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Glory and the Lightning By Taylor Caldwell Glory and the Lightning Double day Taylor Caldwells novel set in ancient Persia and Greece is based on the life of Aspasia the beautiful and intelligent courtesan who eventually became the companion of Pericles ruler of At
  • Title: Glory and the Lightning
  • Author: Taylor Caldwell
  • ISBN: 9780385067317
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Glory and the Lightning By Taylor Caldwell
    Glory and the Lightning By Taylor Caldwell Double day Taylor Caldwells novel set in ancient Persia and Greece, is based on the life of Aspasia the beautiful and intelligent courtesan who eventually became the companion of Pericles, ruler of Athens It is the story of an extraordinary woman, trained since childhood in the arts of beauty and seduction, who finds herself increasingly in rebellion against the helplessDouble day Taylor Caldwells novel set in ancient Persia and Greece, is based on the life of Aspasia the beautiful and intelligent courtesan who eventually became the companion of Pericles, ruler of Athens It is the story of an extraordinary woman, trained since childhood in the arts of beauty and seduction, who finds herself increasingly in rebellion against the helpless position of women in ancient society.
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      154 Taylor Caldwell
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    • Taylor Caldwell

      Also known by the pen names Marcus Holland and Max Reiner Taylor Caldwell was born in Manchester, England In 1907 she emigrated to the United States with her parents and younger brother Her father died shortly after the move, and the family struggled At the age of eight she started to write stories, and in fact wrote her first novel, The Romance of Atlantis, at the age of twelve although it remained unpublished until 1975 Her father did not approve such activity for women, and sent her to work in a bindery She continued to write prolifically, however, despite ill health In 1947, according to TIME magazine, she discarded and burned the manuscripts of 140 unpublished novels In 1918 1919, she served in the United States Navy Reserve In 1919 she married William F Combs In 1920, they had a daughter, Mary known as Peggy From 1923 to 1924 she was a court reporter in New York State Department of Labor in Buffalo, New York In 1924, she went to work for the United States Department of Justice, as a member of the Board of Special Inquiry an immigration tribunal in Buffalo In 1931 she graduated from SUNY Buffalo, and also was divorced from William Combs.Caldwell then married her second husband, Marcus Reback, a fellow Justice employee She had a second child with Reback, a daughter Judith, in 1932 They were married for 40 years, until his death in 1971.In 1934, she began to work on the novel Dynasty of Death, which she and Reback completed in collaboration It was published in 1938 and became a best seller Taylor Caldwell was presumed to be a man, and there was some public stir when the author was revealed to be a woman Over the next 43 years, she published 42 novels, many of them best sellers For instance, This Side of Innocence was the biggest fiction seller of 1946 Her works sold an estimated 30 million copies She became wealthy, traveling to Europe and elsewhere, though she still lived near Buffalo.Her books were big sellers right up to the end of her career During her career as a writer, she received several awards.She was an outspoken conservative and for a time wrote for the John Birch Society s monthly journal American Opinion and even associated with the anti Semitic Liberty Lobby Her memoir, On Growing Up Tough, appeared in 1971, consisting of many edited down articles from American Opinion.Around 1970, she became interested in reincarnation She had become friends with well known occultist author Jess Stearn, who suggested that the vivid detail in her many historical novels was actually subconscious recollection of previous lives Supposedly, she agreed to be hypnotized and undergo past life regression to disprove reincarnation According to Stearn s book, The Search of a Soul Taylor Caldwell s Psychic Lives, Caldwell instead began to recall her own past lives eleven in all, including one on the lost continent of Lemuria.In 1972, she married William Everett Stancell, a retired real estate developer, but divorced him in 1973 In 1978, she married William Robert Prestie, an eccentric Canadian 17 years her junior This led to difficulties with her children She had a long dispute with her daughter Judith over the estate of Judith s father Marcus in 1979 Judith committed suicide.Also in 1979, Caldwell suffered a stroke, which left her unable to speak, though she could still write She had been deaf since about 1965 Her daughter Peggy accused Prestie of abusing and exploiting Caldwell, and there was a legal battle over her substantial assets.She died of heart failure in Greenwich, Conn

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    • I first read this book 30 years ago and have reread it several times since The main character is the historical Aspasia, unusual in Ancient Greece in that she was educated rather than being killed as an infant for being born female, she was secreted to a school for courtesans and courtesans were educated and later ran her own school for girls who did not have to be courtesans to be educated This story has haunted me for years it is full of human foibles, deep yearnings, politics, philosophy and [...]

    • Fictional story of Pericles, the ancient Greek statesman, and Aspasia, the hetaera courtesan who opens a school for young ladies in 5th century B.C Athens First we re told her story, the Pericles s story, then their lives together after their meeting Through envy and jealousy of Pericles there are assassination attempts on first his sons, then Aspasia Also, several of his friends are tried on trumped up charges His meeting with Ichthus, his friend from school days, in prison was poignant Ms Cald [...]

