تمدن و ملالت های آن #2020

تمدن و ملالت های آن By Sigmund Freud محمد مبشری It stands as a brilliant summary of the views on culture from a psychoanalytic perspective that he had been developing since the turn of the century It is both witness and tribute to the late theory o
  • Title: تمدن و ملالت های آن
  • Author: Sigmund Freud محمد مبشری
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  • Page: 376
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  • تمدن و ملالت های آن By Sigmund Freud محمد مبشری
    تمدن و ملالت های آن By Sigmund Freud محمد مبشری It stands as a brilliant summary of the views on culture from a psychoanalytic perspective that he had been developing since the turn of the century It is both witness and tribute to the late theory of mind the so called structural theory, with its stress on aggression, indeed the death drive, as the pitiless adversary of eros.Civilization and Its Discontents is one of thIt stands as a brilliant summary of the views on culture from a psychoanalytic perspective that he had been developing since the turn of the century It is both witness and tribute to the late theory of mind the so called structural theory, with its stress on aggression, indeed the death drive, as the pitiless adversary of eros.Civilization and Its Discontents is one of the last of Freud s books, written in the decade before his death and first published in German in 1929 In it he states his views on the broad question of man s place in the world, a place Freud defines in terms of ceaseless conflict between the individual s quest for freedom and society s demand for conformity.Freud s theme is that what works for civilization doesn t necessarily work for man Man, by nature aggressive and egotistical, seeks self satisfaction But culture inhibits his instinctual drives The result is a pervasive and familiar guilt.Of the various English translations of Freud s major works to appear in his lifetime, only one was authorized by Freud himself The Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud under the general editorship of James Strachey.Freud approved the overall editorial plan, specific renderings of key words and phrases, and the addition of valuable notes, from bibliographical and explanatory Many of the translations were done by Strachey himself the rest were prepared under his supervision The result was to place the Standard Edition in a position of unquestioned supremacy over all other existing versions.
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      Freud was an Austrian neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis, who created an entirely new approach to the understanding of the human personality He is regarded as one of the most influential and controversial minds of the 20th century.Sigismund later changed to Sigmund Freud was born on 6 May 1856 in Freiberg, Moravia now Pribor in the Czech Republic His father was a merchant The family moved to Leipzig and then settled in Vienna, where Freud was educated Freud s family were Jewish but he was himself non practising.In 1873, Freud began to study medicine at the University of Vienna After graduating, he worked at the Vienna General Hospital He collaborated with Josef Breuer in treating hysteria by the recall of painful experiences under hypnosis In 1885, Freud went to Paris as a student of the neurologist Jean Charcot On his return to Vienna the following year, Freud set up in private practice, specialising in nervous and brain disorders The same year he married Martha Bernays, with whom he had six children.Freud developed the theory that humans have an unconscious in which sexual and aggressive impulses are in perpetual conflict for supremacy with the defences against them In 1897, he began an intensive analysis of himself In 1900, his major work The Interpretation of Dreams was published in which Freud analysed dreams in terms of unconscious desires and experiences.In 1902, Freud was appointed Professor of Neuropathology at the University of Vienna, a post he held until 1938 Although the medical establishment disagreed with many of his theories, a group of pupils and followers began to gather around Freud In 1910, the International Psychoanalytic Association was founded with Carl Jung, a close associate of Freud s, as the president Jung later broke with Freud and developed his own theories.After World War One, Freud spent less time in clinical observation and concentrated on the application of his theories to history, art, literature and anthropology In 1923, he published The Ego and the Id , which suggested a new structural model of the mind, divided into the id, the ego and the superego.In 1933, the Nazis publicly burnt a number of Freud s books In 1938, shortly after the Nazis annexed Austria, Freud left Vienna for London with his wife and daughter Anna.Freud had been diagnosed with cancer of the jaw in 1923, and underwent than 30 operations He died of cancer on 23 September 1939.

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    • This book deftly delineates the dilemma in our civic society, where the struggle between our ethics and animal instincts continue, and the prices we have paid in making our society safe and secure It rejoins what Victor Hugo and Tolstoy and Steinbeck show in their worksBut, most of all, I think it acutely depicts the fate of our judicial system, conceived by men who thought punishment would be the detriment to crime, but which ironically turned out to be the incitement to heinous crimes True, c [...]

