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Otherwise Engaged By Suzanne Finnamore Otherwise Engaged Otherwise Engaged is Suzanne Finna s wickedly funny account of an intelligent rational woman s transformation into the harpy of anxieties that is the bride to be When Michael pops the question Eve i
  • Title: Otherwise Engaged
  • Author: Suzanne Finnamore
  • ISBN: 9780375706424
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Paperback
  • Otherwise Engaged By Suzanne Finnamore
    Otherwise Engaged By Suzanne Finnamore Otherwise Engaged is Suzanne Finna s wickedly funny account of an intelligent, rational woman s transformation into the harpy of anxieties that is the bride to be When Michael pops the question, Eve is deliriously happy She tells grocery clerks She subscribes to bridal magazines She delights in the rainbows that shower from the one carat okay,.81 carat ring on hOtherwise Engaged is Suzanne Finna s wickedly funny account of an intelligent, rational woman s transformation into the harpy of anxieties that is the bride to be When Michael pops the question, Eve is deliriously happy She tells grocery clerks She subscribes to bridal magazines She delights in the rainbows that shower from the one carat okay,.81 carat ring on her hand For two days As the cumulative stresses of ordering invitations, finding a dress, and organizing the Perfect Honeymoon fry Eve s nerves, the very real prospect of being with one man for the rest of her days reverberates through her consciousness like a Chinese gong Suddenly the sight of Michael s discarded socks on the floor and his passing mentions of his former live in French girlfriend incite doubt, argument, and public fainting Uproarious, insightful, tender, Otherwise Engaged dashes our soap bubble fantasies in favor of a hilariously realistic walk to the altar.
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      Suzanne Finnamore Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Otherwise Engaged book, this is one of the most wanted Suzanne Finnamore author readers around the world.

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    • I purchased this book two years ago when I was engaged I am embarrassed to say that I bought it because of the title Ya know, when you re engaged and planning a wedding, you become OBSESSED with anything wedding LOLThis book was an easy read, but it wasn t very interesting and I had a hard time staying focused It was supposed to be funny, but I didn t find it very funny I only made myself finish reading it because I kept pushing myself along, hoping the book would get better I wanted to just qui [...]

    • At 3.5 stars, Otherwise Engaged was very clever, cutting, and thought provoking, but at no point did it ever hook me Perhaps because it was told through short, keen observations and anecdotes, the story didn t contain so much plot as a collection of the narrator, Eve s, anxieties about marriage, which she sets about achieving with as much cunning and ruthlessness as a the Pequod chasing Moby Dick She is determined, she is confused, yet she relentlessly pursues her goal even when it sickens her S [...]

    • One of my favorite books of all time Snarky, but a realistic portrayal of what many women feel when they get engaged I love that it s humorous and yet touching at the same time If I could give it 10 stars, I would.

    • I seldom reread books, but this one makes me laugh out loud while touching on real things that no one wants to talk about I love this one.

    • Otherwise Engaged is a book about a woman who, like many of her species, is anxious to land a husband In the first several pages, she employs her will and her not inconsiderable knowledge of Psychological Manipulation of the Human Male to get her boyfriend to propose She is elated for about two days, at which point she begins to suffer buyer s remorse.The protagonist narrator of this book is not easy to like, probably predominantly because she is so believable in her insecurity and shallowness N [...]

    • This is a low key but surprisingly witty account of the months leading up to the main character s wedding Riding the roller coaster of one woman s doubts, fears, and hopes as her wedding approaches was enjoyable The writing style is intelligent and sometimes understated, which only adds irony and humor to some of the hysterical moments in which the main character finds herself.Quotes like, They say swans mate for life I wish they could talk I have questions , or Suddenly, it s not just a sock on [...]

    • This book was bad for me If you are a dramatic OH MY GOD I am about to do something a GROWN UP would do kind of person, you ll probably like it I hate that dramatic girlie shit, and that s what this entire book is Oh my GOD We had a fight Oh my GOD I want to eat in the kitchen and he wants to eat in the dining room Oh my GOD I have to read a bridal magazine Yuck.I wouldn t have bothered to keep reading it except it was the only thing in my gym bag, and once I start a book I really hope to find a [...]