    • Si te gusta la historia y la filosof a,Glory and the Lightning es una buena elecci n Relatando la historia de Pericles y su mujer, Aspasia, Es una novela con temas profundos para reflexionar pero planteados de manera muy simple.La manera de escribir de la autora me pareci impecable descripciones envolventes, personalidades bien definidas y acciones precisas, todo esto hace que el libro sea de f cil lectura y llevadero.Personalmente, encontr que algunos pasajes especialmente la primera parte del [...]

    • I love this book for many reasons but mostly because it was the first 200 page book I ever read Thanks mum My interest in Classical History and Philosophy was ignited by this book and needless to say, I fell for Aspasia.Great book.

    • Remarkable book Captures an era and an intriguing pair of characters that history mentions but never really elaborates upon Caldwell is very diligent in her historical accuracy and vividly depicts Athens in its heyday of Pericles The descriptions are filled with adjectives which can be a bit tedious to some, but I rather enjoyed them as I feel that modern novels don t pay as close attention to detail She really created a world you felt you were living in when you opened the book It is brilliantl [...]

    • Taylor Caldwell s representation of Aspasia, the companion of Perseus in early Athens Aspasia was intellectually ahead of her time and, therefore, drew suspicions from those who were not use to seeing a woman educating other women Very interesting Learned a few new words, too Heterai.

    • A pretty good book with a story about Greece during the rule of Pericles The author writes a lot about the difficulties of governing with reference to democracy and republic types of government.

    • This is a slow book that goes into great detail about Greece Basically, it s the story of Aspasia and Pericles.We start the book with Aspasia and her upbringing She s trained as a hetaira courtesan and lives in the East for a time She then returns to Greece view spoiler Her sensibilities are close to modern times the belief in the equality of women and the need for education She also desires love, and the reason for her leaving Al Taliph is because he neglects to confess his love for her hide sp [...]

    • The first 2 3 of the book dragged a lot Not as suspenseful as her other books The plot line wasn t as interesting either.

    • Self indulgent and meandering A bad novel that serves as a vessel for bad philosophy Ayn Rand in a peplos From now on, I m sticking to Mary Renault At least she was eloquent about her snobbery.

    • Que lindo libro Riqu simo La mirada, la descripci n y el an lisis del contexto socio pol tico es imperdible C mo unos mueren defendiendo los valores como el trabajo digno y el amor a la patria mientras los ambiciosos y los ignorantes los condenan justamente por eso te pone la piel de gallina y te transporta sin escalas a la realidad actual A ver si nos podemos replantear un poco m s cu l es el motor de nuestra vida y de lo que hacemos cada d a Por otro lado, la concepci n de la mujer en la antig [...]

    • I have wanted to read this one for a while now, so I m glad I finally made my way through it It s divided into 3 parts how our female lead grew up, then how our male lead grew up, and then how they got together First two parts were good although I think I liked Aspasia s story better than Pericles Then the last part started and it got BORING It ceased being about our two main characters and instead became about all this political intrigue and backbiting that I did not care for and drug ON AND ON [...]

    • I read this as a young teen a looong time ago and decided on a whim to re read it I enjoyed the basic storyline, but I found that it dragged for me, and got bogged down in religious and philosophical debates If you re interested in ancient Greece and Persia, it is a relatively entertaining piece of historical fiction that invents the story behind Aspasia, a historical woman who was the mistress of the great Athenian politician Pericles, but about whom almost nothing is known, beyond the fact tha [...]

    • Love good historical fiction where I learn something in this case many things I read this book in my formative years and still remember it The detail about ancient Greece, the politics and the philosophy was fascinating And it s a good love story to boot If you ve never heard of Aspasia and only know a smattering about Pericles and his life and times read this book It s a good one Then I guess you ll have to go to Greece.

    • The beginning of this book was hard to read The condoned mistreatment of women and children was upsetting I Know that it was acceptable at this time in history, but still it was uncomfortable I couldn t put it down and I am so glad I didn t Wonderful story of honor, love and the quest to know God

    • Story is based on the lives of the ancient Athenians, Zeno of Elea and Pericles and the great women s libber, Aspasia Set in 490 BC, the philosophies of these great men, including Socrates and others, are so refreshing and very relevant in today s society I highly recommend this and other books by Taylor Caldwell.

    • Liked the first half Them the focus changed and it became sheer drudgery and I quit nearly at the end of the book I found I just didn t care A shame, because I have loved other of her books and am now somewhat reluctant to try another.

    • Los temas son la venganza, la avaricia, la codicia, la envidia y la lujuria Algunos temas que trata Cadlwell en la obra son politicos, las costumbres y el amor Todo se centra en la antigua Grecia.

    • It was hard getting into the story but loved the references, history, language and humanity of the writing.

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