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    • This may come as a surprise considering how much I complain about psychotherapy, but I LOVE SIGMUND FREUD This is not just transference, and no, he doesn t remind me at all of my father I believe Freud was a great genius, and far importantly, that he was a fantastic writer and very interesting person I also believe that Freud is one of the most unfairly maligned and willfully misinterpreted figures of the past hundred or so years.If you haven t read him HIM, not his theories , or if you have bu [...]

    • Civilization and its Discontents is Freud s miniature opus It is a superficial masterpiece that stretches further than any of his other works he is reaching for an explanation for human nature in terms of the id ego superego structure of the individual as he exists in civilization For Freud, human beings are characterized by Eros Sex Drive and Thanatos Death Drive , which remain in opposition to one another This small book is filled with as many interesting ideas as any work of modern philosophy [...]

    • There s something unbelievable about Freud If he was some ancient Greek or Medieval thinker, his ideas might not seem as strange But the man was a contemporary of Albert Einstein, John Maynard Keynes, and F.D.R He lived through the Great Depression and World War II two events that continue to haunt the present day Yet his theories seem so remote from our positivistic era, it s difficult to even take them seriously.Nonetheless, he remains one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century I [...]

    • The Price of Civilized Security Civilized man has traded in a portion of his chances of happiness for a certain measure of security Sometimes it is worth reading the original source of an idea that now should be taken for granted in our culture Not this time While there are a few gems in this work, I am mainly reminded why Freud is no longer taken seriously Here we receive his view of an entire civilization based on his experience with those few neurotic patients who can afford his services And [...]

    • Undoubtedly, Sigmund Freud is a classic Consequently, he shares the fate of any classic everybody knows of and few read him any After all, what is to discover we didn t already learn That he explained every evil or deviation in human behaviour by some repressed sexual urges generated mainly by the Oedipal complex That he founded the science of psychoanalysis, but many of his theories and methods are obsolete today That he influenced the Modernist movement, especially regarding some famous techni [...]

    • A tedious read, Freud s essay is mundane at worst, general knowledge at best.Freud had this tendency to make pretty obvious and minor premises and then jump to big and somehow unrelated conclusions depending on said premises.It s already known that Freud and his disciples were treading a deserted land which is psychoanalysis in their times, which calls for far caution and far in this case, very welcomed pedantry.Nevertheless Freud writes with uncalled for confidence, mixing facts with personal [...]

    • e development of the individual seems to be the product of two trends the striving for happiness, which we commonly call egoistic , and the striving for fellowship within the community, which we call altruistic Neither term goes much below the surface.A HUXLEY IAN READING OF FREUD BRAVE POST NEW WORLDHaving just re read Brave New World 1932 and realising how influential Freud s work had been on it this time around having previously read it as a Freud less teen I was keen to follow up immediately [...]

    • Read in 2000 Too long ago for me to review, but I will say that the impression I m left with is that Freud may be relevant today outside of his discipline than in it.

    • I was reading this book very carefully due to Frued s reputation in my society but I find this evil The man extremely intelligent especially explaining the most complicated human being activity in certain societies based on Nerotics psychonalysis This book made me understand some most important items in the civilization like good, evil, love, hate, frustration, ego, super ego and remorse And why he ought to kill father, what is the relation between the sex and happiness I mean what we call power [...]

    • I ve got nothing against Freud, really, but whatever it was I was looking to find I didn t find it here.It may have been a bad translation but the prose was leaden, uninteresting and seemed way to weighed down with self importance and near myopic pedantry.I read it because of course its a seminal classic and one of his central texts but was mildly disappointed to see that there wasn t all that much there there.I ve always been intrigued by Freud and I would like to get some of the finer points o [...]

    • This is one of those seminal books that shows you why so much of Western thought is totally screwed up The premises and logic of Freud s argument are utter nonsense from beginning to end, yet he somehow taps into a vein of unconscious imagery within the contemporary Zeitgeist that still resonates 80 years later Certainly, for anyone studying the early 20th century, the ideas in here will seem eerily familiar Freud isn t so much creating a new argument here as speaking aloud what was in everyone [...]

