Flesh #2020

Flesh By Kylie Scott Flesh Ali has been hiding in an attic since civilisation collapsed eight weeks ago When the plague hit her neighbours turned into mindless hungry homicidal maniacs Daniel has been a loner his entire life
  • Title: Flesh
  • Author: Kylie Scott
  • ISBN: 9781743340806
  • Page: 395
  • Format: ebook
  • Flesh By Kylie Scott
    Flesh By Kylie Scott Ali has been hiding in an attic since civilisation collapsed eight weeks ago.When the plague hit, her neighbours turned into mindless, hungry, homicidal maniacs.Daniel has been a loner his entire life Then the world empties and he realises that being alone isn t all it s cracked up to be.Finn is a former cop who is desperate for companionship, and willing to do anything iAli has been hiding in an attic since civilisation collapsed eight weeks ago.When the plague hit, her neighbours turned into mindless, hungry, homicidal maniacs.Daniel has been a loner his entire life Then the world empties and he realises that being alone isn t all it s cracked up to be.Finn is a former cop who is desperate for companionship, and willing to do anything it takes to protect the survivors around him.When the three cross paths they band together sparks fly, romance blooms in the wasteland and Ali, Daniel and Finn bend to their very human needs in the ruins of civilisation.Lust, love and trust all come under fire in Flesh as the three band together to survive, hunted through the suburban wastelandsTE This story is rated Hot 4 out of 5 flames and contains M F M and F M pairings.
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      New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Australian Romance Writer.

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    • I don t do horror.Let s put it this way If you wanted to torture me, strapping me to a chair and forcing me to watch any one of the bloody let s kill people slowly and painfully gore fests that pass for entertainment these days would be the way to do it State secrets Yeah they d be secrets no So when I first heard of Flesh in passing, I thought to myself, nuh uh But I have to say, once I read the excerpt, I was hooked Kylie Scott is an author who has an excellent voice Her prose is clean, witty [...]

    • A smutty version of The Walking Dead where Rick and Darryl share a girlfriend I don t mean it is fanfic, I just mean that if you watch or read The Walking Dead, but wish there was sex in it, this book is for you.We have Ali, our girl who is afraid of everything, found by Dan, a super funny and likable character They get together and are traveling during the Zombie Apocalypse when they run into a gang that wants to steal Ali and kill Dan Luckily, Finn, an ex cop, has been watching these two and h [...]

    • Buddy read with Tom, Sarah, and a whole buncha others Erotic zombie post apocalyptic cray crayg it on Humans are social creatures I didn t realize how much until nearly everyone was gone Ali has been hiding for months in the upstairs floor of her neighbor s house because zombies can t climb Civilization has crumbled, and she has locked herself away in order to survive When she goes on one of her rare outings to find food, she runs into Dan Dan is starved for human companionshipd let s face it, s [...]

    • I think I have a new favorite genre Post Apocalyptic EroticaFlesh is a well written, witty, action packed and highly erotic story of basic survival and raw gritty love Daniel, Ali and Finn stick together and fight against these And soon form an unconventional relationship that includes a lot of this, but WAY steamier Daniel and Finn both love Ali and she loves them and the relationship the three of them have is the heart of this story It moved me, I loved their commitment to one another and the [...]

    • Even though Zombies want to eat your brains, there s still time to explore your naughty bitsRead for Halloween 2017 Reading Challenge Zombie categorySeries Apparently soSexy times Sex on a stick, on a roof, on a bed, in a garage with a Zombie overhead oooh poetry Plan on reading by the author Oui Synopsis Ally has been hiding out while the infected swarm She s discovered by Dan and all he can do is think with his lower head and has decided he must have and protect her He convinces her to set ou [...]

    • DNF 12% no rating I know this is fluff and not to be taken seriously and is just brain candy smutty smut smut But, I just can t get over the creepy creepster vibe of one of the male romantic leads, Daniel As soon as he meets her, they are both unwashed and grody and he thinks of her as his Plush pink lips parted as though she might speak this is how he is thinking with zombies right outside.Fragrant or not, she felt beyond good spooned against him So Very Good This is when she is freaked out and [...]