    • This book started off slow for me and I almost put it down because it seemed amateur, and it indeed is this author s first book It did get interesting as I went along but the author wasn t very descriptive and the story didn t draw me in emotionally I spent most of the book just trying to figure out the main character, but I never felt an emotional connection to either her or her fiance The sentences in the book were short The chapters were short I was craving details of their apartment, the w [...]

    • Dust jacket reviews describe the protagonist s life as miserable if so, it s largely self induced She s vapid and self absorbed, but still likeable, someone to whom I could relate It does read as autobiographical Admittedly, this is how I tend to interpret fiction Also, it s funny Actually, I found it hilarious in parts I do remember laughing a good deal From the reviews posted, it looks as if I m in the minority on that score.And, if you do care, there is a Part 2 the author s divorce memoir No [...]

    • This is a smart, real, slightly dark story I fear that it s been labeled chick lit apparently the fate of any book about male female relationships written by a woman under the age of fifty , and while I enjoy a frothy dating story as much as the next gal that s what I m called when I read chick lit , this hit me in a deeper place Finna s writing is detailed and funny but never indulgent I wanted to write down her clever descriptions for future reference like when she said her cat resembled Karl [...]

    • I thought it would be fun to read this book while I am engaged I figured I would be able to relate to Eve, the narrator, but I hope to never be able to relate to this bride to be She is depressed, angsty, and not sure why she is getting married And with the stream of thought writing, it was hard to care about Eve or follow what she was talking about , even when she was being serious about her sad childhood or her sick friend.

    • No ha conseguido engancharme Me ha resultado repetitiva y la existencia de numerosos personajes ha hecho que, en algunos momentos, no supiese de qui n estaban hablando Solamente uno de los cap tulos me ha parecido significativo, pues reflexiona sobre la a oranza del tiempo pasado, sobre la importancia de las personas en la vida de los dem s, sobre la vida.

    • It definitely is a different way of thinking about life You see her struggle through deciding to get married and then not get married and it s interesting to see the decisions that she makes

    • First off, let me say, Bree Larkin, this is not the book for you I know I promised to pass it on to you after I finished it but it is not for you You are not this cynical, this commitment phobic, this messed up in your own head and this unsure about who you are and what you are worth Dear God in Heaven, has a large segment of this American population gone over the cliff like so many lemmings That being said, I enjoyed the wry humor of this book, the story of a 36 soon to be 37 year old newly eng [...]

    • I couldn t force myself through this I used to be very determined when it came to books if I started it, I made myself stick with it, even when it ceased being enjoyable or rather, became a real chore to read I just can t do that any Initially, I was drawn to this book because I had become engaged, and I thought, Well this sounds cute, maybe some of my concerns, frustrations, and joys will be echoed in these pages Some of them were, but not very well Usually, I found that I couldn t relate to th [...]

    • To start let me warn readers that if you are looking for a fluffy rom com this is not it Suzanne Finna creates a very realistic journey of a bride to be There is nothing in this book that somebody would call wedding bliss, but instead warns brides about the real stress that comes with planning a wedding I am currently planning a wedding myself and I found that I recognized so much of myself in the character The character development was absolutely amazing and quite unique You got to know the her [...]

    • The concept behind the book was cute Best friends are both stuck in a rut in their respective lives, one in NYC and another in a quaint Arizona town, so they decide to switch places for six months and shake things up However I felt that the writing was poor Writing chick lit shouldn t be rocket science Just make it funny and lighthearted and silly and you re good to go But Goudge tried to use eloquent prose and metaphors at times that just seemed out of place Then instead of keeping the storylin [...]

    • I have wanted to read this book since it came out in 1999, and now that I am finally engaged myself, I finally read it There are moments in this book that are laugh out loud funny, and nuggets of truth and wisdom peppered throughout the story, but the overall sensibility of the book is rather cynical As the protagonist progresses through her engagement to her wedding, she struggles with feelings of doubt and anxiety about losing her identity as a single woman and committing herself to one man fo [...]

    • In my opinion, Suzanne Finna is the most underrated and overlooked author currently writing Every sentence she writes is perfection She is the master of the detail, and she respects that an improperly placed or overly precious specific can destroy what would have been a perfectly respectable sentence I have never read a phrase by this writer that I would have changed one word of She has three books in print, and they are all outstanding the subject matter is actually incidental to her voice and [...]

