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Mistletoe in Manhattan By Talli Roland Mistletoe in Manhattan As Little Missington s first Christmas baby in fifty years and the daughter of Christmas When You Like It party planners Holly West has been surrounded by the holiday spirit since birth Trouble is s
  • Title: Mistletoe in Manhattan
  • Author: Talli Roland
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mistletoe in Manhattan By Talli Roland
    Mistletoe in Manhattan By Talli Roland As Little Missington s first Christmas baby in fifty years and the daughter of Christmas When You Like It party planners, Holly West has been surrounded by the holiday spirit since birth Trouble is, she s not exactly filled with festive cheer In fact, Holly can t wait to ditch the tinsel and Santa suits for champagne and celebs, and become a party planner to the stars.As Little Missington s first Christmas baby in fifty years and the daughter of Christmas When You Like It party planners, Holly West has been surrounded by the holiday spirit since birth Trouble is, she s not exactly filled with festive cheer In fact, Holly can t wait to ditch the tinsel and Santa suits for champagne and celebs, and become a party planner to the stars When British film star Dean Layton hires her parents company to throw his holiday bash in Manhattan, Holly jumps at the chance to help, confident she can handle a little Christmas in exchange for access to Dean s exclusive world But New York and Dean s over the top demands are than Holly bargained for Can Holly deck the halls and make it a party to be proud of, or will this Christmas be one she ll never forget even if she wants to Note Mistletoe in Manhattan is a novella.
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      Talli Roland writes fun, romantic fiction Born and raised in Canada, Talli now lives in London, where she savours the great cultural life coffee and wine.Despite training as a journalist, Talli soon found she preferred making up her own stories complete with happy endings Talli s debut novel The Hating Game was short listed for Best Romantic Read at the UK s Festival of Romance, while her second, Watching Willow Watts, was selected as an Customer Favourite Her novels have also been chosen as top books of the year by industry review websites and have been bestsellers in Britain and the United States.To learn about Talli, go to talliroland or follow Talli on Twitter talliroland Talli blogs at talliroland.

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    • I bought Mistletoe in Manhattan this morning and couldn t wait to start reading it so much so that I devoured it in one sitting I loved 22 year old Holly and was carried along with her as she decides what s really important to her Talli Roland has a wonderful knack for packing great characters into her page turners, and this one has definitely put me in the Christmas spirit.

    • I would have given this book another star but because I felt it was missing a certain resolution at the end I had to give it a 3 I got this novella not expecting much to be honest The only other Christmas theme book I ve read was a bit of a let down So this book was my last attempt at reading a Christmas book notice I said was I m trying my best to get into the Christmas spirit I know, I know, it s only November and it s not like I put up decorations before December But as I m in Australia befor [...]

    • Working for her parent s Christmas When You Like It party planning company, Holly West wants for herself She wants to be a successful party planner with only the most wealthiest and famous as her clients However, life in Little Missington in the UK is not going to get her there.She is than thrilled when she is offered the chance of a lifetime a British celebrity, Dean Layton, in New York wants to hire her to plan a British themed Christmas party She s sure this will be the start of something b [...]

    • I really enjoyed the short story and my only one complaint was that it wasn t long enough, I wish it had been a full length novel Good writing, nice characters and definitely a Christmasy feel to the story.

    • Cute Christmas story It s sure to get you in the holiday spirit and show you what s truly important this time of year.

    • I m not a great fan of Christmas books ,with the exception of Dickens, and the fact that I was given it by a friend, usually the kiss of death,but I was seeing her soon and knew she would ask how I liked the book So after putting it off for another few days I eventually sat down and read it and to my surprise I really enjoyed it It had good well rounded characters and a strong storyline I must remember not to automatically put you must reads in the darkest corner.

    • Good Christmas light romanceI enjoyed the light, feel god Christmas romance It went from England to New York It shows the feelings of Christmas.

    • MimShort, sweet, schmaltzy Christmas tale with a ridiculous storyline about a British Christmas party planner getting a last minute job organising a celebrity bash in New York.

