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Far Above Rubies By Cynthia Polansky Far Above Rubies Based on a true story A Dutch woman is caught in the nightmare of Hitler s regime when she voluntarily accompanies her six stepdaughters to Auschwitz What transpires during and after the war exemplifi
  • Title: Far Above Rubies
  • Author: Cynthia Polansky
  • ISBN: 9780977389827
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Paperback
  • Far Above Rubies By Cynthia Polansky
    Far Above Rubies By Cynthia Polansky Based on a true story A Dutch woman is caught in the nightmare of Hitler s regime when she voluntarily accompanies her six stepdaughters to Auschwitz What transpires during and after the war exemplifies a rare courage in an extraordinary heroine.
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      A writer for life, author Cynthia Polansky is a cross genre novelist whose refusal to settle for the ordinary translates into stories that are food for thought A professional writer editor since 1993, she uses her distinctive writing style to satisfy the reader hungry for something different from the ubiquitous romances and mysteries She is the award winning author of two published novels and under the name Cynthia P Gallagher four nonfiction dog breed books She has served on the board of the Maryland Writers Association for the past five years, and is a member of the Women s National Book Association and the Dog Writers Association of America Committed to the cause of literacy and education, Cynthia enthusiastically serves as adjunct line editor for TFH Publications and a Writing Center tutor at the United States Naval Academy.

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    • Far Above Rubies is based on the authentic story of Tante Soof, a Dutch Jew who at a late age marries into a family with six stepdaughters When the occupation comes in 1941 and Hitler orders all Jewish teenagers to be sent to work camps, Soof or Sofie refuses to let her daughters be sent away on their own, and insists on accompanying them to the work camp they are sent to Once there she does her best to keep up their spirits and health often going without herself, in order to give them a bit wa [...]

    • Far Above Rubies is the story of a step mother s sacrifices for her daughters as she chooses to accompany them on their deportation from Holland in 1942 While a novel, the story is based on true facts, the woman existed and the events are well researched The horrors of this book and Elie Weisel s Night make me wonder how the people of Europe could stand by and let this happen to so many of their neighbors and how do survivors go on with their lives

    • A book that reveals the horrors of the holocaust but that especially glorifies the human spirit that survives because of lovelove for others and love for life itself Sophie was an extraordinary woman who lived life well, as spinster, wife, stepmother, prisoner, mother, friend Renewed my desire to live a life of purpose and to make a difference We cannot choose all the circumstances of our life, but we can use those circumstances to bring strength, healing and love to those around us An inspiring [...]

    • This was an amazing book of strength of spirit It was inspiring and a little humbling It s impossible to think your life is complex after reading this book it certainly puts your own issues into perspective.

    • This story of survival and the Holocaust had me sobbing at the cruelty of some people A true story of a strong woman written by her niece this is one of the best Holocaust stories I ve read in a while.

    • One of the best Holocaust stories I have read about an amazingly strong woman It is truly unbelievable all she endured and yet remained such a positive uplifting person for others in her life.

    • A great story Sad, clearly about the holocaust, including the main character s experiences at Auschwitz An inspiring, astounding tale of kindness, resilience and strength.

    • 2008 Summer,Auschwitz,Poland,survivor,concentration camps,insprirational,Holocaust atrocities,strong heroine

    • Brought tears to my eyesIf we are lucky,we are blessed to know one person in life who despite the bad hand they are dealt rises above the ashes , like the Phoenix, and shows us how to live.I have read many holocaust biographies but this is the first one that brought me to tearsrough Cynthia Polansky s beautifully written characterization of her aunt,I felt as if I knew Tante Softe Her strength,her pain, and her determination to survive passed from the pages of the book into this reader s soul.

    • Based on a true story of a Jewish woman in the Netherlands during the 1930s and 40s, Polansky writes a novel discussing the story of Tante Soof It turns out from the epilogue that this is a relative of hers.Sofie married a man who had six teenage daughters They were ordered to a work camp by the Nazis, and Sofie went with them even though she wasn t required to, in order to keep them together She tries her hardest to keep them going, even after the rape of one of the daughters, and a transfer to [...]