    • Another book by Finna this one is her first novel, I think, written before The Zygote Chronicles, which I read first I probably enjoyed this a little less than The Zygote Chronicles I found it hard to relate to the neurotic bride, who is getting married late in life to a man who s already been divorced She writes in Finna s slightly stream of consciousness way about her wedding nerves, the process of planning, and her feelings as her other friends relationships go on around her edging towards di [...]

    • This book was weird Like, really, really weird There was no plot at all It was like the ramblings of a neurotic bride to be who got engaged via ultimatum you know, the best way to start a marriage , and then immediately starts to apparently loathe and fear the idea of marriage, the wedding, etc It just kind of rambled A lot But the thing is, I loved the writer s sense of humor and I liked her writing So I d actually give another book of hers a try However, I found this disappointing and nonsens [...]

    • I was expecting to love this book because people whose opinions I respect greatly also seemed to love it But I didn t I guess I thought I would relate to it a lot than I did, because I m engaged and it s about an engaged woman But I was annoyed by the main character, and didn t get her at all And I kept looking at the reviews on the back about how hilarious the book was, and wondering what it was that I wasn t getting It just didn t seem funny to me at all Still, it s a good concept and the wri [...]

    • I went online to read some reviews, because I actually thought maybe I d read the wrong book by accident after hearing glowing reviews about Otherwise Engaged Nope apparently I just in the minority Publisher s Weekly claims that starting where Bridget Jones s Diary and Animal Husbandry left off, Finna s debut novel humorously chronicles one woman s life of limbo, now that she s achieved an engagement ring I wouldn t so much call it humorous as I would call it depressing and awful.

    • 1.5 stars, rounded up only because I actually finished it instead of abandoning it the way I wanted to all the way through A review I read in a magazine described it as funny and witty There s definitely some snark in it, which is amusing, but none of the main characters were particularly likeable I wouldn t marry either of them, and I d put the odds on divorce high Do people really angst that much during an engagement I never had a need to beauties just for the sake of marriage, and I would hav [...]

    • A young widow with a deaf son inherits a house that a billionaire wants to buy He s a cute, friendly guy, of course, and had been taken for a ride by a woman a couple of years ago He gets voted something like most sexiest man and says he s engaged to get the press off him, but then they end up have a pretend engagement, etc etc.Like the hero, and the relationship he had with the deaf son The house was kind of a red herringought it was going to be part of the plot, but no Liked her, as well She [...]

    • I read about this book s sequel in Entertainment Weekly and thought I d give the author s other books a try I was sorely disappointed I was expecting something light and quirky, which the plot and characters are, but the writing style was not my cup of tea It was very choppy and stream of consciousness I ended up quitting half way through because every time I read it I got a headache Sadly, I think I would have enjoyed the author s humor and book if it hadn t been for her distracting writing sty [...]

    • I read this essay by Suzanne Finna in the New York Times months ago nytimes 2008 04 06 fasd vowed to seek out her novels because her style so appealed to me I m glad I finally re instated my library card and got on that, because Otherwise Engaged really was everything I hoped it would be I liked it a lot, that is all.

    • So I was unaware this was a cheesy romance novel and despite how excruciating it was at times I still finished it I just can t stand those illogical romances that have this rich but distant guy who suddenly turns everything around for this one woman Please I m a romantic but I like real romance, not this stuff Any book that uses the term seed with getting a woman pregnant makes me want to vomit.

    • Rather depressing It s about everything a 36 year old woman goes through when planning and preparing for her wedding The whole time she second guesses herself, her future marriage and fiance When she was just dating she desperately wanted to get married, and then when she was engaged all she did was whine and worry about it I wanted to scream at her, WHY ARE YOU EVEN GETTING MARRIED THEN Typical grass is always greener on the other side type of person She just annoyed me.

    • I picked this book up at my hospital s stuff a bag with books sale and put it away for a rainy or not day The chronicles of a thirty something becoming engaged and then realizing she will have to spend the rest of her life living with a man who discards his socks on the floor Quite the contrary of the excited bride to be, this one is having second thoughts while her anxiety increases on a daily basis Quick read Nice story But, glad I didn t pay full price

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