with compelling stories Hades, the misunderstood god, and Tiberius, a man dealing with a painful past and suffering through withdrawal, both struggling to adjust to life changes The characterization for both was consistent and well done.The depth of emotion they both showed was touching, and the bits of humor added a nice balance to all the feels It s romance than mystery, but I m not a big mystery buff, so I was okay with that The romance was sweet than steamy, but it fit w [...]

    • Everybody, please, meet Hades, a God, a good man and a gentle soul, who is heartbroken over his wife serving him divorce papers, and who picks up unfortunate abused strays whether they are dogs or boys.Great comfort read.3.5 stars, rounding up for the love of puppies D

    • Well written and believable story of Greek gods making a living in contemporary era.From the beginning it was clear that the story was based of Greek mythologies and the built up from the foundation was true to the original I also felt that it was done with a lot of care and respect as well.However, it wasn t really a mystery genre as the cover or the title appeared to be It was romance than anything else I am not sure if it was the author s intention or not but I think it was a rather misrepre [...]

    • I am happy that I track back this one after I read No Enemy But Time I can t really say much about it, I think this review by Pete W has said what I want to say It is a delightful story about Greek gods in contemporary time, with Hades living a new phase of his life after being divorced by Persephone I like that despite Ti being a homeless guy, down on his luck, but his character is never drowned with sorrow and anguish It gives this story a rather light feel and not pimping the angst , which I [...]

    • The idea behind this series is a look at what the old Greek gods would do if they were real, still around today, and forced to evolve with the times At one point early on Hestia says to Hades that Modern gods don t simply sit about and eat ambrosia That would be disgraceful and that pretty much sums up the premise of the series as well as the tone I loved the idea of gods having to do what humans have been struggling with ever since we stepped down from the trees Finding your own way in life is [...]

    • 3.9 stars I like Angel Martinez s writing and this book has not been an exception Greek mythology interestingly feeds into the world building, without being dominant or overwhelming What roles jobs occupations the ancient gods might have in the contemporary world was quite thought provoking for me But the focus was on Hades who struggles to give purpose to his existence and who meets Ti a young man almost defeated by great hardship In a nutshell, I liked how the two protagonists slowly became cl [...]

    • 4 1 2 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpress Hades Aiden doesn t know what to do, his wife has just served him with divorce papers and kicked him out of the palace, his nephews and his friend Charon Karl rally round to help pull him out of his misery Tiberius Ti has fallen on hard times and lives on the streets, drink and depression plaguing him Ti just wants a place to sleep undisturbed when a shambling figure disturbs him and Death finds him, who would have th [...]

    • I should probably say upfront that I have loved or liked all of Ms Martinez s stories This one is no exception I loved it As usual, the characters are well written, flawed, and real, with the plot being believable and true to character This story has an extra bonus Ms Martinez has taken the myths and tales of the Greek gods and given them a twist, which, combined with the slightly dark edge she wrote into this story, gives you an enthralling read.To begin the story, Ms Martinez shows you a confu [...]

    • Some of the best line s in this book made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants It s not in your face funny all the time but the humor is interwoven sometimes not so subtly so much that you just smile when reading It s a real joy to pick up a book and spend a couple hours and come away with a feeling you had a great deal of fun Very clever idea spins itself into a hopeful series

    • You would think the story where Hades, God of the Underworld, descent to Earth and found love will be a riveting read, but this story was just bland Hades was never properly developed, and has zero chemistry with Tiberius I found Ti to be a bit interesting, but the mystery was just bleh, and totally forgettable It gained a star because Hades loves dogs, and Nike is a South African boerboel, so my patriotic heart demanded it Boerboels are very underrated, and it is about time their adorableness [...]

