Farmer George Plants a Nation #2020

Farmer George Plants a Nation By Peggy Thomas Layne Johnson Farmer George Plants a Nation This picture book for older readers focuses on George Washington as farmer inventor and scientist Infused with excerpts from George s letters and diaries the narrative makes a convincing case for W
  • Title: Farmer George Plants a Nation
  • Author: Peggy Thomas Layne Johnson
  • ISBN: 9781620910290
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
  • Farmer George Plants a Nation By Peggy Thomas Layne Johnson
    Farmer George Plants a Nation By Peggy Thomas Layne Johnson This picture book for older readers focuses on George Washington as farmer, inventor, and scientist Infused with excerpts from George s letters and diaries, the narrative makes a convincing case for Washington s place as the nation s First Farmer He invented a combination plow tiller harrow, tested different fertilizers, and bred donkeys and horses to create strong mulesThis picture book for older readers focuses on George Washington as farmer, inventor, and scientist Infused with excerpts from George s letters and diaries, the narrative makes a convincing case for Washington s place as the nation s First Farmer He invented a combination plow tiller harrow, tested different fertilizers, and bred donkeys and horses to create strong mules His goal to make Mount Vernon self sufficient carried over to his goal to make the new country independent Layne Johnson s richly colored oil paintings portray the Colonial era with fine details The book includes a timeline of Washington s life shares his views on slavery, and includes a bibliography of additional reading materials and websites.
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      Peggy Thomas Layne Johnson Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Farmer George Plants a Nation book, this is one of the most wanted Peggy Thomas Layne Johnson author readers around the world.

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    • Forget war and politics, according to this examination of George Washington s life, his passion and pursuits were all about agricultural And considering the evidence presented, you really wonder when on earth he had time for any of his national work, considering he seems to have spent so much time doing botany experiments It s all interesting, yes, but acts as an odd counterpoint to all the events going on his life.And of course there is the elephant in the room of slavery, addressed in an autho [...]

    • This book just really touched me because it showed the outstanding character of George Washington by focusing on his dedication to his farm and not on the war or his Presidency It showed that he cared just as much about the small unimportant things of life as he did about the big things.

    • This was used as a Read Aloud for ages 5 13 I found it flowed well when I was reading and it kept the interest of my boys, for the most part I would not have read it if it was just for the youngest, it is probably best for ages 7 unless your younger child likes hearing about History I really liked the approach of looking at George Washington s life through the view of his love of farming It was nice to hear of his interests instead of just the facts of wars and his presidency I also really liked [...]

    • This biography takes us through the life of George Washington from his younger years all the way up to his death in 1799 It goes through his younger years when he was a farmer to his days as a general onto becoming the first ever president of the the United States of America The book mainly focuses the theme towards Washington s farming days and what he does after his presidency I would recommend this to older readers who have to do a project on George Washington as it contains materials importa [...]

    • This book focuses on George Washington s agricultural pursuits and the advancements he made in farming I first learned of them after visiting Mount Vernon, so if you can t visit, this book is a nice alternative The illustrations of his grounds are pretty accurate.Ages 9 12Cleanliness tobacco fields are mentioned Like my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book, so you ll know just how clean it is or isn t [...]

    • When I think of George Washington, my first thoughts are of his presidency, my second thoughts of him as a general in the Contintental Army, and my third thoughts are about his teeth Fourth comes questions about his hair, fifth about his cherry tree chopping, and sixth about why he has to share a birthday with Abraham Lincoln Pretty far down the list, you get George Washington was a farmer Some of that has been rearranged by Peggy Thomas 2008 picture book, Farmer George Plants a Nation In the ha [...]

    • Title Farmer George Plants a NationAuthor Peggy ThomasIllustrator Layne JohnsonGenre BiographyTheme s History, George Washington, Farms and Farm Life, United StatesOpening line sentence George Washington dug his hand into the newly tilled earth and let the hard, dry clay crumble through his long fingers.Brief Book Summary This story goes into depth about how president George Washington not only was an actual farmer of the field, but also the farmer of our country Throughout this story we read ho [...]

    • Genre Picture BiographyThis book tells the story of the life of George Washington before, during, and after his presidency It begins by telling about Washington s life as a farmer in his early years George Washington found many ways to make crops better by changing the way the seeds were planted and the fertilizer that was used In June 1775 he left to fight in the American Revolution, not returing to Mount Vernon for eight years The book goes on to tell about Washington as the first president of [...]

    • Another Children s Book Award nominee from our state This biography of George Washington concentrates on his farm concerns, just as the title indicates If you re looking for Valley Forge, you ve opened the wrong book President He seems to use the position to further his farming interests He visits each state and quizzes people on their farming Oh, sure he does other things wins that pesky revolutionary war thing and approves laws, but the main story here is the way he coped with taxation without [...]

    • I love how sometimes cluster reading several books at the same time seems so serendipitous While reading this book, I was also reading Made from Scratch Discovering the Pleasures of a Handmade Life by Jenna Woginrich, where in she describes gardening as peaceful sedition Well, isn t that was George Washington was doing as he planted less and less tobacco so he did not have to ship it to England Instead he grew and wheat to sell to other colonists Soon Mount Vernon was like a little village p 1 [...]