    • This popped up in my recommended books after reading Lick, and after reading the synopsis and seeing words like plague and erotica followed by m f m , I clicked the Download Sample button and went in kinda like thisAnd this book surprised me It did For erotica, it s pretty well written You expect erotica books to be just snippets of weak story strung together by sex scenes, and there is quite a bit of sex in this book, but the story itself is also engaging, which kinda throws you for a loop, all [...]

    • 4 stars Sexy, charming, and well written, but needs zombies I like you cranky, he said I like you cuddly Are you trying to be Dr Seuss Only if you find his works sexually arousing She snorted No Not really Probably for the best Since the zombie virus ripped humanity a new one 8 weeks age, Ali has been hidden in her neighbor s attic, slowing working her way into agoraphobia and in desperate need of a shower She only leaves to scavenge for supplies The zombies tend to be lethargic during the day [...]

    • Zombies y tr os, una mezcla un poco rara, la verdad No me acab de convencer, y eso que esta autora me suele gustar.

    • Holy crap This book wasFANFREAKINGTASTIC I ve gotta be honest I picked this up for its novelty I ve been known to like a post apocalyptic book here and there I ve enjoyed a few zombie books Erotica has certainly taken up a good amount of my reading material lately But all three together How it the heck was that going to work out As it turns out, it works out amazingly well.I ve got to give huge props to Kylie Scott She managed to write characters that I loved almost immediately, without really k [...]

    • 2.5 Stars Grrr, I was so damn sure I was going to love this book I don t really know what happened to be honest I kept finding myself skimming here and there too, which is never a good thing I wanted to rate this book higher, but as my problems with it piled higher and higher, I just couldn t I have to be honest What I absolutely adored about this book was Daniel He s such an amazing guy I loved how he called Ali his girl swoon I couldn t really see why he was so attracted to her really, bar the [...]

    • 5 starsThis is a great story I ve never read anything by Kylie Scott before but I m so glad I read this one I love the show The Walking Dead and the season just ended so I m going through withdrawal From the sound of this story it sounded like walking dead with sex and it kinda is Very cool Zombie Apocalypse type story although in the story they re called infected not Zombies The story starts out with Dan and Ali meeting It doesn t go well at first because all Ali wants to do is hide She s been [...]

    • Wowwhat can I say, I am now a huge fan of zombie erotica The only thing that would have made it better is some boy on boy action in the threesome.

    • 3.5 stars There is nothing to fear but fear itself It s been months since the plague hit, Ali stumbles on Daniel at a suburban home and he is beyond thrilled to see her No matter how happy Daniel is Ali is scared shitless and tries her best to get away from him That was not nice Stop and think I have done everything possible not to hurt you I only want to talk to you You ve shot at me, scratched me, kissed me, and now you start biting Apologize Daniel knew that Ali was his and slowly brought her [...]

    • 1 skinny, anorexic, starving, zombie dick star.What did I expect when all that the main characters think about is having sex Hellooo, Zombie freaking Apocalypse go get some freaking canned foods and run away to the country side You re doing it wrong WAIT, at least they had condoms RIGHT AM I RIGHT PRIORITIES.My reasons why I disliked this book so much 1 Terrible writing If you re going to write a Zombie book, do it right If you re going to write an erotica, do it right This writing was below ave [...]

    • A super virus is released into the world that causes a zombie apocalypse Ali has watched from her hiding place all her neighbors turn on each other in unimaginable ways Can she trust the intentions of the two hot strangers Daniel and Finn that she is forced to travel with on the road to safety When I think of erotica zombies are the last thing that come to mind, so wasn t sure what to expect with this I m also not a big fan of m nage storylines in general, but being a fan of the Walking Dead and [...]

    • 3.5 4 starsWho would have thought a book featuring a m nage relationship set in post apocalyptic Australia with zombies running amok would work Well until I read Flesh definitely not me However, in my never ending quest to find a read off the beaten path I decided to give it a try and I m so glad I did.Flesh is well written, surprisingly funny mostly due to hero Daniel s witty banter and snarky comments , and emotionally charged It comes across as a much steamier version of Walking Dead yet just [...]

    • Spoilers It ll sound shockingly surprising, but the threesome ruined it for me.If I had to rate this book based solely on the first 40% of the story, I d gladly give it no less than four stars.Ali, the MC, has been hiding in her neighbors attic for months, traumatized by the violence and death she witnessed, underfed from the limited supplies she d brought with her and terrified to leave her relatively safe hiding place for the horrors of the outside world.It s about two months after the zombie [...]