    • 4 heart review by VickiEvery time I read a book by Angel Martinez I am amazed by her creativity Each book I read I think is the most creative thing she s done Then I read another book and bam That s the most unique one I have seen the Brandywine Investigations books around, but haven t had a chance to experience them yet I saw the third one releasing a few weeks ago, and thought it was time In the first book in the series, Canines, Crosshairs and Corpses, Angel gives us a story about Greek gods [...]

    • I love this writer s spin on fairy tales This one is no exception as she embellished the greek gods mythology and gave us such an engaging, original and fun fantasy I love the characters It is such a brilliant idea to have the Lord of the Underworld, such a mystical, brooding and seemingly forbidden god, as the protagonist Tiberius, a homeless man and an alcoholic, a victim of circumstances, but this young man never lost his genuineness, humane and warm side Charon, the ferryman of hades, so fai [...]

    • It s my first book of Angel Martinez and I love her already It s also my first time reading a M M romance with Greek mythology and I was a bit skeptic at first but it was just so well written and fun to read that I was already captivated by the first page.I love how the setting is in a modern and human world It s well integrated and strangely believable.We follow Hades, a lost god, trying to find his purpose in life He s heartbroken and feels rejected and while doing his now new human job, he st [...]

    • This was great fun I ve gotten to teach Greek mythology to my students the last four years, so reading this author s interpretations of how the gods adapted to fit into 21st century America was delightful.I wasn t as convinced by the romance, but the rest of the story was fun enough I couldn t care.Some Favorite Quotes Here, Uncle Need to get down a bit of the hair of the dog and all that, Dionysus said in the same gentle whisper.Hades stared at the glass in continued incomprehension I don t eat [...]

    • A pleasure from start to finish and there aren t that many books I can say that about The characters, the world building, the developing relationship between the MCs sigh It left me spellbound Somehow, I resisted the urge to devour it faster than all three of Cerberus s heads with a single bag of doggy treats and instead savored it like the rare ambrosia it is Two regrets first, that it came to an end as all things, even the gods, eventually must and second, that I can only give it 5 stars The e [...]

    • Very good Different approach to Greek Mythology, namely Hades and Persephone s supposed love story Good background, thorough world building and nice research all combined into a lovely criminal mystery and romance Not exactly what I expected when I grabbed it but I am immensely satisfied Both Hades and Ti surprised me completely with the complexness of their lives and personalties and it was a real treat Add a good HEA and it ended perfectly.

    • 3.5 starsHades in modern world, playing at being PI who could afford to hire him I ve no idea It wasn t like he actually need the pay anyway I so enjoyed this story Didn t often get to see Hades depicted as the good guy Charon, Hades loyal ferryman, was no less entertaining in a creepy way of his.

    • this was really interesting,the author amazes me with her imagination and the worlds she creates the relationship was very sweet,but it lacked a spark and sexual tension,that i happen to love

    • Well written and clever I love Greek mythology and any new take on this gets my attention Really liked this one and the unlikely romance between Ti and Hades is sweet.

    • Angel Martinez takes Greek mythology and gives it her own special twist in her new novella, Canines, Crosshairs and Corpses From the humorous nuances she builds into her main character, Hades, to the tender yet broken figure of the homeless man, Tiberius, the author weaves a story that delightfully draws you into its subtle wit and budding romance.This novella joins a murder mystery with a quick lesson in mythology and wraps it all up in a tender love story Along the way, we capture glimpses of [...]

    • 31 2 stars rounded up While this was an unusual take on the Life of God s in the 21st century, it fell a little flat for me It seemed like it lacked real depth I didn t get the feeling of excitement with regards to the murder I didn t feel Hades pain or his love About the only thing I responded to was the puppy I connected with the secondary character, Charon Even so, I look forward to reading of Angel Martinez s work

    • A fun nonsens story I loved Charon Sure I know he was just a secondary character, but he was just sooo refreshing I wanted of him Sure Hades was good too and Tiberius was likeable, but the star for me was Charon.

    • This was an interesting book I liked the spin on Hades as a private detective The romance was ok Very insta love Overall a good read.

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