    • This book is based in a true story of events that occurred during WWII.Soof finds love later in life and marries a widower who has 6 daughters Shortly after the new family settles into a new life with Soof, all 6 daughters receive notification to report for deportation the next day Being Jews, they anticipated this happening Soof decides she is not going to let the girls go without her She is afraid for them and hopes her presence will help them They endure the atrocities of persecution in 2 con [...]

    • My favorite thing about Far Above Rubies is that it tells the true experiences of Sofie Mecklenburg Rijnfeld Davidson, a Dutch Jew who was caught up in the Holocaust As a young stepmother, she chose to go with her 6 stepdaughters when they were selected for transportation, and then became their strength in Auschwitz The last third of the book quickly runs through her life post World War II, and for me lost steam I understand that the climax of her life story came in 1942 1945, but there was so m [...]

    • Sofia married later in life to a widower with six girls in Amsterdam in 1937 Three years later, the Germans invaded Holland and the Nazi persecution of the Jews began When her step daughters were called up for deportation, Sofia made a decision to accompany them ignoring the danger The story is one of a courageous woman who refuses to be bested by circumstances, prefers to hear the truth in all matters so she can put it behind her and was a true woman of valor I found this story to be a valuable [...]

    • A true story of a Jewish Dutch women during WWII She marries an older widower with 6 daughters When her step daughters are sent to work camp , she volunteers to go with them, so she can watch over and protect them Soof and her stepdaughters eventually arrive in Auschwitz Her story is one of courage, tenacity and survival in a place and time that stripped many of those things She offered much to those around her even after the war.Most of the details of the experience are not new if you have read [...]

    • The story of Tante Soof, a determined woman, is beautiful and touching This compassionate soul risked her life by voluntarily accompanying her six step daughters as deportation orders forced them from a life of comfort and freedom to imprisonment in a labor camp She kept careful watch over them as their journey ultimately led them to Auschwitz As a testament to her survival of the horrors of Auschwitz, her undaunting optimism and gracious spirit carry her through her life One can only wish to kn [...]

    • I enjoyed the book I think I was expecting I felt indebted to Sofiefor her survival attitude I hope I can be as positive and brave as I meet mylife trials I know my trials don t compare with she went through but as we endourour trials they sometimes seem as though we will not get through them With positive attitude and desire one can get through them and be a better person.

    • This book was a tear jerker at times, but Soof warms my heart To know the book is based largely on fact is amazing, because of the way things turn out I have read, and taught, Night by Eli Weisel That is a must read too.

    • Loved this moving story of selfless love The characters were based on a real story and were very well developed The intertwining of the story with the beautiful a woman of valor was thoughtful and moving This is one very special story.

    • I commend the idea of honoring Sofie Rijnfeld, a Dutch women who sacrificed to save her six step daughters during the Holocaust Unfortunately Polansky fills in the narrative with stock horrific plot elements that are too coincidental at times and take away from Sofie s unique story.

    • A powerful touching book with a remarkable story This book has so much to offer the reader I could,nt begin to tell you where to start Recommend reading This one will linger in your thoughts for along time.

    • This is a heart wrenching story of a stepmother s love for her daughters and what she will do to try and keep them safe during the holocaust.

    • This book is the story of a WWII Holocaust survivor It was written very well, was a very fast read, and touched my emotions Really makes you think about how lucky you are.

    • Too loosely based on the true story wish I had known it was mostly a novel loosely based on reality I wouldn t have bought it skimmed most of it not engrossing at all

    • That role models can come packaged as unlikely people That each of us has the capacity to become a hero, albeit unsung That history should never be forgotten.

    • Based on true story of Dutch Jewish woman who accompanies her 6 step daughters to Auschwitz She is the sole survivor Story told by a niece.

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