    • Story of a girl who wants to get away from her family party planning business in England and work with the rich and famous in NYC.

    • Mistletoe in Manhattan is a novella of 20,000 words, and also gives readers a sneak peek of Talli Roland s latest novel The Pollyanna Plan, due out in late November.I love Talli Roland s novels She s an amazing writer and anyone who brings out two novels a year plus a novella makes me a happy reader Her most recent novella is Mistletoe in Manhattan and is a nice little read in preparation for Talli s next full length novel, The Pollyanna Plan, which is out in a couple of weeks Can I get a woo ho [...]

    • This review was originally posted to Jen in BooklandMistletoe in Manhattan is a different type of Christmas story Instead of being a romance where two people fall in love and live happily ever after in this story we learn that Christmas is all about the family, though slight spoilers there is a bit of a love interest that doesn t really go anywhere It is a bit unsatisfying as I would have like it to not be there, or maybe have a follow up book or something Oh well, it was still a fun holiday rea [...]

    • This is a pretty predictable light read that is meant as a nice little holiday story to quickly fly through during an otherwise very hectic time of year My condensed thoughts are that it s a cute story A one sitting read to get through between other books However, it s very far from perfect and there are a few small issues that readers will easily pick up on if they are doing than just casually reading through Right away Holly is a contradictory character On the one hand she thinks she is ready [...]

    • Mistletoe in Manhattan begins with the reader s introduction to Holly and how she feels about graduating, her dreams and how she s back where she began, working for her parents business Christmas When You Like It.On returning home feeling desolate after yet another Christmas party, she checks the answering machine Having recently sent out a batch of CVs, she s hoping the message will be the one to start her on the path of following her dream It s a message from Elsa, Dean Layton s PA and Holly t [...]

    • Mistletoe In Manhattan is the story of Holly West, a young woman has been surrounded by Christmas her entire life and is looking for a change Born on Christmas Day to Christmas party planner parents, Holly hoped for much in her life than returning home and helping her parents with their party planning business She is ecstatic when an opportunity comes her way to plan a Christmas party for Dean Layton, a British celebrity living New York Arriving in Manhattan, Holly discovers that party planning [...]

    • I am coming to the end of my Festive reads is this bad for November Next on my list was Mistletoe in Manhattan by Talli Roland, I have read all of Talli s previous books and loved all of them they are easy reads with loveable heroines so I was looking forward to starting this one.Our Heroine this time is Holly West and she is a modern day girl but she lacks the festive spirit that her parents have Holly s parents run a Christmas Party Planning company and Holly works for them, when a call comes [...]

    • I ve read several of Talli s books now and have enjoyed them very much I really like her writing style, and how the storylines are realistic, funny and often sweet Mistletoe in Manhattan is no exception Holly West is currently helping out at her parents party planning company She really wants to get out, though, and run her own high flying company, but it s not as simple as that So when an opportunity comes her way to plan a celebrity party in New York, she jumps at the chance It could be her bi [...]

    • I received a copy of Mistletoe in Manhattan by Talli Roland in exchange for an honest review.This was a super cute novella that put me right in the holiday mood Holly West is the daughter of Christmas party planners, but she doesn t seem to bring the same cheer and festive spirit as her parents In fact, quite the opposite When Holly gets an offer to travel across the pond and throw a British themed party for TV star Dean Layton in Manhattan, she thinks this could be the opportunity to open doors [...]

    • Holly West lives in the tiny village of Little Missington, she works with her parents in their small party planning business in the only all round all the time planners in the UK Holly dreams of landing her dream job of working for the prestigious party planners, the big league ones.Holly thinks she has been given the opportunity to do this, when she is given the chance of organising a traditional British Christmas party for celebrity Dean Layton one of the UK s biggest TV stars The party is to [...]

    • This is the first of the Christmas books this year that I read wishing it would have been a full length book This is exactly the type of story I like to read and the writing style I enjoy too.We meet Holly, daughter of Christmas party planners, as she goes off to take on the job that could kick start her career instead of being stuck with her parents company waiting and waiting on that big break She goes over to New York to start the preparations but being out her home country and her lack of lo [...]