    • If you are reading this and don t have a pervy heart, back slowly away from this review.Now, if you were surviving the zombie apocalypse what would you want A a nice big gun to defend yourself.B an endless supply of food and resources C a great secret hidey hole where no zombie can find you and do some flesh munching.OrD two incredibly hot horny guys who both want you.Take your time thinking about it Times up Now you have an idea of what this book is about You guessed it Zombies and sex Lots of [...]

    • Don t read this for the world building or thrilling sci fi suspense There is none The plot IS the romance and the zombies are a just a stinky, moaning distraction from the MFM hanky panky In fact, the overall tone is light and playful Despite the abundance of flirting and sex, it s light on the menage and not infected by vulgarity Add to that imaginative writing, and you ve got a wild cocktail of erotic, gory fun.

    • OK I m going to take a breath here and compose myself.OK.This is this book and myself in gif format I m ready Please be advised this 4 star rating has NOTHING to do with merit and everything to do with the enthusiasm with which I read this book Thank you.When I snagged this for free off a review blog I thought hmm, this sounds interesting and it was one of many freebies that Friday and mostly forgot about it I was browsing my kindle one night and this gem was in the far back and decided to give [...]

    • When I found out about this book series, I did a happy dance.I am a HUGE zombie fan From Resident Evil to Walking Dead, if it has a zombie in it chances are I ve seen it or will be seeing it And, yes, that includes made for TV crap that most people turn as soon as they see SciFi or Chiller channel LOLSo, how could I not love a story that is like the Walking Dead, but with sexy times YES, Please The book starts strong and really does push you into a world of flesh eating infestation Loved it Ali [...]

    • This book just didn t work for me It was well written but I just never really liked any of the characters except for Daniel Ali was just a little too immature and her rabbit heart got old after awhile and I never liked Finn He was arrogant and entitled and I didn t like the way he treated Daniel The world building was just okay I kept picturing The Walking Dead since this book described a world A LOT like that series At first, I thought I was going to like get the menage plot, after all Daniel h [...]

    • I did not expect to enjoy FLESH as much as I did Especially since, at this reading, FLESH only has mid range rating I ve found to be pretty accurate when it comes to scores But there s always the exception.I had to give this book a chance Zombie apocalypse manage romance Yes, please What I lovedgood writing Story had good pacing, multiple POV, drew me in, felt real, WAS NOT disjointed, didn t have cheesy lines Thank you Kylie Scott.I think most of the reviewers who gave lower ratings, did so for [...]

    • Buddy Read with the MacHalo group.This book was decent I didn t really feel like I learned much about who the characters were It was all about their current thoughts and emotions The dystopian zombie story was also ok I did not feel that connected to the characters, and I feel bad saying this but I didn t really care what happened to them.I was a bit put off by Daniel s instalove, which was literally instant love desperation at first sight I get why she went for it, I mean she was lucky enough t [...]

    • 3 months ago the world came to an end as we know it A mutant virus was unleashed upon the world and humanity was reduced to the walking dead zombies who only lived to kill and destroy other humans Small groups of people, immune for reasons we don t yet know, survived the viral outbreak and live hand to mouth, trying to stay one step ahead of the horde and those who have used this world changing event to reek havoc and misery upon others Ali has been hiding in an attic for the last 8 weeks During [...]

    • I never expected this to be as equally fun with other zombie books I ve read because hello it s adult erotica if you re leaning on the action One thing I ve learned about erotic books is that they re sexy and less plot, in which I have no complain if you re wantin some hot lovin Just to be clear, our protags are not zombies In fact, they re most definitely alive who enjoys orgy Note that these are a lady gone out of hiding from an attic a middle aged dude that vows to protect said lady and a h [...]

    • The full review is on jessysbookclub.wordpress Ok I can honestly say this is not my kind of erotica I just did not get into it I mean I loved Daniel and his scenes always made me smile but I like possessive alpha male types so that s nothing new I was kind of surprised that the men all saved condoms during the apocalypse for when if they met women Is it just me I found it odd, but what do I know about what people save when the world is ending Also they fell in love with Ali so fast but being the [...]

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