    • Most children know George Washington as a president some know him as a general but few know him as a farmer But that is the one occupation that followed him throughout his adult life When he first came to Mount Vernon, he tried to grow crops that were less dependent on England as the market This was a time when the colonies were becoming disenchanted with their relationship with the mother country and Washington was eventually called away from Mt Vernon to lead the American army He was gone for [...]

    • This is a wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated book that focuses on George Washington s life as a farmer My 9 year old daughter and I both enjoyed reading about the inventions he made, such as the combo plow tiller, and the compost tests he conducted in his home garden We also enjoyed reading the diary excerpts a nice touch to read his thoughts on farming and Mt Vernon The author provides some extras at the back of the book a timeline, a note about George Washington s thoughts on slav [...]

    • This book fills a much neglected niche in how children are introduced to George Washington We think of him first as the bullet proof soldier and general and second as the creator of the office of the President of the United States of America Here we receive a glimpse of him as a farmer Indeed, this story is full of suggestions for exploring gardening here and now Like Farmer George , we can think about improvements to existing tools, use the scientific method of experimenting, keep a journal, sh [...]

    • A fascinating look at a side of our first president that I knew nothing about He composted, invented a efficient plow, designed a 16 sided barn for threshing wheat, strived to make Mount Vernon self sufficient or at least not dependent on Britain , and thought a lot about manure, too In April 1794, while serving as president, he wrote in his journal that Nothing is wanting in this Country, than a thorough knowledge of manuring I love that this book uses quotes from Washington s journals, and s [...]

    • From an entry I wrote for Children s Lit I thought this was a lovely book History was never my strong point, but I loved reading books like Dear America, stories about the daily life of a person in a certain time period This book was not about George Washington as our first president, but rather as a farmer I had no idea George Washington was such a passionate farmer and I ve been to Mount Vernon History just doesn t stick In the back of the book, there is a timeline, Washington s thoughts on sl [...]

    • We all know George Washington as the first President of the United States and a great general during the Revolutionary War what we don t know is that his first love was farming and he was really just a farmer at heart This picture book biography explores that aspect of Washington s life It teaches us about how he revolutionized his farm and made it a model for other farmers It talks about his inventions and innovations in farming He was really quite a brilliant mind and not just where war is con [...]

    • The illustrations are wonderful, and the story seems spot on accurate However, I m not sure who exactly the audience is that Ms Thomas is looking for Whats the age range My 2 1 2 year old didn t understand or care about any of it, and I dare say that an 8 year old would not care for it either In any case, it is a great book, and I hope I someday read it to my daughter when she can follow along and enjoy it as much as I did.

    • This book reveals the farmer in George Washington Washington was really into farming in a big way This book outlines just how far he went in his farming pursuits It s an extremely thorough book Every sentence seems to be meticulously fact checked It also doesn t hide the fact that Washington was a slave owner It is a very honest portrayal.

    • This is s great informational book written about president George Washington from the time he returned from the war until his death It is written like a story in a way younger children will understand and it also includes real quotes from Washington himself I like the timeline it includes in the back of the book

    • This was a wonderful look at our nation s first president as a farmer Along with beautiful artwork, this book showcases George s love for experimenting, his ingenuity, and the deep love and care he felt for his land While most studies of Mr Washington cover his military service, this book is a wonderful tribute to the man behind the uniform.

    • Who knew George Washington was an agricultural researcher and inventor Students who read this book will find that out This biography focuses on his Mount Vernon years than on his years as general and president, to give a different view of our first president.

    • One might have thought that Washington s highest aspiration was General, Patriot, or perhaps even President It wasn t It was farming Get to know the real President Washington learn why he planted fields and nations.

    • I loved that this book shows a different side of George Washington, one we don t normally see in children s non fiction about him George the farmer, than George the national hero It makes him relatable My girls and I really enjoyed reading this together.

    • Short biography of George Washington focusing on his role as a farmer at his estate, Mount Vernon, and his agrarian contributions to our nation rather than what we most often read of his being General and President Excellent Beautiful illustrations by Layne Johnson.

    • This would not be a good choice for a child needing a general biography of Washington But it is an excellent look at a side of Washington few people would imagine Washington as a creative and innovative farmer.The handsome illustrations bring Washington and Mt Vernon itself to life.

    • Lovely oil illustrations of GW as a young man make the book appealing However, major flaw in the addressing of being the owner of the plantation with little explanation given to the enslaved people there.

    • A total twist on the usual biography of George Washington, this title focuses on Washington s farming talents including experiments that he did using seeds, fertilizers and inventions related to farming My audience, familiar with Washington as a Statesman, loved it and so did I

    • I enjoyed this look at another side of Washington I appreciated the note on Washington s views on slavery at the end, since the only reference in the main story was too vague.

    • Through George Washington s letters we learn how his efforts to create a self sufficient farm mirrored his struggle to create a free nation.

    • GREAT book for children and youth It offers another perspective of George Washington It also inspires the reader to The extra facts at the end were greatly appreciated by my older children.

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