    • At one time it was wrongly believed that ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny i.e the embryonic stages mirrors the development stages of the species Similarly Freud thinks the phases that an individual goes through mirror the same phases that civilizations have gone through Freud uses that theme to explain his psychoanalysis in describing individuals and the societies in which they live as mirror images of each other.Yes, Freud does believe some weird things and he restates them in this book such as [...]

    • Freud r dige ce petit livre quelques mois avant la grande crise conomique de 1929 Il s agit, au d part, d une tude sur la souffrance, qui tire son origine de la relation de l homme la nature et autrui, et sur les moyens de ne pas la ressentir stup fiants, m ditation, sublimation, religion, amour, beaut Mais assez vite Freud s interroge sur le r le de la civilisation dans l conomie libidinale Ce que l homme obtient travers la culture, c est pr cis ment de se pr munir contre les agressions de la n [...]

    • I was interested in reading this short work at this time because Freud herein addresses, inter alia, the creation of art as sublimation of libido in society In this text Freud addresses several issues and introduces or expands on concepts that he introduced elsewhere, and it is interesting to see the evolution of his own thinking Among other things he discusses ego differentiation and the development of religion as a means of addressing the fear that the superior power of fate brings, but that w [...]

    • First and foremost, The Standard Edition of this book does not have 160 pages Sigmund Freud s psycho analytical thoughts begin on page 10 and end on 112 The pages after that are the Bibliography So in the 102 real Freud pages, I have decided that he is not quite as much of an inspiration as I thought he was Beginning on page 70, he begins to analyze the pros of the Communist System in which I regard is a means to destroy the exact definition of civilization that Freud portrays that it depends on [...]

    • It s impossible to read Civilization and Its Discontents and not come away with the impression that Freud is a genius His ability to trace out cause and effect in human psychology is unparalleled Most of his conclusions are convincing, and even the ones that aren t are at least thought provoking.The main weakness of this book is its desultory style The first seven of its eight chapters read like an anthology of things Freud was thinking about this week, very loosely themed around the source of c [...]

    • Many high school friends were a couple of years older One of them, Ed Erickson, was particularly admired for his erudition, radicalism and interesting mother and sister When he went away to the University of Illinois flagship campus, I, still in high school, was honored to be invited to visit him on what amounted to a first overnight trip to a college.Taking the Illinois Central downstate was an adventure in itself, another first So, too, were the experiences of the ugly but enormous campus set [...]

    • I do love me some Freud His theories seem too speculative at times, but his insights on basic human psychology are enlightening Although he spent most of the time trying to disabuse his readers of that ultimate delusion, religion, I m afraid it had the opposite effect on me His expert construction of the ultimate human dilemma only strengthened my belief in and need for God, for which I thank him.

    • In chapter 1, to account for the oceanic feeling that some of his friends report and attribute to the oneness of the universe , Freud constructs a very beautiful metaphor comparing the human mind with a city just as a city s past buildings remain as dust, and just as wars may leave physical marks of destruction that remain for centuries, maybe our earliest experiences stay with us in some unconscious form as well In his view, this may explain the mystical feeling of oneness with the universe tha [...]

    • A penetrating no pun intended masterpiece of pessimism, by that great seer of the human soul, written in his depressed and fed up old age Civilization is always a compromise between our instincts for freedom in all senses of the world and the need for order that will at least guarantee some measure of human flourishing Thus, civilization for the individual human being necessarily involves pain, sacrifice and neurosis To put it in Freud s language, there is always going to be a tension between th [...]

    • How this book manages to be so popular, I ll never know Then again, I have the same problem with Marx s polemics cum evangelical tracts Like The Future of an Illusion , this is basically a faux dialog between Freud and an absurdly credulous strawman I recommend comparing his fascinating but unintentionally hilarious Moses Monotheism with Emile Durkheim s The Elementary Forms of Religious Life if you want some actual insight into the same topic.My verdict He was far successful and innovative as [...]

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