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Ghost Fox By JamesHouston Ghost Fox A novel that shares a time and place with The Last of the Mohicans relating the experiences of a young woman caught in the fury of the French and Indian Wars Seventeen year old Sarah Wells is taken f
  • Title: Ghost Fox
  • Author: JamesHouston
  • ISBN: 9780156347242
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ghost Fox By JamesHouston
    Ghost Fox By JamesHouston A novel that shares a time and place with The Last of the Mohicans, relating the experiences of a young woman caught in the fury of the French and Indian Wars Seventeen year old Sarah Wells is taken from a New Hampshire farm by Abnaki Indians and renamed Ghost Fox Line drawings by the Author.
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      340 JamesHouston
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      James Archibald Houston was a Canadian artist, designer, children s author and film maker who played an important role in the recognition of Inuit art and introduced printmaking to the Inuit Note because there are several authors named James Houston , these books have been listed using Houston s middle name.For information, please see enpedia wiki James_Ar

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    • Confession time.The book cover I m reviewing under isn t the one I actually own My copy was bought and first read , back in 1981 OK, so not a big deal, but when you read and review a book with this cover people are bound to expect it s just another one of those lurid 1970 s 80 s bodice rippers filled with heaving white girl breasts and turgid manly Indian members swelling to the beat of tribal war drums.And this book is so NOT that In fact, Ghost Fox could easily be compared with another fantas [...]

    • What started as a fun sister buddy read quickly devolved into a constant bitchfest until its merciful conclusion.I had hopes for this book Not high hopes, but it had everything that would make it good Time period, location my homestate region , and subject matter of indian abduction captivity assimilation and the drama of being caught between 2 worlds In theory it could have been an engaging read But the execution was lackluster and disjointed and about as bland as eating plain white flour Try i [...]

    • I read this as a kid in a reader s digest condensed book and have never forgotten it Would love to get my hands on a copy and re read it.

    • While not always an easy read, this book is a highly recommended one Mr Houston has taken his extensive research of the Native American struggle during the French and Indian Wars and developed an honest and realistic story of a young woman taken captive and forced to live as a slave to the Indians Through her, we see life as it was during that sad and brutal time We follow her struggles as well as her triumphs and are left both satisfied and well educated.

    • This is a good story , but I really didn t like the writing style There were sudden shifts between characters plotlines that left me confused.

    • I was in high school when I last read this book and I m not going to tell you how long ago that was I was afraid that it might no longer seem as wonderful to me now, as it did then, but I wasn t disappointed What a wonderful read I m always a sucker for historical fiction, but this author truly outdid himself, and I felt completely transported back in time whenever time I opened the pages The plight of Sarah Wells, a seventeen year old who was stolen by Abnaki Indians during the French and India [...]

    • An old favorite about captive Euro American women adapting to Native American life Kirkus Review copied and pasted KIRKUS REVIEWLess enveloping than The White Dawn 1971 is this industrious account of the capture of a colonial woman and her conversion to Indian ways Despite humiliation, a forced march to Canada, and enslavement, Sarah Wells adapts to her Abnaki family although she never gets accustomed to their atrocious tortures nor will delicate readers Drawn to Taliwan who gives her a bearski [...]

    • A random book I pulled off my grandfather s bookshelf when I was around 10 years old This is a love story, set in early America when white colonists and Indians were at war, and young pretty girls got captured and accepted into Indian tribes Well, that s pretty much what happened in this book, at least My mother freaked when she saw what I was reading but not after I learned much than I needed to know at that age from the sex scenes and violent battles She let me finish I really wanted to know [...]

    • Another RDC I truly enjoyed this book Its funny, I remember the book but not a lot of details It was quite awhile ago that I read it But what I remember about it was really good A good book about perseverance in the face of adversity, and how we can adapt to anything if we need to.

    • This book is the reason I was named Sarah, it s an amazing tale of an english girl who was kidnapped and became part of a tribe I don t want to ruin the story but she was a brave survivor

    • As you can tell from my updates, I started getting increasingly bitchy about this book from the 20% point give or take a few I simply wasn t getting the raves for it It was falling short.Way waaaaaaaaaay short.But with so much left to go, there was a chance it would get better And that 2012 Reading Challenge is important, people I love the time period and the theme of abduction and clash of cultures and Stockholm Syndrome assimilation.And I also know that covers lie, so despite my bodice ripping [...]

    • This book was published in the early 1970s, I believe, and I m pretty sure it is out of print I have a good memory of reading it when I was a child in one of the Readers Digest Condensed books that my father subscribed to I tracked down a copy of it and bought it, and read it again It s not great literature, that s for sure, but it is an interesting story In colonial, pre Revolutionary times in North America, a white teenage girl is taken by a band of Indians After a year or so of living with th [...]

    • Originally published in 1977, this book has a few racial and gender insensitivities that would not be published today, but otherwise it s still enjoyable It s a nice combination of a love story with an apparently solid historical setting of the French and Indian Wars during the mid 1750 s You ll need to forgive a few plot holes and a few plot points which are glossed over Not the greatest character development either but somehow the author brings the time period to life in a totally engaging fa [...]

    • I had planned to give the book three stars The author seemed to have done a good job researching the French and Indian War, and I actually found the descriptions of tribal customs and the area very well done The diaglogue and actions of the characters seemed unbelievable, especially toward the end of the book.I read this book mainly because I found it at the library, and my mother s name was on the library card dating back to 1978 From the looks of the names on the card it was a very popular nov [...]

    • I read this book when I was a teenager and loved it It was in Moms collection So I thought I would read it again Wow, my opinion can change in 20 years I still liked it but there were things that disturbed me now that apparently didn t back then Overall, I enjoyed the Indians point of view and their way of life I would not have liked to live in that time period but learning about it was facinating sp.

    • Wow, I really loved this book when I read it as a young girl I may have been 13 or so, and, to me this story had everything romance, stirring images of violence, vivid portrayals of what life must have been like in that time I think it is because of this book that I have a fondness for historical novels.

    • Interesting book and well written I enjoyed it for the most part There were times I felt disturbed by the storybut it was still worth the read It is not your usual romance noveld a realistic view of the times and Native American culture If you are looking for a light read this is not it If you want a serious book, then you ll like this.

    • James Houston, RDC M 2, 1977, 1977, 10 79 A novel about a 17 year old girl who is taken from a New Hampshire farm by Abnaki Indians and renamed Ghost Fox during the French and Indian Wars Good.

    • I first read this in an old Reader s digest condensed book years back I loved the story and the absolute reality of both the natives and the European settlers while still being true to the perspective of the times.

    • I remember reading this book as a teenager I don t often re read books because there are just so many out new stories out there But it s not often you read a book that stays with you for than 35 years It was nice to see it was as good as I remember.

    • I read this years ago as a teenager I liked it so much that I remembered it as an adult and decided to buy another copy.

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