    • Holly and her parents are small time party planners in England, but she would love to break into the world of huge, expensive celebrity parties When Dean Layton, a British celebrity living in New York City, asks her to come to the Big Apple to organize a British themed Christmas party for him, Holly believes it s her big break.In New York, Holly bumps heads with Dean s aggravating personal assistant, Elsa Dean is charming, but his demands are ridiculous, even impossible, yet Holly attempts to gi [...]

    • This novella took me way longer to read than I d initially planned when I d chose it in the first place, 1 because I am already a fan of this author s work and 2 because it was a short and easy read and lastly 3 because I knew it would be engaging even before I started since Talli Roland hasn t let me down yet But without a working bedside light which turned out to be faulty wiring and not just a change of bulb and with the nights drawing in faster than you can say Jack Frost, well, I was forced [...]

    • This review was originally posted on my blog, Ramblings of a Daydreamer You can find it, and many reviews at the blog.Feeling a bit stuck working for her parents year round Christmas party planning business, Holly has visions of grandeur when she s hired to put on a big traditional English Christmas party for a British celebrity in New York City This is her chance to get out of her small town, out of her elf costume, and make a name for herself.While short, this charming novella packed a lot of [...]

    • Holly is feeling a bit disheartened She works with her parents as a party planner which she has done since leaving uni She wants to make her own way and do her own thing She gets a phone call which could mean her big break is about to happen Will she abandon her family Christmas in the pursuit of happiness and is it really what she wants A really cute Christmas story I read this short story in the space of a couple of hours, not sure whether that was because it was a short story or whether the w [...]

    • I was a bit daunted at the thought of starting Christmas preparations, very much aware that the first of December is less than a week away So I pushed the Christmas card list aside and settled down to read MISTLETOE IN MANHATTAN to recharge my batteries and get me into the Xmas mood It proved to be the perfect antidote for a gloomy November day.This feel good Christmas story is about Helen, her family s party planning company and her dream of hitting the big time A phone call brings her a step c [...]

    • Fighting for the valuesHolly couldn t wait to get out of the little town she grew up in Her folks business of catering parties, Christmas parties, Holly wanted the big time, you know celebrities A call came in looking to arrange a large party for one of England s own celebs living in Manhattan so Holly jumped at it, her big break at last What did I like The main thing I liked about this story was the storyline it s self Trying to figure out what means to you overall Holly s predicament of famil [...]

    • Holly West works for her parents party planning company Christmas When You Like It but longs to make a name for herself in the field planning than just small town parties When a celebrity living in New York offers her the chance to cross the pond and plan a traditional British Christmas party, she jumps at the chance However she knows she is letting her parents down by missing their most beloved holiday Mistletoe in Manhattan is a short story by Talli Roland, that in my opinion could have been [...]

    • Another glittering cracker from the queen of feel good fiction Talli Roland This novella is funny and speeds along nicely, like a nice cinnamon latte and a chat with a quirky friend I devoured it and also adored the preview of The Pollyanna Plan, which is out later this month too Holly is fed up with Christmas, as her family are THE epitome of it, and even her birth was adorned with tinsel Landing a big job in New York, she spies with her mince pies groan, I know, bad joke a chance to break free [...]

    • I really enjoyed the novella I have to say that I generally do not care for novellas I like longer stories with complete story lines Despite the length f the novella I did enjoy this story I only wish there was a bit of a resolution at the end of the book I do not like to give away plot in my reviews so I will not go into detail I just wanted at least a few pages.It is a well written story I just wish it was at least a bit longer.Truth be told I a middle aged man am hardly the target audience [...]

    • Holly West is sick of Christmas Being a Christmas baby, she s hounded by the festive spirit all year Her parents are small town party planners, but Holly wants something bigger When a film star hires the company to throw a party in Manhattan, she s quick to take the opportunity This could be the life changing event she s hoped for But not in the way she thinks it will be.This is a cute and light hearted story about Holly finding what truly makes her happy It has some gently sprinkled bits of rom [...]

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